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  1. I know, I tried that, but I'm too weak!!! That's why I need all the help that I can get,
  2. I got what I need and kinda gave up on this as I had stumbled into a good deal on a '66 that didn't work out. Thanks all for your help and ideas. Preacherman
  3. They look almost the same. How much difference is there and what Gen is the Pioneer? Thanks
  4. So, what are you saying? That the factory parts are better than the Pioneer short stroke kit was and that you changed it back?
  5. Hi, Does anybody short stroke a Winchester, Miroku, '73/'66? I know that some of our go to short stroke parts folks don't offer anything to work with. Thanks, Preacherman
  6. Hi, I have a friend getting back into Cowboy and needs a rifle. Wire won't co-operate for him. Looking for a 38/357 rifle, '73, '66 or JM Marlin. 20" or shorter and must hold 10. Needs to be a fair/budget price. Let me know what you have and I'll get you together. PM's good, Thanks a million and good shootin'! Preacherman
  7. I use 14# in everything and they work fine with Federal Primers. I have some 13# that are available, but haven't tried them yet. Good shootin'!
  8. I learned something interesting a few years ago that got me all excited as it opens up a world of possibilities. ALL Ruger grip frames will fit all models they ever made. So, you can build Bisleys, which are my favorite, from any gun that you have. Get grip frames and get busy. They won't fit perfectly, but will work. You can use any hammer and trigger with them. Bisley hammers and triggers will only work with Bisley grips frames however unless modified. I have used old model Bisley grip frames on old models (cool Sheriff), new models, old model single six and even my Old Armys! You can double your gun inventory! by changing grip frames. Have fun and good shootin'! Preacherman
  9. Wow! that didn't take long, I guess too cheap? PM sent, thanks Preacherman
  10. For sale a Ted Cash Snail capper, like new $25 delivered to you! Thanks, Preacherman
  11. Hi, A have Friend that's getting back into Cowboy, yeee haaa!, needs Leather, 39" OM Ruger 5.5" strong side. If you got something let me know. Thanks a million and good shootin'! Preacherman
  12. Anybody have Old Army cylinders you'd sell? Let me know, thanks!! Preacherman
  13. Like Slim said, and Liquid Alox will work great with black substitutes. Sold my lubrisizer for simple Lee sizer dies if needed (for bottleneck calibers) and tumble lube. Quick and easy.
  14. Get with Dave Smith, Guncraft in Ruskin
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