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  1. This.221 bullet sizing die & punch for Lee Breech Lock Bullet Sizing system is brand new/never used and is a custom size, $27 new delivered from Lee.
  2. Wow! Good point as I am cleaver. I guess that you'll have come to Florida and find out! Nice time to come, 84 degrees and sunny today.
  3. I can verify that he ain't dead as I see'd him for real last month, unless this is an update or a web villain causin' trouble. Hope to see you again next week, will verify. Oh, locals should come to Punta Gorda to our annual match and verify for your own self. 8 great stages and food, ice cream!
  4. The SGB '66 style gate for the '73 is one of the best upgrades I ever did. It makes loading and reloading so much easier. I've always hated the new and improved '73 loading gate as I feel that it is inferior to the original '66 design. I agree with Coffinmaker, "Putting an 1873 loading gate on a '66 is . . . . silly. Serves no good end."
  5. A Bisley, just change grip frame trigger and hammer and you're done. The simplest way.
  6. Is this a grip frame or complete gun? SS or blue? Caliber? Price?
  7. Hi, I use Slix Shot Nipples. I checked with them and CCI #11 are supposed to work just fine. Yes, shipping does kill ya if you buy small quantities, gotta buy more to spread it out. I bought 7 thousand at $55.44, now they're cheaper, go figure. Shipping was 25.15 with insurance and $17.95 hazmat. Hope this helps. Somebody's buying as there were 21 left earlier today and now down to 14. I ordered 12/11 and there were over 350 thousand then. Better hurry!
  8. Wholesale hunter has CCI Magum Percussion Caps #11 Box of 1000 for $50.79. I got some and not sure how great they are yet, but fit like Rem #10 and add 100+ feet/sec so you could use less powder. Hope this helps. https://www.wholesalehunter.com/Product/Details/11144590
  9. Wholesale Hunter has them for $50.79/1,000. I bought several thousand to try. They seem to work good on Slix nipples. Haven't shot much yet to know for sure. They add 100+ feet/sec in my Rugers. Check 'em out at https://www.wholesalehunter.com/Product/Details/11144590
  10. I just got the CCI #11 magnum caps and they fit really good on Slix on the Rugers. They're a little shorter than Rem 10s. Seem to act the same. Haven't shot alot yet, but chrony says it adds over 100'/sec so you could adjust and save some powder.
  11. Aluminum Carrier, large cal, 45, 38-40, 44-40 for '66/'73 $44 delivered. I do not who made this, but worked great in my "66. Thanks, Preacherman
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