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  1. Call it whatever you like, don't try to start some mandate that can not be enforced. Blackfoot
  2. Try Williams Sight Co. web site. Search their on line catalog and give them a call. I have solved a problem or so with them. They do sell direct. Blackfoot
  3. I don't use any Hornady dies but there does need to be a bit of a flair on the case. Most of dies that I use put the flair on the case when it goes in the powder drop die. I use a Lyman M die to put the flair on my 30/06 cases and drop the powder from the measure off press. Blackfoot
  4. Would be interesting to know where it is actually made. Blackfoot
  5. I think that Starline is basing their "strong comeback" statement on the amount of 32/20 brass that they sell. Where else are the few who shoot them going to get brass? There just isn't any range pick-up brass lying around. I haven't seen more than 2 or 3 shooters using 32/20 during the past year. I do have a S&W Hand Ejector chambered in 32/20 that I plink with once in a while. It is fairly accurate and fun to shoot. I did use a 32/20 main match rifle a few times, I think it was badk in 1998. I vote NO on the strong comeback ballot! Blackfoot
  6. Not saying it hasn't happened but I have been running Rugers since 1996 and have never broken one. I was shooting with a pard one time whose Ruger had some issue, he said it was a transfer bar. I didn't see it. Blackfoot
  7. There is at least 1 similar location in the part of Pompeii that is open to visitors. (been there, done that) Blackfoot
  8. I like them! I like to see shooters use their sights on a stage now and then. We hae a set at one of the clubs that I belong to, we don't use it at every shoot but have used it for both rifle and pistol. Blackfoot
  9. None! My maker could write his name, didnt sign with x's! Blackfoot
  10. There is a GOOD reason that you don't see a Lightning rifle being used as a main match rifle very often. They don't have a reputation as a main match choice. True, a lot of them can be made to be reliable and they are nice. If you already have a reliable main match rifle and the bug got you for a Lightning go for it. Heed the information that all of the pards above have offered. Blackfoot
  11. I use 200gr bullets powered with 5 gr. of Red Dot. Always use mag cases, never even had any specials. Marlin 94 stainless. Blackfoot
  12. A couple of months ago I had to replace my i-phone 4, it was dying a slow death but when it started getting hot when in use I dumped it. I got a i-phone SE, it is as large as I want. I see some phones now that are larger than my first TV! Blackfoot
  13. There are several things that help with the problem. Try to find some shells that are listed as under 1200fps velocity. Some around 1000 fps if possible. Loads around 1 ounce or 7/8 ounce (even less) work fine in our game. Another is to midify the stock to English style, (straight stock). The pistol grip type stock crowds the shooters hand up against the back of the trigger guard. Also, padding on the trigger guard will help some. Blackfoot
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