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  1. cotton mouth cole lives down that way and I know he shoots a couple of places around there
  2. I don't know about their powders but just finished up 5,000 Nobel Primers with only 1 Fail to fire that shell is in the weeds deep in the woods of Oak Ridge somewhere as I can only throw so far :-). Anyway if their powders are that good it should be good stuff.
  3. I'll see you at South Carolina for sure I might have to get 2 hugs :-) I have 5 pounds of Clean Shot I actually did a couple of stages at Wartrace last year in Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun but unsure why it a appeared to not burn cleanly mind you I was running 3.2 grains in Rifle and Pistol and 13 grains in shotshell CB-1178-12 wad and 7/8oz #7 1/2 or #8 shot. I based those loads on what the comparison appeared to be with both my Red Dot and Tite group powders but hey I am always will to learn. Old Dog can learn a new trick woof woof :-)
  4. I thought about that too and nice recipe for me to uh borrow yeah that's it :-) but in reality I have a lot more Tightgroup than all my other powders combines that is why I developed a recipe for it in my shotgun. the flake powder like Red dot and Titewad fill the 38 case better which in turn gives me less pressure and lower recoil especially when Sapphire rose is shooting too. and the same occurs with the Tightgroup in my shotgun loads They are around 920-950 fps 7/8th oz using the CB0178-12 wad and 13 grains powder. I tried Tightgroup in a few pistol loads and it worked fine I just like the more filled case the flake powder gives me in the pistol since light loads anyway. If it comes down to it I will do exactly what your load said :-) Thank You!
  5. I know so did I :-) I am going by the Burn rate and the fact it is a flake powder similar to the Red Dot I burn now and I be running out of that :-)
  6. Hey Buddy, I shoot Titegroup in my shotshells. You have seen mine go boom boom :-) I run 13 grain pushing a CB1178-12 wad 7/8oz of either 7 - 1/2 or 8 shot. Just FYI might be a little help if you are checking your recipe??? Won't see you at Oak Ridge next shoot I'll be at South Carolina State good luck!!
  7. Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and Indiana going to shoot Kentucky and Mississippi this year as well as Oklahoma
  8. Bill did you get the 616 or the 209 primers from Fiocchi? I ran through 5000 Noble primers with only 1 FTF and now I am loading Cheddites no issues with those that I have seen. I'd trade you 100 cheddites just so I could try the fiocchi at our next match if you want to try those.
  9. I am currently running 3.2 grains of Red Dot behind a 105 grain coated bullet this load has not appeared to be weather sensitive as I have shot in COLD and HOT and pouring rain and even a little snow :-)
  10. Hey guys, My wife 'Sapphire Rose' and I have been doing this cowboy shooting for just over 2 years now and all this time of my reloading I have used Red Dot for our Pistol and Rifle Reloads and Tight Group for our Shot shells. As everyone knows POWDERS are iffy so we have all come up with different replacement loads. I have search here on the forum but have not found any recipes for Titewad powder used in 38 special loads. Does anyone load pistols with Titewad powder specifically. I know tight group is a good replacement for my pistol powder but I am not interested in using my Tightgroup for pistol as it is way more dense than either Titewad or my current Red Dot. So does anyone have a recipe for pistols and Titewad. Thanks Yohan
  11. Sapphire Rose and myself plan on being there.
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