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  1. I have modified some to make a straight stock ,(English style) instead of pistol grip. It keeps from banging my fingers with the back of the trigger guard. Blackfoot
  2. Bacon (and the grease) has quiet a bit of salt in it. Doesn't sound like somethig I would want to smear in my guns. (but it makes good gravy) Blackfoot
  3. The contour on the upper back protion of the lifter (carrier)! That is the part of the lifter that flips the empty brass some direction. Blackfoot
  4. A primer shell makes a good one. Pick out the anvil, clean out the priming compound and cut a little notch in the wall so that it will fit. A little epoxy and bingo. Blackfoot
  5. Provided, of course, that the shooter also wears a mask. Blackfoot
  6. I think it is called "free enterprise".
  7. I get a little ..357 brass also but I put in in my gun cart and take it back to the match. I know it is not much but the .357 shooters seem to appreciate getting a few back. Blackfoot
  8. Another thought: Call Hoppes and say HELP! Blackfoot
  9. In my opinion a worm of the proper size is the correct way to remove it. Worms are made for that use. Good Luck, Blackfoot
  10. Dang, I have missed out on all of the fun. I just got some extra magazines, mostly 25 rnd, some fiber optics, lots of ammo and bang away. Blackfoot
  11. One miss, (pistol on rifle dump), One P, ( incorrect rifle sequence) Blackfoot
  12. Green Dragons, slice some pickeled jalapenos in half and clean out the seeds to make a little canoe. Fill the canoe with tuna mixed with a little mayo. Blackfoot
  13. Marlins usually have the last three digits of the serial number and a letter scratched on the bolt. Is that what you are seeing? Blackfoot
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