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  1. JB Sledge was looking for one as of Dec 28 His post is at the bottom of page 7 here on the wire as of 8:35 west coast time Maybe top of page 8 by the time you read this
  2. Wow Deacon. If those grips are fake, they seem to be a very good copy. Even blowing up the picture to huge, it is hard to tell those from the real deal.
  3. That was a heck of a deal ! Thank you Wallaby for saving me from myself
  4. To be honest, I haven’t shot it yet. I finally have everything together to start loading for it and need to get some ammo built. I do have an 1859 Sharps carbine which uses a 54 caliber paper cartridge. It is considerably lighter than the 1874 50 caliber. I have been loading 90 grains of powder behind that 490 grain slug, it is a lot of fun to shoot and the recoil is not bad.
  5. After reading this, I had to go weigh my own Sharps. I have a 50-90 with a 30” barrel and it weighs just over 10 pounds. I got that 24 pound figure off the forum site and should have verified it before butting in to this conversation. My bad and I apologize.
  6. On the Shiloh Sharps forum page there was a discussion re: weight. According to the forum “a 34” barrel on a standard rifle will give a weight of 24 pounds”
  7. I know these were built for a Colt SAA w 7 1/2” barrel. Do you know if that Slim Jim will work with a Colt 1860 Army with an 8” barrel? If so, I would take it.
  8. The Saber River was delivered today. I am very happy! Tuolumne Lawman is a good pard!
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