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  1. For $250.00 more you can buy my 66 a whole one that works ??
  2. Actually at the moment it's a bit cool so we could mean something else too
  3. Rusty I'll be right there just outside of Novice, with Wild horse John's new place.
  4. Uberti 66 for sale 44 cal 20" short rifle. Leather butt sock, front flat elevator sight, super short stroked, lever wrap, straight trigger from Cowboy Guns (T Bone), whisper springs, SS follower and spring, and one piece firing pin special from Snakeoil George, and actioned by RCD. Presently set up with the special brass lifter that's used for 44 Russian or 45 cowboy brass. Can be converted back to special just by swapping the lifter to the aluminuim one. Very good condition. Price: In the Russian configuration $1050.00 .........In the special configuration $950.00 Plus Pony express carriage charges. Located near Abilene Texas at present. Payment by PayPal or check or cash.
  5. Need to get a lever shotgun, have seen some IACs going for about $600.00, here that's about US$300.00 Can you do a drop 2 conversion on those and are there any inherit problems which would make them avoidable.
  6. I Have 2 44 special rifles. One a 66 and I shoot 44 Russian with the special carrier for black powder, the other is a 73 in 44 mag and have only ever run 44 special. It's a far better and more accurate cartridge. They are both also 20" barrels. Just have a good gunsmith cut it down fit another site and you're good to go. Better off to use it for cowboy action. If you want to hunt with bigger loads I'd go to a 92. BTW I'm on the Gold Coast, where are you?
  7. But you gotta put your hat on first before ya pick up the sg??? No?
  8. Love my 38.55. 6 gns TB and get a 1.5 group at 50 yds., use for our Pat Garrett match,similar to Cody Dixon but targets a little closer.
  9. I got a pair, excellant condition. $220.00 shipped.
  10. I got a nice 1866 short rifle in 44 russian which I can convert back to 44 special. Straight trigger, one piece firing pin by Snake Oil George $1150.00 plus pony express charge, from Texas.
  11. And if you think it's tough there, you wanna see what's it's like in this tyrannical part of the world.??
  12. I think it's time we all stood together in these tough times. After all, if SASS collapses I think that's a lot more to lose than a few bucks for membership and other things. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, come on guys, we gotta win this. Stay safe and have a Corona...or something similar.
  13. Yes it would have been Painted Mohawk, cause it was at the Heartbreak Hotel just near Graceland, that I did some hard talking convincing T Bone to come down under. That was in 2012 and the same place I proposed to my lovely, I think T Bone will remember. Congrats and all the best to both of you for the future, and may the good Lord bear witness and give out his healing powers. Jack n Kat.
  14. As long as we are allowed to fly we'll be there. However it may take an official confirmation and request to World Champ Kathouse Kelli to return to defend her title to cover the "essential travel" requirements.
  15. We've stayed at the Baymont in Tullahoma on 2 previous occasions and found it fine, good breakfast too. And we're booked in again this year if we can get a flight.
  16. So this match is still definitely on?
  17. Hey Mohawk, you know where to find me, if ya want any help with something. I'm a little out of action till probably end of May when I finish my treatment, but should be good to go after that.
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