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  1. https://outlawbullets.com/product/45-caliber-230-gr-rn-bb/
  2. I shoot with Utah Scout. He makes nice stuff. I have a couple of his holsters. Dm me and I can give you his information.
  3. Does it specifically need to be Busch light?
  4. Hello my name is Teddy Bear .
  5. I just ran across some data. 3.8 grains of Clay's for a 200 grain bullet. So 3.5 for a 160 seems about right.
  6. That may be true. But a real man dresses up like the big game Hunter from jumanji. Heads to a zoo and takes one like a real man!
  7. I didn't start any fires or steal their giraffe head. So we should be good.
  8. I'm weird too. My logic is to keep an even number of rounds through each.
  9. And you were afraid I'd get us kicked out.
  10. 5.5 grains of trail boss in the 44-40 and 3.5 in the cowboy specials. Google the reloading pages of M.D. Smith. I use it as a quick reference.
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