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  1. Get with Dave Smith, Guncraft in Ruskin
  2. Howdy,


    My father in law lives in St Pete

  3. Where in FL? It's a big state. Send me a pm maybe I can help.
  4. Thanks for the plug! Yes, 38 spec, 357, 9mm - good to go. I can't believe it's still here.
  5. Lee 6 cavity bullet mold 358-125-RF $35 delivered Thanks! Preacherman
  6. NAVIDREX - 1911 SLIM GRIPS. Black Micarta Double Diamond checkered Slim Grips with slim screws/bushings - $37 delivered Reduces Bulk, Easy-To-Grip "Extra-thin (Approximately .165" (4.2mm) thick) to reduce bulk for concealed carry and give shooters with small hands a better hold. Double Diamond checkered to fit 1911 Auto and Officers ACP. Thanks! Preacherman
  7. I'll take this offer. Email sent.
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