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  1. Here is a cheap trick to help stop stuff from vanishing between the console and seat. Find a colored pool noodle or your liking and stuff it between the seats and console. (or a long block of grey foam cut to fit) Make sure that you can get to the seat belt latch.
  2. I loaded and reloaded commercially for cas shooters. (18 years) 30-30 was a difficult round to load. When shooting non cas full jacketed bullets, the rifles shot near point of aim out to 200 yards. Then switched to lead bullets, it was very hard to keep the hits on targets. Experience turned out that I needed the rifle that was going to shoot the rounds I made to work up a load that would shoot accurately. The problem was, every 50 yards required a different muzzle velocity to keep it on the target. Tried plain base and gas checked. Gas check was a little better but still not a one velocity fits all distances. Problem was velocities where from 1200'/sec to 1500'/sec. And the big one, what worked today in a specific rifle may not work tomorrow. After several years of trying to get 30-30 ammunition to preform with all lead and gas checked bullets, I gave up. The 30-30 round is a very good round. . . in full jacket. But the time required to try and find an accurate round was not a good venture especially if you have more than one 30-30 rifle as you have to load for each rifle and for the different distance you want to shoot. My suggestion was to keep your 30-30 for seasonal deer hunting and look for a rifle in 38-55 for lever and single shot. Or 45-70. These rounds shoot lead bullets well because that is what they were made for.
  3. I have a lot of web pages I maintain and web sites if use. I keep passwords on a flash drive in a spread sheet. When I need the password, I go to the spread sheet. I do not try to type the password in. I copy the password from the spread sheet. I pull the flash drive out then paste the password to the login.
  4. The Mercury recoil tubes work fine for what they were designed for. The first shot feels light just from the weight of the mercury tube but the mercury moving in the tube lessens the felt recoil oa a quick follow up shot. Trap doubles. Just adding weight to the stock will reduce felt recoil and for cas it will do what you want with out a lot of costs. Lead bullets or even shot made in to a cylinder will work and you most likely have those things just sitting around the shop.
  5. Every year there are those who complain about the weather being hot after September starts. I flew hot air balloons for 25 years and I can tell you from experience and log books that the hottest times of the years are end of September and the first 2 weeks of October. The weather would turn cooler and cold a week or two before Halloween. As a balloon pilot we looked forward to the end of October when it would cool down and not try to cook us during the flights. There may be a cold few days at the start of September but I do not count on it. I do get my winter close and coat out and cleaned by the end of September to be ready for the turn that's coming. Right now it is 104 F outside here at my house. Weather says down to the 80s Sat & Sun but back up next week. Just being teased.
  6. J K7 is the Velsheda built in 1933. Dispalcement 143 tons Length 129' 3" overall 91'2" at the waterline Beam 21'6" Draft 15' Rebuilt several times over the years with various standing rig modifications. The original J class specifications were drawn up by Nathanael Herreshoff's as the Universal Rule in 1903. Yes, I studied boats built by this man and then his son.
  7. You have cas guns to compete with. Practice with them. Do you have guns for protection other than cas guns? Take them and practice with them as well. If you are not familiar with your protection gun, it will not help you when you need it most. In a hurry and most likely in the dark.
  8. My opinion. Governments try to build nuclear reactors to generate electricity on a scale that is too big. They try to power large sections of population from a single reactor. I think if the government were to build several smaller reactors servicing individual communities, the problems of big reactors would go away. The equipment would be easier to maintain and replace aged parts. Today the US build small reactors that run nuclear submarines for 30 years without replacement. (the life span of the submarine) They are small in size and will fit in the back of a small pickup truck. There is a lot of support equipment that goes along with the reactor but is shielded from the radiation. Solar power generation plants like Solar One in the desert east of Barstow lasted about 25 to 30 years and then the panels discriminated in to junk laying on the ground. This would require complete replacement of panels to continue. Not really cost effective. Lately, wind generators have become so large that the blades are failing in high winds destroying the generators the blades are attached to. Again requiring complete replacement of the whole unit. People who are experts in oil and gas have data that says the US has 400 to 500 years of oil still in the ground. I think in that time frame something new will present itself to replace oil and gas. Government seems to be in a rush to end oil and gas usage. And the alternatives they want to use will not be cost effective and the public will have to pay much more for all the mistakes that will come with the rushed options.
  9. Yes arthritis is a real issue. But there are things to consider. You will shoot more rounds sighting in the rifle than you will during your hunt. How you work the action on the range during sighting can be modified to accommodate your range of motion. On the hunt you will most likely not work the action like you would during a cas match. You can take your time working the action because you will most likely make one or two shots. Then the walking starts to recover your game.
  10. Seems everyone is missing it. Ya got to have a porch, first!
  11. Use black marker and paint the lugs on the surface that engages the lock. You are looking to see how much of the lock engages the lugs. If it is popping open, the lock is not engaging the lugs far enough. The lever will move to the closed position but the lock is not fully over the lugs.
  12. Pat Riot. For us here in the USA it is 4 months, one day. Wallaby Jack is in Australia and a day closer so only 4 months for him. <g>
  13. Looking at your photo, all the primer hits are not lite. Look closely and you can see the primer has been flattened out from the recoil against the recoil shield. Looking at the right two cases I can see a half moon line where the primer made a crater and the primer lifted around the primer strikes. Then this lifted ring was flattened out during recoil. These are not lite hits.
  14. Problem with 45 Colt double feeding in Puma/Rossi rifle. Measure your finish cartridges. Over all maximum length for 45 Colt is 1.60". Try loading your cartridges to an overall length of 1.58". Double feeding can be a cartridge stop issue but it can also be cartridges that are to short letting the next cartridge on to the front of the lifter. Check your lifter for a groove caused by the second cartridge on the lifter. The lifter ramp is there to push the next cartridge back in to the magazine tube but the lifter is soft metal and the cartridge rim will make a groove in the lifter which will try to hold the cartridge in place rather than slide the cartridge forword. If you have a groove at the from of the lifter, file and polish it smooth again.
  15. Rossi is a choice. Things to know. Rossis are still made in south America. How ever, they have not been imported to the USA since the late 1980s. There are three models of Overlands. (The short barrel guns) First has a Greener lock system. There is an exposed round bolt rod that will stick out on the left side when open. Depending on how you learn to load, this bolt could become your worst night mare. IT is shaped to the recoil shield and very sharp. This can cause a very bad cut to your hand. Because of the pass through bolt there is a divider between the barrels that sticks out a 1/2" or more. making dropping 2 rounds in the barrel rather interesting. Second model removed the Greener lock and removed the bolt for cam lock. The divider between the barrels is still large and makes reloading harder than it needs to be. Third model is same as the second but the divider between the barrels has been made small and only sticks out about 3/8". Reloading is much easier on this model. Something to check on each model. Can you cock the right hammer with the gun open. Some if not most models have the hammer places in such a way that when the barrels are open the level hits the right hammer if cocks. Some have the hammer in such a way that you can cock the hammer when the barrels are open. The hammer placement can be changed with a little work. This is so the leveler does not have to be bent. If you plan to always pull the hammers back after loading and closes, this is not an issue. But if you plan on placing the gun on the start prop with the hammers precocked it is important to make sure the lever does not interfere. I have several Rossi shotguns. 410ga, 20ga and 12 ga. Stick with the 12ga. It is easier to load on the clock. Easier to barrow rounds should you run short or forget yours. More choices for commercial rounds. The 410ga is the most expensive gun. Less than 600 imported. I had a TTN 12ga and find it heavy. But I have shot Rossis since the 1980 before I got in to SASS 1992. It also has a smaller stock wrist.
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