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  1. Just to put my two cents worth in. ALL these issues were brought up PRIOR to the TG voting. If you had concerns you should have expressed them LOUDLY then.
  2. Every year at ELDORADO. We have a Hickok side match. 1 shot from pistol Target @ 75 yards. It draws quite a bit of attention
  3. https://www.ballisticproducts.com/BPI-Wad-Popper/productinfo/0740005/
  4. Southern Nevada has been invaded over the years with people from California, New York, and Chicago being the three main groups. Unfortunately they didn't learn their lesson where they came from and brought their way of thinking here. Nevada is an open carry state but believe me, in the Las Vegas Valley, you will get lots of looks (and not friendly ones) if you open carry. Concealed carry in this area, you will be notified three months in advance. (You cannot renew more than three months in advance). You must go through the same procedure as the original application. Down to the ID bureau and go through fingerprinting and picture taking. You pay you money and will receive you new card in 4 to 6 months....... That's right. For at least 1 month and possibly more you will be unlicensed and must leave you gun at home or open carry. Most of the other counties in Nevada are not this childish on the waiting period. (Thank goodness)
  5. You are correct. Sounds like someone sent you a 12 ga extractor. Hold just the extractor in your hand and see if fits perfectly around a 12 ga shell.
  6. NO. Paper backed insulation would be the incorrect product to use. In this case a blown in insulation (Looks similar to paper mache)is used. It is impregnated with Boric Acid to make it fire resistant/mold and bug proof.
  7. Any splatter that breaks the skin will continue to bleed. You might wish to consider putting this in your personal first aid kit in your gun cart. https://www.walgreens.com/store/c/woundseal-powder-to-stop-bleeding/ID=prod6099456-product
  8. Without the areas listed as "Normal People" it would be a fairly "Normal" State.
  9. It is difficult to ask an inexpensive tool to hold up to the riggers that we put that tool through. We yank them open and slam them shut and when we are done with that we drop them unceremoniously on a table of some sort. We "polish" the working surfaces and grind away the chambers to look like funnels in a way that would make most gunsmiths skin crawl. THe manufactures have little wiggle room when they declare what modifications we make unsafe. I don't expect the tools that I buy at Harbor Freight to last forever. I expect the tools I buy at high end tools stores to last significantly longer.
  10. I grew up in the Virginia woods. Squirrel, rabbit, quail, duck and geese were always in our freezer due to a single shot 22 rifle and a JC Higgins 16 ga bolt action shotgun. I no longer have those guns as I sold them to pay for a rented tux for my senior prom. When my sons were born I was always hopeful they would join me in the field. #1 son hunted with me until he got married and then that ended as the daughter in-law was "afraid" of guns. I look at my safe of guns and each one brings back memories of hunting buddies, beautiful sunrises in a duck blind and wet/dirty dogs that would do anything to bring a bird back to me. It is a shame that those guns will not share those memories with either my son or his children. The culture and the memories will probably and sadly fade with us.
  11. I general.- The faster the set time on epoxy, the weaker it is. For high strength you should purchase 30 minute epoxy (It really takes 24 hours to cure completely but the working time is between 15 and 30 minutes depending on temperature.) This is the product I use http://bsi-inc.com/hobby/slow_cure.html It should be noted that this epoxy does not bond many plastics. Deer horn, no problem.
  12. You have to have dinner somewhere along the way! https://www.bigtexan.com/
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