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  1. If the tip is not fully seated it will cause the jamming problem. As the tips age they seem to get a bit brittle and not remain tight on the tube. Soetimes a tiny split develops. Just call Dillon, they will send you some new ones. I store my tubes with an AR 15 gas tube cleaner (long pipe cleaner) inserted into them. That keeps them clean and free of tiny little crawling/flying things. Blackfoot
  2. I was a senior at Sam Houston State University! Still had a lot to learn! Blackfoot
  3. I saw it happen once in a match, it did a full dump. Gets a good laugh ! Blackfoot
  4. I will trade 2 for 1, Two once fired primers for one NIB. I will guarantee that none of the used ones have been fired more than one time. Blackfoot
  5. Don't forget that the BULLET SIZE is very importat also. Blackfoot
  6. Shell cases can get battered in and around the extractor groove and case rim. A little bit of battering can cause the case to not slide into the shell plate slot. Blackfoot
  7. Put a price on it. This is not an auction, price is required. Blackfoot
  8. Do you have any of the new 45/70 brass remaining?  If so, I need a bag.







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