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  1. well according to their website registry information they just started this scam in April and the admin is located in North Carolina. All the pertinant information has been privatized so you can't find out who they really are. Registrant: Organization: Private by Design, LLC Mailing Address: NC, US Registrar Information Name: Porkbun, LLC IANA ID: 1861 Abuse contact email: abuse@porkbun.com Abuse contact phone: tel:+1.8557675286
  2. Armay My wife has this same rig the 357 and 38 special vaquero's both work it the holsters unsure about the 5 and 1/2 barrels as ours are the sass vaqueros.
  3. This was a good WET shoot :-) Day 2 was much drier.
  4. I am a real big fan of my Dillon SL900 actually have 2 of them. I set mine up over a year ago and have made no adjustments except for powder charge when I changed powders can run around 300 a hour if I can keep up with the hulls :-) Stage 1 resizes the brass and forms a straight hull as well as de-primes, Stage 2 seats a primer and drops the powder charge, Stage 3 wad and shot drop, Stage 4 does the pre-crimp and stage 5 is the final crimp and drop into the bucket or whatever you prefer. The Dillon SL900 is designed on the Dillion XL650 frame and runs to me as good as my Dillon XL 650. I spent a good 40 hours working on my DL900 I bought it used and it needed a lot of work but now I can load for Southeast regional easily in 1 evening that includes Pistol and rifle ammo as well as shotgun. Like I said big fan of the Dillon but I am loading for more than just me.
  5. That would be a Fast Eddie question if I ever heard one.
  6. Unsure if we have sent in our paperwork yet not not but we'll be there Me and Sapphire Rose that is.
  7. I have a buscadaro rig for the 45lc it can be had cheap especially if face to face since I am over in Chattanooga. I don't shoot 45s so it is just taking up space.
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