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  1. As a commercial load for many years for cas, I would check the seating depth of the primers. If they are not set all the way to the bottom of the pocket or if there is dirt in the cup keeping the primer from getting to the bottom of the pocket, it can take 2 hits from the firing pin to set the prime off. It is not always the obvious parts that are the problem. Maybe the gun reassembly. May be the primer setting. It might even be the shooter has start drag their thumb against the hammer as it falls. Chase the issues, one at a time. Not all at once. Check and eliminate 1 possible problem at a time.
  2. The powders we use are manufactured with a specific amount of moisture in the powder. If you dry it out, you may get erratic burning. Just as if you leave a container open in a high humidity environment your also get erratic burning. --------------- Open your container and pour out what you will use. Put the cap back on tight. When done reloading, pour the left over powder in to a separte container and close it up tight. Use it the next time you reload the add to it as you use it up.
  3. Allie mo. Small doorways mean large rooms.
  4. Helicopters are machines that spends all their running time trying to throw itself apart.
  5. Mild steel targets are cheaper, initally. In short time, they become far more expensive because of the necessity of replacement. Then there is the splatter factor that causes injury back behind the firing line.
  6. A suggestion. The location of the break maybe from over tightening the retaining nut. Tte retaining nut squeezes the pieces that hold the case in place. It does not require a lot of tension. Too much tension and the threads pull down on the top of the nut and stresses the part to the point it will fracture and break. All the force when hammering is in the direction of keeping it all together. Just enough pressure to keep the case from sliping in or out is all that is needed. Pullers are not made from steel to reduce the accedental spark. A spark will not make your day.
  7. Here is a man who is a cas competitor and is also a master engraver. Here is his web page showing cowboy guns he has personally done. Alias Ed Westerly (Bruce Gleason) http://www.brucegleasonengraver.com/
  8. I prefer real hammer and chisle engraving. It is never perfect and looks hand done by an artist. I like that look. Laser engraving on wood looks fine but you know it was laser engraved because the art work is perfect and not hand done. You have to decide what you want and the look.
  9. Tighten the shell plate Allen bolt. Clean the case guide at teh case drop. And most important, take a screw driver and run it around the case rim grooves in the shell plate. Most likely you will find case lube wax build up or tumbler media stuck in the groove.
  10. I liked this when it first came out. It is a promo stunt for the remake of the movie "Carrie". Took place in New York in late 2013 during the new movie releases.
  11. "I also don't have a "man cave". In various houses I have had a den, an office, and a reloading room. But a "man cave"? What 3-year-old came up with that term?" ------------------------------------------ Her name was "Karen." And she was jealous. <g>
  12. Many years ago, I had a bucket list. I kept tripping over it. Finally I kicked it down the road and over the edge in to the canyon. The next day, I realized the stress I was feeling for a long time was gone. Now I just do what I want, when I want. ;^)
  13. There is a short cut to the valley. But it a bit rough!
  14. Shipping is not exspensive. Sort of. It doe s not have any special cost. It is shipped by weight and distance.
  15. Hoss you seem to have an issue about selling the Winchester primers at such a high price when you got them for a much lower price. Don't sell them. Offer to trade Winchesters for Federals. The dollar amount will not matter. You get what you want and someone else gets what they want. Straight trade. A few years back there was a primer shortage. As a commercial reloader, I could not get the primers I wanted but I could get other primers I prefered not to use. Took them to the local matches and with in a Saturday and Sunday, I traded 75,000 primers and got what I wanted. Everyone is looking for primers. I sent out a message a couple of weeks before that I would trade and the trades came to me at the 2 ranges I was at on that weekend.
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