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  1. I am assuming you don't mean BB gun......????? My first gun was a well used JC Whitney 22 bolt action singe shot rifle at age 14 (almost). I was working at a local gunsmith shop and the price was $4.00. The year was 1957.
  2. Any competent gunsmith can install a spacer for you to your specifications. A leather cover over the stock will hide the fact that it has been extended. Your other option is to buy a finished or semi finished stock.
  3. According to the contract with SASS we cannot do this at State and above. No money or prizes may be may be given for place of finish in the main match, side matches, pot shoots, or demonstration matches. All prizes must be distributed randomly.
  4. Nothing against these States for passing these "laws", However, it should be remembered that the right to keep and bear arms is not about walking around with a sidearm unchallenged but about the right to keep ANY WEAPON to protect ourselves from an oppressive Government. It isn't about protecting ourselves from criminals on the streets of our cities and towns. It is about protecting ourselves from the criminals that violate our Constitution.
  5. When you have only a couple of hours to get the scores ready AND CORRECT before the evening meal for a couple of hundred shooters, electronics is a godsend. Cowboy Action Simplified scoring requires a server (Desktop recommended) (Correct me if I wrong Tex) If you have power at the range and are somewhat familiar with setting up a server then this program works well. For many of us we do not have access to power. Practiscore is a more viable option as it runs on Tablets and or a laptop with a emulator program. The downside is that you have to email the scores to yourself to print out the scores.
  6. This year we are trying something different for us. Shoot each side match as many times as you want. We request a $1.00 donation for each run after the first. There will be a TOP THREE board at each side match so you can see who is the leaders and by how much. Mostly one match per bay but there are a couple that are doubled up. Our Hickok shot has always been a favorite since we started it. One shot from you pistol at 75 yards. Precision rifle also gets a workout. 10 shots at 10 6" knockdowns at 25 yards. First place gets the award
  7. Aces is no longer available and will not run on new operating systems.
  8. SKB's stocks are notorious for cracking up at the front where the scallop digs into the wood. The proper place for them to recoil into is inside the stock where the through bolt enters the stock. The block that holds the through bolt in place is actually a recoil lug and needs to be bedded to the wood. You can use 30 min epoxy mixed with wood dust/shavings or glass bedding compound. Make sure that you apply a generous amount of release on all metal parts before reassembling after applying the compound. Two sheets of paper or thin card stock should be used between the scallop on the receiver and the wood to give enough clearance so that the gun no longer recoils into the wood at that point.
  9. By contract with SASS. All match officials are required to be RO-1 certified. Match officials include Posse Marshall Berm Marshall Expediter Timing Operator Spotter Score Keeper Range Master March Director
  10. And don't forget........ The following weekend........ only 125 miles away in Beautiful Boulder City, Nevada........ Best Shoot by a Dam Site. https://Eldoradocowboys.com
  11. About the same percentage that have read the rules of Golf.
  12. I'll make the same point a different way. If the spotters are not yelling "ONE MORE", then they heard ten shots! By their silence they have agreed that ten shots went down range. Spotters are to ADVISE the Timing Operator on a Procedural call. The TO takes this information and applies it to what he/she saw/heard and may also take into consideration warnings he/she might have given in private concerning the shooter. This type of call is serious and can swing a large match several places in the scoring. The Timing operator then makes his/her call and the match moves on. Calls like this can vary from Timer Operator to Timer Operator, from hearing ability of any of the four judges involved, and even the observation abilities of the person watching the gun. It's a GAME folks. Bad calls are made. In over a dozen years of running a timer I have seen very few shooters say to me after they are done with their last gun, "The spotters are wrong. I missed the third target. I want the penalty. I have never had a shooter say to me, "I spot the targets out of order and I need to collect my Procedural." The TO can't overrule the spotters on misses..... Well then. Can the shooter give input that overrules the spotters? (Right now. Only if he can change their minds. The spotters are the judge and jury on misses.) PLAY THE GAME. Sometimes you're the bug. Sometimes you are the windshield.
  13. I think someone offered to open the gate for him as Awfully Nice was with him. He should never be allowed off leash!
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