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    Lived the dream in the USA for nearly 5 years. Shot and visited 34 states over 300 matches, meet hundreds of wonderful people and will cherish my time there forever.
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    Kathouse Kelli, 5 time World Lady Wrangler Champion, the best girl in the world; CAS., Motor Sport, Golf, & Salooning!

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  1. You have to guns to Boogie to ss.or you could give them to Boomstick to do at half the price.
  2. I started with 44 magnum, 23 years ago, but soon changed to 44 special. It's a great caliber I found magnum to be the worst and most inaccurate to load down. Most of the time I shoot 38 spl, now but shoot 44 spl and 44 russian for CC and BP.
  3. Time for a change then cowboy. I guarantee you'll love the OKC range and the National Cowboy museum, plus many other things to see in OKC Hard to beat Tombstone the town , but will beat Bordertown IMO
  4. About the same type as you have at end April !!!
  5. Yea, you missing some numbers on your SASS #, cause you ain't number 1.
  6. Close, but no,...it's going to be the Tuesday 11th to Saturday 15th October 2022.
  7. Yep, till all this covid BS we were booked to go too. Damn shame we missed out, but we're not even allowed to leave Australia yet.?? Congratulations to Ringer (me ol mate LOL) & Dodge City Dixie and to all the other winners and placers, as always a great match. Hope to catch up with y'all next year.
  8. Yea, but your lateral movements are 30 yards sprints, that's only 5 steps for you Assassin. LOL
  9. You don't have to do it in one day!!! There's is so much to see inbetween, stop over somewhere and see some of your lovely country. Kelli and I did 34 states in the 5 years we were there, and we saw a million things and visited plenty more.
  10. Hi Guys, Kathouse Kelli & I Having lived in Edmond, Oklahoma and been a member of the Territorial Marshals for 5 years or so, I can assure all of you, that Land Run and 2022 Nationals will be the best matches anywhere in the USA bar none. You cannot beat the National Cowboy Museum for a banquet and the OKC range and stages are just superb . Flat Top Okie , Missouri May, RCD and many others are top folks and know how to put on a great event. And We are sorely sorry we are not living back there now......but you can catch up with us both in the saloon. Have a great match.
  11. Looking for one or 2 cartridge case check gauges for 38.55
  12. To be eligible for a state or regional championship even as a resident I think you have to own property and pay county taxes, and actually LIVE there; being a temporary resident or just owning property but NOT LIVING there,..ie, just renting or traveling around does not qualify to one to be state or regional champion.
  13. Yes Rattlesnake but you've said 'resident' that's not what WR says they say 'citizen' big difference
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