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  1. Few years back, my cousin was in Seattle for a week. He said the best dinner he had was on the train leaving town! ;^)
  2. The choice is made by shot placement. And whether your plan to keep the pelts. .17 is used in Alaska during seal season to minimize the damage to the pelts to bring high prices.
  3. Careful with the magnet idea. The magnet can attract the primer fast and hard enough to cause detonation. I was glad I was using a long stick magnet so I didn't have to bend over and I was reaching under a low shelf. Wrap the magnet with a small towel or wash cloth to pad the metal to metal impact.
  4. Ask those at your local range. They will know the best prices and the closest for the least shipping cost or know of a seller close enough to avoid shipping cost. CH
  5. https://www.indmetalstrap.com/paint-galvanized-steel-4-easy-steps/
  6. Just a suggestion after 18 years of reloading commercially and casting all my own bullets used. Be careful on what your doctor says. If they quote CDC stats, know that these stats are for children 12 years of age and under. If you want to know what the adult levels are look for OSHA information for work place blood lead levels. OSHA is not concerned until you get up above 35. After 50 OSHA gets very demanding on what you can and can't do. Around 40 you get advised on what you can do to start lowering the number. Also be careful about looking for some sort of medical drug to remove lead. Most will but some require you to completely remove your self from the lead environment for 3 to 5 years because the drug makes you more susceptible to absorbing lead. My doctor after I asked for a blood lead test turned me in to the Health department and we went around and around until I got OSHA involved and OHSA bacically told the health department they didn't know what they were reading and it referred to children under 12. The letters stop coming and the phone calls stopped from the health department. ============ Wash your hand often. Did not eat, smoke or [put anything in your mouth until your wash. Don't even talk on the phone. I used vibrator tumblers in the shop. They ran 3 hours every day (3 tumblers) I used the Turtle Was Polishing compound which kept the media damp. (not dust) I put my tumbles on a power strip that has a commercial type timer that I set for 3 hours. As I let the shop at the end of the day, I turned the timer on and closed up the shop. After 18 years or reloading, I never had a blood level over 18 and most of the time it was about 12-13. End of day, leave work shoes on back porch. Take off shirt and go directly to the shower. I have my own work towel that NO used but me after being in the shop. This towel wash hand washed in a bucket out in the shop and hung on the fence to dry. (never in the washing mashing) If your kids are under 12 years old, Might want to have them not be in the loading area. Also, more lead is transferred during gun cleaning. Some one above said that the gun cleaning liquid makes the skin more likely to absorb the lead it removes. This is very true. Throw away gloves are a good idea for cleaning. During my years of reloading and casting, I never wore gloves. I did to clean guns.
  7. Joanna Going played Josephine Marcos in Wyatt Earp movie.
  8. I can think of two reasons. Well used brass. or when sizing the shoulder is moved too far down the case and as it expands the should is pushed up in to the chamber breaking the shoulder of the case at it's lower first bend. (the fix for this is to readjust your sizing die to move the shoulder farther out to meet the chamber shoulder.
  9. Lee's spring kits. Start here for information. If you have more questions, call and speak to Ross. http://www.leesgunsmithing.com/
  10. Another one was on the news yesterday in Los Angeles. Two people wanted the same parking space and a stand off of over an hour took place. https://www.insideedition.com/drivers-have-standoff-parking-spot-over-hour-51949
  11. Some people just think they are entitled. I think some people are entitled. For starters....A couple of black eyes come to mind!
  12. During the late 80s and early 90s, the standard telephone 7 number became not enough to cover some areas. The areas out grow the available 7 numbers combinations. The area codes would direct calls to specific exchanges but the area where the available numbers where not enough, the areas where divided in to smaller sections and given their own area code. This works for a short time but the areas kept having to divide in to more areas with their own area code. This forces making the 10 digit phone number mandatory for all areas. This soon required adding the 1 at the front to avoid confusion with international numbers. Now all phone numbers are 11 digits and you use all 11 to call across the street.
  13. I agree there should be a home web page link but I do not see one. I do know how to read the url and make the changes to get to the Home page. Here is the direct link. https://sassnet.com/ Bookmark it or put it in your favorites to save it and have it available. I put it on my tool bar with the SASS Wire and SASS Saloon Wire.
  14. My opinion on taxes. The tax bill should be required to specify what the taxes will pay for and have a expiration date. If tax money is diverted, then the tax bill is void and all money returned to the tax payers. AND the people who proposed redirecting the tax money from it's original project should be prosecuted/convicted for theft of public tax moneys. Yes, I am tired of politicians steeling and making a fortune off the tax payers.
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