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    Lived the dream in the USA for nearly 5 years. Shot and visited 34 states over 300 matches, meet hundreds of wonderful people and will cherish my time there forever.
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    Kathouse Kelli, 4 time World Lady Wrangler Champion, the best girl in the world; CAS., Motor Sport, Golf, & Salooning!

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  1. HI Wolf, Oh that would be be fantastic, thank you so much. Will see ya there. Also have a nice Dodge Grand Caravan I must sell or dispose off, excellant condition, all highway driving 120000 miles, new tires. About $5500.00 ONO will do me. Makes a great vehicle to tow behind a motor home.
  2. OK Wolf, thanks for the confirmation about the cart, I'll have it organised for you after EOT. I'll have to arrange to borrow one now for HOW in Cheyenne.
  3. Look nice MM, but a little high at that price, looking under $1000.00 at this point.
  4. Looking for a pair of 38/357 cal. Old Model or New Model Ruger Vaqueros with 5.5" barrels in blue or stainless. Don't have to be in pristine condition, but also don't want worn out things. Budget limited. Thanks in advance.
  5. There's no such thing! It all boils down to ones personal preferences and what they think will work for them.
  6. Quick question Wolf,...are you moving the store to CO from NV? I presume you will be vendoring at EOT, are you then going back to Mernickles in NV.? The reason why I ask is that a fellow from Oz has bought my gun cart and the plan was for Bob to take it back to NV as this guy was going to the store to buy a heap of gear while touring in the US. He apparently is a friend and teed it up with him. Please advise.
  7. ACES, Practiscore or the SASS programme.
  8. I think double cocking should be outlawed, makes it easier for all concerned, it has become an extremely grey area. IMHO.Just sayin, & I'm ducking!!
  9. Heh, Heh, yea easier said than done pard, maybe we should just go to Mexico, swim the Rio and say Hola on the other side. I'd give anything to become a citizen.
  10. I did realize this, so maybe we should have just the ROC committee and do away with the TG's and a TG summit for CAS?
  11. Hi Widder, if sass want to make it that way, that's fine, I don't have a problem with it of course, I'm not a Citizen. But in the past it is the understanding of State and Regional champs that if you lived, have a house, address and reside in the area, you are eligible , not that any of that affects us any longer. Obviously sass has had a rethink!
  12. Not talk Ng about fly in, fly out visitors, their non eligibility goes without saying.
  13. So if one who lives in the US whether he/she is a Citizen or not and is the highest placed competitor you can be awarded the championship buckle? If not, you'd have to bring your passport to prove your a US CITIZEN. there seems to a lot of confusion around the words, citizen, resident and competitor. A US competitor doesn't necessarily have to be a US citizen?
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