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  1. Perhaps you could contact the folks at Bordertown and get a list of all the female shooters with their names and addresses, and phone numbers. Probably wouldn't take long to track down the right one. Just a suggestion.
  2. And lets not forget Ca. AB5 which basically excluded all independent truck drivers from operating in California. Now they all have to be classified as employees of a company. The independent truckers didn't sign on as employees. They just quit handling freight out of California.
  3. Wow. Way too young. My prayers are with his family and friends.
  4. Maybe they are just trying to keep the kid's options open.
  5. I don't know much about Texas A&M other than they beat Alabama this year and that makes them alright in my book.
  6. After manually crunching a few numbers, it looks like those Crackers may have actually won this again. Results tabulated by Dominion Voting systems.
  7. When I hear about something like this it really bothers me. I am as guilty as everyone else of parking a gun cart on the range with $5,000 worth of guns and walking away to have lunch. While we would like to think everyone on the range is trustworthy, reality is something different, I'm afraid. I sure hope it turns up Scarlett. Keep us posted.
  8. Great match and many thanks to all the North Alabama Regulators who put in so much work to make this happen. The stages, the food, the awards were all first rate. Well done. My only suggestion is to maybe next year make Georgia's Trail Driver award a little bigger, with some LED lights and fireworks.
  9. Yes, Hank Johnson took over the seat from Cynthia McKinney, "The pride of the South". He is representative of the House District that sent him to Congress. Georgia and Alabama folks have a long rivalry and we often poke at each other. We would be more than happy to send Hank Johnson your way if your short a village idiot.
  10. You got to remember, this is Alabama. They don't have much to celebrate over there.
  11. This is exactly what happens when there is no strong father figure present and you have to substitute with "something" from the media.
  12. As a supervisor in LE, sick leave usage was one of my pet peeves also so I can see this from both sides. I have had officers build a day and take a day. That made it difficult to let people off because I still needed people to cover the shift. The FMLA makes your sick leave usage a non-issue. They can't use it against you for promotion or penalize you at evaluation time if you have FMLA approved. I worked in a larger department with over 1,000 employees so we had an HR department to handle FMLA.
  13. If your wife is going to need you to take additional time off during her chemo treatments, I would highly recommend getting the FMLA paperwork filed. It protects you and employers are really hesitant to mess with employees on FMLA. Hang in there another 1 1/2 years and it will be worth it, I promise. I spent 35 years, 3 weeks and 2 days in Law Enforcement. I swallowed so much crap my last couple of years, I gained 10 lbs. I retired at the age of 55. My revenge comes every month in the form of a direct deposit.
  14. Studying ancient terds in salt mines has got to be one of those government sponsored jobs.
  15. I set the tumbler on the lid from one of those big plastic storage containers. That way, any minor drips or leaks will be contained on the plastic lid. Making sure the sealing surfaces and rubber gasket are clean and then wetting the rubber gasket will minimize the leaking, but I still get a few drips. I just hand tighten the cap. No need to really clamp down on it with tools.
  16. Injun Ryder, How does your truck handle with the 4 wheeler loaded that high? I looks like it would cause all kinds of handling problems due to the high center of gravity, not to mention all the tree limbs you're going to take out.
  17. You will likely reach the carrying capacity of your truck with tongue weight and cargo before you ever get near the towing capacity. A trip to the CAT scales will be money well spent.
  18. Badlands Bob is just amazed that Joe can get those things to go off every time in any weather.
  19. Or you could sharpen your trigger up so it will make a cleaner cut. Stabbing yourself with a dull trigger will really hurt. Just kidding, I've got a nice scar where I've stabbed myself with the trigger several times in the same place. The really hard decision comes when you have to decide on the clock to; 1. Go ahead a force the lever closed, driving the trigger further into your finger so you can shoot the round or 2. open the lever, removing the trigger from your finger but ejecting a live round, which will have to be reloaded later with bloody fingers.
  20. The F-150 is a very capable truck for towing campers within their towing range. As with anything else, it all depends on how it is equipped. Mine has a tow haul mode, factory trailer brakes, transmission cooler, and all sorts of electronic gizmos that make towing a trailer safer. I went with the 5.0 liter engine and have towed our 27' double axle camper over 25,000 miles. Our camper weighs 6,200 lbs fully loaded for a 3 week trip. The tires, wheel bearings and brakes are often ignored when it comes to routine maintenance on a travel trailer. Tire blowouts are usually caused by low tire pressure. When the tire heats up, it comes apart and beats the side of your camper to death. If you have a tire pressure monitor system on the camper, you will know if you have a loss of air pressure. When you do replace wheel bearings and tires, never replace them with anything made in China. Goodyear Endurance tires are good as are Timken wheel bearings. There are others but those are what I use. The 3.5 L Ecoboost is a very capable engine with better torque numbers than the 5.0 L that I have in my truck. The only reason I didn't go with the 3.5 L is because I generally keep a truck 10 years and I didn't like the repair/replacement cost of the turbo if it goes out. I just didn't trust it.
  21. After looking at that original, it looks like they used the same type of attachment as the Spanish Mauser bayonets. Actually, I think most of the European bayonets during that time period used a similar attachment method. Finding one of the original 250 would be a challenge.
  22. They don't pay you your winnings until you lose. He was probably ready to cash out.
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