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  1. All the kids in our neighborhood have grown up and moved off. Just us old folks left. If we get 6 trick or treaters on Halloween, it's been a good night. Lots of candy left over for me.
  2. Yea, put me down in the Rimfire Gunfighter category. I'll be there.
  3. If you want an AR15 that's not registered to you on a 4473, just buy one from an individual. The ATF will never know you own it or where it is. This only applies in states that allow this. Those 80% lowers are more expensive than buying an Anderson lower already finished. I just don't see the attraction.
  4. I ordered the lanolin and 99% denatured alcohol off of Amazon because I couldn't find it locally.
  5. I mix my own case lube. I use Lanolin and 99% denatured alcohol. It's about a 12-1 ratio. Just mix it up in a small spray bottle. Works great and is a lot cheaper than Hornady one shot. Makes the press seem like its had an action job.
  6. So, if you live in California and send your rifle off to a top gunsmith for an action job, the springs, links and aluminum carrier are "precursor parts"? This could get expensive for a California resident. No more ordering those aftermarket triggers from Midway USA.
  7. Probably from when they made the gun. That little piece just rolled around inside until it found the most inconvenient place to lodge. Glad you got it fixed.
  8. No need to worry. Georgia put a whoopin' on them in the 2nd half. Ended up 43-14.
  9. If you've got good internet speed and wifi in the house, get a smart tv. Lots of internet tv stuff to watch. Amazon Prime, Netflix, Youtube TV etc. You will probably end up cutting off the cable when you get use to it.
  10. That's not a trailer hitch. That's how you hang it up to dry after you wash it.
  11. Well pumps. Ahhh. I remember those days well. Good luck.
  12. When one of my sergeants would come into my office, close the door and say, "We've got a problem".
  13. I bought 2 of them about a year ago and they weren't that expensive. $19.00 shipping is outrageous.
  14. I have the EC powder measure quick connect on both of my 650's. It works great and makes emptying the powder quick and easy. No hunting for the correct allen wrench. The Dillon is designed to change the tool heads, leaving the dies settings unchanged. Setting the dies is always time consuming. Ebay has lots of aftermarket tool heads for sale. I solved the primer change over problem by just setting up one 650 for small pistol primers and the other 650 for large pistol primers. Ok, not the cheapest solution but it's quick and simple.
  15. I've been shooting a Fast Eddie SKB for about 4 years now. Fast Eddie is the man when it comes to the SKB.
  16. Just don't take that Ruger apart unless you have the instruction manual handy.
  17. You'll learn not to wrap your left thumb over the top of your right wrist when shooting semi-autos. The thumbs should be parallel on the left side of the slide (if shooting right handed). It's a hard habit to break but different style pistols require a different grip.
  18. We've got our reservations at Givhans Ferry State Park too. I guess the whole place has been rented out by Cowboy shooters. This should be fun.
  19. Look what those Kardashians did to Bruce Jenner. Heck, you don't even recognize him/her/it now.
  20. GUNFIGHTER you say? I may have to reevaluate my Wild Bunch match participation since they are both at the same time. So many matches, so little time.
  21. In 5 years, you'll look back on this time and smile.
  22. The horse soldier comes along and chops off the indian's head and the flaming eagle is leading the way westward. In place of the headless indians, the settlers plan beautiful flower gardens.
  23. And I grumbled when they went to $18 a month. Highway robbery, I said. I guess I should just count my blessings.
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