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  1. e-mail. Go change your password.
  2. Desk top. I just got my first smart phone. Had an emergency cell phone since 1998. It had text in and out, voice mail in and 911. I hadn't had a land line or any other phone for almost 20 years. The VA forced me to get a real phone. My $7 per month because of there voice mail and multiple text message started running my emegency phone up over $50 per month. Havng talked with several carriers over the last few years, I got a plan I could live with for $30 per month. ($32) per month. I got a phone for texting and camera. The rest I can live without. But I am learning Took me 4 month to figure out how to answer an incoming call. Still working on how to hang up.
  3. Abilene Slim, Small Magnum Pistol primers and Small Rifle primers are the same for most manufacturers. (check spec on both before using) The primers come from the same machines and are packages as either depending on production run at the time.
  4. Item of interest concerning Small pistol primers. The size of the primer cups are the same for: Small Pistol primers Small Magnum Pistol primers Small Rifle primers The Small Pistol primers and Small Rifle primers are not harder but thicker material to take the higher pressures of the load charge. Not thicker because of the primer charge. As a commercial reloader, I had to find primers to fill customer orders during the past primer shortages. Read lots of specs on primrs and talked with some representitives of the manufacturers. Small Pistol Magnum pirmers and Small Rifle primers are different only in packaging and price. (pennies) If you consider using Small RIfle primers, read the psecs for yourself. ============== NOTE / WARNING Larger pistol primers and Large Rifle primers ARE NOT interchangable. The size of the primer cups a not the same. Large Rilfe primer cups are deeper and will not set in the case pocket deep enough to go flush or recess in the pocket of pistol cases.
  5. Try here. https://www.dixiegunworks.com/index/page/product/product_id/6775/category/333/category_chain/578,349,333/product_name/XA5220+Dixie+Quick+Load+Target+Tube+-+.44+-+.50+Caliber
  6. About 2 or 3 weeks ago, I started having prblems with Firefox. Did some trouble shooting and found it was not Firefox. I have Thunderbird e-mail and I have Yahoo free e-mail. Tured out Yahoo screwed with their free e-mail service and it messed with Firefox. My font size on net pages would change while using the browser. Yahoo wants you to use their Paid version and has found a way to put in several Yahoo messages on your screen you have to delete before getting to your free e-mail service. The screens you have to delete have what? Ads on them of course. Still with Firefox and thinking of ending Yahoo e-mail and going back to Thunderbird exclusively.
  7. Firefox on 4 machines. It allows your to choose to be notified when updates are available or update automatically. I am a tell me it'sw available and let me do the update. I like being 2 or 3 versions behind. Hackers go after the newest versions.
  8. What ever the professionals wear, it is because they get paid for "brand display".
  9. From July 2006 Brimstone Gazette http://www.cliffhangershideout.com/gazette/2006/jul06.html =============================== Getting a Grip by Cliff Hanger At so many matches I see shooters at the firing line wiping their hands off before they start. It's not those that wipe their hands once but those that keep doing it over and over before saying they're ready. Most of this is most likely nerves. And with this nervousness comes sweaty hands. What I would like to share at this time with those of us that have this problem at times is a simple little trick I learned in a jr high science class. Along with all the other science stuff, the teacher explained the reasons we get sweat hands and how to control it. His example was, "What to do when you go for your job interview!" You do not want to shake hands with anyone when you have sweaty hands. All us kids thought this was silly. As the lesson went on he said no one would go to an interview without first taking a bath and putting on clean clothes. As the time gets closer to the interview everyone tends to get nervous. The first signs are your palms getting damp. His little secret to controlling this was simple. As you get dress, take the same deodorant you use and put it on your palms. This will stop the perspiration on your hands. Now using this little trick in our sport you will now have better gun control. You will have to learn to grip your guns correctly before using them. This is because your hands will no longer slip. To change your grip if it should need adjusting, you will actually have to release your grip. Reposition the gun and regrip it. Another suggestion is to use an unscented spray on. This stops the funny looks you will no doubt get from the perfumed hand you will have if you do not use an unscented product.
  10. The gun belt I had made has 12 loops. There are 10 45 caliber loops with 2 38/357 loops. One at each end of the row. The 45s are pistol and the 38/357 are rifle. Now I actually carry pistol reloads in a shirt pocket that is low on the shirt. I do reload rifle from the belt is it is 1 or 2 rounds. Other wise I carry a possibles bag on my shotgun belt.
  11. Respect is no long taught. Young people think they deserve what every they want. . .NOW! Such a surprise when someone stands up against them and their dreams. You can not have it. You must earn it.
  12. Won't be long before they want the Statue of Liberty down.
  13. This brings up a thought. You tried to purchase a legal product but the bank card will not allow. My wondering is will that card allow the purchase of medical or recreational marijuana. If so, might be a good law suit.
  14. I considered buying a second PW press and setting one for AA and one for STS butt here are many other hulls so I decided to pass.
  15. Some years back I bought PW. As a commercial reloader, I was hoping to increase my production rate. Set the press up for AA hulls and loaded some 10,000 hullls. When the buckets were empty I started on teh STS hulls. THis did not go well. I spent a day and a half readjusting the press to load STS. Things where fine until I went back to AA hulls. Again, I had to re adjust the press. There is a slight difference in the hulls and the primers. (diameter and a shoulder) I did this re adjusting for about a year. I sold the PW press and went back to what I was using originally. Life became good again. I will say the PW press is one of the finest presses I have used. It is just too sensitive for commercial reloading where there are so many different hull the customers bring in. Set the press up for your favorite hull and stick with those hulls. Use other hulls for trading or selling.
  16. I am a cross draw shooter and I see nothng wrong with this stage. I would rather not use a table for my revolvers. Placing revolvers on table is not someting done normally and is something requiring extra thought.
  17. I also like the police taking a few days off all at once.
  18. I think if the cities defund the police departments, that will lead to less police offices on the street. So if that happenes then take the officers from the areas that the police defunded.
  19. DId a quick check. Not so expensive. https://www.amazon.com/Leigh-Country-TX-93949-Walnut/dp/B01LFJ8T34
  20. I havemade a few of these for customers. One big difference. I do not make wooden wheels. I built the out of pipe and steel flat bar. Similar to the old wooden wheel barrels but bigger. About 36" in diameter. With a good flat black paint or gloss the hold up quite well. Before any one askes, I have not built anything out of metal in 15 years or more.
  21. A fun 11 minute video comparing no meat burgers. in Ireland. To make it run without pasing, you can click on the gear and reset the resolution to 360.
  22. Aw! 45 Colt brass other than Starline has the narrowest and shallowest grooves. It you watch the extractor drop in the groove, you may find that the extractor only drops about half way down in th groove. I shoot a 1860 Henry and this is when I discovered the small groove issue. If I can't make my own guns work, how can I reload for others and make it work.
  23. You might look at the case manufacturer on the cases. You will find that the rim groove is different from case to case. Some have wider grooves. Some have deeper grooves. Some have both. As an 18 year commercial reloader for cas, I found that Starline has the best groove for width and depth. It functions most reliable with rifle extractors. Also in the 1860, 1866 and 1873, besure to clean behind the extractors and the recease for the extractor in the receivers. A little dirt in the extractor recease will hold the extractor out away from the receiver and jump over the case rim.
  24. Easiest way to write a stage is to go out to the range. Place 2 or 3 tables on the firing line. Now place steel in front of each table. This will help determine how to shoot the stage. Table 1 say 3 targets. Pistol or rifle shoot 1, 2, 3, 2 , 1 then 3, 2, 1, 2, 3 This will work for rifle or pistols. Next table 2 tagets and alternate. Number of shots is up to you. 2, 4, 6 etc. If you have 3 tables, then what every was used on table 1 the other gun on table 3. Or just move back to table 1 and continue.
  25. A hat is sort of a big clumbsy item. Why not try bringing 2 wild rags with you to place over your long guns. When you remove them from the long gun, you do not have to worry about where they go. You can drag them off and let them fall to the ground if you like. Wild rags are cheap to replace. A hat depending on the maker, not so much. I use to place my leather gun covers over my long guns. Getting dirty was their job. Protecting the guns from dirt and dust.
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