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  1. Eldorado Cowboys will be shooting 3 days in row this month. Special NIGHT SHOOT on Friday night followed by 6 stages on Saturday and 6 stages on Sunday. Non-member prices $15.00/day Dry camping on the range......... (They say there will be guitar and violin playing after the shoot) (Bring your own instrument) Limit - 60 shooters! Setup will be at 3:00PM on Friday March 05 - Free hotdogs (While they last) Shooting begins 5:30 PM. (It's a night shoot) (Minimal lighting) Saturday - 6 stages - Start time 9:00 AM Sunday - 6 stages - Start time 9:00 A
  2. For reference only from Hodgdon website https://hodgdon.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/reducedrecoilshotshellloads.pdf
  3. Shooters Handbook page 26 Shotgun size must be number 4 lead birdshot or smaller for all events (no steel or plated shot). Magnum and high velocity shotgun shells are not allowed. That being said....... Most cowboy ranges will be even more restrictive on shot size. I would highly recommend that you limit yourself to #7 1/2 shot or smaller. It is not how fast the shot is going or the size of the pellet that knocks down our targets but the totality of the lead that hits it at one time. 1 oz of shot is more than enough to knock down a normal shotgun target at alm
  4. Put one in without a permit and you will be spending the money a second time when you sell it and have to tear it out. Your homeowners fire insurance will not readily hand over a check if it starts a chimney fire.
  5. Wood/coal fireplaces are not allowed in most developed urban areas anymore. Reason........ Air pollution.
  6. Since I already had the dreaded COVID I will not be getting the Vaccine..... And since I am immune to the dreaded COVID I will not be wearing a mask unless asked to by a shop keeper were I have a need to buy their product.
  7. In Nevada there is no edict requiring you to wear a mask. HOWEVER A business that allows you inside without a mask can be fined and have their license revoked. This is how our Governor gets around ordering individuals to wear masks.
  8. Unfortunately the best fill in host died a few months ago. Walter Williams
  9. Cross refills are made in the USA. There are cheap Chinese copies available everywhere.
  10. A ball point pen that uses a Parker refill. Replace the refill with a Fisher Space pen refill. I sell a lot of them. $50.00
  11. Knife throwing Horseback riding Rope tricks Sniveling Singing Bird Shooting All are a part of old time but close and fast shoot........ BEST SHOOT BY A DAM SITE .......... MAY 01 and 02....................
  12. Tubes came in many sizes and purposes as well as operating voltages for the filaments. Diode tube had 2 elements (Besides the filaments) and were usually used to convert AC signals/current to DC. Triodes were used as basic amplifiers or electronic switches. From there it went to Tetrodes (4 elements) Pentodes (5 elements) And from there a myriad of other arrangement of control grids inside the tube to do different functions and do them at different frequencies.. On top of that there were different base designs and configurations. The radio in
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