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  1. Just don't confuse a comic strip with reality of any kind, especially military things. Blackfoot
  2. Hog lard would be period correct! Blackfoot
  3. I converted my doubles to English style stocks. (straight stocks) I converted my Baikal and Stoger and now they dont crowd my hand up against the trigger guard. A little time with a band saw and hand tools is all it takes. Blackfoot
  4. In most all BAMM competition stripper clips are used. Gas checks are up to the shooter, I use them even though at the velocity that I usually shoot they are not really necessary. Any match can have some variations at the directors discression. Blackfoot
  5. Dang, I have missed out on all of the fun. I just got some extra magazines, mostly 25 rnd, some fiber optics, lots of ammo and bang away. Blackfoot
  6. I tried them in a couple of guns and found that they do nothing. I think I had two or three of them in my "junk" box, sold them to a smith who uses them to make a profit. ( He doesn't use them in his 1911's.) Blackfoot
  7. I am also using a Frankfort Arsenal primer tool, no reason to get anything else. It works great for me. Blackfoot
  8. I have used Red Dot pushing a 200gr LRNFP bullet in .45Colt for a long time. I annealed my brass and have no problem with soot or unburned powder. I use the same bullet in .45ACP along with Red Dot. Blackfoot
  9. I wish that I had come here sooner and brought some popcorn! Blackfoot
  10. IF I get such a check I am going to use it to help pay my quarterly IRS deposit. Blackfoot
  11. About the question of cleaning the "gummy" wood, Mechanics hand cleaner such as Go-Jo will do a great job on that. Blackfoot
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