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  1. I think y'all are reading too much into it. Kelli and I travelled through and shot in 34 states all over the usa, we had our firearms with us all the time in our van. They were just in a custom wooden box I made, with a door and lock at the back and locked to the floor of the van. Gun cart alongside the box, ammo in the seat wells when the seats up. (Dodge Minivan brilliant) we covered over 100,000 miles in just over 4.5 years, and never had any trouble ever. Got caught speeding twice, in our home state of OK, first time a warning as my Australian license confused him, but I was put in the system and next time I got booked. Never got asked about firearms, why would he? It was license and registration please. And of course you tell them nothing and volunteer nothing too. Been stopped in AZ down at Tombstone when you get on the highway, checked us out, asked where ya been and where ya going, we said this time we been down to Bordertown the big shoot, ah great he said, then ya free to go. Other LEOs were going through this van full of Mexicans and they were pulling it apart.!! So just be incognito, we had a big black blanket covering everything and tinted windows you couldn't see anything. Most of the time we stayed at Mom & Pop motels where you park outside the door, and we never brought of guns inside the motel, never had an issue. I know some cowboys had leather stolen from their vehicles at a few banquets when parked outside, but if you leave it in full view you're asking for it. We got more of a problem down here in this penal colony, as our firearm license is linked to our driving license, so getting pulled over here can be a issue, cause they can ask if you're carrying any firearms, then it can be stressful, as any excuse to take them off you. Don't let them go with any Aussie gun laws over there as I see they're thinking we're so good. It's draconeon here. Have fun safe travels.
  2. Certainly come out bigger and better, looks really good, will like to get down there someday and shoot with y'all.
  3. Not really, but it's a bloody good revenue raiser. Got so bad, people now drive with their eyes on the speedo more than they do on the road.
  4. Get yourself a nice wooden guncart that looks cowboy and fits the era, instead of them pram stroller rubbish. If I was in LV I'd make one for ya.
  5. Tandy leather make a flat nice kit for holsters, can put a clip on the back and just clip it on like you would clip it on a gunbelt. You do it yourself, all cut and punched just got to sew it together, comes with all equipment required, pretty cheap.
  6. I use Kathouse Kelli's make up pad removers in place of the rolled into a ball paper towel. Spray the barrel with windex and spray the pad on one side, shove it down the barrel, then turn it over and use the other side for the clean up.
  7. Cut the cup off the 7/8" wad and use that only with a 1/2" lubed fibre wad underneath, which goes on top of a thin cardboard wad, on top of the powder. So it's powder, thin card wad, lubed fibre wad, wad cup only, shot in cup.
  8. Yes exactly, it was somehow hi jacked by the ROC I believe and in fact taking your hand off was another SGQ so you got two SDQ and ended up with a MDQ. That was NEVER the intent of the rule. The original intent was you got automatic SDQ if you STAGED your rifle cocked, it was never about coming from the LT with it cocked. 99% of the time no one is looking at the shooter coming to the LT it's really only noticed if at all, once it's staged, and the shooter ready, that's where an RO would carry out an "inspection" of the shooter to see he/she had sg ammo, leather correct etc. Reason why,??? He could have come to the table with the hammer down and when staging it brushed the hammer on his clothing or the prop etc, ( I have personal experience of this when RO ing) we all have very light hammers these days. I have argued long and hard about the rule as it is now, because it's wrong.
  9. I had that once too, the plastic guide wasn't pushing the shell all the way in. Found the spring broken underneath that pushed the slide in. Had a few springs break over time, it's just wear and tear, replaced the spring and been good ever since. I took the precaution of ordering a whole set of springs for the machine just in case. Was a good move cause others have broken to. Dillon normally send them FOC too.
  10. Prefer to load through the gate, I've fitted Boogies 66 style loading gate and it is far quicker, usually I can do 2 to 3 secs. Keep the rifle in the shoulder, round is placed on the belt right behind 1st sg round. loading with the right hand. Another quick way is load with your weak hand Left in my case, holding rifle with right hand twisted 90 deg gate up, but flat up against arm on under side, and shove it in dead vertical into the gate, it slips right in. Kathouse Kelli loads like that after T bone showed her. Larger cals I found easier than smaller cals to load over the top, I load my 44 russian over the top, cause you cant get it in through the gate far enough, to get in front of the little spring load gate inside the carrier.
  11. Yea a shameful situation here in Australia. These so called Firearm Registries were initially set up as a totally secure data bases. That's turned out to be an absolute joke with firearm details, name and address being recorded in gunshops all over the country everytime you go and buy something. Held on the shop's computer and can be accessed by almost anyone.! As for our beloved Sporting Association of Australia, (SSAA) that's an even bigger joke. They have a massive war chest to fight the govt. but don't use it for fear of a worse outcome. They're no NRA by a long way, but there are a few others like Shooters Union Of Australia who has gone into bat for gun owners albeit they have very smaller funding, but growing as the dis satisfaction with SSAA is growing and members are leaving in droves. They're a lame duck organisation that most of the time works with the govt, a case of if they say JUMP,... they ask HOW HIGH.??? An organisation that here the SSAA Branch in Queensland and Victoria state even banned non vaxxed shooters from their ranges, & open air ranges mind you. Oh we're abiding by the govt guidelines,..they say what BS,... that only applied to pubs and clubs and restaurants. And with no second amendment here I believe we're almost doomed.
  12. Yes I can give you a dealer hear to ship to, they have an exporter in Michigan who handles all their imports. If you can get an indication of the price shipped there, we could do some calcs from then on. What about APP, we can maybe put something together. Miss y'all too
  13. Scarlett, do you have any Clean Shot and are you able or is some able to export it please.?
  14. Yea, that doesn't work go to Twitter as Elon Musk has made a huge billion $ bid, and the liberals are terrified.
  15. Hell,...my gas bill is gonna be 20 times yours Jake.
  16. Billy, variety is the spice of life, a bit of both works well. don't you think?
  17. I got a pair of OM vaqueros plough handle ones in ss if you're interested in a swap. No grips though only frames, in perfect condition.
  18. OE mix beeswax and lanolin 50:50 makes a good lube, just warm it up, mix, then store in jar of sorts if you want, and yes, using Hi Tek coated bullets are fine. Put your powder in, a card wad on top, scrap some lube in the case on top of wad, seat bullet, squashing lube out a little, store bullet down in boxes. Works fine for me.
  19. Bags are a pain. I use a loading block that clips to my gunbelt and have a leather pouch on the belt too to put the empties in, including shotgun hulls. Load the guns straight from the block don't have to count anything out either. I make and sell these, $35.00
  20. I have a set of Lee 38 S&W dies for sale. Hardly used, I never used them. $50.00 BTW I use Lee or RCBS dies in my 650 no problem.
  21. Sent ours yesterday by cyber pony, for free and there in about 30 secs.
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