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  1. Sounds like I should keep it.
  2. LOL, It's called Wife logic. "You are getting a new rifle, Maybe you can sell the old one to offset the cost."
  3. Thanks Snakebite, I'm shooting one now. Planning to get a 1873. Just wondering if I should sell or keep the 92?
  4. Looking for some opinions on this model. Wondering what a fair price on a B-92 357 in todays market?? I understand these are very rare to find. From what I've read, they are one of the best 1892s you can get. Seymour Action
  5. Me Too!!! 45-70 gov. I shoot Plainsman and Long Range with it. The recall was for hammer drop without trigger pull if not cocked all the way.
  6. Thanks, I guess we were writing at the same time. Just sent you a message.
  7. Just wondering if there are any SASS members in Pahrump?? My sister moved there to retire. Planning to go check it out next month.
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