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  1. 39 years for Sharon and I as of September this year. Since I never expected to see my 25th birthday (long story) I consider that quite an accomplishment. Should probably get around to asking Sharon what she thinks someday . Regards Gateway Kid
  2. Unsolicited plug here. Two years ago Cholla made me a hat band and belt buckle on relatively short notice, got them into my hands quickly, and the quality is really, really good. Still use the hat band as part of my match persona and drag out the buckle for other events. Well done, Cholla. Too bad I am not going to Border Town would love that bolo tie and knife sheath. Regards Gateway Kid
  3. Used to be all I used in my AR platform rifles (small rifle) and my 9mm pistols (small pistol). One of the reasons I switched to Federals was because the CCI's became unavailable around here. Never had a FTF in a stock gun from any primer until I started using the "lightened" springs in my cowboy rifles. My rugers still don't seem to care what primer I use but I learned my rifles were generally more reliable with Federals. At this point I pretty much exclusively use Federals in everything but would not be (to) worried if I had to switch to something else. I could always tighten the strain screw ('73) a quarter to half turn if need be. Regards Gateway Kid
  4. Wishing you all the best in your endeavors. At the present time there are many articles being written about how Australia should be considered a wake up call to those of us in the States. Every time I see an article, thread or email regarding those down under, I begin to understand a bit more how valuable our second amendment is and how it must be defended vigorously. All of the Aussie's (and Kiwi's as well) that I have met have had an amazingly persistent focus on those things they wish to work for. Certain that you and your council will be the same. Again good luck Gateway Kid
  5. Primer ignition depends on lots of things, springs being only one of them. How light a spring are you planning on using? Heavy springs are used by many mfgs. to ensure function in the face of poor fit and finish Have the guns been tuned/smithed to be smooth without burrs, glitches or parts dragging against each other. slows down the hammer fall especially with light springs. Is the firing pin extending correctly the proper distance out from its bushing. to short and you will get a light strike, to long and it is subject to damage. Is your hammer pull to full cock then squeeze trigger to release? or do you let go while slip hammering and occasionally only pulling the hammer back most of the way? again to short when cocking can result in insufficient hammer speed coupled with light springs equals misfires. Is the cylinder correctly indexed so when the firing pin strikes the primer it is centered and not off to one side. Off center strikes with sub par primers can fail to correctly compress the "pellet" that goes bang and ignites your powder. Fairly certain that the more "gunsmith" types could better explain all this but these are some of the things to watch out for. BTW if I haven't welcomed you to the game HOWDY!!! Gateway Kid
  6. That would explain all the people wearing makeup and mascara in New Orleans. Up here in the west we have renegades and rogues who would rob trains, banks and such because their behavior was outside the norms of polite society. Just having fun with ya CB Regards Gateway Kid
  7. Clever girl!! and smarter man to follow that advice Regards Gateway Kid
  8. thanks for the update I will admit I am TV illiterate. The only shows I watch are typically 15 or more years old and usually reruns of shows that I watched back then. Same for the DVD's I own. Haven't watched sports of any kind in more than 5 years (used to be die hard Broncos fan whose life revolved around their start time) Don't invite the propaganda screamers (sorry meant the news networks) into my living room. Haven't seen a newspaper in so long I thought they had been canceled. Even when they were around they were almost always factually incorrect and little more than a mouthpiece for a particular political party. Haven't missed anything of importance apparently. Regards Gateway Kid
  9. Also a huge increase in mixed race marriages/relationships, along with the requisite mixed race children. Of course if the father figure is a white male it is perfectly acceptable for him to be portrayed as a blithering idiot, and the dumbest of the group, unfit for anything except to be criticized or made fun of by all including the youngest (who is obviously smarter than the father figure). Disgustedly Gateway Kid
  10. "Woke" speech through out. The losers are the people of Chicago. In the early 80's spent 4 of my summers in Itasca training for 3-5 weeks each year. Going to the AIC was always on my list of "to do" things in the city. The knowledgeable staff (I did not know they were volunteers) made my visits extraordinary with their enthusiasm, expertise and in depth insight into the exhibits. Seeing busloads of children gazing wide eyed at all the displays gave hope that someday they would expand their horizons to more than just a mundane existence. This idiot (don't want to insult women by classifying her as a women) is taking a program that has proven successful for 60 years and with her overwhelming job experience of 7 months has decided that the previous directors did not know what they were doing. She deserves a permanent endorsement and her picture on the same wall of idiocy right next to the incredibly effective, citizen and law and order oriented Mayor lightfoot. (anybody know where the sarcasm emoji is?) Hope the AIC survives this but ....... Regards Gateway Kid
  11. My guns, my ammo. A long time ago I loaned one of my Cowboy competitions (38 special only) to a pard whose gun had broken and he tried to put 357 magnum in it. Jammed up solid and only a sharp TO saved my lever as the shooter tried to manhandle the round into the chamber. Shooter thought all marlins would shoot both. flash forward a few years and trying to encourage a fellow NRA instructor to join SASS and loaned him a ‘73. He insisted that he use his ammo to defray my costs. First stage had a squib. Cleared it and tried again. Another squib and this time stacked a second bullet behind it. Pretty ticked I told him enough!!! Turned out his ammo had been reloaded by his wife and was her first experience doing so unsupervised. Told him that was pretty cr@pay to risk my guns just to let his girl experiment! He never came back, I have never had anyone else’s ammo in my guns and have had exactly one other squib out of the several hundred thousand rounds I have reloaded. Lesson learned. Regards Gateway Kid
  12. This works well (and is what I do) but it helps to have a spare around as to much removal (it seems like only 15%) the gate can lose tension to where it will not completely close correctly without a little assistance (you will occasionally see some cowboys whacking on the side of the rifle to get the thing to seat) YMMV Regards Gateway Kid
  13. Don't remember the breakdown price of each but when I started CAS 2 x Marlin Cowboy Competition in 38 special 2 x Ruger Vaquero - 357 stainless 2 x Norinco '97 - 12 gauge 1 x Kirkpatrick "Tequila" rig with matching shotgun belt about 600 rounds ammo about 400 shotgun shells (mix of estate target and AA feather lites) Owner wanted $2400 cash instead took in trade for the above 1 x Ed Brown 1911 custom in 45 ACP that I had used in IPSC 1 x Bianchi holster and belt Guy was getting out of cowboy, I was getting in and he didn't want to wait 12 - 14 months plus to get the Ed Brown. Everybody walked away happy Regards Gateway Kid
  14. I know that hurts (personal experience) but gotta admire that you finished the shotgun. No pistols? or earlier in the stage? Regards Gateway Kid
  15. Only problem I see, is that my fingers don’t bend like that anymore. Regards Gateway Kid
  16. Praying for your complete recovery. May our Heavenly Father heal you, both mind and body. May your earthly physicians have the knowledge and skills to fulfill His will. May you know that your extended family (that includes us cowpokes) stands strong with you, and will see you through this. Asking all of God’s blessings for you Respectfully Gateway Kid
  17. Way cool!!! Enjoy them while they still think you know everything!! Regards Gateway Kid
  18. Every day here. All year round. I thought if I stopped sending them money they would go away. Quite the opposite. Now they are titled "did you forget?" or "statement prepared for ***", or "help us defeat *** before the they destroy the world" or my personal favorite "Personal poll prepared for ***" Most of the time more of this stuff shows up than bills or any other correspondence. Regards Gateway Kid
  19. cannot remember a time when I WASN'T getting all those "begging for money cuz we're broke" solicitations. IF and that is a very big IF they actually worked for me and did what they promised and told the truth I would support them. That said I have a hard time believing that anything they say is in my interests or intended to do something besides line their pockets. Both major parties are guilty as well as the myriad of other political word spouters looking to scam the public into helping them buy their next house in Martha's Vineyard. Regards Gateway Kid
  20. He is lifting the bag on the scale with his right toe. Guessing the bag is overweight. regards Gateway Kid
  21. Have dealt with these people for the last 20 years or so. Doesn't take long to identify those people who let their critters run crazy because "they are in the country". Usual sequence of events is a walk over to their place (usually with cell phone video of their precious pet) and let them know that the vet bills for stitching up a horse, cow, or sheep after being run into a fence are quite pricey. If that doesn't work then an interaction with the animal control people to get their attention (usually including a citation). After then politely informing them that an animal harassing livestock can be "eliminated" without warning (and then listening to their threats that if that happens they will make life a living hell) it becomes a SSS issue. For those who don't know the term - Shoot, Shovel, Shut up. Hate to make a permanent example out of a pet because the owners are complete A$$hats but my critters don't roam off property, stay inside at night, are never barking because we took the time to train them and DO NOT mess with other peoples livestock. Just one more of the joys of living out of the city. Regards Gateway Kid PS don't get me started on those jerks who dump their unwanted dogs and cats in the country because "someone else will adopt them"
  22. Mine was a shotgun first stage, had a good start and put the shotgun on a level surface after use and as I turned away it fell to the ground. Only thing to say was "thats not a good sound" and on return the shotgun had closed and stood in the corner of the prop pointed downrange as if it had been placed there. My only MDQ was 9 years ago trying to be nice and trying to repair a malfunctioning pistol with the hammer stuck at half cock. At the unloading table after being assured that all rounds had been fired, gun pointed into the side berm, pushed the cylinder just a bit and the hammer dropped the last little bit and there was a fresh hole in the sidewall of the ULT. Grateful that I did not trust the "unloaded" statement and no one was injured. Did need some clean underwear but stayed for the remaining 5 stages as TO/brasser/spotter. Don't work on others guns anymore at the range no matter how much I am asked. Regards Gateway Kid
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