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  1. This^^^^ As a posse marshal it is part of the job to know your posse members. If you don't know everyone take a moment and ask them their alias as they come up to the line the first time or two. Then announce to the scorekeeper and the rest of the posse who the shooter is. Only takes a second and then by the next stage most everyone will know each other. Of course some of us (me) are memory challenged so I may ask a time or two, but I consider it an important part of my enjoyment to know my fellow shooters by the end of the day. Regards Gateway Kid Put me down
  2. Looking good. only question would be I have noticed that lot to lot variation in the same powders can be as much as .2 grains. On my cowboy loads that is about 6%. That could mean multiple bars to be around for different lots. minimal I know at our light charges but still somewhat significant. your thoughts? cool idea though Gateway Kid
  3. Like many here I have been privileged to serve as PM at both WR and EOT. My WR posse’s were 20-22 and EOT was 20. They set stage time at 45 minutes and it averages about two minutes per shooter beep to beep. Have only held up one wave as an earlier posse misread instructions and had to reshoot for 10 shooters but normally that size works well and seems to have good flow. IMHO. locally we only get 18-20 for a monthly so split into 2x10 with 20 or go slow with 1x18. I prefer about 15 as I am a social butterfly and like to gab a bit. Gateway Kid
  4. Miss him for sure Still have a pair of 4 click/half cock NMV he built for my wife. Maybe 1000 rounds through them. First slicked up pistols I ever owned. He was always willing to talk guns and was well informed on just about everything you might want to converse about. respectfully Gateway Kid
  5. Had the same thing. went back about 15 minutes later and there was the box for both. Already signed up and paid individually so would like to straighten out and save the $75. Probably my fault for getting so excited to finally get back to my favorite match. Will call when the rush dies a little and see what can be done. Regards Gateway Kid
  6. The above^^^^ as a TO if you tell me you “think” there was a miss it is now a hit. I want to see your count (fingers) and your face, if you are watching other spotters it makes me wonder. When I call for you to be ready, please focus on the shooter not your conversation. please give me your count before you head off for other chores or to get ready yourself so I can poll all three, resolve differences and prepare for the next shooter. not a hard job but a very important one Gateway Kid
  7. 125's at 750 fps in the pistols 147's at 750 fps in the rifle. Use the 147's as knockdowns in the pistol if needed. Regards Gateway Kid
  8. Looking forward to seeing you guys. By my rough calculations you are behind about 72 hugs! But I will settle for the first one when I see you again. Tell Shanly I have a cold one with his name on it if he feels like swapping stories with this old broken down cowboy. Been way to long! Regards Gateway Kid
  9. Tried to reserve space in East. used to get an acknowledgment that it was received nothing yet Think I should resubmit? Gateway
  10. Submitted my vacation request Friday. planning to send application this coming Friday (payday) looking ahead to seeing old friends maybe make some new ones and having a good time. Regards Gateway Kid
  11. Pretty much what Jon c said. The market for new starts at about $700 to $800 around this area as there seem to be plenty available. Magazines can be problematic as some states only allow 10-15 rounds other areas no limits. I just picked up a used but like new bushmaster for $600 with factory furniture and a cheap scope. regards Gateway Kid
  12. Wouldn't it be easier to just buy 45 colt brass to shoot in a 45 colt gun? Regards Gateway Kid
  13. Colorado inflation Jan 19 gas =1.79, now 3.59 gov says 5% change Jan 19 milk =1.99, now 2.99 gov says 5% change Jan 19 avg grocery bill 2 people 2 weeks $210 including hamburger last night same groceries NO meat, $294.26 gov says 5% change sure wish I got that 5% change MadAsHeck Gateway Kid
  14. I use the strainer that I separate media from brass. Put in a bunch of brass (about 600) give it a 2 or 3 second spritz, shake it up and put a handful or two of brass into the case feeder. about every eight or nine handfuls repeat until out of brass. With carbide dies you don’t need every case lubed just enough to keep things smooth. regards Gateway Kid
  15. Here is my take, and worth what you paid for it. I think rather than rotate championship locations back and forth across the country why not have a larger club in the East host this years World Championship and a large club in the West host this years National Championship. Next year swap the titles, East being the Nationals and West being the Worlds. It takes a lot of manpower, planning and just plain hard work to put on a quality big match and to be honest many clubs simply don't have the infrastructure it takes to put on a high level event. (food and restaurants, hotel/camping acc
  16. Lots of good stuff above. I have been using dry media (crushed walnut hulls) since ‘82. Cut up a couple dryer sheets into four pieces each, put in about four hundred cases of ‘38, top on snug, come back in two hours or so (longer if you forget), take cleaner outside/downwind, dump everything into separator, put media back into cleaner, brass into container to be reloaded, done. As I have gotten older I now use a mask (sometimes) since I have plenty of them and toss the media about every 3-4 thousand cases. Could probably use it longer but time to clean starts to get excessive (3-4 hours) so wh
  17. Cool! New alternative alias - Lucky Dog regards Gateway Kid
  18. Just ordered some 62 gr. 224 Bullets from midway that I use for 3 gun. $115 per 1100 which is only $4.80 more than last year, in stock and expected to be here on Friday Regards Gateway Kid
  19. We “shoot” them almost every night. We have a den with two adults and two kits across the irrigation ditch from where we enjoy our evenings. Quite pleasant temperatures, mild breeze and the foxes playing with each other makes for a nice way to spend a couple hours. If I knew how to get the pictures onto the forum we must have close to 100. Regards Gateway Kid
  20. Praying for your beloved to beat this. She needs your strength to support her so praying for you as well. Respectfully Gateway Kid
  21. I have several Uberti '73's. All of them are marked "357 magnum" or "cal 357 mag" None of them have ever had anything but 38's run through them. YMMV Regards Gateway Kid
  22. Didn’t think so just offering help if possible. I love this game and am heartbroken when I hear of issues that could derail everyone’s enjoyment regards Gateway
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