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  1. Hi, gotta start somewhere, make me a reasonable offer! Thanks, Preacherman
  2. I have a pair that the cylinder throats needed "fixed". I called Ruger a few years ago about making them right and they told me that they don't do that anymore. I sent them out to get reamed. Good now. Maybe they'll do them again. I'd call.
  3. While in the gun Hornady one shot (not the case lube). Spray, run it a little, wipe off inside. Quick and easy.
  4. Hi, make me a reasonable offer!! thanks, Rodeos! USFA 45LC 4 5/8" barrels $2,150? for the pair plus shipping. These are very nice, smooth actions, clean shiny bore/cylinders. Wood and stock black grip panels. These have been "polished" to get rid of the flat Rodeo finish to get an antiqued look with a patina. They've been shot and have some minor wear and nicks. With the original boxes and sleeves. Thanks for looking! Preacherman
  5. Yea!! yea, that's it, that's it, me too! You're right, they're just skeered of real shooters.
  6. So? Can ya shoot it gunfighter?
  7. Make me an offer, thanks! Very nice like new Taylors, Uberti, Top Break Russian (Schofield) 6.5" 45 L Colt. Consecutive serial numbers. Clean and shiny. new price at $1,975 plus shipping. Like new with a few minor marks. No boxes. Contact me with any other questions or needs. Thanks for looking!!
  8. Here are the grips that I did in the natural wood. I thinned them to mimic "gunfighter" style grips. A project for you!
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