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  1. Yes WW. Do you have a pic of what you got and a price, thanks.
  2. Looking for a set of Schofield grips, condition not to important, won't be going guns. Thanks.
  3. Fantastic. They sure will.
  4. Well if ya win another give it my way.
  5. And if nobody owned up, then all at the loading table should have got a MDQ. I'm sure the culprit would have owned up pretty quick then, when his fellow cowboys got hit and knowingly didn't do it.
  6. Is it a range rule that loaded firearms must remain (not holstered) on the loading table until Shooter is called? This in my opinion is the most stupid rule of all. The safest place for your loaded pistols is IN YOUR HOLSTER.! And that incident has just proven the fact, I do not abide by that rule if a range has that rule. It's just dumb.
  7. Two Tall Bob we regret to advise that Kathouse Kelli and I will not be making the trip to EOT next year, due to the escalating costs, & US vaccination policy. I have also just cancelled our bookings at Katies Kozy Cabins if anyone is interested as there will one available now. Kind regards and happy new year to all our fellow cowboys and gals, maybe 2024 will be better. Jack.
  8. Thanks to Dogmeat and the others, certainly got some ideas. Cops here are nowhere near as friendly as your cops over there, but we have a bunch that train at our club so we'll see if I can get anything off the ground. But I'm not holding breath at this stage..
  9. Yes you are correct Johnny, I sent mine to him when in the states, and he short stroked it and I used to leave it there. In fact between spur and myself I also short stroked my 44 mag back here in australia, long before we had social media type platforms and did it by pictures and diagrams.' He sent me a lifter and we modified it to suit from there. A master craftsman.
  10. I know there are some of the above matches at a few clubs. Just wondering if someone has an ideas how they are run, stage set ups and stages if possible. I think Bigiron Patnode was involved in one or two some time back.? Would appreciate an ideas as to how this is done. and see if it's a possibility to get a match up at our club next year. Thanks & merry christmas to y'all.
  11. What Garrison Joe said. But first stop would be to read the Shooter's Handbook !!!
  12. The rules are you have to out by a certain time, always been that way. Still the best venue ever.
  13. An absolute brilliant video production Popcorn. Having lived and shot there for almost 5 years, it brought back pleasant memories of the best period in my life time bar none.
  14. Not quite the correct procedure to fix the rifle staging. AS you took you hand off it cocked it's a SDQ, Pointing down range and pulling the trigger to see if there is a live round under the hammer, is the correct procedure you can't just let it down! If bang another SDQ, 2 SDQs equal a MDQ.?? I see at the Governors meeting they are reviewing that rule yet again. It needs to be fixed because it's stupid the way it is.
  15. Hi Colt, I've got 2 MECs 600 and they are both great. Had one for over 20 years and used all the time. I tried a MEC 650 and didn't like it, if you miss something or have hassles you can end up with a mess. BTW do you have any Outlaw Gang stuff lying around by any chance? Cheers Jack.
  16. SASS Australian Regional late July 2023. Come to the beautiful Gold Coast Queensland, everything is now half price for you guys, as the Aussie $ has tanked.
  17. AS far as OK City is enough, it's central to the USA so you use it as a hub to go shooting all around you. It's cheap too, Kathouse Kelli and I lived there for 5 years and Land Run was our home club. fantastic folks there and we're sorry we ever return ed back to Aussie. Go west young man, go west.
  18. Congrats Eddie, hope to be there next year and keep you honest.
  19. Hi Chili Pepper, what categories did you run and how did you you distinquish between them.
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