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  1. Saw it and read it, it was great! Thanks for being a good rep.
  2. July 2019 they had 20% rebates on primers. They couldn't get rid of them. I had never saw that in over 50 years. Supply & demand. Got some cheap then.
  3. Hi, I'll take the medium. I'll pm you. Thanks, Preacherman
  4. Hi Mark, tried to pm and it says that you can't receive messages. Maybe email me. My email is on my profile. Let me know. Thanks, Preacherman
  5. Till we meet again, a great cowboy and we will surely miss him. I'm so sad.
  6. Oh boy, I don't recall the conversation going anywhere Docs. So sorry. PM me again if you want them and we will work it out. I hate when this happens. Slowaz was the first one to really commit to them. I will look for your reply. Thanks for your patience. Preacherman
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