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  1. To see photos go to Hazel Facebook page. (or the page they put the photos on) There will be menu of options. Click on Photos to open the photo albums. Find the album that has the photos you want. Click on each photo, one at a time to open. Right Click on photo and select Save Image As. This will bring up a menu to select where you want to save the image. I suggest making a folder for all these images and then later transfer to a large flash drive. Once you save the image back up to next image. On Facebook this is a slow process. The burned CD would have been much faster.
  2. I am not familiar with SKB shotguns. Never held one or looked on over. Does the SKB have a firing pin retaining nut on the face of the receiver? If so, try tightening it. If it has worked loose even by a 1/4 turn, the firing pin will no longer travel far enough to get a good primer hit. ================ From what you have done with the press, look a see if you can adjust the primer depth punch.
  3. All above is correct. You can reduce the amount of accumulated oil in the tank by removing it from the system. Turn the tank upside down and leave for a couple of days. The oil will run to the bottom/now the top of the tank where the valve is. Tank the tank out to a remote area away from hot water heaters and any other open flames. Keeping the tank upside down (you may need a hose if the tank has one of the newer valves to keep the safety valve open) turn on the tank and drain some of the propane. This will also take out any oil that has collected at the valve while upside down.
  4. Subdeacon Joe, I am a gentleman outwardly. You as a red blooded American man should not have to be told how to look at a woman and appreciate her without expressing your inner thoughts which we ALL have. ================= And I would not use the term rack. As a navy person, a rack is a place to sleep when you get time. ;^) These women are volunteers as are all now days. That alone gets my respect. They appear to take their job very seriously. They all have my greatest admiration which seems a bit inadequate. They deserve so much more as do all that serve in our military. Past, Present and Future. ------------------ As far as knowing what rank or rate other services have, I don't know. I was only in contact with Navy personnel except for the occasional base gate guard (Marines) or gang way sentry. (usually Navy but some times a Marine would hold the dock side post) Then there is the time that has pasted. Over 45 years. That's enough reminiscing for me.
  5. Several things I see in the photos. Two different Sargent. Check the stripes and ribbon layout. Not sure of rate. First photo has more than one woman in it. Three others..maybe more.
  6. The photo you are using is 100 pixels by 100 pixels in size. You will need to resize your photo to that size before uploading.
  7. The Army is so far behind in this technology. Video at bottom of page. http://www.personal-drones.net/new-version-of-the-volocopter-from-e-volo-the-first-manned-multirotor-flight-device/
  8. Interesting: The SASS site has more than one index page. The url looks the same but the pages displayed are not. This is a redirect issue that can be fixed when rebuilding the pages and/or confirming on page links. It appears there are more than one index page with different connection links. https://www.sassnet.com/ http://www.sassnet.com/
  9. You also try holding down the Ctrl key they hit the + key to enlarge the text and you can make smaller by holding the Ctrl key down while hitting the - key. These changed are not permanent. Next time you turn on your computer it will go back to your default settings.
  10. Just a point from experience. PVC stands will NOT hold up to direct hits. ( I know, you will never hit the stands...on purpose) PVC stands will be damaged from plate hit bullet splatter. Cold rolled rod or rebar for stands are cheaper in long run and will last for ever.
  11. Japan still fish for tune in this way. They also do large net fishing for large tuna. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eG2qK-gx_k
  12. Kris, Information on various roofing materials and installations. And another article Costing guide
  13. Moving your feet between guns when shooting from a single position. Looks like dancing. Pick one stance and shoot all guns in that stance. Watching falling target fall before shooting the next falling target. Looking at where you are going to put the gun when finished with it but you have not shot the last round yet.
  14. I would give my main match guns a good cleaning when any one of them had problems having cartridges dropping in. I know my Vaqueros have gone 11 months without cleaning but they were shot every weekend. Some times twice each weekend. I do clean before and after each time I shoot black powder. I also give a good cleaning when I know I am not going to shoot that gun for a while. This is one of those things that fits in to "What you think is best for you."
  15. Access to the SASS web site seems to be working fine. Just clicked on the link above "SASS Home" and it all comes up. Clicked on a few of the links on the home page and all came up. Must just be you! ;^)
  16. You ask and they provide. rotatry dial cell phone ---------------- There are several type available.
  17. Following this sort of thing on a tech forum and investigative product news. It seems that this home tech that you talk to, can and does record what it hears. It was also explained how almost any tech devise that you can talk to and get it to do something...anything has the same capabilities. The conversation wasn't so much about the devises recording, it was about law enforcement being able to get hold of these recordings. Even your smart phones have the ability to hear you and it is recorded some place. Then there was information on how most smart phones have programs in them that you can reset the talk feature to off and the recording part is stopped. But so is you ability to use you smart phone with voice commands. It was demonstrated how a smart phone just sitting on a table in your home can be accessed by "others" and they can listen to what ever is said near the phone. The issue was private conversations but then turned to more intimate conversations, like "bedroom talk". This record feature is like the camera on smart phone, lap top computers or any devise with a camera. They can all be turned on my third a party without your knowledge. This is just coming to light because of law enforcement asking for these recording. This has been out there for a while now.... couple of years or more.
  18. Check to see if the magazine tube is all the way in to the receiver. If it is not by only one lug, the rim of the shell can drop in to the gap between the tube and the receiver and stop rounds from feeding. You shake the gun and then the round will feed but the next round may stop as well.
  19. Carry your next stage ammunition in a shirt pocket under your coat. This warmth will be enough to help the temperature sensitive powders. BP and BP substitutes do not seem to be bothered that much by temperature. I find that I am more bothered than the BP stuff.
  20. Room by room. Using plastic sheet, cover all doorways so dust does not go from room to room. Cleanup each room as you go. You can scrape and prep the room. You can even paint it if you isolate each room. They you only have to cover the doors once.
  21. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Homax-Ceiling-Texture-Scraper-for-Popcorn-Ceiling-Removal-6104/202061374 http://v015o.popscreen.com/eGVnNjhzMTI=_o_how-to-remove-a-popcorn-ceiling.jpg or you can hold a vacuum hose near as you scrape.
  22. Now that you have retired, you are going to find out your house is falling a part and you will be fixing things for some time to come. My suggestion is to not try to fix everything all at once. Pick a project and work on it to conclusion. The other projects will be waiting.
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