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  1. Starline says they’re out of that size but I ordered some last week and it was delivered in 3 days.
  2. OAL on the 105’s is 1.35 or so. I crimp those in the groove. On the rifle rounds, I crimp outside the groove because my Marlin likes the longer OAL.
  3. OAL on the 130 rounds is 1.48. At 1.47”, average velocity was 810. SD was 25 if you want to get really technical.
  4. It is great powder. I’ve been using it for over a year now. 38 spl 105 grain Missouri Bullet with 3.4 grains, chrono average 653 FPS. This is with a 4.625 barrel ruger vaquero. Average power factor 68. Same powder charge with 130 grain bullet going down a 20” rifle barrel, 793 average. I found it to be very consistent and not temperature sensitive. My cases were getting some blowback on them so I’ve increased to 3.45 grains and it seems to be a bit cleaner on the casings.
  5. Pretty sure I have one of those taking up space in my spare parts cabinet. Want me to get a quote for shipping?
  6. Just a heads up, Powder Creek in Shawnee, KS has a 7.5 size shot maximum. I'm not familiar on what other clubs allow, but would be a good idea to check and see if your shooting destinations are ok with size 6 shot.
  7. Love them. Much more comfortable and durable than the Walkers.
  8. Not sure if they're "mom & pop", but SNS Casting is in Flanagan, IL and they make very nice coated bullets.
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