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  1. Hey! I'll save a special hug just for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Dam Site is in two weeks..... And I don't care what they say. I am going to let every lady that wants to, hug and kiss on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://eldoradocowboys.com/dam-site-2020.html
  3. For business, a good laptop with a built in camera and a good headset should be more that sufficient. (Make sure you tape over the camera when it is not in use and unplug the headset) Make sure your background is not too "busy". If you are going to be more formal then you need a camera with a tripod and a lapel microphone. Usually this will require a more controlled background and also some fill lighting to better illuminate you face and get rid of shadows.
  4. Just 2 1/2 weeks left till Best Shoot by a Dam Site. https://eldoradocowboys.com/index.html
  5. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/16/arts/television/phyllis-george-dead.html https://nypost.com/2020/05/16/phyllis-george-pioneer-sports-broadcaster-and-former-miss-america-dead-at-age-70/ https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29184112/tv-pioneer-phyllis-george-co-host-nfl-today-dies-70 Take your pick
  6. We just got the final OK from the Board of Directors of the Range that ------------------ BEST SHOOT BY A DAM SITE IS AUTHORIZED TO PROCEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make your Hotel/Motel Reservations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. This is where I did most of my snake hunting! https://www.macdill.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/232362/before-it-was-macdill-bay-peninsula-history-pre-wwii/ The areas that were still brishy down near the bay was crawling with rattlesnakes.
  8. You would think after eight years that it would be published in at least one handbook! Many "Clarifications" sneak by. If it isn't codified in a Handbook somewhere then how is a new shooter (or an old one) to determine what is right and wrong. One more check mark for a PUBLISHED (and I don't mean on a website somewhere) list of clarifications.
  9. We are getting ready to kick this one off with a bang. There will be some modified operating procedures but I think we can turn even that into FUN FUN FUN. We still have some spots open for you shut ins......................................... Come play with us. https://eldoradocowboys.com/dam-site-2020.html
  10. Just to set the Tally book straight - Cowboy/Cowgirl is an ANY AGE CATEGORY. It does not have a minimum or maximum age. A 13 year old competitor cannot win overall in Buckeroo category BUT can win overall in Cowboy!
  11. And unless the mask allows expelled air to FREELY escape, you will be rebreathing your own carbon dioxide. Do it long enough and you will get one hell of a headache. Continue to do and you will pass out from lack of oxygen. Never wear a wet or dirty mask!
  12. One other thing that you didn't mention is if the revolvers had adjustable sights. There are a few categories that require fixed sight revolvers. Like others have said........................................... Get your tail to the range and try out everything offered to you. Don't worry about categories. ALL CATEGORIES MAY SHOOT BLACK POWDER> You will be placed in an age based category where you can shoot any rifle, any pistol, and any shotgun that is SASS legal. You may shoot any style of shooting in an aged based category except Gunfighter. Go to a local shoot!!!!! Bring what you have.
  13. We are raffling off a $195.00 Bowie knife at Best Shoot by a Dam Site.
  14. Boy oh boy...... We keep getting applications from new shooters (to us).
  15. Your number don't add up! Did the other 1,017,820 people get kidnapped by aliens?
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