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  1. Same here way back in high school it was a treat to get the German potato Salad in a can to split with my brother for lunch. Neither of us really liked chips or Fritos Regards Gateway Kid
  2. Quite an improvement over what I was thinking... and look at the umm errr wingspan on the more mature specimens Regards Gateway Kid
  3. Pretty sure that is what was meant Regards Gateway Kid
  4. Didn’t Gilligan have a pet bird that scared away the big spider on the island? Someone with good Google skills (I have none) could check it out. Then our Australian pards could import a bird or two.... problem solved Regards Gateway Kid
  5. An obscure and nearly forgotten mindset developed by an ancient culture that believes repetitive motions translate into future success. For further guidance refer to their current high lord “Jedi Widder” and his current acolyte “Red Knee” Regards Gateway Kid
  6. Don’t forget makeup’s, live fire practice, tweaker shells while settling on what works for you and your gun, the occasional variance in what your press drops (+\- a few grains adds up), spillage probably other stuff. I use a one ounce load and expect to get about 395-400 rounds per 25# bag so 65# would make about 1035-1040 rounds. Sounds good until you factor in the every month 250 rounds of live practice, the annual that burns 50-60 plus a dozen runs on a side match etc etc Welcome and all the best Gateway Kid
  7. Always remember when dealing with liberals, they don’t want to hear your opinion, they want to hear their opinion coming from your mouth. Regards Gateway Kid
  8. Love it! Stories about well grounded young people (like this one) who exemplify the benefits of hard work, dedication, education and the ability to express themselves in a professional manner renew my faith that there is a generation coming up who will carry this country forward to continued greatness. Well done AA and and SM Gateway Kid
  9. Thanks CC for the follow up. Grew up and lived in northern Denver and the suburbs there, didn’t have much reason to go Colorado Springs. Sorry your time there was unpleasant to you and I hope whatever you are doing now is more satisfactory to you and yours. regards Gateway Kid
  10. Question for you. Since this report is using data from six years ago has there been any follow up since then you are aware of? Also you mentioned patrolling “the ghetto”, where was that? It has been a while but I grew up in Northglenn, Westminster, Thornton, Brighton, Henderson and Commerce City and am unfamiliar with where the ghetto is. Don’t really care to go back much but family obligations pop up and make it a necessity sometimes. Much prefer the western slope these days. Regards Gateway Kid
  11. Do you mean you cut a coil off the hammer spring or unhooked one leg of the trigger springs? My original trigger pull was pretty good but cocking them took two hands and a helper so I polished the internals and put in a shorter hammer spring (about 3/8 inch shorter) to try them out. Don’t know the poundage now but will get an occasional ftf with cheapo bulk 22. Waiting on my wolf spring kit to arrive in the meantime. regards Gateway Kid
  12. Would somebody please buy this and save me! SWMBO says if one more 1911 follows me home I will be grounded under strict supervision. Seriously would love to get this but unfortunately after being out of work for a while it would stretch the budget to tight at this time. great price BTW Regards Gateway Kid
  13. So glad you have decided to come join the fun. You make some fair points and if I may elaborate. The advantage of 38’s over “fat cartridges “ (I assume you mean 45’s or similar) as far as competitiveness can be overemphasized, especially by some. There are literally dozens if not hundreds of shooters using big bore guns who could kick the snot out of most on any given day. Same could be said for some of those who use BP, it is an eye opener when somebody who can’t even see their target burns down a stage two or three seconds faster than a good smokeless shooter. Their guns may have been modified maybe not, what separates them is the effort put into doing their best with what they have. While I cannot speak for any but myself I don’t personally know any of these good shooters who are not also good people, willing to mentor a newby, setup or write stages, run timers, share their experiences with any, loan guns (sometimes repair broken ones), etc. etc. etc. Further my experience has been when they are running a stage in the teens they are doing it within the rules. Someone once told me “it takes a lifetime to build a good reputation, give up your integrity once and it is gone forever”. It kind of weeds out those who break rules rather than push the edge. This is a game and to those who don’t think the mouse fart shooters, the “gamers”, the fast shooters aren’t there to have fun as much as everybody else, I say as long as they follow the rules there is room for everybody. Enjoy the ride, it is a great one. Regards Gateway Kid
  14. Similar to an experience I had with a shooter several years ago. He liked to run his chops about how anyone not shooting 45's was shooting "mouse fart" loads, he would deride others lack of fortitude/manhood and constantly question whether others loads were even making power factor. I had finally had enough and brought my chronograph to a match. His loads were 160 grain 45's at about 550fps. PF of 88. Same load in rifle and pistol with about 50 FPS more from the rifle PF of 96 . My pistols were 125 grain 38's at 780 fps PF of 96. Rifle was 147 grain at about 750 fps PF of 110. I have never been recoil sensitive and was a "hand cannon" (44 mag, 454 Casull, 480 Ruger, 460 S&W, and 500 S&W) junkie for a lot of years, my CAS loads are the lightest center fire I have ever shot. I tried to explain some of Doc Shapiro's research (great stuff by the way Doc Shapiro!!!) to the guy but he was having none of it. He got ticked off and left the game shortly afterwards. Always sorry to see anyone quit but sometimes.... Regards Gateway Kid
  15. Never seen that done or heard of someone asking before this post. Seems to me if you are arranging the plates specifically for each shooter you are letting them shoot a different stage than everyone else. JMO Regards Gateway Kid
  16. At least I could understand those old shows, today’s panic driven articles seem to be more along the lines of “ my sister’s best friend’s cousin knows someone who heard that the possibility of getting this overwhelmingly deadly virus is nearly 100% if you live in the same neighborhood as someone who may have been exposed by touching a napkin in their yard without medical PPE and tossing it into the trash can plus everyone they have spoken to is certainly infected by breathing the contaminated air”. Unfortunately, as reported by today’s media, that is what passes for scientific and intellectual discourse today. where is the dang sarcasm emoji anyway? regards Gateway Kid
  17. Gotta love their virologist regarding the change in verbiage from the cdc. “this is due to unclear messaging from governmental officials” ummmm no this is scientists in a rush to publish (and slam the president) who didn’t bother to do the “science” part More leftist bs Regards Gateway Kid
  18. Finally home should work how and where do you need paid? Gateway Kid
  19. If the “flax” ivory will fit my new model single six 32’s I will take both sets for $60 shipped Gateway Kid send pm and I can send payment as you like on Monday am
  20. I am a new 45 CS user. This set is what I use with a 45 colt shell plate on a Dillon 550. I think the auto rim crimp is a roll type and my standard 45 ACP is a taper. If I am incorrect someone will let us both know. Took a little fiddling but works great with 130 grain Barnstormer and 160 grain rnfp. Regards Gateway Kid
  21. Don’t know how to post a link but LifeZette.com may 14 time stamp 5:03 about 1/2 through is what I was looking at. i did a lookup on “surgeon general” and it brought up two or three articles. The previously linked article in the Atlantic stated that masks were 99% effective at stopping transmission of the virus which sounds a bit high and that is what I am questioning. regards Gateway Kid
  22. It seems the surgeon general disagrees with the linked article. I did read the piece and I admit I am a bit skeptical of most published articles these days as so many are contradictory to one another. Thank you for the link and hope all is well with you and yours. Regards Gateway Kid
  23. Correct A family friend whose mother died 8 days after my mother passed, called about verbiage on the death certificate. Both moms had been battling cancer that had been diagnosed as terminal for some time, both were required to have a covid test upon entry to the morgue. My mom was negative, her cause of death was listed as cardiac failure. My friends mom had cancer in several locations including lungs and breast tissue, Her covid test was positive. her cause of death was listed as respiratory failure with complications due to covid 19. Kicker is her doctor did not perform a test in January and she died within 2 days of his prediction date after being under his care and a terminal diagnosis for at least a year. As I understand it her death will be lumped into the “coronavirus” category. WTH!!? Regards Gateway Kid
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