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  1. I have a little old emergency cell phone. It accepts texts in and out. It will accept voice mail in. And I can call 911. That's it. Oh it costs me $7.30 a month. Why. Because it is on a 1998 Go Phone account. They really want me to upgrade of miss a payment. ------------ Now the point. With all my hosptial visits since May 2019. 2 appointments a day twice a week, I was getting lots of voice mail from the various departments I go to. There were so many, it was costing my about $50/ month to keep time on the account. So last month I had to get a new phone. I looked for months at phones and plans. Found one I could live with at $30/month. . . .unl;imited talk and text with 1 gig data. (I ahve 3 computers running at home and I do think I need data) Anyway. I too was troubled by the small virtual key board. I try to use it and it take s time. But the phone is an android and it came with voice to text. It does voice to search as well. I use that once in a while and so far it has not given me incorrect words in my texting. What every phone your are looking at, see if it has voice to text feature. I have not had a phone in my house for years. I do not use the little emergency phone to call out. I can't. I have used e-mail only for over 15 years. I have had this new smart phone for 5 weeks now, I think. I have yet to make a voice call to anyone. I do use the texting daily now. Mostly. I got this model phone for the camera so I don't have to remember to take my digital camers wich does not fit in a pocket.
  2. Rifle have stock drop. Each year of rifle has a different stock drop. Find what fits you. Lump Gritz said to get to a few matches and talk to everyone and tell them you are there because you want to be invovles. Make sure to let them know you are looking for what guns yu want to get. I would say if you do this, there will be some one (or more) offer up their guns for your to try. Now, I do not have 73 but I have handled many over the years of being a commercial reloader for this sport. You have your eue on a fine rifle. But make sure it fits you so you do not spend money on something you may have to sell or trade. Example: 1873 stock drop is the guide line I will use here. 1866 has 1: more drop than 73. 1860 henry has almost 2" more drop than 73. To shoot a 1860, you have to stand straight up to see the sights. The 1866 you can lean over a little to see the sights. The 1873 you will lean forward more and have your cheek down on the stock to get the sight picture.
  3. Originally I bought a 45 Colt Henry. After several years of smokeless and mostly Bp, I could not get a good seal on the case and did not like the action getting so diry during a match that I ahd to clean the action some time during the match to continue. Made some phone calls and found a 44-40 barral assembly at the US Uberti office. Got it and changed the 45 to 44-40. This fixed my issue with the action getting so dirty requiring cleaning during the match. It also made cycling the action faster because the 44-40 did not catch on the barrel during moving forward. Now this is not to say the 45 Colt is a problem, just something to be aware of while shooting so you know to slow down and let the round feed in to the barrel with out the bounce of hitting the back of he chamber. As for loading, I would keep one hand wrapped around the barrel out past where the loaded rounds wwould be in themagazine. If the follower happened to release, my hand wopuld stop it before getting tothe rounds. Then after loading all rounds, I would let the follower down to my hand then slide my hand down until the follower rested on the ronds. I have seen several Henry followers free fall resulting in damaged magazines and hand injuries from blown cases. The Henry is a fine rifle as long as you learn what you need to do to keep it safe. Oh, one more thing. After loading the Henry and setting on the prop table. Make sure to lift the rifle straight up and not pull it to you while lifting. This can cause the follower to catch on the table sliding it forward than releasing it to free fall agains the rounds. The Henry is a good rifle and best suited for BP. And the slide lever. You can install a wooden dowel to move it out farther to avoid the off hand hop or you can learn to bridge your hand and fingers to let it pass by.
  4. I reloaded for 18 years for just cas shooters. I had to adjust the seating die, the sizing die and the crimp die as the weather changed from hot to cold and them again when the weather went from cold too hot. It was just something I did when I checked the setup for each loading session. It was a matter of turn a die in or out maybe 1/8 to 1/4 turn to correct for temperature changes. ============= Though of another test you can do. At the range if it is colder the usually, try putting your ammunition for hte next stage in a pants pocket. Then load those when you get to the loading table. This will give the ammunition time to warm up completely and may reduce the cold issue. This may get you through a match.
  5. On ignition, the charge expands and pushs the prime out against the recoil shield. The force of moving the bullet from the case causes the case to hit the recoil shield forcing the primer back in to the pocket before the bullets actuallymoves forward. Loads that are too light do not have the recoil foce to reset the primer even though the bullet has gone. If the pocket is worn and the primer is not tight in the pocket, any recoil from ingition will reset the primer. If your primers are backing out and locking up your revolver, chances are I would look at the load. Not enough powder, light bullets, poor crimping not holding the bullet long enough to build up pressure. ========== To start with yuor loads, try adjusting the crimp stage to get a little more crimp. It does not take much so, cases should not be bulging at all to get more crimp. If that does not cure the problem, try upping your powder charge. Again not much. ========== If your still have an issue, time to try a heavier bullet. Go up to the next weigh avalible. Most of all, do not try doing all of these things at the same time. If one does not work, back up and try the next.
  6. Sure, middle of the night, the surprise will be a cast iron frying pan on your forehead. ;^)
  7. This has been an issue for several years now. And the newer your tv the more features it has that are not for you but third parties. ---------------------------- https://www.zdnet.com/article/how-to-keep-your-smart-tv-from-spying-on-you/
  8. I looked at the Free Adblock. Then I remembered I have been running that program on Firefox for a couple years now. Only thing I find annoying is the web sites that want you to turn it off before they let you on their site. Mostly news sites. Not a problem, there are other sites that carry the same news.
  9. maybe this. . . Chrome Select Settings from the Chrome menu. Search 'Pop' Click Site Settings. Click Pop-ups and redirects. Toggle the Pop-ups option to Blocked, or delete exceptions.
  10. My main match revolvers are the same models. One has a dofferent color grip from the factory. Sort of redish. It is also the first one I bought. Both my guns have been matched for operational feel. The first one is smoother to operate. But I seem to trust the first revolver more than all the others so I will place it in the holster for the farthest or smallest targets. Could be first, could be second. They all feel exactly the same in my hand until I pull the hammer back but by then I have committed to the stage and don't worry about it.
  11. You asking about loading .22 caliber BP rounds. ------------------ Order some bullets from North American Arms. These will be healed bullets. Pull the bullet from your standard .22 rounds and put aside. Dump the smokeless powder in to a small glass bowel which you will latr dump around your rose bushed and water right away. Test the volume of your cases with fffg bp. I don't remeber how much it is. (Maybe 2 gr fffg) You know the standard 1/16" compression when bullet is setted. Once you have powder in the case, take one of those healed bullets you bought. Put a drop of white glue on the lower part of the heal. Slip in to case while turning the bullet to spread the glue. Push down until the heal bootms out. Let dry over night. Mark the rounds with a black felt pen on the bottom of the case so you know what they are. You now have .22 caliber rounds. My rounds had no problem going through a pine 2x4. So do not think this little things are not dangerous. Be safe. Safety note: When you dump the smikelss powder out, the bottom of the case is usually white in color. Do not try to take it out thinking is some sort of wad. It is not. (I had burn marks around my safety glass for some time when the white stuff (Primer compound) went off when I tried to remove the "wad")
  12. Muzzle loader. . .? ------------------- It is a revolver with a long barrel. You load this like any other cap & ball revolver. Powder, wad & ball goes directly in at the front of the cylinder and you ram each of them home. You do not load through the end of the muzzle.
  13. Another suggestion. The 45-70 bullets come in several configurations. My years as a commercial reloader, I found the most accurate bullet to be the 3 groove 405 gr bullet. Comes from a Magma Engineering mold. It is a flat nose bullet that will feed in a single shot which almost all will but it also feeds well in a levre rifle. As far as loading, I tested full load Black Powder (Goex FFg) that gave an average velocity of 1370'/sec. So, I worked up sevral smokeless loads and found that if I matched the velocity with what ever powder I was usng, the accuracy remain the same as the BP loads. (I learned the velocity trick from a long time BP shooter who would test various rounds once a week and write everything in a note book that the rounds did.) I did not reinvent the wheel. It was already done.
  14. I admit I did not read all the posts. ------------ First thing I read says this gun is new to you. If this is true, you need to shoot a couple of hundred rounds of the ammo you think you want to use to break in the barrel. Making sure it is SASS legal. All lead, The lead 38/357 bullets used by loaders and reloaders is usually .358" in daimeter. This is larger than the jackets bullets which are usually .357" diameter. This alone will cause a little more barrel rise when shooting. Also, a heavier bullet will cause rise. You might try 125 gr bullets at about 700'/sec to sight your gun in. Faster bullets hit lower than slower bullets. Heavier bullets hit higher than lighter bullets provide the velocity is the same. Do not rush to make modifications to your gun until you break it in and you learn the feel of the gun. The way you grip the gun will also change where the bullet hit even if you see the same sight picture when shooting.
  15. A quick search says motion detectors will not respond through glass.
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