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  1. 160 grain Lee 2-Cavity Bullet Mold 452-160-RF - $20 delivered. Great for 45 Cowboy Special or Long Colt. Can use for ACP too. Thanks, Preacherman
  2. 45 Long Colt - Dillon 550 conversion kit - includes shell plate, pins, powder funnel/expander - $42 delivered. Used, all there, $62 delivered from Dillon. thanks!
  3. hello: Would you be interested in selling just the two sets of wood grips ,and are they XR-3 also? will be at Fl State this week , and may I try them to see if they fit? My frame is also XR-3

    Please let me know  -   Thanks

    1. Preacherman


      Hi, i might sell them, however if someone wants them with the guns they go that way first. I'm running with outlaw bullets and you can find me and the grips there. Thanks, Preacherman 239 878 3579 realtorfowler@gmail.com

  4. Coming to Tallahassee for the FL State shoot? I'm getting out of the 45 bidness and have some stuff for sale. Let me know if you're interested, thanks, Preacherman Sold to Tequila - 45 Colt mixed/cleaned brass, about 550 for $55 45 Cowboy Special brass that I made from new 45 Scofield Starline and some misc, about 1,100 for $125 45 Colt/Cowboy Special conversion for Dillon 550, toolhead, all dies set up for 45CB, 2 Dillon and Lee factory crimp dies for $95 160 grain 45 RF bullets that I made with Lee mold from wheel weights, liquid alox lubed, unsized. About 5,250 for $225 or talk to me for other quantities. Lee 2 cavity mold for 45 160 grain rnfp shown with handles $17 Pair of New Model Blue Ruger Vaqueros with XR-3 grip frames, 4 5/8" barrels, Super Black Hawk hammers, 14# Wolf springs, brass front sight overlay with Walnut Grip panels for $995 or an extra $95 for white checkered polymer Gunfighter grip panels Comes with boxes, books, extra springs, etc.
  5. Ruger Bisley Hammers/triggers for 2 guns, (2 hammers and 2 triggers) $69 delivered These are very good used and blued. Thanks for lookin'!
  6. The hammers will fit any Ruger single action. The triggers will only fit Bisley grip frames. Others grip frames would require modifying the trigger opening or the trigger itself. Hope that this helps.
  7. Power Custom Bisley hammers/triggers $169 delivered for both pairs (for 2 guns). These are blued and almost new, barely used. Thanks for looking, Preacherman
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