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G'day from down under

JP Remington

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First post here so be gentle :D


Been lurking for a while just to get the hang of your forum and forum etiquette, now it's time to jump in and have a yarn with you blokes and ladies about all things cowboy and such.


My wife and I live in Central Queensland where we own a 120 acre property, but we both work on a 100000 acre station about 4 hours up the road, where we run a mixed organic cattle, stud cattle and grain aggregation. I got involved in CAS a few years ago with our son and shoot most months at a club about 2 hours drive away.


Apart from all that, the really exciting news (for us) is a change of circumstance has provided us the opportunity to head over to End of Trail this year, so our son, his fiancée, my wife and I will be heading over your way in June!


Shooter number 39 and 40 (the girls aren't shooting).


I was in the states back in late November 1989 (that sounds like a lifetime ago) training with the techs from head office in Chicago but we also had a bit of a holiday around LA and did some work in Washington DC so my wife and I are really looking forward to coming back and seeing some different parts of the country with the added benefit of meeting the CAS community in the US.


We have already started talking to a few of the other Aussie shooters that have been to the states to get an idea of what we need to do to comply with all the regulations, but I might have a few questions for the brains trust here.


Anyway, thanks for reading and it would be great to meet up if you are at EOT.





P.S. Did I mention we were excited? :lol:


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:) G'Day JP Remington :)

I will not be at EoT but if I can help you in any way please feel free to contact me with a PM (personal message). I live in Oregon and that is 1300 miles away but if you have questions or need to get information I will try and help you if you need it and if I can.


Oh, and Welcome to the WIre :D


Best Regards,

Pat Riot

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Welcome to the game, JP. I won't be at EOT this year because of a family event but if you need any help getting ammo or such together, let me know.

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The motels in Moriarty still have a few rooms left. Book soon if you want to stay there.

Here is a summary of New Mexico gun laws: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_laws_in_New_Mexico

Winter Range provides the following information for foreign shooters: http://www.winterrange.com/gunlaws.html

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I'll second what Canby said. Moriarty is east of Founder's Ranch and a bit more hospitable than many hotel locations in Albuquerque. I',m local and can provide any info about the area you might need.



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While I wont be able attend EOT this year, a number of members of my home club,Wartrace Regulators, in Tennessee will be there. We would love to have you visit Wartrace, we have a beautiful range and some of the best folks in the game.


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Welcome JP

You & yours will have a ton of fun with the Cowboy family..not many of us in Australia [ approx. 900 ] but we have a ball !! ..Tripping around is fantastic & experiencing the different clubs,.shoots, meeting new people etc is wonderful & more so in the USA.


EOT is a blast , we hope to be back there in '019.

I think around 25 from Down Under attending this year.......

You will get a lot of offers to help ..because that's the way this family is.

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Hi JP welcome to the fire.

If you want any help with anything then just give me a holler.

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