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  1. Kissing kiss bawled head is like kissing a big T-T..
  2. That's what she gets for praying for them!
  3. You do understand that this lubricant is for resizing the case only? And that it should be removed PRIOR to reloading.
  4. It might work for you as a main match gun.......Accuracy was never your strong point!
  5. You will have to have a gunsmith check it to see if there is enough metal there to use.
  6. Much will depend on if there is enough steel to cut the threads and safely contain the pressure.
  7. Someone send me a copy of the file that I can open.
  8. Interesting........ Since the August stages have not been written let alone approved yet!
  9. This is a variation on the treads about coaching the shooter. WHO MAKES THE CALL on a static shotgun target. Do we have to wait for the three blind mice to come to a consensus. before the shooter can reengage the target or do we wait till the end of the stage and call a miss a miss. Remember that - The handbook only addresses shotgun KNOCKDOWN targets in the stage conventions as being re-engageable.
  10. You will need a cord made from #12 wire. Keep the length of the cord under 50' if you can.
  11. Find where the base of the bullet to be loaded is located in the case and make a mark on the outside of the case at this location. Then fill the case to that mark with Trail Boss, pour into the scale pan and weigh. This is your maximum load. Pressures will be below the maximum allowed for this cartridge and perfectly safe to use! Take 70% of this powder charge weight (multiply the maximum load from step 1 by .7), and that is your starting load. Start with this beginning load and work up to your maximum charge, all the while searching for the most accurate reduced load. Once fou
  12. I received some private emails asking what should be bedded?bedding points.pub The orange arrow points to where the through bolt is treaded into the recoil lug on the stock. When they make the factory stock they often do not make this portion of the hole in the stock large enough. Make sure this entry point has sufficient clearance for the bedding compound to make good contact with the metal all the way around. The yellow arrows point to spots where bedding compound should be in order for all the recoil to be transferred into the stock at these points. If metal touches the wood at th
  13. As far a I know, I am the only person making SKB stocks from Bastogne Walnut. It is one of the few woods that will hold up to a 50CAL.
  14. Every break is different. SKBs are very weak all the way through the wrist of the stock. There is very little wood to play with. If it is a non-supporting piece on the side of the action, it is best to very carefully align the broken piece and re-adhere with titebond III wood glue. Done properly you will never know it was broken without getting very close. Splits down the side and into the wrist need support to hold the wood together. I use a 1/16 brass rod drilled at 90 degrees to the split and held in place with SLOW CURING epoxy on the rod and wood glue on the split face. If
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