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  1. Maybe she has a latent desire to be a porn star! Blackfoot
  2. That "bowed washer" is a Bellville Spring. (now you know) Blackfoot
  3. Fugly! (Is that a word?) Blackfoot
  4. And, Don't cook them too long! Blackfoot
  5. I have been using an ipad mini with Kindle app for several years, just upgrqded to ipad 9.7. Old eyes just needed a little larger font plus my old ipad was maxed out on OS upgrades and memory. Blackfoot
  6. Might try the 70% formula, take a look on Hodgdon Loading Data. Blackfoot
  7. It gets better as you get older! Blackfoot
  8. For what we do in CAS and Wild Bunch you will probably never notice any difference. Possible exception might be in some of the long range side matches, depending on what powder and what gun. For main match guns just loam 'em and shoot 'em. Blackfoot
  9. Some very interesting tools. Not even a sharpie! Blackfoot
  10. Unfortunately the TO will sometimes override the spotters decision even though it is not permitted in the rules. I have seen it done at a high level match a couple of times when all three spotters called a miss and NEVER had any doubt or changed their mind. (Buddy System) Blackfoot
  11. That idiot came from the shallow end of the gene pool! Blackfoot
  12. Those little pieces of frozen water are much better if you put a couple of them in a glass and cover them with a nice single malt. Let them season a bit then sip slowly. Blackfoot
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