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  1. Not bad, but I always prefered "Cow Patti". I actually had this song on a 45, back when that's how you got 'em.
  2. Yeah, typo on Huglu. I'm not a gunsmith, and I never saw the inside of a CZ in person, but from some pictures I've seen I suspect that the internals are virtually the same for all the Huglu-made shotguns, but I could be wrong. I know for a fact that the main springs from a CZ Sharptail will work in the Navy Arms Coach gun, because that's what I did.
  3. Do you dry the brass between the wash and the Walnut tumbling?
  4. I use Lee dippers to load my APP ammo In 45 Colt I use 1.6cc of APP topped with .7cc of cornmeal, then a 200 g coated bullet. No need for cards or wadding between powder and filler. I used to punch out cork wads to use instead of filler, but the filler is easier.
  5. I always print mine to use for notes and walkthroughs the day before the main match. By the time the main match starts, my hand printed copies are wrinkled, torn, and almost worn out. Partly from being rolled up in my hands or tossed around. My lightweight gun cart doesn't have a box big enough for 8 1/2 by 11 paper. On main match day I use the official booklet to record my scores. The cover is usually thicker paper to keep it in better shape, and sometimes the books are smaller. Land Run booklets are 8.5" x 5.5", and the historical bits for each stage are very interesting. Coodos to everyone that works on these.
  6. Hi Johnny. I handled one at a shop yesterday. The action looks to be exactly like the Navy Arms you did for me, except of course for the double triggers. Barrel is stamped made by Hulu. No raised rib on the barrel, and no choke tubes. I like the looks and the beavertail forearm, but it somehow feels "cheaper" than the Navy Arms. The shell extractor is also only the bottom half, not the hourglass shape.
  7. Chas, just bring the Chili Verde to my room and forget the rest of the folks.
  8. What side matches do you usually have? I'm thinking of coming, pending some family commitments that may or may not get confirmed.
  9. Only 34" barrel? I'd have thought you'd custom order at least a 40" barrel.
  10. I just bought a Sharps in 40-65, and am looking for dies and brass to start reloading. I have a source for bullets and powder. If you have any of this available, please responds or PM me. Thanks.
  11. Our club (Wartrace Regulators) use 3D Printed sixguns. PM to Lucky Lead Pepper.
  12. Heck, I camped next to you for three days and shot in your posse and still didn't know who you were.
  13. I only see BB and the crew a few times a year in Alabama or Tennessee, and he always gives me a big smile and good conversation, especially if it's having a bit of lunch after the morning matches. They're just another example of why people love this game.
  14. All these are spoken for. If there are more requests I may have more in a month or two.
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