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  1. All of it!!! Well... I won an XL750 at the Battle of Plum Creek in November.... and I find myself crawling on my hands and knees looking for any stray piece of brass that may have rolled off the loading bench... can’t seem to stop loading!
  2. We use fire stick and Apple TV ... but we like the fire stick much more. We don’t miss cable at all ... it’s only $50.00 or so. Get it, test it out with some free introductory subscriptions to Hulu and Netflix like services for a month and see if you miss cable enough to justify the $250.00 a month they want to charge now a days. We didn’t.
  3. For the bundle? How about I cover the shipping...for the whole kit and kaboodle.
  4. Newly refurbished SDB with Dillon Strong Mount, powder measure, large & small primer magazine tubes & pick up tubes, Large & small primer cups, tool set and mount and larger powder measure bar. I also have a Lee single stage press mounted to the front that I used for bullet pulling and bullet sizing. The bundle comes with 6 of the most popular pistol caliber conversion sets. 5 of these also come with tool heads. .38/.357 w/tool head (currently installed in the press) and three seating stems (flat, round and wadcutter) .38 ACP with tool head
  5. I’ll take em, getting a pard started soon , will make a Great starter Pair with my old gunbelt
  6. Still available? Starting to look into shooting plainsman side matches dnd long distance
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