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  1. Look through your brass and check brand. The grooves are different depths and widths. Starline has the widest and deepest grooves which allows the extractors to get a better hold on the case rim. I suggest trying Starline brass before making changes to your rifle. My Rossi 92s had a problem with ejecting straight up. Measure the width between the guides and then I put a thin piece of plastic sheet (some product packaging) behind the left side guide. This cause the cases to jump to the right as they came out. The plastic sheeting piece does not rust and it will hold screw tightness.
  2. The gas price lowering is nothing more than Bribe to get votes in the mid term election.
  3. The tapping on the shoulder works but has a lag time. Ask the TO to gently put the timer on top of your shoulder. When the buzzer goes off, raise the time up and away. You may still not her the buzzer but you will feel the vibration of the buzzer just before it it lifted up.
  4. The extractor in the 60, 66 and 73 is very thin. Try sorting your rifle brass by the rim groove. Starline has the widest/deepest groove. Winchester has a very narrow groove and the extractor may not drop full in to the groove to draw the case out of the breech.
  5. As for the strong mount I see it as something to adjust height. I reloaded commercially for 18 years. (CAS only) I built my bench so I could stand up to work. No strong mount. I reloaded an average of 2500 rounds a day, six days a week. I have the ball handle on my presses. I tried a roller handle for three months. I found that not being able to move my wrist around the ball caused my wrist to hurt after a few hours. Day after day, reloading it got worse. I went back to the ball handle and in a couple of weeks my wrist was back to normal and just fine.
  6. The problem is the bleeding heart liberals. --------------------- Now if there is a shoot out and an officer of the law is killed, the person who pulled the trigger is caught on site, he/she should not make it to police station or jail. Straight to the morgue would be fine.
  7. The primers back out every time a round is fired. The recoil on the case pushed the case back against the recoiled shield resetting the primers flush with the case rim. If the primers are not reset flush with the case rim then the charge is too light. Your issue can be over come mechanically but a little more powder will fix this.
  8. I have been looking for a article I wrote back when I was commercial reloader. It has to do with brass separators. I was reloading 2000 to 2500 rounds a day for customers. I needed a big separator that would take at least 2 tumblers full of brass and media. I found it. It is the first article in the "brimstone Gazette". March 2011. Here is the direct link to the article. http://www.cliffhangershideout.com/gazette/2011/mar11.html
  9. Can't go wrong with another pair of guns! Gives you more choices in the safe.
  10. My Henry started out as a 45 Colt rifle. Shot it for several years. No issues. Then I started shooting black powder. After several matches, issues started increasing. Most was from fouling and carbon rings in the barrel. Was going to have the barrel relined in 44-40. Located a liner and was ready to reline the barrel. Then I made a call to Uberti USA. Happen to have a complete 44-40 barrel assembly on the shelf. The cost of this assembly and replacing the 45 Colt barrel was slightly cheaper than reline the barrel. The 44-40 barrel has had none of the issues that the45 Colt barrel had. Smokeless or BP and substitutes. I have shot this 44-40 barrel for about 17 years now. No issues at all. I will not go back to 45 Colt even though all my revolvers are 45 Colt. I have not seen the other manufacturer's rifle to compare.
  11. I was a commercial reloader for 18 years. Only cas shooters. At first my customers would bring me brass in mixed calibers all together. It took so much time to separate the brass before cleaning I started charging for this service. I also suggested that they separate their own brass at the range as they unload each gun. 10 rounds of revolver and 10 rounds of rifle. Put the brass in separate containers while at your cart. This is so much easier than separating 100 to 120 cases after the match.
  12. Also when looking for repair, look for Mobil Mechanic. These are auto repair men who work out of their truck and come to you.
  13. My thoughts on this. The economy is failing. Prices going up. Merchandise becoming harder to find. So the credit reporting people raise your credit score so you think you have more available money to spend. You spend more money you don't have for items that may not be available. Around and round goes your money and debt
  14. Just something else to make a few people rich and keep giving drugs as vaccines to the population. I will be just saying NO!
  15. 44spl and 44mag are good calibers. But something I have not seen said, if you end up at a mach and did not bring enough ammo to finish, you will be hard pressed to find another shooter with 44s to barrow.
  16. Two thoughts. Length of cartridge. Longer is better so as to hold the next cartridge in the magazine tube and rely on the carrier to push the next cartridge off the carrier back in to the magazine tube. Second, you can check this by examining the elevator lifter. You are looking for a slight notch on the front end of the lifter where the second cartridge rim hits as the cartridge is pushed forward on the ramp.
  17. Pan lubing by Howdy Doody in the Brimstone Gazette. November 2008. bottom article. http://www.cliffhangershideout.com/gazette/2008/nov08.html
  18. You say you let the lube cool for 12 hours. That was about 11 hours 15 minutes too long.
  19. When looking for guns, buy the most gun you can afford. A cheap gun is only cheap until you replace it after a few matches. The 66 and 73 seem to be the most popular. (they are expensive) Buy once, not twice. Okay, the stock drop is different between the two. 66 works well for shorter people. 73 for the taller people. Old Model Rugers have big grips. New Model Rugers have smaller grips. (more like Colts) Rugers are built like tanks. ( still shoot the first 2 I bought back in 91 as my main match guns) Shotguns. Winchester 97 seem to be easier for women to shoot than doubles. Doubles seem to put more energy back on the shooter from recoil. Try both. Try to find a shooter the same height and see if you can try their shotgun. The stock will already be cut. If the shotgun does not fit correctly for the woman, she will never be happy. Make sure that when the shotgun is shouldered, that the shooter can reach the ejection port to put another round in the breech. There is too much to explain. GO to more shoots and ask around to try various guns. Some one above said you can share the same guns but NOT the shotgun.
  20. Bullets. Round nose flat point will occasionally get stuck coming up to the barrel in the rifle. My suggestion is truncated cone bullets. Bisleys vs SAA. Stand next to a mirror, side ways on your weak side. Raise your shooting arm up to eye level as if you are holding a revolver. Look in the mirror. Is you hand straight up and down or does it lean forward at the top of your grip. Straight up and down is a Bisley grip and leaning forward is a SAA grip. If you have a forward leaning grip and try shooting Bisleys, you will always be trying to lift your grip up to get it to point at the target. If you have a straight up and down grip, you will always be trying to twist your grip down to point at the target.
  21. Some where in my shop, I have a Martini action. The bluing looks new so I have always thought it might be a reproduction bu I never checked in to it. The extractor is fitted with for .303 British cartridge. This is only the receiver. There are no marks on the front threads showing there was never a barrel fitted. No marks on the receiver end showing a stock bolt was tightened up. I never had any interest in building a rifle using this receiver. I got a new Petersoli 74 Sharps about the same time. Could be a project rifle.
  22. Something to think about. You say you have 6 months worth of primers in your stock. You plan to wait an see. The problem to consider is the price will most likely go up and up over the next 6 months. If you find a deal you can live with now or next week, you should invest in more primers. Chances are you will pay less now for primers then 6 months from now.
  23. A couple of things to check. Remove the center bolt and clean it and the shell plate top and bottom. Dirt and grease build up under the center will cause the plate to tilt. Tighten down until plate starts to drag then back bolt out enough to free the shell plate up. While the shell plate is off the machine, clean the casing grooves in the shell plate. As the machine works, dist, media and grease will get pushed in to the grooves and be compressed in to solid crap in the grooves. I use a small screw driver blade to scrap out the grooves.
  24. In the USA there are states that allow more than 2 trailers. That would be 3 trailers. Those states are: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota and Utah
  25. Started cutting roses off a week ago. Also, in the evenings I toss vegetable scraps out in the front drive. (dirt drive) Always do this because the wild rabbits come at sun down. The kangaroo rats later in the dark. And the ravens cleanup at sunrise. The number of rabbits showing up is increasing with a bunch of very small bunnies.
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