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  1. I looked it up, TP in the western world was invented 1857. There is always cloth that can be washed.
  2. In Texas the price of electricity has gone up so much. This is price gouging because it is a service that the customer can not go to another seller or without for very long. Ammunition is not a service and is not necessary for the average customer. The customer can go else where or not buy at all. Not gouging but free market demand. If demand goes down, so will the pricing.
  3. I order small parts from Europe and Japan. (because they are not made in US) On Feb 8th I ordered 2 parts. @ different sellers. Received e-mail confirmation of orders with suggested delivery date. #1 was Mar 7t and # 2 was April 14th. Both arrived last Tuesday. #2 was the correct part but the wrong model. I can currently e-mailing to get corrected. Mean time I found the correct part from another seller with a US warehouse. Ordered yesterday and is scheduled to be here next week. Yes the sellers have return policy but the cost for
  4. Tom, I see you're trying that new government math. Not working out so well for ya..<g>
  5. If you are able, you might try to trade for . . . Winchester AA Low Recoil/Low Noise Target Loads Winchester number = AA12FL8 These at 1oz loads at 980'/sec.
  6. Seems like a tire rotation includes removing lug nuts to take tires off and then putting lug nuts back on after tires have been moved to new location. If the lug nuts are not tighten then the job s not completed and is left in an unsafe condition. Person providing the service should be liable to complete the task completely. The customer paid for a completed job. Part of the job is to make sure it is safe after doing the job. A plumb can not put pipe in a house and not tighten up all the fitting can call it complete.
  7. Create a group. Click Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management. In the Computer Management window, expand System Tools > Local Users and Groups > Groups. Click Action > New Group. In the New Group window, type DataStage as the name for the group, click Create, and click Close ===================================================== Add group emails to a single contact in the People app Press Windows Key + S and e
  8. I am a firm believer that solar panels at a residence should be at ground level for maintenance and cleaning of glass. The problem is having the room to have a ground level system that is clear of shading trees and buildings. I guess putting them high up on roofs is to limit vandalism and damage from nasty neighbors.
  9. Regular bullets are not pure lead. Unless they are under sized and go in to the cylinder with no effort, you run the risk of the bullets not fitting in the chamber. The pressure needed to push the bullet in to the chamber will bend the loading lever. I never saw an advantage to using pure lead bullets over the traditional round lead ball. I did work up paper patch round ball which was kind of novel but it was not a time saver and I loaded at the unloading table with flask, felt wad and ball. After some practice, reloading both revolvers (10 rounds) took no more
  10. This evening I had a visit from 1 of our 3 sheriffs. He stopped by because the property to the west of me. The owner sold his house 8 months ago with a second parents house and garage. The main house burnt down last September. Ever since thieves have been showing up in the early morning scrounging through the burnt house and the second house. The original owner still had 10 acres next to the original 10. He has a 40' sea cargo container there he had stuff in. It has been broken in to several times and as off yesterday the container is now open and empt
  11. Warthog (nick name) of A-10, Fairchild Republic Thunderbolt II
  12. Research says these are Best oils for deep frying. https://products.bestreviews.com/best-best-oil-for-deep-frying
  13. The debit card makes it easier for the government to track your spending habits. Also if you do not spend all of it by the expiration date, they get to keep the money not spent. Just love the US government people. Always think of themselves.
  14. I do not have direct deposit. My bank would not cash the card. They did not have the machine to connect for that purpose. They said to go online to the web site on the card. Follow the instructions to deposit all the money on the card to my bank account. Well, now the government has my account info. Checking. Only thing is, I only keep a minimum amount in my checking. (no more than $200) If I need more, I move money from savings to checking when needed. My accounts are not connected to each other. In fact my checking and savings are not even in the
  15. This discussion on colorful guns. I too have been in the stores when a woman would be looking at colorful guns. all would get the job done but I had to ask, WHY? The answers made me step back and think about it. 1. I like the look of colorful guns. 2. The bad guy may stop for just a moment after seeing such color pointed at them giving me a second or two advantage during the critical moment. -------------------- My choice is a stainless semi auto with hopes the bad guy sees the bright stainless and chooses to understand I mean business and decides to r
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