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  1. Tazz has done a couple rifles for me, and I'm happy with the work every time, and he's a great guy as well.
  2. Your good bud, I put you on the list. and I only used caps to show where you put it wrong In your post you said acsainE.com Should be acsainC.com Sorry for any confusion
  3. Who did you email?? Just wanna make sure the link works. I will make sure your on the list, I know people 😎
  4. howdy

    the recipie that I got from him was

    15 grains of clays with 7/8 oz shot for standard

    15.7 oz clays with 1 oz shot for hard knockdowns

    but I have never used the heavy loads the 7/8 load kills every knockdown I have run across

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