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  1. Many side matches do not fall under SASS Rules. A BB gun match would be an example. <pondering> Watermelon seed spitting side match.
  2. It seems that my business website is in violation of the American Disabilities Act. It is not accessible to blind people...... Thank goodness I don't do business with Government Agencies or I would have to comply immediately. Believe me this not a joke. If you are perceived to have deep pockets, you will be sued if you are in business. For those of you who maintain their clubs website......... You will have to comply down the road...... <Pondering> Blind people looking for club to shoot with. Among other things....... I believe lawmakers are missing the common sense gene.
  3. I wonder how many CITIZENS will loose their possessions while the cases plod slowly through the court system to finally get to the Supreme Court? I sure wish there was a punishment for lawmakers that violate their oath to the Constitution!
  4. You will be missing your "Shooting Bull" hug!
  5. Any person, including a police officer, may ask for your information. What you CHOOSE to give is another story. In this case, I would have offered nothing more than my last name and telephone # and would have given it to the participants in the accident, not the police officer.
  6. I have a Nylon 66 that I bought in 1966..... I put a Weaver Quick Point sight on it in 1968...... Best dam gun I have ever owned... (It is a pain to load though! )
  7. Hell's Comin with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. It never rains in Southern Nevada!!!!!!!!!!!!! We do have some occasional liquid sunshine though.
  9. Only two weeks left to get your applications in. We are accepting applications up until we are full. There is still space left to get in but spots are going fast now. Last chance to shoot (with) the (shooting) bull, the Ace of Hearts and other notorious characters.....
  10. It is up to EVERYONE that is a participant in the sport to play by the rules. If you see a violation then bring it to the Timing Operators attention. He/She is in charge of the stage and makes the call. You are welcome to take it to the Posse Marshal or the Match Director if you believe the call (or lack of it) is out of line. There may be special circumstances of which you are not aware. Unfortunately, this gets carried to extreme at many local matches. Equipment violations get unenforced due to ignorance of the rules, sometimes for years. Much depends on your attitude and the attitude of the shooter. Occasionally, we all make calls that are correct in all aspects, but get overridden do to facts that are not in evidence at the time.
  11. I say this to spotters all the time but it applies to to everyone at all times. Make the call based on what you see and according to your job. The worst that can happen is that the shooter gets a re-shoot.
  12. You should hear them scream and brains screech when you write a stage all the guns staged empty!
  13. I believe you are going to be here in Las Vegas. M & I International Clock and Jewelry repair. http://mi-jewelry.com/
  14. http://www.gun-parts.com/brazil/ Stoeger = Boito
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