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  1. It couldn't shoot back with a gun! It didn't have one unless it was strapped to the belly. (B, C, and D models only) Let's see..... The sparrow missiles wouldn't track and the heat seekers would only work 25% of the time. None of this is the planes fault, just everything that was attached to it!
  2. https://dailyworldupdate.us/nancy-pelosi-has-150-year-old-sign-removed-from-house-chamber-entrance/?fbclid=IwAR3nO4Jb6541RpEYCo8t2Elbf-lXBFXowuoR5vDMR-VRcpCisXdi95CV4qA
  3. Hotel Cucaracha - Shoot the cockroaches off the wall for extra points The Big Bang Cannon - Shoot the Big Bang Cannon and make lots of black smoke. Play Acey Ducey for luck at the bar. Break a balloon at the Carnival stage and win a prize. Just some of the fun when you come to this shoot!
  4. We still have a few openings. It is best to coordinate everything with Lady Glitter at 702-429-4102. The range opens for camping on Friday at High Noon. I am sure any one of the cowboys on the range would take your stuff inside their mobile living quarters for a few days. If the Hotel you pick has a casino attached to it, you will find the security much better than your local NO TELL MOTEL. Railroad Pass Hotel/Casino would be an excellent choice. I would look after them myself, but I am already doing that for a couple of others and the my SUV has run out of transport room.
  5. I will be posting a WHO'S COMING LIST at the end of this week.
  6. We truly hope that you and Miss Goode are getting along OK. We miss you. And if you ever she that OLD Just George person.... We surely Miss him also.
  7. Only a month left and there are less than 20 slots still open. Get you applications in NOW! https://eldoradocowboys.com/uploads/1/2/4/4/124404701/2019_dam_site_registration.pdf
  8. You have to register a NON-Functional replica????? I wonder how much it costs to put a full size picture of a gun on your wall..................
  9. Icarry one because the gun can't
  10. I carry one because the gun can't one because the gun cannot do anything without me. Even walk!
  11. This might be an option for you.... https://www.replicadungeon.com/western-rifles.html
  12. Cheap sapwood and machine fitting are not the way to get a stock to last. Bedding the stock at the recoil lug will significantly reduce the chance of the stock splitting.
  13. I have so many girlfriends and they all can't come here..... SOoooooooo.... I have to go to them......
  14. Send me your old broken one and I will!
  15. And until we (cowboys) start contributing to them with cash, we won't be high up on the to do list.
  16. This is the kind of thinking process I had in mind. And it just doesn't pertain to women.
  17. It sure as hell doesn't help when shooter reload shotgun rounds with recycled shot without running a magnet through it first to pick out the steel.
  18. Wild harvested meat, either shot or caught, is the most expensive food on the planet.
  19. I read today that there are many School Districts that are removing Analog Clocks from the wall because the students don't know how to read them. All this and more because the schools are too lazy to teach basics to there students. We don't teach "Cursive" anymore. We don't teach Basic Government anymore. We don't teach History anymore. We don't teach Biology anymore. They teach Math, but a form of it that no logical mind could ever call it Math again. Is it any wonder that the "graduates" of these fine institutions of learning, have a thought process that is more digital than Analog. That is to say, not even one student even thinks about cause and effect of a solution, just the solution. My Grand children are ignorant as a post as to what will happen tomorrow if they make the choices they make today.
  20. Well! We are 6 weeks out and I have 4 posses pretty much filled up. Get your applications in..... https://www.Eldoradocowboys.com I am not going to post all the stages ahead of time, but here is a sample..... It's close and fast with an old school flavor. You will be playing Acey Ducey - and shooting Cock A Roaches. (No they are not Catsup or Mustard packets) Reposted file as a PDF Stage 1.pdf
  21. I am assuming you don't mean BB gun......????? My first gun was a well used JC Whitney 22 bolt action singe shot rifle at age 14 (almost). I was working at a local gunsmith shop and the price was $4.00. The year was 1957.
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