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  1. Well, If I offend them they might as well just get over it. Blackfoot
  2. Looks like something designed by a government committee! Blackfoot
  3. Yes, come on! If it will help any you can drive on past the parkig lot and park close to the range. Blackfoot
  4. I like Pi but usually someone beats me to the last slice. Blackfoot
  5. There is a crop circle that can be explained! Blackfoot
  6. I guess that I need to add that the Wild Bunch shooters DO NOT compete against Cowboy Shooters, it is NOT another category in cowboy shooting. It is a separate match, separate scores, separage stage instructions, just shot in a group with Cowboy shooters. It is just like we were on the other end of the range shooting Wild Bunch. We do it this way because we usually only have eough shooters for one posse. Blackfoot
  7. Let me open by saying that at one club that I shoot with we mix CAS and Wild Bunch shooting at one of our monthly matches. The Wild Bunch and Cowboys shoot on the same posse, using the same target set but DIFFERENT stage instructions. It works well for us and we have lots of fun. Now, if a shooter is unable to operate a SSA revolver because of arthritis I seriously doubt that they would be successful at shooting a 1911. Not saying that it couldn't be done, just have my doubts. Blackfoot
  8. I remember there being basic instructions on the box. If more information is needed try the Speer web page. Blackfoot
  9. Thanks, good to know. I just couldn't imagine the guards without a rifle. Blackfoot
  10. I think that the rifle adds dignity and honor to the guard ceremony. A rifle displays an "on guard" attitude, whereas a pistol infers "personal protection". (Of course they did not consult me in the subject.) Blackfoot
  11. I HAD an '89 that was made in '89, it did tend to bite. the lever is somewhat different from a '94. Blackfoot
  12. I had 2 squibs in a Marlin 94 shooting 125gr lubed bullets. One ring-bulge was about halfway and one was about 2 inches or so from the muzzle. Didn't seem to have any effect on the accuracy. Also had 5 stick in an M60 machine gun but that's another story. Blackfoot
  13. Put in less water! You can always add water but it is difficult to take out. Blackfoot
  14. Did any of you guys spend the winter of 1958 in Korea? I did, It was COLD up on the 38th! Blackfoot
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