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  1. During my search, my son in law reminded me of Seymour Butts. I just cleaned it up a little. Most of the feed back I've gotten has been "I can't believe nobody had that already!"
  2. Thank You all lots of good information
  3. Yes, REAL BP!!! I'm luck to have a local store that stocks GOEX. My background in BP started today. I just shot for the first time a 1851 Colt that I got from Flaco Joe. It was a good experience. I plan to work up loads with both powders, because I think they have both categories. Thanks for the Shiloh lead.
  4. Thanks, didn't mention, but plan to shoot black powder also!!!
  5. Thank You so much. That was the kind of answer I was looking for.
  6. I'm thinking of shooting in future CAS Long Range events. My rifle is the Henry Single-shot in 45-70 Gov. My question is what bullet is more accurate at long range? Since I'm not hunting, and don't need energy at the end. Am I better to shoot a lighter bullet or a heavier bullet. I know I need to experiment and find the load my rifle likes. I reload many other calibers, but I am new to 45-70. Looks like 405 gr. is popular. Any powder suggestions would be welcomed also.
  7. Last year I came by to see what CAS was all about. This year, I shoot!!! Don't miss it!!!
  8. There are some parts and pieces on E-Bay https://www.ebay.com/itm/PIETTA-Model-1851-Navy-44-Cal-BP-Barrel-7-3-8-Long/202879269084?hash=item2f3c8bf8dc:g:sb8AAOSw5oZeII~P
  9. I'm running Bear Creek 125gr. RNFPs in my B92. Just got it, so working on C.O.L. right now. Haven't tried any TCs yet.
  10. For those of you who know me as Gary Ryan Hart. I have come up with a New Alias SEYMOUR ACTION
  11. Checked a few boxes since my last post. 1. Shot my first match at Chorro Valley 2. Picture updated with Hat. 3. Just got a B92 in 357 4. Signed my wife up as "Creedence Claire Waters" GRH
  12. Jed I. Knight!!!!!!!!!!! My Alias was inspired by you.
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