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  1. So if the Disabled Vet is not below some arbitrary income level, then their disability check will be reduced until they are. Next step is means testing Social Security payments.
  2. Park the tractor on the hill, push in the clutch and when it gets rolling good, pop the clutch. Instant start. No battery needed.
  3. Well Blackwater, I think it's an improvement. I wouldn't change a thing.
  4. GA FL AL La TX Ok TN SC NC VA KY IN That makes 12. I don't think I forgot any.
  5. We're leaving the house tomorrow morning and headed that way. We'll see ya'll on Wednesday.
  6. I considered the MIroku 73 to be a superior built rifle to the Uberti 73 due to the fit and finish. Cowboys are hard on their firearms. I shoot thousands of rounds a year and occasionally something breaks or wears out. If Winchester won't support us with available parts without stripping out $400 worth of gunsmithing, I certainly wouldn't be traveling down that path. Please keep up updated.
  7. Ford really got burned during the pandemic when they couldn't get foreign manufactured chips for the F-150. They had 1,000's of trucks parked in Kentucky just waiting on chips. The local Ford dealers are still trying to sell 2022 F-150's for near sticker price. Good luck with that. I wouldn't buy a year old truck for sticker price. Getting in business with the Chinese for a critical component of your product is a bad idea on several levels.
  8. No wonder the 1873's cost so much. That's a lot of fancy machining going on. If it weren't for the Italian clones, I think a lot of us would be doing something else.
  9. There was a time when people were doing this site modification to Ruger Blackhawks. They called them Cougars. I haven't seen it done since the Ruger Vaquero came out.
  10. We do a lot of camping out in the woods and I've found it much easier to get my meat from Publix.
  11. There is no end to the things they will market to hunters and fishermen. I especially like the trend of squirting some animal urine all over yourself so you don't smell like a people with a gun. Of course, that Hoppe's #9 you cleaned your gun with last night wouldn't smell out of place in the woods.
  12. You should see some of the places they would put people in medieval times in Europe. A western jail would seem like the Holiday Inn. The underground dungeon at Warwick Castle had a 20 foot deep hole they would throw you into if you really irritated the castle owner. I guess that's where getting thrown under the jail came from.
  13. We aren't leaving till next Tuesday. That gives me time to pack the camper and load that 100 lb generator. I'll be transferring some of Waimea and Scarlett's load to my truck on this trip. I've got lots of bullets to pick up.
  14. Just wait till all that snow melts. This is going to be epic.
  15. Perhaps the railroad should make sure that a truck won't get high centered on THEIR crossings.
  16. Yank Machain made some for me a while back for my Ruger Blackhawks. If you want to get in touch with him, I can PM you his phone number.
  17. My eyesight is not what it use to be either.
  18. Alpo, you must look harmless. Sort of like that stray dog wagging it's tail as it slowly approaches you in the park.
  19. I don't want to hear any more whining out of California about a 20 year drought.
  20. The best I can tell, the Century Arms JW-2000 shotgun brand new cost less than $300.00. You'd be better off going and finding another complete JW-2000 and using the receiver you have for spare parts, when needed.
  21. A number of Malls have restricted minors from being in the mall unaccompanied by a parent or guardian. Management figured out that middle aged women with credit cards don't like to go to malls with packs of teenagers roaming around.
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