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  1. For reloading the C45S I use the die set recommended by the inventor… Hornady Custom Grade #546554 for 45 Auto/AR/WIN in conjunction with a 45 Colt conversion on a Dillon 550. Works great. Regards Gateway Kid btw couldn’t find my link to the tips page I had for this round but if you PM Garrison Joe he is a wealth of information on it.
  2. This is how the ones I just finished training on worked. They monitor the heart, if they get a normal rhythm nothing happens, abnormal rhythm then they allow a shock. Regards Gateway Kid
  3. Midway shows Winchester USA Ready large pistol or small pistol at 79.99/1000 Federal Large pistol magnum at 99.99/1000, large pistol at 89.99/1000, small pistol magnum at 79.99/1000 CCI small pistol at 89.99/1000, Large pistol magnum at 79.99/1000 Brownells is similar. Powder Valley is about 75/1000 for most brands/types Of course none are currently available. Regards Gateway Kid
  4. Used to be a 44 magnum guy for non SASS! Still love the authority of the boomers, but, there are a few issues (none of which are insurmountable) 1. As said components can be tough to come by, for everybody not just the more unusual chamberings such as 44 special/magnum 2. Since relatively few use them load recipes for our game are few and you will need to spend more time tweaking/chronographing your loads to be usable (lower recoil) and SASS legal for you. 3. If you have any issues (forgotten ammo, brought wrong loads/guns, guns go down etc.) there will be less assistance available at a match. 4. If you are running "hotter" loads (which may still be SASS legal) because others could be unfamiliar with the characteristics of your chosen caliber, you might be asked to "not tear up our targets" and this could cause some friction. 5. Matching a rifle to your pistols (if you were so inclined) could be a challenge. There weren't a lot to begin with in either magnum or special, and they don't show up for sale very often. (at least around my part of the country). All that said the 44 special/magnum is an excellent cartridge, inherently accurate, powerful, SASS legal, useful for purposes other than SASS, so if it floats your boat give it a whirl!! If you decide you don't like it they just became an excuse to go get more guns later! Regards Gateway Kid
  5. Happy Birthday!!!! Hope your day is wonderful and blessed. Regards Gateway Kid
  6. In factory loads (if you can find them) most like the Winchester Feather lites (now known as Low Noise Low Recoil) If rolling your own there are tons of formulas, most seem to be about 3/4 to 7/8 oz of # 7 - 7.5 shot and 13-15 grains of appropriate powder (I use 14.5 grains of Clays with 3/4 oz shot for my wife) my long time load is 15.5 grains of Clays with 1 oz of shot. I use STS or Nitro hulls for both along with the appropriate wad for the shot weight. YMMV Regards Gateway Kid
  7. Cheap at twice the price! Lets review Widders legacy of innovation and forward thinking.... He practically invented the concept of the "crunchy peanut butter" action job. And in true humanitarian fashion passed it on to his various competitors! Then showing near divine inspiration he removed the front site from his shotgun, which enhanced the overall aerodynamic's of the barrel, reduced the distraction of something shiny at the end of the gun and in a moment of true genius found that this also perfectly balanced the weight of the gun front to back! (every 4.1 grains of metal counts ) And finally showing a financial acumen, that ranks with the giants of industry, he talked you out of 30 bucks (that I am pretty sure he is using for the 20 bucks I heard he offers to those who write nice things about him) Long live King Widder! Regards (very tongue in cheek!) Gateway Kid
  8. That is some really good high tech advice right there. Are you saying it didn't work? After all who do you know more high tech than Widder? Regards Gateway Kid
  9. Correct ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ You do not look for ways to create an advantage out of what is, or is not, stated as a rule or shooting procedure. A “Spirit of the Game” infraction occurs when a competitor willfully or intentionally disregards the stage instructions in order to obtain a competitive advantage (e.g., taking the penalty would result in a lower score or faster time than following the instructions). In such case, a 30-second Failure to Engage/Spirit of the Game penalty is assessed, in addition to any penalties for misses, procedurals, and minor safety violations. It is not assessed simply because a competitor “makes a mistake.” SHB page 11 Failure to Engage A “failure to engage” penalty occurs when a competitor willfully or intentionally disregards the stage instructions in order to obtain a competitive advantage and is not assessed simply because a competitor “makes a mistake.” A “failure to engage” applies only to non-shooting situations such as refusing to rope a steer, throw a stick of dynamite, or otherwise make an attempt to complete any other non-shooting procedure written within the stage instructions. In such case, a 30-second “failure to engage” penalty is assessed in addition to any penalties for misses, procedurals, or minor safety infractions- SHB page 12 Any shooter, guest, or match official who uses foul language, is disrespectful, offensive, rude, or becomes belligerent or threatening in any manner will be disqualified from the event and, at the discretion of the Match Director, may be required to leave the property. - Interpersonal conflicts will not be tolerated SHB page 12 MATCH DISQUALIFICATION PENALTIES (MDQ) A Match Disqualification (MDQ or “Match DQ”) penalty is of the most serious in nature, and means the shooter puts his/her firearms away and is done shooting for the duration of the match. - Two accumulated Spirit of the Game assessments. Belligerent attitude or unsportsmanlike conduct. SHB page 22 Would definitely need more information but as for the "out of hand" spotter I am glad the MD handled it, From the minimal information given I would have seriously considered asking him to "chill" while no longer spotting. Could certainly have qualified for his/her own MDQ. We are all safety officials and we all make mistakes but I do not understand a spotter "getting loud and admonishing" another shooter, that would really bother me. Regards Gateway Kid
  10. Tried raising Indian Runner ducks to train my herding dogs. Worked well till the ducks got pen broke. And man do they smell bad!!!! Regards Gateway Kid
  11. Wow! Is that a whole family investment? Nearly 70,000 rounds over the summer! 7,000 gr. per pound, 3.2 gr. per cartridge (125 gr. bullet) equals 2187 rounds per pound times 32 pounds of powder equals 69,984 cartridges. That is a boatload of primers. BTW if you need I am adoptable! Regards Gateway Kid
  12. Last I saw it was at EOT. Still working on the basic structure. Any pictures of progress? Regards Gateway Kid
  13. Thanks every body for their responses .. Found some Regards Gateway Kid
  14. That is why you have a good assistant posse marshal. Regards Gateway Kid
  15. Every 1st week in February for the last 8 years. With the exception of 2020 and 2021 I have been a posse marshal at Winter Range (now EOT) and wanted to be sure I was current on the as published new rules/clarifications/updates as I could get. I enjoy being a TO/RO locally and like to be prepared. For a big match I bring copies in my cart and a new RO card I keep in my hat. Regards Gateway Kid
  16. Looking for about 500 + 5.56 brass. Prefer once fired but not a deal breaker. Also prefer minimum outdoor range pickups so I can check for cracks easily and don't get the primers rusted into the flash hole. Okay to be untrimmed and still have primers in as I will be swaging and trimming anyway. Regards Gateway Kid
  17. Out of stock as of 11 am Mountain Next shipment expected in two weeks Regards Gateway Kid
  18. Had heard the LNLR were getting scarce but didn't know how scarce. I reload my own for the last 10 years of so and a pard mentioned he was low so I found some in the back of the shotgun shell pile (5 boxes) and gave them to him. (I was never going to use them) In the past he has kept me in once fired STS and Nitro so fair all around. Added... He brought me some Trail Boss as a sweetener though he didn't need to. It is good to take care of each other. Regards Gateway Kid
  19. Correct. Remember the "researchers" putting out this drivel are the same ones insisting that men can get pregnant and give birth. And just when you thought it couldn't get weirder they go ballistic should you not take them serious when they are promoting some second rate swimmer who couldn't finish better than 92nd on the mens side of the equation (junk still intact BTW) but who now dominates the womens side of things and declare that HE is a real women. Disgusting Gateway Kid
  20. We repurposed an old shed when we built our new one. 8x8 about 6 1/2 foot tall. added some racks to sit on and floor is covered in either shredded computer paper or horse shavings. Ran dog panels between old shed and new shed. ran a row of chicken wire about 1 1/2 feet down in the ground around the perimeter. Our biggest problem was neighbors dogs and the foxes. Actually don't mind the foxes they were here first but the dogs!!! We have a rooster but you don't need one. If you buy straight run birds (unsexed) you will get plenty of males. We typically buy 4-5 pullets (females) each year of a variety we don't already have so over the course of 3-4 years you will have 12-16 hens of various types (and of course the rooster!) right now we have 14 hens and get 8-10 eggs per day which means our friends haven't had to buy eggs in quite a while. Another problem you may have is we have a large number of hawks and eagles in the area so we put chicken wire over the enclosure. Prior to doing that we would lose a bird every third day or so. Thought the dogs/foxes were getting them till we saw a redtail hawk in the pen having dinner. Farm fresh eggs taste better, yolks are a more vibrant yellow, and If they stuck around that long in the refrigerator they last about 7-8 weeks. Because we collect daily we don't normally wash the eggs until ready to use (it removes the protective egg bloom) and they don't seem to keep as well. Lay crumbles in a pan work well, scratch grains on the ground, friends bringing over outdated bread and vegetables, lots of water and an occasional foray in the yard to keep down the bugs/flies (keep an eye out for predators) and you are good to go. Regards Gateway Kid BTW roosters can be vicious little #@$$ and do not ever learn to leave you alone. Best we ever had was a white silky, who while not really friendly at least didn't attack all the time.
  21. So yet another anti-gun funded "research" paper by JAMA that identifies that the law in question (commonly called a "red flag" law or Gun Violence Restraining Order) that infringes on the rights of a citizen by denying due process or confiscation of personal property (a gun) or denial of the purchase of said property, has either no effect at all or so minimal of an effect on the desired goal of reducing "gun violence that it is statistically insignificant, confirming that yet another liberal gun control scheme is useless. Seems to be a trend amongst this type of research. Six years of data were available but only 4 (2016 -2019) were used as the rates of self harm and homicide had been steadily declining during the control period of 2005-2015. No significant changes in the overall rates of either self harm or homicide were noted. Pretty sure the "Main Stream Media" will somehow be completely uninformed and shocked about the results and decline to print, broadcast or stream the negative information (negative to their cause) Further, just guessing, but it is doubtful that the powers that be are smart enough to realize this overreaching infringement on citizens rights is ineffective and rescind this feel good garbage. Seems to me a better choice to do something productive would be to actively prosecute straw man purchasers, use enhanced sentences for felons in possession or simply enforcing laws that go after criminals rather than attacking gun owners and destroying their constitutional rights. Please note the date of the article (4-5-22) yet this is the first I have heard of this "research" (5-8-22). Clearly a non-supportive paper is not newsworthy to the liberal gun grabbers. Regards Gateway Kid
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