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  1. I quit clay shooting when i started Cowboy Action Shooting… I was never really much of a clay shooter: @Hosswill say I’m not much of a cowboy action shooter either! Ha! …But I’d participate in local clay shoot fundraiser matches and occasional family trips to the trap and skeet club a few towns away. I never thought much about the action or the fit of my stock back then. Recently, however, I brought out my Citori and it was exactly as i remembered. Good stiff action with solid trigger pull…. But since starting cowboy action, and having had a proper length of pull and the actions on my shotguns worked over by great gunsmiths, I am not content with my Citori anymore. Its not broken but the LOP is definitely long, it points high for me and the action is stiff to open and close.. with a heavy trigger pull. I wonder if its just that my Cowboy Action Shooting SxS’s ruined my Citori for me? …or…Can my Citori benefit from a trip to a gunsmith for a cowboy style action job? I know I can benefit from a stock fitting, at least a LOP adjustment with a little toe-in to bring the barrels down a bit…. So, anyone have any recommendations for a Citori mechanic to likes of Fast Eddie and Johnny Meadows for Baikal and SKB SxS’s… but for Citori?…
  2. Those wont be the last things lol… just the last things to get started Start thinking about reloading equipment…
  3. I saw a gun vid on youtube with hickock45 talking about it and shooting in a vest and a hat… said go to the website and find the nearest club. I did, and I called @Dream Chaser, SASS #79316 .. first match i only stayed for a few mins but long enough to recognize a friend from church( @Will Kane ) … and the next thing i know im buying his old shotgun which im still shooting today! That was just about three years ago.
  4. This thing is a hoot! Its strange to get a shot shell reloaded with every pull of the handle…and the hull feeder is sooo quiet! She’s definitely another “lifetime” machine!
  5. Good stuff?…. as in “faster horses, younger women, older whiskey and more money!”…?
  6. …plus they come in pairs for this game ha!
  7. Something similar happening with my xl750… the shell gets stuck on the ramp under the feeding wedge…the little grooved track thats part of the conversion set… happening more often now (4 times in 150 rounds)
  8. Great news! … come back and post some pics!
  9. If I jack out rounds at tomorrow’s match its only cuz you're a great role model!
  10. Im tempted to do the same then take an @Alamo Andy tip and put a dremel to the sides for a cross cut pattern… then restain ;/
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