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  1. After reading all these responses I have a smile on my face. THANK GOD I AM NOT ALONE IN THIS WORLD!
  2. It is rare anymore when I can understand someone over the phone. Most especially females. They communicate in a cadence that would wear out a sprinter in 5 seconds. Their voices rise and fall in the middle of a sentence and the lack of a pause where a period should be is nonexistent. Add to that a cheap headset that has an echo and whatever they said as an introduction to the business goes unheeded. Add to that, acronyms that you have never heard before along with other forms of titles, names, and abbreviations and the conversation turns into a headache on my end of the phone.
  3. The Nevada State Black Powder Championship AND The SASS Nevada State Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting Now available! https://eldoradocowboys.com/eldorado.html
  4. https://eldoradocowboys.com/index.html
  5. I have a Remington Model 17. The forerunner of the Ithaca 37. Still use it for late season dove hunting.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lr6fOJ2JCP4
  7. I had a gunsmith friend that use to pay me to put these back together. They usually were handed to me as a box of parts. Surprisingly, I had to order very few parts to finish the job. I had the sequence down to about 10 minutes. It has been 45+ years now since I have had to do one!
  8. On Stoegers, before changing to longer pins, make sure there is no metal filing build up under the hammer first. Easy to fix, Remove stock. Flush out under the hammers while cocked with brake cleaner or other suitable spray cleaner. Resemble and test for proper firing pin penetration with the barrels removed.
  9. In general, the target placement for wild Bunch does not mesh with target placement for cowboy. Shooting a Wild Bunch power factor gun at Bordertown distances is not the best idea.
  10. Please remember BEFORE YOU SHIP THE GUN BACK TO THE FACTORY that if you have modified your gun in any way that Stoeger deems unsafe the gun will be returned to you unrepaired and UNSAFE TO FIRE stamped into the barrels and receiver.
  11. SHB page 32 Just because a manufacturer designs a part or firearm for this sport or just because a firearm is available, does not necessarily mean it is legal for competition. Only the modifications referenced here as allowed are approved. All others are illegal. Any firearm modification not specifically referenced in this Handbook is prohibited. Parties interested in having modifications, parts, or firearms considered for approval and inclusion in the SASS accepted modification text can request a Firearms Modification Consideration application from SASS Headquarters. Written
  12. 2 X 4 Doug Fir common stud = 7.60 2 X 4 select Doug fir = 9.60 That's a minimum of 5 fold increase!
  13. And now we are down to less than 2 weeks!
  14. Just over a week to get your applications in. We have a few spots left.
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