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  1. Take 2 or 3 big trash bags. They will fit over most gun carts and if you cut the bottom corners out, they make good ponchos. I keep 2 in the bootom of my gun cart, just in case.
  2. Deposit the $20s in to your checking account and then write a check for what you want back and ask for it in $100 bills. ---------------- My bank charges for coins if not rolled. They say they send it out to their central depository because the individual banks do nt have coin sorting machined. Only their depository,. If I roll them, they place the rolls in plastic trays that are a given length. If the roll fits, no charge. If there are any loose rolls, they hand the rolls back. If there are any rolls that are too long to fit, they hand them back to me.
  3. I was forced to get a new macine some time back. It was loaded with Windows 7 Pro. The problem is, the software I run most was writen in 1994 and then was bought out by Corel Draw so be discontinued. It run on all Windows up to XP. Windows 7 will not run it. SO I loaded Virtual Box. https://www.virtualbox.org/ I can now open Virtual Box and Choose which Windows version I want so I can run the software of my choosing. Virtual Box is free open source software. I did need help from a freid to set it up the first tiem. It does have some quarks. I can run more than 1 operating system but I have to remember I can only save in the current Virtual Box program. Once I close the Virtual Box, I can then save all work preformed in the none Virtual Box programs.
  4. My experience is the hook side is harder to cleanand remove fuzzy stuff then the loop side. I would put the loops in side the pocket and the hooks on the holster. It comes out and can be brushed clean. of lint
  5. I have several Rossi(s). One thing I look for is can you open the barrels with the hammers cocked. SOme the hammer interferes with getting the hammer back and you have to decock the hammer before you acan open the gun. There are also three types of berral locks. A greener style that has a rod come out the side of the recoil block and that thing is sharpe and can cut your hand when trying to go fast. The other two are similar. There is a block between the barrels. One is solid and one has a hole in it for a locking rod to go through. I loke the solid ones.
  6. Somewhere in my stored boxes, I have a full set of those. Got them in the mid 50's.
  7. 1860 Henry was chambered in .44 rim fire. The 1866 Winchester was chambered in 44-40 (do not think it was ever chambered in .44 rim fire)
  8. When I got my first drivr's license, I was required to have my birth certificate there. Now they want me to produce it again as if I didn't have it the first time. I told person on other isde of counter that I was a US citizen and proved it when I got my first license and that has not changed. The person said I needed to prove I am a citizen. I ask if they were calling me a lier even thought I had to prove it the first time.? I was escorted out of the building.
  9. The bridge photo above is the Mineral Road Bridge in Victorville. North east on Hwy 18. Built in 1928. It is also the only trestle bridge that Route 66 crosses. The bridge is not used by the public since Hwy 18 was built. ===================== The old seriff's office has been in several locations over the years. I belive it was built in 1906. It is currently located next to the San Bernardino Court house in Victorville.
  10. One, the sailboat is in front of the fishing boat. How did the fishing boat get it's lines to be n front of the fishing boat? Two, Sailboats have international right of way. BUT tonnage wins every time.
  11. Over the years I find that some shooters who use the apperature sight tend to use a hole that is too small. Makes everything fuzzy and gray. Try unscrewing the rear sight cup and shooting through the threads. You can use the front sight without incert and just center everything you see to where your want the bullet to go. This will tell you if a larger hole will help you. I personally do not have oposts or another incert in my front sighht if it is hooded. Makes for faster to find the target down range. On the rear sight hole, work backwards. From large to small. Keep going until the edges get blurry and then back up to a larger hole.
  12. Next Southern California gathering. This is updated in late afternoon after each gathing. http://www.cliffhangershideout.com/glb/
  13. Well now! I think the president and any other passengers should get a little nervous if the driver puts on his helmet.
  14. My suggestion is to load for your rifle chambers if you shoot the same calibers in both rifle and revolvers. The rifle is where you will notice the blow by. The revolvers have blow by by design at the cylinder gap. Another issue will show itself when trying to down load. My commercial loads where down loaded for the old rules of 650'/sec rules. I found the most accurate rounds had a velocity near 700'/sec. (this would be smokeless rounds) My black powder loads where set to about 740'/sec. ------------------ Check for over spec chambers diameters. The early Ruger .44 where under spec and in most cases needed to be recut. Older Colts needed over sized rounds because they were either over diameter or just worn out. I had issues with my 6 early Vaqueros. After loading 3 different diameters, I had my gunsmith recut them all to match and for the .452" bullet. After that I could load all the ammunition the same for all my .45 guns. My .38/.357" guns where all set p to accept .358" bullets. ------------------ Getting the large caliber guns 44 and 45 to expand their cases to seal need more energy. Light loads are a problem then add a light bullet and sealing becomes near impossible unless your reload specifically for that. My commercial black powder load was 28 gr Goex or equivilant other brands for velocity in 44 and 45. I used instant grit for filler. Good roll crimp with an overall length of 1.58”. So many guns and I can say there is not a One Size fits all. There is a One Sizes fits most.
  15. WHne changing from 38spl to 357mag, you should cleaan the chambers to nmake sure your gt all the carbon build up out. This build up will hang the 357 mag case up making extraction a little harder. This build up also will hold the case up away from the chamber wall allowing blow by. Next you will want to check all the chambers of all the guns you plan to shoot in a match. You need to find the smallerest chamber. Adjust your press sizing die to allow easy chambering in the smallerest chamber. In all other chambers the rounds will just drop in. This makes the cases a large as they can be and still function in all chambers. The case will require less expansion to seal. You need a good crimp on your rounds to get the case to expand behnd the bullet to seal the chamber. Note: if the tightest chamber is in a revolver, mark that chamber and size to fit the next smallest chamber. Try not to use the tightest one which will allow you to resize a little bit larger and have less case expansion needed. Of these fixes, clean chambers and tight crimping will do the most to correct the blow by.
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