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  1. I use 200 gr LFP bullets in my 1911's and also .45 Colt. Work great for me. Blackfoot
  2. That works for me, have done several.
  3. I use 200gr RNFP lead bullets (either greased or coated) in .45 Colt loads and 5 gr of Red Dot does great. I lhaven't tried Clays. Blackfoot
  4. There are several Colt 1911 models that have the larger front site and are still good to go in traditional category. Blackfoot
  5. How about giving a description and price for the .45 ACP ammo? Thanks, Blackfoot
  6. I use One Shot on pistol cases quiet often even though I use carbide dies. Just a quick spritz of One Shot makes the resize operation a lot smoother and easy. No, I do not remove it before loading or shooting. Blackfoot
  7. Slim you are correct. Heavy loads are not hard on the shooter in a rifle. The 300 grain bullets that I am familiar with will not work in a rifle and it is so noted on the box. Blackfoot
  8. If you shoot a few max loads using data from a good manual and 300 grain bullets you will understand why EK said not to go over recommended loads. Just a few, it won't take many and you will probably have some left. Blackfoot
  9. Time reauired depends on what you want the brass to look like. Tumling about 30 minutes in media and a bit of some type of cleaner/polish will get it good to go. If you want it slick and good shine run 2 to 3 hours. Blackfoot
  10. Sometime in the '80's LORAN C was developed and it worked really well, was used in airplanes and on the water also. I fished out of Galveston Tx and saved a lot of fuel with LORAN C. Before C was developed we depended on dead reckoning. Blackfoot
  11. Also, some shooters have installed a replacement bolt that will not accomodate the sliding dust cover. Blackfoot
  12. Lets all remember the vendors who took advantage of the shortage. Blackfoot
  13. Put 'em on, wet them really well with warm water (feet in a large container of warm water) then wear them until they are dry. Blackfoot
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