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  1. I had an 1860 Uberti 44-40 shortened to 16.5", rechambered to 44 special, put a stop in the carrier to use 44 Russian and it holds 10!
  2. I've used and tried many including Lee. When I can, it's always the Redding profile crimp. It's the best. Use for smokeless and black.
  3. Under the "More/camping" tab it says, "No camping on the range." It gives alternatives.
  4. Hi Coyote, hope that you can come! Plan on shooting if you can, I assure you that there is plenty of time to get in on the fun.
  5. #2 on Driftwood! 50+ years of reloading and 23 cowboy. When I saw and heard of folks doing this I said to myself what? Why? I don't want to do more more pointless useless work. I thought that the deprimer pin would open and clean the flash hole in that step. Anyway, have a super reloading Christmas!
  6. Dremel can be very helpful with care. I really find the rubber polishing wheels to be super useful!
  7. Reverse the triggers is better. Get with me. You CAN do it!
  8. Never happened to me, but I'm with you. I HATE that stuff! It literally makes me sick.
  9. I was getting very weak too! Thanks for buying this great gun!
  10. Yep, it's all about the power factor and heavier bullets are more efficient. Over the years I've gravitated towards heavier bullets. They just work better. More lead surface riding down the barrel, especially in the rifle. I think that the race towards lighter bullets has been a mistake. The only cowboy load that I ever had a"leading" problem with was the 160g in a 45. They're so short that there is almost nothing contacting the rifling. That's also why I shoot full wadcutters in the revolvers when I can. Good shootin'!!
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