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  1. i stick withnblue just got my second one the first one worked for maybe 30 years it had the metal handle
  2. happy jack can you send  sizes and how to do may be pictures 

    e mail hrryfrdfordh@aol.com  i have nuthing to do at this time can't shoot have bad neck

    thanks in advance will see you at EOT next year

    1. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

      Happy Jack, SASS #20451

      Not sure what else I can tell you. Flags look like a long thin triangle. about 40" tall at the pole and taper to a point 9ft. away. Put on pole with point on bottom. I don't do forum pictures but if this doesn't help maybe I can set one up and take a picture and email it to you.

  3. i presently use TB sights set for me at 100yd have also used tight group a few grains less than tb got the same fps. the tg was bit harsher recoil. could not get any problems to occure with either for powder location or temp placed rounds in freezer let lay in sun use standard velosity primers all mfgs no problems
  4. kiwi witch doctor is a good ausie contact to gab wioth
  5. use dillon takes verry little the bottle last for ever my 45/70's slide ok have a plastic bag set up to spray and store brass in until ready to load
  6. welcome will see you in june . there are bunch of shooters from downunder that con help you with. if i can help give c shout on some of your posible needs
  7. from a retarded sailor of 28 years welcome we take care of army also. JUST A WORD OF GOOD ADVISE FOR THE WIRE BECOME (IF NOT ALLREADY) A CAT LOVER. welcome aboard i grew up in the n.c. mountains (waynesville)
  8. my all for a recovery and best thoughts and words to the big cowboy on his behalf
  9. if there is no cylnder shake and the lockup is good hammer trigger cylender operates smouthly barrel is clean i would go probably as high as 500. other than the 686 these are the best revolvers made by S&W. i have both and also been to the s&w armorer schools. my price would be out the door
  10. shiping & handling is the big price add on . get your pards to go in and order the max weight per shipment.you pay for shipment box not weight
  11. i have been having problems with virases locking things up. no other troubles with any sass . got my puter cleaned up seams to be ok now
  12. rcbs is my go to. had 2 lee pots leaked +other temp controls . the rcbs working just fine got it set on the best temp for working .i installed a wire shelf that stops the cold lead from going all the way to boddom of pot when the pot drops one inch ireplinish the amount .the temp stays constant and i poor420g for 45/70
  13. i take it the doctor has cleared you i don't want you crashing and burning not it will good to see you
  14. hello i not good at this machine. will be a waddie at e.o.t. hollar me up for a liddle sea chat

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