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  1. Leave it be. That barrel has been shortened at some point in its life (IMO). There is no slot to mount the sight. Shoot in and enjoy it for what it is, a perfect pocket pistol!! On my .38 SA, I had no sight, but the slot and pinhole were there. We polished up a washer of the correct thickness, and my father-in-law cut it down to size. Looks great and has seen many CAS side matches and a few main stages. YMMV
  2. I am a lover of 87s, and did plenty of CC with SxSs, but behold, here is the truth and the gospel. You are fastest with whatever one you practice with.
  3. Well, I just shot a subgun match yesterday with my Uzi, and next Saturday is a 2-gun action match... And with my shootin' spot about 10 minutes from The Racho, I'd say pretty often on the weekends.
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