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-33 F wind chilllllll

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I wonder what temp freezes electrons?

Real temp -16 or so.

It really hurts to go outside for even a few minutes.

Time for the real boots.




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0º with -11º windchill outside. 60º beside my recliner that's 10 feet from the wood stove. Im wearing heavy 100% wool socks and a stocking cap and other heavy winter cloths. But my hands are cold.


The sun is coming up and the snow in front yard will reflect solar heat into our south facing earth contact home. It'll be comfortable by mid-morning. Solar will provide enough heat I could let the wood stove burn out. But I'll keep it going because we'll need it again by 5:00 pm.

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It was pretty funny Saturday. Temp here was -24 before wind chill. Temp in antartica was only -14

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Electrons and every other particle freeze at -459.67 F, absolute zero. Your fingers attempting to push electrons into the SASS Saloon probably would freeze before that.


But I digress...

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Remember, Pards... Thirty, thirty and thirty! At Thirty below, with a 30 mph wind, exposed flesh freezes in thirty second! :o:o:o Do NOT touch bare metal with your bare hands! I keep a pair of thin leather gloves in my car in addition to my heavy winter gloves. If I have to get outside in subzero temps, and need to do work requiring dexterity (fishing the credit card out of my wallet to go into the gas pump), I'll slip those on. They won't keep your hands from getting cold pretty quickly, but it is far better than getting instant frostbite! When I'm shooting outdoor in frigid weather, I'll wear those gloves to shoot and off the line, I'll stick my hands, thin gloves and all into some muskrat mittens I had made years ago. The mitten hang from a cord around the back of my neck and over my shoulders. When I get ready to shoot, I'll tuck one mitten under my off armpit and pull it off, then do the same with my other hand. I've trained myself to work the single action sixguns and the rifle and shotgun with the thin leather gloves on. (Same technique worked well when "shooting" surveying theodolites fifty+ years ago!)

If you wear insulated boots and heavy socks in subzero conditions, remember to remove them when you come indoors for any length of time. (I carry a pair of moccasins for the purpose.) If you continue to wear the boots/heavy socks indoors for any length of time, your feet will sweat, and you could get frostbite when you go out again, even with the boots on!

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Wow and I thought it was cold here!!! :wacko: 21 above yesterday, today and the whole week is predicted to be 35 and above!!! Think I'll be wearing my t-shirt (Indians of course) and shorts and go for a walk!! :lol: People are complaining because the snow we had piled on us will probably be gone by Christmas eve! Boo hoo hoo :lol:

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