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  1. I know it's a long shot But would someone out there be willing to sell me some small and Lrg pistol primers. It's a lot to ask but I'm trying to keep my grandsons shooting and I'm running low on primers. As most know primers have all but dried up I found some in Oklahoma but the fellow wants $150 a thousand and I can't make myself pay that (honestly can't afford to pay that). Anything would help can't really use CCI's my stuff don't like them. Let me know if you can give a pard a hand.. Thanks,
  2. please e mail me at dr3498@hotmail so I can get you my address and where to send the $.  I hope you and yours are all well through this bad bug...... 

    1. Buffalo Sam Peed #66990

      Buffalo Sam Peed #66990


  3. sent out today

    again sorry for the delay

  4. I'm so sorry I have been out on the road was only to be gone 3 days turned into 10 i'll be back to kc on Sat the 14th I promise to get the brass out to you the minute I get in. The wife put the ck in the bank and she wasn't to do anything with it she was just tring to help me out. Again I'm sorry for the delay.

  5. Have you shipped the 45 colt brass? My bank shows check cashed.


  6. EMF and you are tops in my books. All of my cowboy guns are EMF.

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