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  1. He should shoot if he wants to and let it be known that we all want him to. We will do everything humanly possible to help and accommodate him. Encourage him to read this thread. Keep shootin'!
  2. Hi, I have one too, PM sent, thanks, Preacherman
  3. Lee Single Stage Press $25 + $8.92 shipping = $33.92. Very good condition and extremely useful. Thanks, Preacherman
  4. Hi, I traded a nice SS one last year to Boomstick Jay. I don't know if he may still have it.
  5. Like Patagonia Pete says. It will work with both models just different instructions. You can get them on Pioneer's site.
  6. Pioneer Coil Mainspring Conversion Kit $115 delivered. This will fit '73 & '66. Complete in package. Pioneer Gun Works says, "This coil mainspring conversion kit replaces the stiff flat mainspring that comes in Uberti made rifles. The forward strut mounts to the hammer by riding on two ball bearings that are free to roll up and down the inner curve on the back of the hammer.It will significantly reduce the effort required to work the action."
  7. One more time as no success so far. Thanks!
  8. Oh well, "I'm not sure if it this is appropriate to put on the wire. Anyway, the dimple problem that you describe has also bugged me too for over 20 years. The '73 was/is supposed to be an improved design, not in that area, the '66 is better. It has no dimple and is smooth for better and easy loading. Realizing this Shotgun Boogie has an aftermarket '66 style gate for the '73. I replaced all of mine. One of the very best upgrades that I ever got. I hope that this helps. All the best, Preacherman https://sbgwllc.myshopify.com/collections/uberti/products/uberti-1873-loading-gate
  9. Hi, pm sent as message is too long for here.
  10. Yep, Waimea and I were coming together, but I got a broken heel and still cant walk for 2 weeks, he decided not to go now. Scratch is too far away. Thanks for the help!
  11. I'm in Ft Myers (SW FL) and need a mule to run something to TX and then back for me. I'd meet if within reason. Thanks
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