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  1. I cannot believe somebody doesn’t jump on this ! I am short on cash or else I would buy this in order to resell it !
  2. It depends on the barrel and what markings you want. Gary Lee Barnes at Cartridge Conversions has “defarbed” some Italian clones and remarked the top of the barrel with Colt’s 1860s era address.
  3. Ok, thanks for the reply. I have a complete rig made by Mr. Brown from 1994 when I lived in Tucson and have bought more from him over the years, top notch holsters. I don’t have a Schofield but have several large frame Rugers with barrels from 3 3/4 to 5 1/5. Always keeping my eyes open for more of his work.
  4. Howdy Sacramento I see you list the black Old Pueblo as for the Schofield. Would a 5 1/2” original Vaquero fit acceptably? Is that holster made by E L Brown @ Old Pueblo? If yes to both, I would be interested Sgt Duncan
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