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  1. Easiest way to write a stage is to go out to the range. Place 2 or 3 tables on the firing line. Now place steel in front of each table. This will help determine how to shoot the stage. Table 1 say 3 targets. Pistol or rifle shoot 1, 2, 3, 2 , 1 then 3, 2, 1, 2, 3 This will work for rifle or pistols. Next table 2 tagets and alternate. Number of shots is up to you. 2, 4, 6 etc. If you have 3 tables, then what every was used on table 1 the other gun on table 3. Or just move back to table 1 and continue.
  2. A hat is sort of a big clumbsy item. Why not try bringing 2 wild rags with you to place over your long guns. When you remove them from the long gun, you do not have to worry about where they go. You can drag them off and let them fall to the ground if you like. Wild rags are cheap to replace. A hat depending on the maker, not so much. I use to place my leather gun covers over my long guns. Getting dirty was their job. Protecting the guns from dirt and dust.
  3. Sounds a lot like people making up new rules to calculate height just to get more government grant money. Must be assiciated with the group that took Pluto from being the 9th planet to not being a planet. A bunch of make work people trying to keep their job by rearanging data to fit their new model. Only reason I might care is they are getting my tax dollars to produce information to change 100s of years of original info that means nothing to everyday life.
  4. What I see is a table that may be stable side to side but it may become a swing long end to loong end.
  5. One thing I do not see mentioned. Is the shooter anticipating the recoil and pushing the gun forward during the trigger pull? Also the lighter the bullet the lower it will hit. The less recoil the less the barrel rises before the bullet leaves the barrel. Try different weight bullets before adjusting the front site. The differents in recoil from 105g to 125g is not enough to notice. Another note on downloading for younger shooters. They can handle far more than you thnk they can. Try letting them shoot you standard loads and see how that goes.
  6. I used walnut from the feed store. It was very dusty but I removed the dust fines by putting some walnut in a 5 gallon bucket. About 2" to 3" in the bucket. You could go outside in the wind and hand stir the walnut to blow most of the fines out. Or I would go outside and using my air hose set to 15 pounds, I would stir the walnut media and the fines would fly out leaving the heavier walnut shell. Then I would use a little Turtle wax polishing compound in the tumbler that would keep the dust down.
  7. I oaded commercially. 650 machines with mostly Lee dies. And yes, I ordered Dillon expander plugs for the size of bullets I used.
  8. Ah ! 300 baud and finding computer magazines with BBC phone numbers. Somewhere I still have my 300 baud box and TRS-80 with 48k. Anyway, I see many clubs using Facebook and have an account for their club for posting information. It is also used as a sort of chat room where people can ask questions and get answers from club members. This is not wide spread but it is catching on. It just take someone involved in a club to setup the Facebook account. Then post to it the club info and check it often and answer any questions. If the facebook site is kept active, it will attract more users. And with most everyone at home, this could be a good time to get something like this going.
  9. Here is the above post in black. ========================================== Doc Flimshaw Sass# 73310 said: "The California D.O.J. (Department of Justice) Has Not Been Able to Keep Up With Demands of the unprecedented Increase in Firearms Sales. The California Department of Justice Firearms Bureau has now gone from being three days behind the 10-day Background check/registration to 6 days behind. This means the wait has now increased from 10 days to 16 days until you can pick up your firearm. We will continue to call you for a pick-up appointment. All other transactions, Gun purchases, Gun Background Checks/Registration, Ammo Background Checks, Accessory Purchases, P.P.T.’s (Private Part Transfers) and Selling Used firearms to Gun World are by appointment only. Per Burbank City Ordnance we can only have 4-5 people in the store at one time. We are still getting 200-300 requests a day for appointments. Due to the constraints of Social Distancing and the unreasonable, redundant and unconstitutional restriction imposed upon us by the State of California we can only help 50 Gun World Customers a day."
  10. I deposited mine last Friday at the drive through. I got back a receipt and a note on the receipt that said, "There will be a hold on funds until the government honors the check. As much as three weeks."
  11. Your test will only show you one plug. The breaker will trip on the one plug. How ever, there will no doubt be others on the same circuit. For plug outlets use a socket plug in light. Turn all breakers of and turn only one on. Then test all the plugs. This will tell you which plugs are hot and which plugs are off. Time consuming but accurate. Now back to your short circuit method. What if the breaker lags disconnecting? You may end up with a fire in the walls with 100 year old wiring. If you have a meter all the better.
  12. A suggestio you might try. First a question or two. You shoot 38s. Is your rifle and pistols the same caliber? If so, you might want to find the tightest chamber in your revolvers. This is do by dropping spent brass in to each cylinder camber. There will be one chamber tighter than the rest. This is the chamber your will want to reload for. To help with the blow back soot, your resize your brass to fit that tight chamber. Start by backing your sizing die ouot 1 turn. Then use cleaned fired brass, resize 4 or 5 cases. Test fit them in to the tight chamber. If they just drop in, back the sizing die out a little more until the ccases need a little effort to get all the way in to the tight chamber. From here you will screw the sizing die back down in 1/8 turn incriments until the case drops all the way in to the chamber with little to no effort. Try a few cases at this size. If they continue to drop in, then load a few cases with just a bullet. NO powder or primer. If the cases now drop in by their own weight then your may still need to back the sizing die out. You are looking for the tightest fit where the case with bullet will drop in on it's own weight. You now have the cases size to the maximum they can be and work in all chambers of your revolvers. This will provide the best seal in the chambers for all chambers. The rifle is not a issue because the bolt will seat the case. You may even find that one or two chambers are excessively tight compared to the other chambers. This would require recutting the chambers to make them all the same. In most cases this is not needed, the factory cut is good. This also helps if you decide to shoot black powder. I reloaded for cas shooters for 18 years. ( I averaged 400,000+ rounds a year on Dillon 650s with Lee dies) 38s where by far the most popular. I never annealed a single case. I did adjust sizing dies to fit customers guns. Kept a note book so I knew where to set the dies. ------------- another question. When you load your rounds, can you see a waist on the case? Is the case smaller in diameter below the bullet and then gets bigger on the bullet? This is an indication the case was sized down to far for your chambers. Raise th sizing die until you get a straight case and no waist that holds the bullet tight when crimped.
  13. In a auction situation, the first person to say "I'll take" gets it provided Full Payment is received in 5 days. (or what evrey time you place on it) Other wise the next person to have said "I'll take it" gets the option to buy or pass with a 5 day payment in full restriction. Until you receive payment in a timely manner, the item has not been sold. Just promised.
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