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  1. We have been using Verizon for 10 years. Absolutely great coverage and good signal everywhere we go. We have TravelPass ($10 per day fee) for our international travel as we use the GPS a lot. As far as internet my wife and I do not do much surfing and no streaming. We are both photographers and have a terabyte of cloud storage which has been absolutely useless as Verizon throttles your data back after 30 gigabyte down to 200 - 300 Kilobytes until the next billing cycle. (45 megabytes per image) And they sometimes throttle you back when the network gets busy even if you have not reached your data limit. we just bought our phones to get out of contract and have Spectrum coming on the 10 th. Their phone service uses the Verizon network and their bundle is $50 cheaper per month for unlimited high speed service at three times the Verizon high speed. Guess we will see Regards Gateway Kid
  2. Just do what you just did. Many CAS shooters often have previously worn clothing for cheap and sometimes free. You can go to goodwill and find suitable clothing and sometimes hats or boots. If you want new check out Wild West mercantile or river crossing or one of several other vendors . Best of luck and welcome Regards Gateway Kid
  3. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed dogs only come male or female, and if you have them “fixed” their pronouns don’t change? Regards Gateway Kid
  4. I use my SR1911 for both IDPA (pf160) and WB (pf150). My WB load is 4.7 gr Bullseye with 200 gr RNFP for avg 765 fps and pf 153. Works fine for WB and IDPA practice. My IDPA load is 3.9 gr Claydot with 230 gr RN for avg 710 fps and pf 163. This is also my cold weather WB load to ensure proper velocity. Both loads are more accurate than me and will put 50 cent piece groups at 14 yards (using our Cowboy rifle targets and slow fire) until I run out of ammo. Stock springs, sights and trigger. If it works why fix it? Regards Gateway Kid BTW straight lead no hitek (though I have them) as I still have about 2-3 k left of each of these bullets.
  5. Especially important on her birthday! (which one is the tongue in cheek emoji?) Regards Gateway Kid
  6. So is it like after your fifth sentence they just send you your pin or is it something you have to purchase at their online store? asking for a friend Regards Gateway Kid
  7. Good man! Everyone knows shiny guns are faster!!! Regards Gateway Kid ps traded all them blued guns I used to have for shiny guns and stage times dropped by nearly .001! Less wind drag I guess!
  8. Midway doesn’t have any but it works out to $3.22 per ounce for the 9 ounce bottle and approximately $52 per pound in a two pound jug. Plus shipping, plus hazmat Regards Gateway Kid
  9. Glad you are back. Always appreciate your point of view and heart for making things better!! Will have to catch up at EOT. Not sure of posse number but will be a marshal for one of them. See you there Regards Gateway Kid
  10. As long as we are chatting, I had the pleasure of shooting with Miss Scarlett last EOT (things blur together these days ) Fun to shoot with, great posse member and really nice person! Very knowledgeable about her products. Even bought a few things that have worked out well for me. Looking forward to seeing her at this EOT! Regards Gateway Kid
  11. Welcome! in no particular order any of these would build you a terrific rig to your specific needs. Kirkpatrick Leather Mernickle Leather Michigan Rattler Regards Gateway Kid
  12. I have three 9mm guns that I use the same Cheycast 124 gr. bullet in. Ruger PCC, Sig 938 and a Glock 19 with a Lone Wolf barrel. All seem to like 1.11 OAL with either 3.2 gr. Clay Dot or 4 gr. Bullseye. My jacketed load with 115 gr. Remington uses 4 gr. Bullseye at 1.10. All feed flawlessly, are more accurate than I am and the empty brass tends to all be in the same place. I also have a few left of OLG’s load of 7.2 gr. Blue Dot with a full jacketed 115 gr. Remington. Since I am currently out of BD I have been reserving those for either my Beretta 92 or a Taurus 99. They cycle really well in the bigger pistols and are very controllable shot to shot. They are also at 1.1 OAL in my guns. Regards Gateway Kid
  13. Watched them all. worked fine and nice shooting! Regards Gateway Kid
  14. Congratulations! Just remember three rules…. 1) Be Safe 2) Have Fun 3) Be Safe! Depending on what part of the country you’re in maybe we will catch up with each other and enjoy a match. Regards Gateway Kid BTW one more thing CAS is not the Wire and the Wire is not CAS.
  15. Praying for your health and a complete healing. Take it easy and get well soon, Champ! Regards Gateway Kid
  16. I love those videos! Up to number 42 I think it is. Regards Gateway Kid
  17. Cool! Next up…. 325 yards offhand You know, just for a little challenge! Regards Gateway Kid
  18. Shot shell presses run the gamut from dirt cheap ($100 or so) to pretty expensive ($3000 plus). Something like a Lee Load All might be all you need, but will be fairly slow. A Spolar Gold or PW will make a lot of good shells very quickly (and last forever) but upfront costs might outweigh any cost benefits unless you are a high volume shooter. Middle ground would be one of the MEC’s. Moderately inexpensive so you can buy a model that fits what you need. I started with a Sizemaster which makes good shells, is fairly fast and most importantly resizes the base with a collet system to minimum specs. If you choose to upgrade to a progressive the 9000GN works great (what I use now) and is much faster. The 600 series are less expensive, make good shells but are not as automated. great to learn on. One very important point, shotshell reloading is not nearly as forgiving of interchanging components as cartridges, manuals are very specific and should be followed. A mentor would be wise. If you are already reloading your cartridges you can reload your shot shells. Good Luck Gateway Kid
  19. Or the 5 feet of emptiness between their ears! Regards Gateway Kid
  20. Good choice! My nephew (Marine Corps MARSOC graduate last summer) loves my 500 but it has only been fired by him, perhaps 50 rounds, in the last 3-4 years. My old body and joints have decided 15 or so rounds every decade is enough! Regards Gateway Kid hope I spelled MARSOC correctly
  21. I hear they are offering up to three dozen eggs now that gas prices are under control! And inflation is still only 8.5% even though groceries are up nearly 70% Good luck with your sale, very good price in these times. If I didn't already have a few I would be all over these. Regards Gateway Kid
  22. Pretty sure OLG and SD have it. Back in the “community organizer” days had several lots of SPM that had a “glob” ( technical term) of red stuff that completely covered the open side of the primer as opposed to a single spot of red on the anvil. Same box, same lot, an obvious manufacturer defect that didn’t affect anything. Rounds loaded with the extra red no different than less red. Kept a few for curiosity sake. regards Gateway Kid
  23. Love my 657 S&W. All the good parts of a 44 magnum without the recoil. Shoots flat, hits hard and when I used it for handgun hunting (and practiced) plenty accurate on deer, rabbits (head shot only if you want to harvest anything) and an occasional coyote. My self imposed hunting range was 100 yards but on steel plates was really consistent out to 300 yards. The 44 with a 240 - 300 grain jfp was more consistent at knocking the target down than the 41 with a 210 grain jfp, which was usually all that was available at the time. Mine is magnaported which really toned down an already manageable recoil. I will take some pictures and post them in a bit. Regards Gateway Kid
  24. Having never had (noticed) a problem with the 38’s in my match rifles feeding correctly a liner has not been a priority for me. Now retired (and somewhat bored) have been thinking I need a new toy. There was a thread not long ago about them but the search function can’t seem to find it. So asking the brain trust here 2 questions: 1) do you use a liner in your rifle(s) and did it make a difference? 2) is your liner aluminum or carbon fiber and if you bought a new one which would you recommend? Thanks in advance Regards Gateway Kid
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