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  1. I am going to stop using WD 40 on my nails ! Blackfoot
  2. I have cut a few of the buttstocks down to "English style" configuration. Perfect! Blackfoot
  3. Hey there Greysmoke, I had about decided that you had gone into the witness protection program. Just pack up and come to Oakwood, stay and shoot 3 days, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. There is a separate shoot each day and I will guarantee that you have never seen a shoot like the Monday group. Blackfoot
  4. Are you trying to sell them or just puffing smoke? If you are trying to sell let us know what you have. This is not an auction site, put a price on them. Blackfoot
  5. I use Red Dot in .38 special, .45 ACP and .45 Colt. .38 special, 125 gr Lead, 3 gr. Red Dot (pistol and rifle) .45 ACP 200 gr Lead, 4.3 gr Red Dot (1911) .45 Colt 200 gr Lead, 5 gr Red Dot (pistol and rifle) Blackfoot
  6. Finding any of them is a crap shoot! We just have to find a way to deal with what we can get. Blackfoot
  7. I have been using one of these for a long time. I have learned that when it starts getting fussy it needs new batteries. Even though it may seem to be running fine new batteries make a difference. Your mileage may vary. Blackfoot
  8. Silver, Celia and I are so sorry to hear about Rob. It seems like something that just should have not happened. I have shot with him for years and have enjoyed being with both of you every time we shot together. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do for you. Blackfoot Drifter aka Gary Bass
  9. It should work just fine. Keep the lube in the case, the crimp should be just at the forward edge of the lube. Blackfoot
  10. Last week those WOOLIES would have been nice just to wear sitting around the house ! Blackfoot
  11. I recently got first class mail that was sent to me from less than 10 miles away. It took 41 days to make the trip. That was BEFORE the Texas freeze out. Blackfoot
  12. Call it whatever you like, don't try to start some mandate that can not be enforced. Blackfoot
  13. Try Williams Sight Co. web site. Search their on line catalog and give them a call. I have solved a problem or so with them. They do sell direct. Blackfoot
  14. I don't use any Hornady dies but there does need to be a bit of a flair on the case. Most of dies that I use put the flair on the case when it goes in the powder drop die. I use a Lyman M die to put the flair on my 30/06 cases and drop the powder from the measure off press. Blackfoot
  15. Would be interesting to know where it is actually made. Blackfoot
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