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  1. back up as I am still looking for brass, thanks!
  2. Hi, anybody got 45/70 Govt brass and possibly a bullet mold. I swore off all new calibers, but I bought a gun, again! We shoot! Preacherman
  3. Yep, I've done probably for 4 pairs of guns, 1851s and Ruger Bisley stock grips. I used a belt sander slowly and carefully. I'm shooting the Mason conversions, pictured lately and Love 'em! Better than the stock for me. I haven't refinished them yet, just shootin' them. Hope that this helps. Preacherman
  4. Yes indeed!! A great and helpful man. I have 2 pairs of SS and a regular 4 click that he did for me. Too bad the lifetime warranty is gone. He is missed.
  5. Yep, like Larsen said. Mine were the same, but he explained it better, perfectly.
  6. I have a pair of these and mine did a similar scenario. The round next to go to the fire position, the 11 o'clock that you refer to, the next round to fire, was catching on the "ramp" that closes the headspace as it moves into position. I polished this area for a smooth transition and the problem was fixed. I should have sent them back though after reading this, however I like to mess with my own. Maybe this is the problem. Hope this helps.
  7. I'll take #3. PM sent. Thanks, Preacherman
  8. Well, I know! I'm confused. I won't talk too much and promise to take orders. Tequila, I may take you up on your offer before this is over. Sue, you're right, but till I get out of Florida I'm half way there.
  9. Hi, I love Bisleys!! That's the only Rugers that I shoot. I even put Bisley grip frames on my 32s as they'll fit. The old/new frames are different, but will fit. The old ones have the "ears" which can be removed. The grip panels are the same for both. I hope that this helps.
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