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  1. This may sound like heresy but some people just don't like chili. This will give them an option. My nephew once got second place in a chili cookoff with chicken/potato soup. Having said that, I'm so excited about my first State shoot, I'm not sure I want to complicate things by adding this additional stuff to my agenda.
  2. Seriously, for the Chili contest, is there any way/place we can cook at the range match place where we eat? I love cooking over a campfire, but I might be able to cook a pot of something the night before and warm it up on a camp stove on the truck tailgate.
  3. Heck, there's nothin' better than a 'Nanner Split cooked over an open fire!
  4. Speaking of food, is Burgoo allowed in the Chili contest? Here's my recipe:
  5. That reminds me of the old days before tactical weapons became so popular. You went to any gunshow and you'd see a bunch of hunting guns, some traditional muzzleloading Kentucky and mountain rifles, and plenty of cowboy guns. Powder horns, leather, etc too. Now it has to be a themed Civil War, antique, or Black Powder show to see any of that. I'd drive a couple hours for a small show and several more hours for a big show, if they had s decent guaranteed number of tables booked.
  6. I've heard of people using the 45 Schofield for single-loading the 1873 from the top. Supposedly the shorter length makes it a bit easier to load from the top without jamming. I haven't tried it yet because I don't have any dummy Schofields and I don;t want to try that in the house or yard.
  7. The only thing even close to a problem that I've had shooting Schofield brass in my Ubertis is when I shot several Schofield BP rounds, then switched to 45 Colt without cleaning the chambers. The fouling just before the cylinder throat made the Colt brass a bit harder to load. Of course, the Schofields won't run well (maybe not at all) through the 1866 or 1873 lever action rifle without some mods. I shoot Schofields in revolvers and Colts in my rifle.
  8. I guess I miss the point...is this any different than a large regional shoot with fewer categories? I mean, it sounds fun to see a bunch of people (myself included) shooting a category they normally don't.
  9. I use dippers; a "Square Load" is using the same dipper for both powder and shot. The dipper size for 1 oz of shot is about 65 g by volume of Pyrodex. I guess I was asking if that amount of Pyrodex is enough oomph for SASS targets. If you are happy with 58 g of powder then I guess it is. Sorry for hijacking your moly coat thread, Grass Range. I'll be quiet now.
  10. Equal parts by volume Pyrodex to shot?
  11. My 1860 and 1851 both fit in the holsters I use for my Uberti SAA (7.5" barrel). The cap guns are a little looser, due to smaller diameter cylinders, but they work. However, I bought these particular holsters due to historical authenticity, not SASS functionality. Other holsters may be quicker in matches.
  12. Somebody gave me almost 2 lb of Pyrodex, after he shot about 6 shots out of a 45 percussion derringer. I was going to call him a "friend", but after he gave me the Pyrodex I'm not so sure! Plus I still have about a quarter of the original can of Pyrodex RS I Bought when it first came out.
  13. Do the "use BP Lube with Black Powder" rules apply to BP substitutes like Black MZ, Pyrodex, 777, APP? I normally use real BP, but if I'm out of lead bullets with BP Lube, I might try coated bullets or smokeless lube bullets. In the past, I always treated BP Substitutes exactly like real BP.
  14. I did that in my first match. One of the stages called for 6 shotgun shots. I felt the pressure that I would either miss or drop a shell, but I made it clean. SLOW, but clean.
  15. I never shot black powder in an actual match, but I've played around with it a bit.
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