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  1. Just use one hand or get a pistol with two handles on it! Blackfoot
  2. Your insurance company is probably the only one that can give you the correct answer. Blackfoot
  3. When I was first forced to go to Windows 10 I thought it was about the worst possible system that one could imagine. After using it a few years my opinion has not changed. Blackfoot
  4. The last time that I was in San Juan there was LOTS of 3's at the airport there. It looked like there was some type of salvage/rebuild operation. I don't know who owns the certificate now but I have read that there are "NEW," 0 time 3's being produced. Blackfoot
  5. There are big heads, big mouths, big a@@es, so why can't there be a Bigfoot? Blackfoot
  6. Noonday Onions, grown at Noonday Texas. Blackfoot
  7. What is this "practice" of which you speak? Is that something new? Blackfoot
  8. You should have done that 8 hours ago. Don't ask me how I know! Blackfoot
  9. It becomes a smear campaign! Blackfoot
  10. I think it is point out the Speed O Meter as opposed to the Taco Meter. You out of speed and low on tacos! Blackfoot
  11. Hope they wern't 100% clear ice, that could be rough! Blackfoot
  12. There is your warning that it is a scam. No one in the government does ANYTHING before 10:00am. Blackfoot
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