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  1. About the same type as you have at end April !!!
  2. Yea, you missing some numbers on your SASS #, cause you ain't number 1.
  3. Close, but no,...it's going to be the Tuesday 11th to Saturday 15th October 2022.
  4. Yep, till all this covid BS we were booked to go too. Damn shame we missed out, but we're not even allowed to leave Australia yet.?? Congratulations to Ringer (me ol mate LOL) & Dodge City Dixie and to all the other winners and placers, as always a great match. Hope to catch up with y'all next year.
  5. Yea, but your lateral movements are 30 yards sprints, that's only 5 steps for you Assassin. LOL
  6. You don't have to do it in one day!!! There's is so much to see inbetween, stop over somewhere and see some of your lovely country. Kelli and I did 34 states in the 5 years we were there, and we saw a million things and visited plenty more.
  7. Hi Guys, Kathouse Kelli & I Having lived in Edmond, Oklahoma and been a member of the Territorial Marshals for 5 years or so, I can assure all of you, that Land Run and 2022 Nationals will be the best matches anywhere in the USA bar none. You cannot beat the National Cowboy Museum for a banquet and the OKC range and stages are just superb . Flat Top Okie , Missouri May, RCD and many others are top folks and know how to put on a great event. And We are sorely sorry we are not living back there now......but you can catch up with us both in the saloon. Have a great match.
  8. Looking for one or 2 cartridge case check gauges for 38.55
  9. To be eligible for a state or regional championship even as a resident I think you have to own property and pay county taxes, and actually LIVE there; being a temporary resident or just owning property but NOT LIVING there,..ie, just renting or traveling around does not qualify to one to be state or regional champion.
  10. Yes Rattlesnake but you've said 'resident' that's not what WR says they say 'citizen' big difference
  11. Cause EOT is a World Championship anyone is eligible.
  12. There's a big difference between "citizen" and "resident" .A citizen has a US passport, a resident may or may not have a US passport. A citizen may also NOT be resident in the US too. Winter Range is the only event that says citizen. All other state or regional events you have to be a resident, that is a permanent address. And If you have more than one house or property in different regions you can only use ONE of those to be eligible for one regional, you cannot claim both. Your driving license has nothing to do with it despite what the rule book says. It's your permant residential address. This was all clarified to me by Misty when we were living in OK. and have many state championships between us.
  13. Whatever its called it should be called on the line by the RO, not penalised after quietly without notice.
  14. Yes. An address and the fact you're probably paying county taxes. No problem when we lived in Oklahoma..... But it apparently doesn't apply to Winter Range for some strange reason.??? which I find odd.
  15. Looks awesome Randy, pity we won't make it, as all Australians are banned from international trips until March 21 ??? We have the most draconian and tyrannical laws this side of the pacific.
  16. Shooter is second last for the day; shooters shoots the stage clean, gets confirmation from the RO on way to ULT it was clean. All spotters show clean. Shooter clears guns returns to guncart and packs gear, pretty happy with his day. Stage involved shooting from 4 tables,..... table edges are only 12 to 15" apart, legs are 5 to 6" in from the edge. Stage directions say shoot from behind table,! Shooter shoots sg moves left, taking sg with him to next table and restages, shoots rifle form far edge of table, takes rifle one big step left, stages rifle on next table and completes stage with pistols. Each position behind the table but maybe not whole body, but would have been 70 to 80% behind to place long guns on middle of table each time. Shooters pack up and head to club house for drinks and dinner, and scores read out. All scores on Practiscore no paperwork. On hearing scores and checking the scores on the ipad, above shooter notices a P on last stage.? Shooter enquires with a few who saw it and no P noticed. On hearing the enquiry the scorer comes round to shooter and whispers to shooter, the Posse leader gave the shooter a P for not shooting behind the table! He consulted only with the scorer (who is a relatively new shooter, and didn't advise him to advise the RO )), no consultation with spotters or RO at the time, gave the P because a spectator shooter mentioned to PL that shooter was not completely behind table. A little confrontation developed at dinner with the shooter and PL,and when the shooter asked which table was it it? ......Reply was I cant't remember?? Had the scorer not advised the shooter of his discriminatory decision, he would be none the wiser today, as no intestinal fortitude has been forthcoming by the PL. Shooter was quite annoyed as the P altered the result quite substantially, but we weren't shooting for sheep stations,.. but the actions of his decisions are not good for the game.
  17. Hi Guys, I've heard that with the IAC & Norincos one should avoid a certain range of serial numbers, I think Capt Baylor mentioned it on FB a while back but I cannot remember. I want an 87 to use for Wild Bunch here in Oz as the 97s are banned here, but I'd also like to use it for CC. So if I do that I need the drop 2 conversion, but some are saying with that conversion you can't stoke it up. There a couple for sale at some gunshops here, but I'd like to know what to avoid beforehand and what the best option would be as well as brand too. Thanks for your time.
  18. Amazed these are still up, at that price they're a bargain.
  19. Know how you feel, been there myself, and you're probably got plenty cowboys in the same boat. You can kiss the $2000 away, and if you need new targets to replace the old ones, you've really have few options but to increase your shoot fee to say $20.00 each and put the money aside to purchase new ones. Also as all the shooters shoot at the targets, maybe make it plain to them they're getting dangerous and need to be replaced, and take the hat around for donations, after all they're all using them. And the extra amount put it down as a "target maintenance fee" We have that at a number of clubs here, they don't last forever. Good luck MG
  20. Yep, you're running the same as me. I also have a pair of those open tops great little guns. If you're going to shoot black powder then the Russian is the way to go, with a 165gn pill.
  21. Thank you for your kind words, it's hard parting with a loved one. or ones! All sold, just the pistols to go.
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