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  1. So far my only complaint on this is the Events tab only shows the big matches. The Find Matches tab requires you to put in a key word, and then it just brings up the name of the match or the name of the local club. You have to hit the View Details button to see what date and location the match is. I much prefer the way it works and is sorted by date in the current SASSNET version. For example, if I'm traveling to Georgia in May, I can scroll down to May and see what events might be happening in May near Georgia. Also, I can see if there are two state matches relative close to e
  2. Love your videos Jedi. I would have commented on the YouTube channel but the company I worked for has implemented this new security software so all your videos are considered Restricted. I have to go through hoops to eventually view them, but I can't see any of the comments and can't leave any comments of my own. The laptop I use belongs to my employer, so even though I'm using it at home or in a hotel in off hours, I can't turn off that security. Man, where is this world headed?
  3. I've been saying that when things break loose I expect the prices to be $50 or less per brick. People thought I was nuts. Well, this afternoon I got an email that the 2000 I ordered from a large sporting goods distributor back in mid-November are available and ready for me to pick up tomorrow. $39.64 per thousand. Yup. Less than forty bucks a brick. Be patient and don't go paying those scalper prices. I understand that if you're out you gotta get them somewhere, but if you can hold out things will get better. I was down to the point where I w
  4. A couple weeks ago I saw an on-line estate auction with a few firearms. One was a Pedersoli Sharps in 40-65. It had over 40 bids with 4 days to go, and current bid was $700. I figured it would go for around $1200 so I didn't pay much attention. It eventually sold for $725! Of course, if I got into a bidding war it may have gone higher than I could afford anyway.
  5. Excellent! Maybe tis year I'll have a buffalo rifle...love to shoot next to you and your Spencer on the Long Range Side Match. (I never got up there last year.)
  6. I shot the black powder match that day (only 4 stages but I shot it clean) and I'm glad I wasn't being filmed...I was nervous enough as it was. I'm glad they showed nice closeups of the fast shooters like Lefty and Sadie...I was usually shooting just before Lefty so I was unloading when he was shooting. I got to talk with him a lot at the unloading table and between shooting, but seldom got to watch him actually shoot. All the shooters helped me a lot; it was my first big match and I hadn't met any of my posse pards before then, but they're friends now!
  7. Well, the closest they came to showing me shooting was towards the end, when they were interviewing Whitehorse Pete. In the background, right behind Shamrock Sadie, you see me walk up to the window and stage my shotgun and rifle. The only things I would have liked to see that wasn't in the show would have been the team side match, and the awards banquet. There were some dandy outfits at the banquet with everyone in their fancy duds.
  8. I'm confused by this too. Am I missing something? I understand why people might want to use plastic wads in plastic hulls, but you certainly don't have to. I've only reloaded and shot a couple hundred shells since i started this a few months ago, but every one has been with fiber wads. I patterned several and didn't have the issues with donut holes. The main reason I use fiber wads is simplicity; I was confused over all the recommendations of which wads go with which hulls. I reload several different brands of hulls, mostly from my own factory shells, and I shoot wha
  9. The first few shells I made used an over-shot card and elmers glue; these were in plastic hulls with the old star crimps cut off. I had one round go PFFT when shot, and another couple that fell apart in the box. Then I went with roll crimped over the card, then eventually I got the MEC adjusted for good star crimps. You'll have to experiment with different glues; you'll probaby find what works best of the brass won't be the best for the platic.
  10. I'm relatively new to this too. I don't use smokeless powder or plastic wads, since BP and BP Substitutes are more forgiving on ratios and loadings. I've been using Pyrodex in my shotshells because someone gave me two lbs of the nasty stuff, and my side by side shotgun is by far the easiest to clean. I settled on 3.7cc of powder and 4.3CC of #7 1/2 shot. I use a Nitro over-powder wad 1 and 1/2 fiber wads between powder and shot. I use an old used MEC600 jr to de-prime, then Lee dippers for powder and shot, then back to the MEC600 to do the star crimp. I
  11. I haven't seen it yet. I paid for a one-month subscription to Shooting USA to watch it on Vimeo, and it just showed up as available to watch...I'll see it tonight. My son says they probably won't show ME shooting, since the show is only 48 minutes long.
  12. I've switched hammers on my Pietta C&B pistols...Piece of cake. Toughest part is finding the low profile hammer. Adjusting the hand is easy too if you go slow and check timing often as you go.
  13. I respect you for that. BTW, I had a good visit with Tommy and Scarlett Darlin' on Sunday down here in SC...they say howdy.
  14. Still kicking myself about a rifle I let get away a couple weeks ago at an on-line estate auction in middle Tennessee. The rifle was miss-labelled as a Rolling Block, but it was a Pedersoli Sharps in 40-65, complete with a nice-looking tang long range sight. There were already over 40 bids and it was around $700. I figured it would go for at least $1200 so I didn't bid. I checked back later and it had sold for $725! I hope someone from the Wartrace Regulators bought it, so I can offer them $750.
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