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  1. Empty the powder after each loading session and return it to the factory container. It's not really difficult to do on a 650. Blackfoot
  2. They should be fine with lead or jacketed bullets. Revolvers cartridges need to be roll crimped. Blackfoot
  3. He would be doing himself a favor if he filed the front site off of the pistol. Blackfoot
  4. Dufus and the cat both need hearing protection. Blackfoot
  5. Never been asked to count or do anything for that matter. Blackfoot
  6. Not for me. Blackfoot
  7. Best load that I have shot at 200 for ringing steel. Haven't tried it for punching paper. Blackfoot
  8. I had a 1946 Aeronca 7AC, when the tank was empty it would loose altitude but it did it VERY slowly. As a matter of fact, it did everything very slowly! Blackfoot
  9. Can't do it with an ax, chain saw works best! Blackfoot
  10. I load 5 gr. of Red Dot with a 200gr. lead bullet in .45 Colt for Wild Bunch rifle. Don't load .357 but I use 3gr. of Red Dot in .38sp with a 125gr lead bullet Blackfoot
  11. The last time I took scrap brass to the metal yard it brought $1.10 per pound. It was mostly spent primers and junk cartridge brass. Blackfoot
  12. If you ever find someone shooting a Henry in this game get all the information you can. I have been shooting CAS well over 20 years and have not seen someone shooting one with any degree of success. They are good guns but not up to the demand that we put on them. Good Luck, Blackfoot
  13. Thanks, got one from Tully. Thanks, Blackfoot
  14. Seems like a lot of folks don't know the difference between grilled and BBQed! Blackfoot
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