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  1. I set the tumbler on the lid from one of those big plastic storage containers. That way, any minor drips or leaks will be contained on the plastic lid. Making sure the sealing surfaces and rubber gasket are clean and then wetting the rubber gasket will minimize the leaking, but I still get a few drips. I just hand tighten the cap. No need to really clamp down on it with tools.
  2. Injun Ryder, How does your truck handle with the 4 wheeler loaded that high? I looks like it would cause all kinds of handling problems due to the high center of gravity, not to mention all the tree limbs you're going to take out.
  3. You will likely reach the carrying capacity of your truck with tongue weight and cargo before you ever get near the towing capacity. A trip to the CAT scales will be money well spent.
  4. Badlands Bob is just amazed that Joe can get those things to go off every time in any weather.
  5. Or you could sharpen your trigger up so it will make a cleaner cut. Stabbing yourself with a dull trigger will really hurt. Just kidding, I've got a nice scar where I've stabbed myself with the trigger several times in the same place. The really hard decision comes when you have to decide on the clock to; 1. Go ahead a force the lever closed, driving the trigger further into your finger so you can shoot the round or 2. open the lever, removing the trigger from your finger but ejecting a live round, which will have to be reloaded later with bloody fingers.
  6. The F-150 is a very capable truck for towing campers within their towing range. As with anything else, it all depends on how it is equipped. Mine has a tow haul mode, factory trailer brakes, transmission cooler, and all sorts of electronic gizmos that make towing a trailer safer. I went with the 5.0 liter engine and have towed our 27' double axle camper over 25,000 miles. Our camper weighs 6,200 lbs fully loaded for a 3 week trip. The tires, wheel bearings and brakes are often ignored when it comes to routine maintenance on a travel trailer. Tire blowouts are usually caused by low tire pressure. When the tire heats up, it comes apart and beats the side of your camper to death. If you have a tire pressure monitor system on the camper, you will know if you have a loss of air pressure. When you do replace wheel bearings and tires, never replace them with anything made in China. Goodyear Endurance tires are good as are Timken wheel bearings. There are others but those are what I use. The 3.5 L Ecoboost is a very capable engine with better torque numbers than the 5.0 L that I have in my truck. The only reason I didn't go with the 3.5 L is because I generally keep a truck 10 years and I didn't like the repair/replacement cost of the turbo if it goes out. I just didn't trust it.
  7. After looking at that original, it looks like they used the same type of attachment as the Spanish Mauser bayonets. Actually, I think most of the European bayonets during that time period used a similar attachment method. Finding one of the original 250 would be a challenge.
  8. They don't pay you your winnings until you lose. He was probably ready to cash out.
  9. I've got the perfect roof facing the perfect direction for solar panels. The only problem is, it's just not cost effective in Georgia. I think they are paying about 3x our rates in California so it might make financial sense there. We have hydroelectric dams and nuclear power plants. No stinking wind mills.
  10. And nobody has even mentioned what California has done to the trucking industry. California has forced independent trucking contractors to be treated as regular hourly employees. Now, many carriers won't even do business in California, which has caused a major backup in the ports. There are scores of cargo ships waiting up to 2 weeks to get unloaded because there aren't enough truck drivers. Since most stuff from China comes through the west coast ports, this is causing lots of shortages right before the holiday season. Container ships are being diverted to east coast ports and shipping container costs have skyrocketed in recent months.
  11. Well, I just spent a few minutes looking over the Wild Bunch stages for the S.E. Regional. They look very well written with no memory tests. Thank you. The rest of the stages look pretty good too.
  12. Not only did Bama get beat, they got beat by an unranked team. Florida almost beat them a couple of weeks ago. I always knew Texas A&M was good for something.
  13. I bought this can of 38 special reloads from Georgia Arms and Ammo at a gun show. This was about 15 years ago, back before I got my reloading press. I thought it was high at the time, which is why I got into reloading.
  14. I've been to too many of these and every one of them is tough.
  15. I'm pretty confident that the SASS Rules Committee would provide a special waver if someone wanted to compete with John Wayne's pistol.
  16. I tried to look up how the auction was going and it appears to be a sealed bidding process. Estimated value is $20,000 to $40,000.
  17. You think that's bad, wait till you request a quote for Medicare supplemental insurance.
  18. Oh, he's faster than you already. He just needs to put all the shots on target. Then there will be a new top dog in the family.
  19. My favorite shells are the Remington STS low recoil. Up until about 18 months ago, I could buy them as needed for $7-$9.00 per box. Then the supply dried up. Fortunately I had saved several years worth of the STS hulls so I had to go back to reloading my own shotgun shells. I do save several dollars a box reloading but I can only load about 4 boxes per hour with my Mec Jr. Obviously, my time is worth something to me and I don't consider reloading shotguns shells cost effective if factory shells are available at reasonable prices. The shortages force me into it.
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