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  1. Out going message. . ."Hello.. This is Dennis. You can reach me at the Texas Federal Prison for the foreseeable future."
  2. Let us know how it goes. We want to know and share what we learn.
  3. More words from manufacturers of primers. ------------------------ "Primer Pocket seating depth Maximum primer depth is -0.006″ and minimum is -0.002″. Upon inspection, any cases with high primers will be corrected before loading. Aside from improving ballistic uniformity, ensuring the primers have proper compression upon seating also helps reduce possible misfires."
  4. Case lube should not contaminate primers. Lube stuck in the flash hole can interfere with ignition. ---------------------- From factories. Question "Are bullet primers waterproof?" "Primers have a sealing layer giving a long self life - guaranteed up to 30 years. Can withstand full immersion in water for a period of more than 1 months."
  5. Reloaded +- 450,000 rounds on 650 Dillon presses. Works out to about 2200 rounds every morning 6 days a week. That was between 3.5 and 5 hours per session. That was reloading and boxing. Set primers with the 650 Dillon press. Checked bullet depth, primer seating and OAL every time I change tool heads and every morning before starting. And yes it was a boring job that needed attention to keep every thing to spec.
  6. Any thing handy to slam on the table top will do. A book, a pair of scissors, a glass, a cup, a ruler or just about anything within reach. Slam it down a couple of time with the cell phone close and your point will be conveyed. Or a few choice words will do.
  7. I reloaded for cas shooters for over 18 years commercially. Primers fail because they are not seated to the bottom of the pocket. 2 reason for that. 1. the pocket is dirty from previous primers going off while not seated and building up burnt powder in the bottom edge of the pocket. 2. primers not seated to bottom pocket because primer seating punch is not adjusted on the press or loader is not putting enough force on the handle during seating. This issue that primers are bad does not hold up as far as I am concerned. The federal government buys a lot of pr
  8. If you use the hangers with the spring, the carriage bolt does not tighten on to the plate. The 2 nuts tighten on to the square hanger tube. www.cliffhangershideout.com/SteelStable/hanger1.jpg --------------------- Second. Welding to the plate does not allow you to turn the plate around when the plate distorts. Also from experience, welding on to the plate with crack and break off as the plate distorts. They you have to grind the plate smooth to turn it around.
  9. Can you imagine the size of the wooden ship?
  10. During a match a good friend came over and ask me to shoot his new slicked up colt. I thought it was really nice until I tried shooting it. The hammer spring had been lightened and during a string of five shots, I out ran the hammer fall and was catching it before it fired the round. This happened 4 out of five times. I had to slow down to let the hammer finish the fall. I was shooting two handed. If the gun was shot duelist, it would work perfectly for me. But two handed, it would fail because I was catching the hammer during the fall before it comple
  11. Thanks. Having reloaded for cas shooters for 18 years, I found rather quickly that from summer to winter and from winter to summer, I would have to readjust all my bottle neck dies. The temperature changes would change the bullet seating depth and I would get the bulge at the top of the neck or I would get loose neck tension and could turn the bullet in the case. A couple of minutes to adjust after checking the first 10 rounds off the press help to catch these changes. Could not have unhappy customers and I did my best to make sure that never happened.
  12. I am confused. ? ? ? The title says "Henry 1860 Transitional Forearm". What I see in the link images are 1866 rifles. What am I missing?
  13. The issue is most likely in reloading. The gun is a 1907 by your post and I do not think a 1907 gun has a bad chamber that someone else would have found and fixed. Check your loaded rounds by putting you calipers just above the shoulder and slide the calipers up and off the neck. Watch the calipers and see if the size changes for the bigger. Bottle neck rounds usually cause the neck to get larger as the bullet seats. The crimp groove or even the lead itself will grab the case and pull it down and cause the case to bulge. If that is the cause,
  14. The stage does not belong to the following posse until the last shooter clears the unloading table. Spirit of the Game penalty might be earn for the posse doing the crowding. The last shooter may be rattled by the other shooters crowding in. Not fair to the posse on the stage. Pushing the posse in front of you will NOT get the day done any faster.
  15. Epoxy is an interesting bonder. 5 or 10 minute epoxy is not water proof or may not even be water resistance. (I know that it will fail after a few hours of being exposed to water. Not a good thing when building functional submarines) Using 1 hour epoxy will solve the water issue. 1 hour and more epoxy is water proof.
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