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  1. Looking for a pair of Ruger Single Six Stainless revolvers in .22 caliber. Matters not if they have the mag cylinder.
  2. +1, I just got one, it is much better made than any of the cheap knock-offs and it's made in USA....
  3. All make good rifles, Pedersoli, C. Sharps and Shiloh. I've had all three and to me a Shiloh is truly a work of art. I've seen fine shooters of all brands, but as mentioned above, they are only as good as the sights. MVA makes great stuff, a little expensive but well worth the extra precision. When I bought a Shiloh, I went thru Bill Goodman and cut the wait time by a year and a half. He has orders in the pipeline all the time and can change one to exactly what you want. Lot of money for a Shiloh, but I figure there ain't no luggage rack on a hearse.....
  4. Tried to send you a message on 1885, but your mailbox is full. My e-mail is: farmall130@embarqmail.com. Thanks

  5. There are several of us who shoot, 405 grain bullets in front of 14.2 grains of Unique. Very accurate out to 400 yards or more. and easy recoil

  6. 14 gr unique 405 gr pill, No Wad no Filler,ww rifle primer.....watch out, don't double charge.... My most accurate load for 200m....it is a load taked from a Lyman book, and is a safe load for trap door Springfield... It is my pet load....about same vel as bp load....need more e mail me, Gmlogan@msn.com. Mention 45-70 loads, as I don't open all emails... Good shootin...

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