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  1. What length barrel the picture is nothing more than a thumbnail and can't really be seen. Thanks
  2. Hey Col. Tuscarora Check out this company not earth walker but they may fit the bill closest thing I have seen to them. https://www.soulpathshoes.com/shop/moccasin-boots/black-chocolate-moccasin-boots/ See you Sunday.
  3. that is the same rifle both my wife and I shoot. awesome little rifle
  4. Our Application is in the mail as of today.
  5. the problem there is not the stock it is the LEVER is different on a straight stock versus pistol grip stock
  6. I roll my sleeves up even in the dead of winter when shooting Cowboy. Take my jacket of to shoot and put it back on in the winter but always have my sleeves rolled up to the crook of the elbow because I have been the recipient of HOT brass in the crook of the arm :-) If you can't wear shorts well be like the rest of us Scot's and wear a Kilt woo hoo just do not ask me to bend over :-)
  7. If still available I'd like the black Wahmaker trousers and the green scarf shipping to 37421 and how to get payment to you. Thanks Yohan
  8. Pony express stopped by when I stepped out for lunch :-) glad no horse poop dropped off :-) thanks
  9. Payment sent by paypal :-) Thank You
  10. I'll take that 1k of nickel if that is ok assuming you still have them?
  11. exactly how you keep her shooting get her better stuff than you. Same with my wife she has this rig it is a awesome rig.
  12. You must have been on a different posse. I missed you plus I was running late :-) glad you got to come down and hang out.
  13. Yank do you shoot some of the local matches down there with Fast Eddie?
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