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  1. Which state are you referring to? Here is Colorado Big Game regulations for 2020. Have not found any restrictions on center fire rifles specific to game size. 1. CENTERFIRE RIFLES a. Must be a minimum of .24 caliber (6 mm). b. Must have a minimum 16-inch barrel and be at least 26 inches long. c. If semiautomatic, a maximum of six rounds are allowed in the magazine and chamber combined. d. Must use expanding bullets that weigh a minimum of 70 grains for deer, pronghorn and bear, 85 grains for elk and moose, and have an impact energy (at 100 yards) of 1,000 ft.-pounds as rated by manufacturer. Using non-premium PowerPoint ammunition 100 Grain Winchester, 2960 fps ((100x(2960x2960))/450400 = (876160000/450400) = 1,945.2 foot pounds of energy at muzzle. (Using Winchester stated velocity) 100 Grain Winchester, 2697 fps ((100x(2697x2697))/450400 = (727380900/450400) = 1,614.9 foot pounds of energy at 100 yards. (Using Winchester stated velocity) 100 Grain Winchester, 2449 fps ((100x(2449x2449))/450400 = (599760100/450400) = 1,331 foot pounds of energy at 200 yards. (Using Winchester stated velocity) Still over minimum. e. It is illegal to hunt game birds, small-game mammals or furbearers with a centerfire rifle larger than .23 caliber during regular rifle deer and elk seasons west of I-25, without an unfilled deer or elk license for the season. A small-game, furbearer or unfilled big-game license is required. NOTE: SMART RIFLES are prohibited, including any firearm equipped with a target tracking system, electronically controlled, assisted or computer-linked trigger or a ballistics computer. Any firearm equipped with a scope containing a computer processor is considered to be a smart rifle. NOTE: FULLY AUTOMATIC RIFLES are prohibited Colorado Parks and Wildlife Hunter lesson # 9 Mid range ballistics for Elk hunting To legally hunt elk with a rifle in Colorado, you must use a rifle that fires expanding bullets with a minimum caliber of .24 cal. or 6mm, a minimum weight of 85 grains that delivers at least 1,000 ft. lbs. of energy at 100 yards. The rifle must also have a minimum barrel length of 16 inches and if a semiautomatic rifle, can hold no more than six rounds in the magazine and chamber combined. Regards Gateway Kid
  2. My home club has a toy shoot every year. Entry fee is an unwrapped present suitable for a child, though we emphasize ages 12 and up since they always seem to be forgotten. Toys are collected and delivered to the Shriner hospital in Salt Lake City. Donations are also taken for those who wish. Our club is smaller with about 30-40 members and about 15-18 show up for the match, yet we still donate about 40 toys and several hundred dollars each year. Just shows that cowboy folk really do care about others. Seen that attitude all across the country. regards Gateway Kid
  3. Good price great gun. Have 2, one is a full size stainless like this one but my serrations are straight diagonal rather than scalloped. The other is a Sc (scandium) version in commander size with laser grips, very light but a little snappy when shooting it. Both feed anything and are very accurate. Regards Gateway Kid
  4. In the safe is a pair of four click NM vaqueros with 4 5/8’s barrels in 357. One of the last pair that Wes Flowers built. Intended to be for SWMBO but she prefers my plain jane NMV 45’s with 4 5/8’s as they are lighter and she is more comfortable with 130 grain barnstormers from shooting fox. Go figure. BTW I now use exclusively 5 1/2 barrels as these old eyes seem to pick up the sights better with the longer radius. Further BTW I have yet to see a pair of used OMV that have any “collector” value, sequential numbers or not. They are Rugers used for shooting, not Colts made around the turn of the century where anything modified would destroy their value to a purist. I know I would not pay a premium on top of their “useful” value. Regards Gateway Kid
  5. Those are what I use. 10 years ago $800-$900 pair. lately I have seen ads asking for $1100-$1300 pair. haven’t bought any recently to know what they actually sold for good guns regards Gateway Kid
  6. The few that I have shot worked best when I focused on levering as smoothly as possible, do not get caught up in trying to go fast. When I did at about half of what I run my ‘73 started getting “ notchy “ and had a couple failure to feed and a jam. Slow and steady was a pleasant surprise as to how smooth it was and accuracy was excellent. regards Gateway Kid
  7. Late to the party but any chance you have Browning Buckmark mags. Old style have a thin baseplate, newer ones have a thicker base with a kind of a step in it. Can use either but prefer old style thanks Gateway Kid
  8. Our dogs definitely have taste buds. For instance they love two week old deer entrails, both to eat and subsequently roll in, but will not touch any kind of fresh cooked meat with even a touch of sriracha sauce on it. go figure. regards Gateway Kid
  9. I just use an adapter/transformer that clips on to a regular 12volt car battery. Usually get four nights before needing a recharge. Planning to try a much lighter lithium battery after a bit more research. When we went to Africa just needed an adapter to match the plug, and used 240 direct. My machine is an AirSense 10 and came multi voltage. (12, 110, 240) Regards Gateway Kid
  10. This is my position as well. Stocked up when things were available and able to help a few others a bit. No point in raping your fellow cowboy shooters. After all who you gonna compete with if nobody else can play? Regards Gateway Kid
  11. Well if you ever get a chance come on and join us. No longer have a spare room but could probably fit you in a 39 foot 5th wheel. You're right not many rattlesnakes here and the ones we have are small (maybe one or two feet seems the most common). Not many other snakes either, garters, an occasional bull snake, others don't know much about them as to type, they go their way I go mine and everybody gets along. Regards Gateway Kid
  12. went camping for 8 days on Tennesse Pass (home of the 10th mountain division) a number of years ago. Pretty large group of about 20 or so. Camp rules were you took turns helping cook and if you did not you would have to do dishes. Our friends younger brother was a doctor and hated cooking with a passion so volunteered to wash dishes rather than show off his abysmal culinary skills. would always be last to the campfire, tired and sore from scrubbing, dishpan hands and wet from head to toe with soapy water. I asked him why he did not use the prewash cycle in his dishwashing and he had no idea what that meant. Told him watch this and called our three Australian shepherds and let them have at the dirty pots and pans.10 minutes later TaDahhh! spotless. told him, now just wash down with soapy water to get rid of dog germs and you're done. The look on his face was priceless and the relationship between him and the pups was a beautiful thing. Regards Gateway Kid
  13. Just a little (late) shout out to Cholla. Got my hat band and buckle last week sometime. Great workmanship, love the color and an amazingly fair price. No stock in his business but a very satisfied customer. Thanks so much Cholla Regards Gateway Kid
  14. Congrats Sage Chick and to proud papa Rowdy! regards Gateway Kid
  15. Model 100 Winchester (semi auto) or a Model 88 Winchester (lever). Several deer and antelope have been bagged with one or the other. Have also taken two elk with the model 100 at about 90-100 yards (my handloads with a 100 gr BTSP) but wouldn't recommend it on elk at any range much beyond that. My brother in law used a Remington model 700 in 243 as his only hunting rifle for about 10 years and generally came home with either a deer or elk (sometimes both) every year but I do not know the range he shot at. He is also an exceptionally good shot with just about anything he cares to shoot. Regards Gateway Kid
  16. How are things GJ? As I said “irresponsible idiots “. Have seen it here as well and the actions of the jerks led to our asking another shooting group to move on when they declined to replace the steel they ruined. Worst part was they acted as if we were persecuting them instead of correcting the behavior of their bad apples. There was no doubt as to the identity of the idiots, it just took a while to convince our group it was not in our interests to put up with these behaviors. Regards Gateway Kid
  17. Seems to me that if they can afford a .50BMG and the ammo to feed it there should not be a problem for them to pony up some dough to replace the damaged steel ASAP. Can’t be that many irresponsible idiots that shoot that kind of firepower without somebody noticing. Regards Gateway Kid
  18. If you have started your list could you add me for belt buckle and hat band? Regards Gateway Kid
  19. Happy Birthday PWB looking forward to seeing you somewhere down the trail. Be sure and wish that Talon fellow happy birthday as well. Regards Gateway Kid
  20. Debate will not change whom I will be voting for. Depending on what Mr. Biden says (or doesn't say)..... and how the debate is run (particularly if it gets obviously pre-ordained) Some of our fellow citizens of more liberal persuasion may change their minds, though I wouldn't count on it. In the meantime I will be doing more important things like... cooking some burgers, watching an old western that I have seen a dozen times, folding my socks or possibly sweeping up the dogs hair in the hallway. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions Regards Gateway Kid
  21. My wife loves her 238 and my every day carry is the 938. Both take practice to master (as do most things) but on a 10 yard range at an 8 inch paper plate my wife will have maybe two off the target out of fifty. She will usually be firing with a decent pace, not truly slow but with multiple double taps mixed in. My 938 has tighter groups but I attribute that to my practice more than anything. Neither is particularly unpleasant but like most small guns both take some focus to control the recoil. Can’t go wrong with either IMHO. Regards Gateway Kid
  22. Holsters for my guns, screw knife holster sewn onto rear of strong side pistol holster, shotgun belt with 8-12 shells depending on stage (I take twice what the target count is), a slide with 5 cartridges (38's usually but sometimes 45's). Note that I use suspenders/braces to hold my pants up and my sass badge is pinned onto left side out of the way. (don't like gun belt over regular belt) and my empties bag is in my right hand rear pocket with my loading strip in the left side rear pocket. Works for me but you may have a different setup and that is good as well. Regards Gateway Kid
  23. No worries Been shooting my SKB's for years but your BSS is looking so good.... Sort of a seven year itch!!! Will look for you in october Gateway
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