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  1. I just get wet. I've learned if you put on rain gear you just sweat and get wet . So 6 of one half a dozen of another.
  2. I think they only made 500 6.5 in Vaqueros. But I could be mistaken.
  3. There's a company that takes brass cases and puts a screw driver bit in them. Maybe someone knows the name.
  4. Redwing screw knives. Unfortunately they tend to fall in the expensive category.
  5. Well any kind of rechambering will be an involved task. You would need to turn off the old threads. Turn down and rethread the barrel. And cut a new chamber. Then get the head spacing right.
  6. Hooligan Howes

    97 woes

    I would think replacing the stops would be the answer.
  7. I use Schofields as my rifle reloads in my 66.
  8. I originally shot a set of Schofields. They have a pretty short hammer throw. So when I switched to Vaqueros I had them short stroked. It made them closer to what I was already used to.
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