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  1. Clear as mud ... I have SDB and tool head with 45acp dies for the SDB... seems Im missing a 45 colt set for the SDB to load c45s due to the recommendation/need for 45 colt sizing Die and 45 colt crimp... SDB used a 4 die Set so it would be: Station 1: 45 colt resizing and decap Station 2: 45 ACP bell and powder Station 3: 45 ACP bullet seating Station 4: 45 colt crimp.... all on a 45 colt shell plate for the SDB... Im not even out of my new 45-70 rabbit hole and I’m already heading down a new adventure (yikes!)... all because my 1858 remmies came with a 45colt conversion cylinder ... and I thought that was a good thing... gotta love this game of ours ... never ending branches and so much to explore and learn! I need serval lifetimes to get to the end of this game of ours!!! Love it!
  2. So let me get this straight ... if I have a square deal with an extra 45ACP conversion set sitting in my storage box (the square deal I bought came with sets for 6 calibers) ... all I need is a 45 colt shell plate and I can load 45 colts with 45 ACP dies? Or would that allow only C45S?
  3. Still a faster shot than me haha... I’m still taking you up on your table top loading stand!
  4. I’ll take em, getting a pard started soon , will make a Great starter Pair with my old gunbelt
  5. Well you might need to measure yourself about 3-4 inches below your waist... kinda across your butt... it’ll make for an easier draw
  6. Still available? Starting to look into shooting plainsman side matches dnd long distance
  7. Thank you! This is exactly what I was shooting for... I’ll be ordering those parts first thing on Monday! Another example of the Collective Intelligence available when the finest people on this forum decide they can help. I was very hesitant to ask in fear of asking a “stupid question” but decided to pull the trigger anyway. As you can see from the responses, most people that responded really did try to help without being condescending at the lack of knowledge that prompted me to post the question in the first place. Gracias amigo, via con Dios!
  8. Has anyone heard of or know of anyone that has found a work around to the square deal B to use the second station (bell and powder) without the powder measure dispenser? Dillon strongly prohibits the use of black powder in their powder measure. Having a manual through powder die would really help speed up black powder reloading by allowing the user to scoop BP into the powder funnel/belling die at the top of the stroke on station 2 of the Square Deal....
  9. Shelf level retainers and a mounting clip for a pegboard?
  10. I just got one from midwayUSA.com new for $45.
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