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  1. To clarify, this is a '66 style gate without the annoying "lip" and it fits a '73. It provides an easier and superior loading experience. The '73 is to be an improved model, but the loading gate feature in my opinion definitely is not.
  2. this is the ticket! The '66 loading gate. https://sbgwllc.myshopify.com/collections/rifle/products/copy-of-uberti-1873-loading-gate-all-calibers
  3. I like the '66 style best from Shotgun Boogie. It is very easy and no "lip" so it loads straight in. Best upgrade ever and slick reloads too!
  4. The best match ever! Glad I got to meet you and many other fine folks. Thanks a million T Bone!
  5. So very sorry Chuckaroo. What to say? We'll be praying for you.
  6. Love you Dave! You were the best. I cried, but I'm confident that we will indeed meet again someday***
  7. +1 on the Lee mold. It casts great bullets fast with the 6 cavity. I size to .430 and they work great in 3 Ubertis a marlin and Rugers. Good castin'!
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