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  1. Really appreciate all the suggestions!! TS
  2. I have a Dillon XL-650, so no place for an expander die. Hoping the Dillon powder funnel for 38-55 would flare the case enough that the expander die would be unnecessary.
  3. Howdy Pards! What kind of loading press and dies work best for 38-55? Can these be loaded on a Dillon 650? I've seen die sets that include an "expander" die, but I can't see how that would work on the 650 tool head. Wondering if a manual turret press would be better suited. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  4. I have a case and a half of 12 ga Low Noise / Low Recoil AA that I bought last time they had a rebate and I no longer need them. $115.00 in small unmarked bills gets you 15 boxes. Based on picking up in Lenexa, KS. They were originally purchased from Rogers Sporting Good in Liberty, MO, and at that time, free shipping and no sales tax.
  5. Have one but thanks to the virus shutdown, have not needed to run it much. Ran several test runs and observed the following. Included in the package is an extra primer plate and screws. The note from the mfr. states some USA made primers are a different height than some Euro brands. (This thing is made is Europe.). So during their testing, they noticed an issue and the resolution is the different plate. I commend them for including the extra plate, and I did need to make the switch for Federal #100 primers. The main thing is, don’t overtighten the screws when switching the plate. And use the original screws, not the extra set that comes with the plate. For it to work properly, you need to fill it with a few hundred primers, and it will not ever completely empty itself. 20 or so primers will just keep bouncing around in the hopper. Not a big deal though. The optical counter works pretty good and you get 98 to 100 primers before it cuts off. When adjusted properly (the screws on the replacement plate), it will fill a 100 count tube in 1 minute or so. It is certainly quieter that the Dillon RF-100, Like everyone else, I’m looking forward to the resumption of our matches and get togethers but until then, it’s good time to try some new things in the reloading room. Stay safe everyone!!
  6. Bear Creek makes them. Moly coated and no crimp groove. https://www.bearcreeksupplybullets.com/
  7. So this event is on 4th of July weekend since EOT ends on June 28?
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