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  1. Come on WN, fess up to it… aren’t these the guns you shot with us at the Rio Grande Valley Vaqueros monthly match last weekend? You mentioned how you were going to overcharge your 38’s ala Elmer Keith and develop a new wildcat cartridge that would take the cowboy action world by storm… with the power factor of .454 casull in a 38sw case shot through a bp cylinder midified to fit in swingout revolvers… you mentioned how you’d try and get your mother-in-law to try one and if it didn’t work, you were sure your father-law would want to try the the second revolver….. looks like you really did take your in-laws to the range after all…good for you! (hows that for a story? )
  2. Sabe mas el diablo por viejo que por diablo…. Roughly translated that means “the devil knows more due to his age than because he’ the devil”…. Amazing what a little fine aging can do …and not just to liquor and wine!
  3. Ding dang it Doc, you got some nice offerings!
  4. The quest for upgrades is also part of the fun! Thats the good thing about this obsession we call CAS… the firearms keep most of the value to re-sell and pay for upgrades…at times even go up in value! When i started (2019) I got in with a new Marlin 94 (remlin) for $700, a pair of new vaqueros i found on clearance at buds for $550 each and a $400 shot gun…. Didn’t own any cowboy guns before then… 3+ years later and Im still shooting those same Rugers and shotgun as my main match guns (Rugers went through a few upgrades)… somewhere beween then and now I picked up three race ready slicked and short-stroked 73’s, back up pair of rugers and shotgun, … several long range guns… a set of wildbunch guns, a set for plainsman… now looking for a hammered double in case i ever itch to shoot classic cowboy lol… I wont mention reloading presses… thats a whole other set of quests! Welcome to the rabbit hole!
  5. fair price for what look like great guns!
  6. Wait till you handle tuned, short stroked stainless ruger new model vaqueros
  7. Same… any lighter will allow blow-by in my baikals charring the hulls a bit…ruining the shell for reloading because they’re no longer smooth…
  8. Hey! Thats a great reason to shoot a 20g! If you already have your 20g sxs and are set up for reloading then all thats left is for you to get to a match anc shoot it! If you already have a 12g also then take both and see what you like best
  9. At one time I would’ve thought that to be excessive however a 100k supply of primers now sounds very reasonable!
  10. Another plus to shooting the ubiquitous 12g… and its happened to me.. if you need ammo in the middle of a match your friends may be able to help you out and spot you a a box or two … i was at nationals and had a 12g squib during first day practice stages… then another one during the next day’s practice stages…. I couldn't trust my reload batch after that … so @Dream Chaser, SASS #79316 and @Itchy Trigger helped me with spare off the shelf 12g… benefits of using a smaller hull? … i shoot with a cowboy that uses a 97… FAST… he can draw four 16g shells at a time…. He is tall and big handed so could probably pull four 12g also but his technique is impressive…. i considered a 20g sxs at one time cuz I’m very short… I thought the 20g would be scaled to my hands better… but the reason mentioned above out weighs smaller shells for me….for now at least..
  11. Dropping a map screenshot just in case anyone else is wondering where this is being held…
  12. My rifle locked up on the second round of the rifle string…needed to hammer back a bent round at the fumble area… and made the rookie mistake of not emptying out the mag tube… so I learned to ALWAYS empty out the magazine if you need to pound back a squib or a bent round… oh! And also learned that a secondary benefit to having a .38 magazine alignment tube in your magazine is that they may help contain a magazine detonation and minimize damage and injury…maybe. They’re not designed to do that so maybe I was just lucky.
  13. I had a carbon fiber tube installed in my uberti when i had a magazine detonation …. I strongly believe that the carbon fiber tube helped contain the explosion and saved me further damage, not to mention possible physical harm. I think the aluminum tube i had installed as a replacement will do the same thing plus the inside diameter is a little smaller helping to further align the cartridges.
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