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  1. My first year I shot Uberti 45 Colts that we slightly mismatched: one was 5.5" barrel new frame with wide front sight and rear sight slot, the other was a 7th Cavalry Old frame model with 7.5" barrel and narrow front sight blade. The feel and balance was slightly different and the narrow front side was a lot harder to see, especially when shooting black powder. I since bought another 5.5" barrel revolver that mechanically matches (though it visually is different in the grips) the other, and my revolver times have improved. That's probably more due to easier-to-see sights than the guns being "matched".
  2. I own both versions of Uberti revolvers. The hammer with the small hole on the back of the hammer is from the 4 click; the 3 click hammer looks solid. You'd think it would be the opposite, but it's not. My three click guns were made in 2017 and 2020 and they both have no hole in back of hammer. My 4 click model (Old Frame Model P) was made in 2019.
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