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  1. I started reloading only a few years ago, and have always used the Dillon powder check on my 650. It has no doubt saved several squibs. I highly recommend it and wouldn’t reload without it, (or something like it if there is such a thing).
  2. I use blue coral auto wash and a tsp of stratosheen with the ss pins. In the final rinse, I throw in a little dishwasher “rinse aid” to help it dry without spots. Get as much water off of it in the media separator and then dry it in a case dryer
  3. I’ll take the last batch. Let me know how and where to send the gold!
  4. Likewise John! Nice shooting with you and JB Kidd this week. Safe travels!
  5. Chey cast and SNS Casting. Both great outfits.
  6. It was a match well done! Hats off to the Ok Territorial Marshals for all the great work and hospitality. Top rate facility, can only imagine how great it will be by the time October 2022 rolls around. Thanks to all!!
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