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  1. Moose Moulds makes custom moulds for many historical muzzle loading military arms He also has a very long list of round ball moulds His moulds are more expensive than Lee BUT they are arguably the best you can buy and easier to come by
  2. I agree. I have swapped out Super Black Hawk hammers on most of my Rugers
  3. Ballistics Products has an 11 pound bag of #12 chilled shot for sale for $39 +/- they are big time suppliers of shotgun reloading
  4. You can also check out Doug Kidd at “Border States Leather” for any and all cavalry leather work
  5. I’m your huckleberry Please pm with details to get paid
  6. I bought an “American Arms” SAA in .44 caliber (2 cylinders - .44 Mag & .44-40) from Spangenbergs Gunsmith in Tombstone, AZ back in 1994. I wish those holsters fit longer barrels. If they did, I would buy that rig just to get my hands on that strongside holster with the Spangenbergs makers mark.
  7. I’ll take #28 & #29 the two pair of camo shorts pm inbound with address for you to figure shipping charges
  8. Huntington’s Die Specialty in Oroville, CA has some on their website. They have it packed in 20 piece packages for $24
  9. That is a good price for anyone living in a free state. Unfortunately, I am currently located behind enemy lines in the communist stronghold of California else I would jump on this deal.
  10. Have you tried to contact “Moose Moulds” ? He makes accurate moulds for many unique types of ‘Civil War’ replica arms and has a vast list of of round ball sizes. His prices are higher than the common mold manufacturers but they are top quality moulds. I bought one of his moulds for my 1859 Sharps Carbine and have been very happy.
  11. I will take them. How would you like to get paid?
  12. Long Rifle ??? the boxes are marked “.22 Long”
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