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  1. I was typing when you mentioned using the Lee Factory Crimp. Since the 44-40 is a bottleneck case, I'm not sure if the Lee Factory Crimp will remove all bulges like it does on straight wall cases. It might, I just don't know since I haven't examined that particular die. But I love the Lee Carbide Factory Crimp Die on my 45 Colt.
  2. I was going to say a similar thing. It could be bullet seating and/or crimping is causing the cases to bulge. If the cases haven't been trimmed to nearly the exact same length, then if the seating/crimp was set to one of the shorter cases, the longer ones would tend to bulge. Since you only get that in about 25% of the cases I'd look at that. The only thing I can think of that might be caused by the sizing die is if the die is set too deeply in the press it could bulge right at the shoulder. The 44-40 shoulder is very subtle, and I haven't loaded the 44-40, but I've had that pr
  3. It looks like I'm getting one from Two Shoots. Thanks Pard!
  4. This is another example of what I think is a cause of chain fires, but I've never heard anyone else back up this theory. People often say that loose caps don't cause chainfires because they purposely remove the caps, trying to get a chain fire, and it doesn't happen. My theory is that a loose cap actually slides back off the cone during recoil, slams against the recoil shield and detonates. I suppose a way to test this would be to load a few empty chambers with oversize nipples and fire the other chambers, and see if any caps detonate. (If all the chambers were charged and you g
  5. I just started loading 38 special for non-SASS EDC snubnose revolver. I'm looking for the Lee carbide crimp die to complete my set. I'm watching the major online stores for them to become available, but it anyone has an extra one their willing to let go for about $25.
  6. Well, twist my arm. OK, I guess I'll come. I might even enter the Chili Contest.
  7. I have three Uberti-built SAA clones; two are 3 click, one is 4 click. Two are Cimarron, One is Stoeger import. The overall quality is close to the same, but the Stoeger has some scratching on the hammer where the frame had burrs, and the spring is a bit heavier on the Stoeger. As for the clicks, I think the main difference is the three click models have a different kind of safety, therefore more moving parts. (You can see YouTube videos on the Uberti firing pin that was used since 20216.) The 4 click models with a solid firing pin on the hammer is probably more foolproof, but
  8. OK, back to the original post. If the stage instructions said 4+, and he knocked them all down with less that 4 shots, does he have to fire more "empty" shots to keep clean? I don't know if I'll ever place this situation personally, but as a shooter with still less than 10 matches under my belt, I want to know.
  9. I'm still a new shooter: less than a dozen matches. Personally, I get really confused with multiple people shouting different "advice", making the situation even worse. It once caused me a DQ, because someone told me to shoot from a different position, but I had already cocked my revolver. (I accept that I'm ultimately responsible for following the rules, but a P for shooting from the wrong window would be much better than the DQ. What I do really like, especially when shooting black powder, is the "UP" yell when the shotgun target fails to fall. Other than that, I'd prefer tha
  10. My hunting load is 8.2 gr Unique and 250 gr RNFP. It shoots as accurate as I can see with the sights, though the trajectory really drops off after about 75 yards. Your Marlin will handle +P loads though, so I'd check the manuals for an even stouter load.
  11. True, he said he was "leaning toward brass hulls", but his second question was recommendations on presses. He mentioned that he was very low on budget, so I wanted to point out that he could get by at least at first without a press. I've never loaded or shot brass hulls, so I didn't have any recommendations in that area.
  12. You don't "need" a press if you're willing to take it slowly. Search YouTube for Duelist1954 "Loading Shotshells Nail and Dowel Method". It gets even simpler with black powder and fiber wads, with a roll crimp, so the column height is not so critical. Find a load you like and trim the plastic hulls to about the height you need. Roll crimps are forgiving. I loaded hundreds of rounds this way before I found an old Mec JR at a garage sale for $30. Still I only use it for decrimping and crimping.
  13. The first time I ran it, I had some pistol brass mixed with .223...I think 80% of the 223 had pistol brass over the mouth when I took them out.
  14. I use the smaller Frankford Arsenal LITE. The larger ones require a lot of brass in them to do a good job; if you don't put enough brass in the batch, they tend to slide around instead of tumble. With the lite it does 150 - 250 45 Colt at a time, which is perfect for me. I tumble every two local matches or once per state match.
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