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  1. The campaign should be Don’t Mess With Texans…. Plus, I think it’s what Gov. Abbott calls our new constitutional carry laws that were signed into law last month and take effect after next month….
  2. How’s the saying go? … even a blind squirrel is right twice a day? … even a broken clock can have the blind squirrels nuts hidden inside?….
  3. That’s easy, you wouldn’t have had three sets … you would have had two sets of three guns! …you’d have a two pairs of main guns and a third as a back up for each pair in case one of your main match Guns failed right before a match (highly unlikely with the Ruger being Lamborghini-tanks)…. It’s all in how you word the plea to the family CFO….
  4. With this primer shortage I’m glad our clubs are allowing double deuce for adults... while it’s a fun thing to do once in a while it might just become a necessity for some of us starting to run low on primers.
  5. Simple communication is all I am I asking.. figured you were having trouble with your private messages when I saw you reading my update request but not answering .... I rather do this inthrougj pms of you can respond there. Not in a hurry but still wanted an update
  6. I enjoy my walker silencer earbuds
  7. El Catorce


    Thats the trouble with being bilingual I guess... if I say “botas” in Spanish I think “boots” en ingles... if I say “botas” in English (phonetically boat-us... or bow-tuss) I think of leggings covering the lower leg from the knees down....
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