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    Lived the dream in the USA for nearly 5 years. Shot and visited 34 states over 300 matches, meet hundreds of wonderful people and will cherish my time there forever.
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    Kathouse Kelli, 5 time World Lady Wrangler Champion, the best girl in the world; CAS., Motor Sport, Golf, & Salooning!

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  1. Y'all have a great Land Run, we are sure going to miss being there. Love to all Jack n Kat. In the Aussie penal camp.
  2. Were forbidden to leave the country mate till July up to now.
  3. Agree, 100% TO's job is not to watch targets, and as II said with windows, facades etc. you can't sometimes see the targets, that's the spotters job. This is not dissimilar to a shooter deliberately running into the RO after he's messed up earlier in order to gain a reshoot. That infringement has been sorted, but this other scenario with the MD overiding things, could open up a whole can of worms. In 90% of the time I stay quiet and let the shooter get on with it, I will save him from an imminent infringement where I can see what's coming and I normally leave guns to fall too,
  4. AS Warren Bennis said, Change in life is inevitable, in business, change is vital.
  5. Looks very neat and professional, and it's in the right order!
  6. Whats the actual waist size and the inleg (crutch to bottom) measurement please?
  7. Yes it's a great little museum, we were there some years ago on the way to Gunsmoke, and we only found out about it at a Amish stop on the I35 in Iowa. We also did the Buddy Holly crash site too, not too far away.
  8. Bargain Pee Wee. Just off on a tangent, don't want to hi jack the thread, but anyone know where I can get a 38.55 case checker.?
  9. You have to guns to Boogie to ss.or you could give them to Boomstick to do at half the price.
  10. Jackaroo, what caliber are the pistols, and where in OK are you located for Face to Face.......  Rootin Tootin

    1. Jackaroo, # 29989

      Jackaroo, # 29989

      38 cal,  they're in Piedmont OKC

  11. Jackaroo, are you getting my replies? Something weird is going on with my messages.

    My phone number is 740-670-1004

  12. Tell me how you want the loot.

    I can Paypal if you have an account or check on the pony.

    Let me know and i'll give an address to send to.



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