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  1. Which brings to memory...... White bread. If you removed the crust you could ball it up and it would almost be a dough. The white bread now is so dry you have to coat it with mayonnaise to swallow it.
  2. As has been said. You are pulling the trigger prior to the bolt being in battery. It is a common problem with 1866 rifles as they do not have a lever safety. Train yourself that if you hear a click instead of a bang, then reach up and cock that hammer for another try!
  3. The legs are strong enough as long as the force is straight down. The fasteners used to secure the pieces of the bench together are severely undersized and the bench will loosen and rack when sideways force is applied often. The drawers are poorly constructed and will not hold up to heavy use. The bench dog holes are metric and need to be drilled out to accommodate standard 3/4 dogs. The vise is...........cheep.
  4. Buckshot. You should be aware that the beautiful figure in Desert Ironwood will eventually turn into an even dark brown when exposed to sunlight, not unlike the picture posted by Palewolf. Light takes its toll on many woods when it comes to beautiful color. Make sure to keep a good clear varnish coat on your grips to reduce this effect and you will have many years of people Oohing and Ahing your grips for several years. Ace
  5. You are correct Grasshopper. I keep one of these in my guncart in case somebody ever writes a 12 shotgun stage again. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/957662224
  6. <pondering> Can anyone tell me the last time a gun was violent? <pondering> This will lead to and increase in Knife and Bat violence.
  7. Here is another source that I use for good stable wood. I forgot they also had Desert Ironwood. http://www.exoticwood.biz/desertironwood.htm
  8. That was some time ago, but I do remember now..... I think you were the only group. If we got one couple from the Convention it was a BIG occasion.
  9. I was watching a wildlife show on TV this afternoon. The show was filled with Global Warming propaganda every fifteen minutes or so. Near the end of the show about sharks and how they feed, a Grouper swam out and ate one of the small sharks. This according to the announcer was an example of "Carbon transfer". GROAN.......................................
  10. They do almost all their business online and don't have an office staff. They can only harvest trees when the land is being cleared for construction. If you contact them by email they generally respond within 24 hours.
  11. I buy all my Desert Ironwood from these people. High Quality and wood is in excellent condition. https://arizonaironwood.com/ They sell you the exact pieces you see online. You will need EXTREMELY sharp tools to work. Carbide suggested.
  12. During every SASS Convention in Las Vegas, (and Henderson) the Eldorado Cowboys were shooting their normal monthly shoot 15 miles away. We even volunteered to meet people out at the range so they could drop of their gun cart and guns and store them locked up so they wouldn't have to take them into the hotel. I cannot remember even one attendee of the convention coming to shoot.
  13. Ace_of_Hearts


    In your scenario, the first two shots are placed on the correct target. IF THE SHOOTER HAS A MALFUNCTION in his revolver and declares that malfunction then the shooter has two choices from this point. 1 - He can continue on with his functioning revolver starting on target #2 and reload 3 rounds at any time to complete the string without misses. If he does not reload he acquires 3 misses for the unfired rounds. 2 - He can continue on with the functioning revolver starting on target #3. In this case he cannot reload and he acquires the misses for the unfired rounds in revolver #1.
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