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  1. Fiocchis are just as soft as Federals in my experience and way cheaper here in OZ.
  2. OOPs I must have missed the left hand side,senior brain fart. Oh no, but from my phone it's not offering the choose files option only the insert other media.
  3. It seems that SASS has changed it's photo posting options to come from only a URL, or am I missing something. Previously you could click on "Insert Image" and you'd be given an option of where to source the photo, Eg your photo album in your phone. This doesn't seem the case any longer, any advice welcome.
  4. Crimped right no blow back any more than normal. im using a 180 or a 165 gr bullet with about 9 grains off APP works great. plenty of room for up to about 14 grains which is way too much I think. depends on what type of powder. Can get more 777 in if you want a Big Bang. its a rifle and is super short stroked too. I also have the normal carrier if you want to go back to 44 special.
  5. Why? CAS is CAS W3G is W3G If I wanted to do that I'd go,and try W3G!
  6. I have a Uberti 66 44 special converted to shoot 44 russian, the perfect BP cartridge. All actioned and has a one piece firing pin conversion too. I'd be interested in a straight swap, it's in WY at present. If you're interested I could get some pics taken and sent to you.
  7. I'm sure you could just leave them for a few days with a shooter that lives in LV. Advertising you have firearms in a hotel could be a disaster. Don't walk around bragging you're a shooter, remain humble and quiet, I always even made sure nobody saw me taking guns into the motel for cleaning or whatever, look upon everyone as suspicious, watch if you're being followed, be alert and you'll be fine. Saying you've actually got some, then that employee may be a bad ass, have not so good mates, & next minute they're all stolen and it's an inside job.? In all the years we were in the US I left them in my vehicle locked in a special custom made only wooden box, locked and chained to the vehicle, painted black along side my guncart in the Dodge van, with a black blanket over everything and tinted windows. Always found a a spot to park that looked safe and within site most times. Most motels we stayed at were the old type where you parked outside the door, even in Vegas! Sometimes it pays to hire a car with a boot, rather than an SUV, as rental cars are the cheapest with no tinted windows. Incognito is best, what they don't know won't hurt anyone in my book.
  8. We're proposing a 22 side match at our annual Heartland Territorial in July 2020. Called Blackjack 21. Am using 22 revolver, 22 1911 and 22 rifle, no shotgun. 7 shots on each target, 2 pistol targets, one rifle target. Shoot between 21 & 22 seconds, in the draw for a prize!
  9. This is the change that was agreed to by the ROC back in 2018. The actually wording is in the minutes. Here it is; 1. Eliminate the automatic SDQ penalty for leaving the LT and coming to the line of engagement with the hammer back on the rifle. "In such instances, the shooter would be directed to point the rifle safely into the back berm, bring the hammer to FULL COCK if it's in the "safety notch, and pull the trigger. If no bullet was fired, the shooter would be directed to finish staging firearms and to complete the stage (No Call). If a round fired when the shooter pulled the trigger, the shooter would be assessed a SDQ and directed to proceed to the ULT." RECOMMENDATION: YES…CHANGE THE RULE AS SUGGESTED (amended re "safety notch") It's not only if the shooter came from the loading table with it cocked, there have been quite a few occasions when the hammer has been down, but is brushed back and cocked from touching shooters clothing as they have staged it.? With light hammer springs these days this is very easy achieved, now a SDQ WITHOUT testing to see if there is a live round is a harsh penalty. And here are the minutes for that item in the 2019 meeting. 2. It was discussed at the last EOT to change the penalty for coming to the line with a hammer back on rifle when leaving loading table. It has been suggested that the handling of the situation is as follows: If the hammer is back on the rifle while leaving the loading table to the stage, the shooter is to point the rifle safely down range, pull the trigger. If a round is fired, squib or otherwise (live round was under the hammer) a SDQ violation would have occurred. If the chamber is confirmed to be empty (hammer goes “click” with no round fired, the shooter may continue to stage guns with no further call. NOTE: The current rule remains in effect….no change has been voted on or approved by the TGs. The ROC has agreed with this concept. There will likely be a future vote either electronically or at a Summit.
  10. I have a Marlin 1895 38.55 and use a 255 grain projectile that is 0.378.5 RNFP We use them for our Pat Garrett match similar to Cody Dixon and with 6 grains of TB or 7 grains Unique at 30-40 yds get a 2" group easy, without even trying too hard! The TB is a softer recoil so for going a bit quicker is best for me.
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