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  1. Florida gulf coast beaches are beautiful and have nice accommodations.
  2. Hope that is a self cleaning oven.
  3. If you can't say nice things about people at least make sure they're out of earshot first.
  4. Both were drunk. I know what you mean, this is illiteracy on display.
  5. If you want pay for their gas then go inside and pay. Skimmers are a thing. A guy approached me that needed just 5.00 in gas but only at a certain pump. I refused. What am I, an idjit magnet? Wait, don't answer that.
  6. Not like my car is a Rolls Royce. Pardon me, do you have any grey poupon?
  7. Went to Kroger couple days ago. This guy pulls right up next me to and said he was out of gasoline. I pointed to the gas station that was right there. He said he needed gas money. I do not cater to panhandlers, especially when they are driving a NEW MERCEDES!
  8. Hope you get better soon. Did you get a trip to the big glowing donut?
  9. Prayers for Michael, a giving young man.
  10. Heard there is a new clock on wheels that runs away when you want to shut off the snooze. Guess we know how that would end.
  11. No just no. This from someone that was born and raised in sw LA.
  12. Miss Allie, No hurricanes, occasional wind and tornados. North GA has world class hospitals. Leaning towards TN, yet I am near Emory.
  13. Weather wise it sounds perfect. Except for the other stuff. To bad ya'll got californication.
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