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  1. Definitely will! I forgot about that one. By then I should be practiced up with my new to me TTN shotgun...just have to decide if category will be Frontier Cartridge or Classic Cowboy.
  2. 7/21 Maybe Black Gold 10/7/21 Tennessee State 10/21/21 South East Regional Thanks Captain Bill for making this easy for me.
  3. I've made a few and they worked great just screwing around. I haven shot them in a match yet.
  4. Are paper cartridges allowed in Frontiersman? I didn't notice anything about them in the SHB. Seems like they would be quicker reloads.
  5. Grass, I still haven't heard from you. If I don't hear back by Thanksgiving I will put back up for sale.
  6. Yup! I was there. I enjoyed shooting the BP side match with you. The SG was cool, but your Spencer stole the show for me.
  7. Congrats! I like that. I got this whitetail with my SASS Uberti '73 last year. 45 Colt.
  8. Grass Range, please clean out your private messages so I can send you. I need info for shipping.
  9. Thanks! I'd been looking for one of these for a long time. Soon I'll be looking in my gun safe!
  10. Does anyone use paper cartridges? I've used them for fun with my 1851 before joining SASS and had no issues.
  11. OK. I am trying to clean out my pms again so it will take a day or two.

  12. The five full boxes would be $100. I could give you the other 10 partial box for another $10. I know it's a low price, but I just want to help out other shooters that are stuck with no ammo.
  13. I bought this Ruger M77 Compact in 260 REM about two years after the cartridge was released. Love the light weight and short barrel...I have a lightweight 2-7X32 scope on it. I use it in thicker woods and up in tree stands. Shot several deer with it. Since then I bought a Ruger American Predator in 6.5 CM, which I can load with the same bullets and powder, but tailor the rounds for farther range shooting. The American has a longer barrel and more powerful scope, which comes in handy when hunting in more open areas.
  14. Yes Grass Range, that's the shipped price. Five full boxes only...I shot some of the open box Remington's yesterday and will save the rest of that box for deer season. I think I sent you a PM; if you didn't get it, send me your mailing address.
  15. With the ammo shortage, and me with plenty of handloads for four different hunting calibers, I decided to offer my factory loads for 260 REM if anybody on here needs them. Remington 140 gr Core-Lokt: 2 full boxes plus 18 rounds in another box. Federal Premium 140 gr Gameking BTSP: 1 full box Fusion 120 gr: 2 full boxes These were originally $35-$40 per box, but I'll take $20/box if you buy them all or $25/box individually.
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