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  1. Actually, 20 years is not considered OLD for cartridge ammo. If it has been stored in anywhere near decent conditions it should be good to go. Blackoot
  2. It is a Po-Go stick that has been redesigned by a government committee! Blackfoot
  3. Same here except I haven't replaced anything. Blackfoot
  4. 105 Howitzers, 24th Division and First Cav. Division, Korea Blackfoot
  5. Watch the oscars? I had rather hold a horse in the rain. Blackfoot
  6. I don't pay much attention to the click and clack! I am interested in bang and clang. Blackfoot
  7. Yes, this is three separate matches, NOT a 3 day match. Blackfoot
  8. It sounds like he is looking for loaded ammo, not just bullets. Blackfoot
  9. I like straight stocks, ESPECIALLY on my SxS shotguns. Blackfoot
  10. It doesn't get any better as you get older! Ask me how I know! Blackfoot
  11. I don't name mine but I heard a shooter talking to his '87 a few weeks ago. I didn't catch the name but it had something to do with the sun and the beach. He must have had a fun time with it! Blackfoot
  12. Yep, the shape of the top of the carrier changes the way the brass goes. Most of the cowboy gunsmiths fix that when they prepare one for competition. Take a look at some that have been worked, you should see the difference. Blackfoot
  13. I have been shooting a Stoger 12ga. double trigger for 15 or so years with basically no problem. I tweeked the latch spring so that it would be fairly easy to open and did some work on the cocking levers so that it will stay open. No complaints at all. Blackfoot
  14. I have slept in a sleeping bag in the snow with the temp. -45 degrees F. Anyone who spent a winter in Korea in the late '50's should know what I am talking about. Don't have a clue about what the wind chill was, at 45 below it doesn't matter much. Blackfoot
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