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  1. I have a JM Marlin in 44 Mag (20” round barrel) plus cash to trade for the right rifle. please PM what you have and price.

    200 pieces still available.


    1. Ninety Caliber Al, 50218

      Ninety Caliber Al, 50218

      I’ll take them if you still have ‘em.

      where do I send the gold?

  3. Says one of the fastest ‘97 shooters in the “free world”
  4. Went with these for my “Army” Open Tops from Patrick Grasshorn. Wish my USFA Rodeos had Army grip frames. Hate having to curl my pinky under. Texas Grips doesn’t make those extended grips that’ll fit mine.
  5. Really want to trade but would sell for $2000.00 shipped to your ffl . Lower 48 except California.
  6. This is a “shot in the dark”. I have a pair of Rodeo’s in 38 spec, 5 1/2” bbl’s , consecutive serial numbers. I’m looking for a pair of short bbl Schofields in 45. Don’t want to sell, I’d only let them go if I could replace them with Schofield’s. Pm if you have some. thanks for looking.
  7. Never had the pleasure of meeting him face to face. When I first joined SASS, he helped me out on the phone and email and bought a shotgun from me. I’m sure he wouldn’t remember me, but a “class act” for sure!
  8. Seriously? I can not even imagine. I attended 2013-2018 . Had a great time every year. I’d hate to think it’s gonna take CA. To get us back on the map.........
  9. Why do you think that is? I’ve been to EOT 5 years since it’s been in New Mexico. Never made it when it was in Ca. Joined in 2003.
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