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  1. Sounds a bit strange that they don’t have a replacement bolt?
  2. Well if it doesn’t sell, bring it and I’ll try and trade you out of it.
  3. Who did the short stroke and action work?
  4. Anyone have any idea what’s up with all the upside down pic’s in the classifieds lately?
  5. Hey Jack, have camped on the ranch for the last 5 EOT’s. Was really not wanting to deal with the dust anymore.....
  6. So there's more than one in Edgewood? Looking for closeness to Founders Ranch.Would have to figure out transportation to and from? Wasn't even considering Abq.
  7. I’ve camped at the range for the last five years. Was thinking about the rv park in Edgewood. Anyone know the distance from the range( have a motor home not trailer)?
  8. Thx guys, looking for the short ones,without ejector(23/4” or 3”’) not sure on bbl length. Saw an older Colt at a gun show that looked like 23/4”.
  9. Does anyone know of a SAA Sheriffs model clone being made currently?
  10. Got my eye on a pair with the 3.75” bbl’s. If I can get those, I’ll holler if that’s ok? Should know in a few days, trying to work out a trade.
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