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  1. I am a doulbe shooter. (with hammers) I shoot both right and left handed. I shoot unmodified slicked up guns. I have taught others to get faster. My opinion of the 97 pump is, it was made for left handers who wants to shoot fast. You load right handed and you can see the port as you do it. No tossing over the top and turning the 97 on it's side to see the port. You can keep the stock on your shoulder while loading. You can hold 2, 3 or 4 rounds in your right hand saving trips to the belt. Women shoot a 97 better than a double if the stock is cut to fit. None of this to the bent elbow stuff. I found that making the stock 1" shorter than the bent elbow works really well. It allows smaller people to reach the ejection port on the side of the shotgun. No twisting the body to make your hand reach farther. And yes, I have a couple 97s but prefer the doubles. Doesn't mean I don't know how to use a 97. ;^)
  2. Shooting left handed shotgun can be a problem. There is a way to open the stock shotgun lever without bending it. After firing the second shot, roll the shotgun on to it's left side while the thumb is on the lever. This is while the shotgun is up on the shoulder or just leaving the shoulder. Sort of looks like the shotgun has been rool 90 degrees to the left from up right. This forces the level on to the thumb pushing it all the way to open the shotgun. Takes a little practice but is will get it done without fighting it and loosing time.
  3. Might check with custom furnerture shops. They nio doubt make table tops with clean resins. You could probably talk them in to doing it free, just to get rid of you. ;^)
  4. Do you already have a powder hpper for your press? As a commercial reloaded in a former life, I have a few hoppers but I had a shelf full of the powder charge bars. I would get one set for a specific powder charge and powder and mark the end of the bar. Instead of changing complete powder hoppers, I would just change the charge bar to what I needed. 1 minutes and I could remove a charge bar and slide in the other. Be sure to empty the powder hopper first. Another 1 or 2 minute job.
  5. The problem is not a shortage. Every time there is a probloem involving the government (currently allowing rioters to destroy everything) people get nervous and start hoarding. During the second term of Obama, this happened. Shooters could not find primers or if they did, the price was unreasonable. Durinig that time I was reloading commercially and I was getting primers in 100,000 lots when every I needed them. And the interesting part was the price I paid was only $.50 over pre hoarding times. Never went over $17/1000. There where times I had to take Federal primers which was my 3rd choice, I took them and traded them for Winchesters or CCI. My opinon is, if you find primers (Federal, Winchesters or CCI) get what you can. If you don't like them take them anyway and use them to trade. This will all settle down after Nov.
  6. Be carefull. They tend to work in groups. One gets your attention while others get behind you and hit you with what every they have handy. 2x4, skateboard, hub cap, hand gun. Just stay alert.
  7. My opinon. Cop killer sees judge in court. It is prooved this person did the crime. Leaves court room. Turns right in hall way. Left, goes to holding cells. Right, goes to gallows just out side court house. Cost to tax payers is minimal. In fact, I think there would be donations for new rope every time. I also think any one who is caught in the act or with eye witnessed should turn right in the hallway. Circumstaial conviction turns left.
  8. I believe there is something going on with the post office to make deliveries late or lost. They want the public to complain loud enough that DC will help. They want more money to fix thier induced problems.
  9. I reloaded commercially for CAS for 18 years plus. I have several different presses. The ones used the most were Dillon 650s. I was reloading 2000 to 2500 rounds per morning. (boxed) I tried several options to help with the reloading. One was the roller handle. I would give each option a month to see if it helped or not. The roller handle at first seemed to be a good idea. But after many days and thousands of rounds, I found that my wrist would hurt more at the end of the day. I went back to the original ball handle. Was not long before I realized my wrist stopped hurting. The conclusion I came up with is the roller handle would not left me change the postion of my hand and wrist. The ball handle allowed me to move my hand around and change the pressure effort on the handle. I gave away the 2 roller handles I had gotten and put the ball handles back on the machines. You need to try the roller handle and see how it effect you. Mind you, you problably are not reloading 2000 to 2500 rounds 6 days a week so your hand and wrist may not hurt at the end of the day and will have several days between use to recover.
  10. I am witht he other 2 posts. If the spring has not rusted in to two pieces, clean the magagine tube. Get a bwire brush that will fit the tube and a long extension that will each all the way through the tube. Oil the tube and brush with a drill motor on slow. Clena with rag the oil again. Lightly.
  11. Open the text box to post your info. In lower left is a paper clip. Click on the clip and you will then be shown a directory of your computer. Find the image file and click on it to attach it to your post. ====================== If you have a web site, upload the image there and then on the lower right cick on other media and choose URL. You copy your web site URL where your image is and paste it to the post.
  12. It chambers in the revolve cylinder. But it does not chamber int he riflke chamber. You measured the rounds and they are in spec. Did you measure the throat of the rifle to make sure it is in spec? What is the shape of the bullet? Is the bullet hitting the chamber before going all the way in to the chamber. Try making a couple of dummy rounds and move the bullet deeper in to the case a couple of thousands. Also try putting a thin piece of leather in the action vertically before the bolt goes foward and see if the leather piece stops the bolt from travewling all the way forward. If I understand your discription, the bolt goes all the way forward when empty. As a commercial reloaded for many years, the shape of the bullet may be your problem. Round nose flat points have can engage the chamber before it should. Have you tried a Trunkcated cone bullet?
  13. "Measure it against three cartridges lined up nose to tail!! A little over three inches is what my .45 Colt was!! " --------------------------------------- Measure again. Your "little over 3 inches" is for 2 cartridges. = 3.2" - - - - - - 3 empty cases 45 Colt = 3.885". 3 loaded cases 45 Colt = 4.8" (spec maximum length of 1.60")
  14. For you Silent Service fans, all episodes are here. Starting with Episode #1.
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