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  1. Maybe “Wynona Earp” on Netflix or one of the streaming services? It’s a modern day “b” western series… maybe we need a “c” or “d” western classification so as not to insult true “B” westerns….. this show Is super cheesy but can be fun. I highly DONT recommend it for true blue western movie fans…. But it might be the one you’re talking about… female lead…. Immortal characters (she’s not one)…
  2. Yes agreed but the fold down counter would be where I’d strip and clean my guns and such …
  3. Looking around at my messy reloading room (my wife actually let me take over a spare bedroom!) I remembered a plan for a workbench/cabinet featured in a better homes and garden or another crafty magazine from late 80’s or early 90’s… you know those things before the internet with color pages that came in the mail?… this specific cabinet was made from two 4x8 sheets of plywood with zero wasted wood. When closed all the junk was hidden behind the doors….the two doors in the lower half would open to support a fold down desk top or counter in the middle section… then two more smaller doors on the upper part of the cabinet… when folded it was only about a foot deep but it would open up to be a great workspace with storage areas. Anyone remember this plan? I can’t find anything even remotely close to what I’ve just described. I thought maybe the collective consciousness of this group might have some leads on locating the plans for what would make a great reloading and storage cabinet!
  4. I purchased this rifle from Fallon Kid and I will vouch for him all day long that he is a straight shooter! I’m proud to say we’ve become long distance friends since working out this deal. Thanks again Fallon for working with me on closing this deal. Look forward to learning lots more from you via our email, texts and phone conversations!
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