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  1. Me Too!!! my trigger finger was itching something fierce.
  2. I have the new Henry. Real nice for the price. I went steel 45-70 gov. but the brass one is pretty.
  3. I'm shooting a Baikal that I got for $350.00. Mine hasn't been worked yet. The biggest thing is it tries to close if I don't remember to hold the lever. After you break it open, holding the lever in the middle locks it open. It's working for now.
  4. I just got the new Henry Single shot rifle. It's super nice for a great price. I got 45-70 gov. to shoot Plainsman. I pretty sure you can get it in 308. https://www.henryusa.com/rifles/single-shot-rifle/
  5. No restriction on components yet. I already got 100 Starline. Dusty Boots was looking.
  6. Yes, but I live in Commiefornia. Can't order any online ammo without shipping to a FFL. Drives the price up higher + background check another $5.00.
  7. I just got a 45-70 and started loading for it too. Factory ammo is hard to find and mostly hunting type. I ordered Starline from Midway, Bear Creek 405s, and AA5744 Powder. Just shot my first 20 over the Chono. 10 Trapdoor & 10 Marlin. Performed very close to the Lyman Book. 1290 fps - 1621 fps. Now I need to pick one velocity range and load a few more for long range accuracy.
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