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How Fast are You Going, Sitting Still

Aunt Jen

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So if you're sitting still, how fast are you going?


Earth spin on axis

Orbit sun

Orbit galaxy

Gslaxy moves toward Grewt Attractor...


So you're going faster at night than day


Faster in winter than summer


Faster in some aeons than others, As depends on where you are in Milky Way's rush to Great Attractor.


But roughly, to make it simple:


1.3 million miles per hour, give or take.



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No wonder I get so tired after dinner.

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Jennifer Livingston Seagull?


I met Richard Bach at Oshkosh. Wonderful. I love his books.

Me too. I've still got copies of "Illusions', "One", "Stranger To The Ground", and "Jonathan.......". My 12 yrs old grandaughter is a voracious, and I mean voracious reader. She went though Jonathan in less than an hour. I think she just gobbles up printed words. She just started "War and Peace". Can you imagine a twelve year old reading Tolstoy?

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