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  1. Hey, you forgot Tennessee! You finished ahead of me in category at the TN State match. I've only got four (In order of appearance): TN, KY, AL, OK. I hope to add 4 more next year.
  2. I'll probably pick up a K of LPP if you have them as well. I was planning to bring some SPP to the yard sale to trade for LPP, but I'd rather just by some if around $80.
  3. Chief Rick, the reason it was said "unless the pistols are the last gun" is because there is no "Next Firearm" in that case. The shooter simply must holster his revolvers (off the clock) before going to the unload table.
  4. Congrats to all, especially Tyrel. He helped me a lot when I first started shooting in this game, and really showed the Cowboy Way.
  5. I hear TN Williams is cooking up something special for the Thursday night pot luck. What are y'all bringing? (I plan to bring plenty of Rollaids.)
  6. I always de-prime the brass as soon as I can after a match, using a Lee Universal De-capper die in a single stage press. It takes only a few minutes to do the 100 cases used in a typical monthly match. I do this not so much to get the primer pockets clean (not really necessary) but to provide the hole in the bottom of the case for the water from the wet tumbling (or Scarlett's method of pre-soaking). It makes the whole wet tumbling process much less messy and the drying time is shorter. Now, you may decide to not wet tumble at all, that's your choice, but if you do, I highly recommend de-priming first.
  7. Nope. You can only wear it the angle shown. It would be very awkward for a lefty.
  8. Sign into Practiscore, go to the little man icon in upper right, and choose "View Dashboard". It will show upcoming events you're regtistered for, and below you will see all the posses and categories. They might still change in the next few days.
  9. Bandoleer made by J M Ross of Bulls Gap, TN. Purchased in July 2022 and only used until June of 2023. Ten 12 ga shotshell loops and three 45 Colt loops. Unique curve design allows belt to lay flat on chest. Like new condition; I just decided to go back to traditional belt. Will sell for $100 plus shipping, or FTF at SE Regional at the end of September.
  10. I also own copies of both these books, and the art is mesmerizing. "Two Indian Ponies" is one of my favorites too.
  11. Let's continue the "with or without E" discussion around the main firepit in September. Of course, with several samples of all varieties.
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