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  1. I have several monthly bills set up with auto pay through a Visa card that pays me 2% cash back. Nothing is auto paid from my checking account. If something goes wrong with auto pay, I have chargeback options with a Visa. I'm a Boomer and I use this new fangled computer stuff, but I don't necessarily trust it.
  2. So now, if somebody beats him up, pours bleach on him and tells him it's because he's a black homosexual democrat, you think he's going to report it?
  3. I remember people saying the same thing about Wild Bunch. PCC has been shot at some state matches around the southeast for at least the past 5-6 years. It's just a side match shot with semi auto, magazine rifles. Usually 9 mm AR-15 type platforms. It's a stand alone side match like Wild Bunch, Rimfire or the Black Powder match.
  4. Capture the ground hog, build him a nice pen and make him forecast the weather. Historically speaking, you could use some help with the weather.
  5. I've never bought any 38 spl brass. I was donated a lifetime supply of 38 spl. brass about 20 years ago when I started CAS so I'm unable to calculate a cost for brass at anything but $0. My 38/125 bullets are 6 cents each and primers are 8.5 cents each. The powder is 1.1 cents per round. The total excluding brass is 15.6 cents per round for 38/125 uncoated lead bullets. This is almost double the cost of 2019 cartridges.
  6. I already pay all my bills electronically through USAA. Paying the bill costs me nothing. If the power company and water department want to send me an email bill and save the cost of printing and postage, then they should at least split the cost savings with me. Otherwise, I'll be waiting for my paper bill in the mailbox.
  7. The bank and utility companies want me to agree to go paperless so they can save money. What's in it for me? .....Silence.
  8. We have private trash haulers in my area. It runs $25/month and I pay them for 6 months at a time. The internet, cell phones, Netflix and Direct TV are all auto pay via credit card because the price doesn't fluctuate. Everything else is paper bill and gets paid with electronic bill pay. The only time I write a check anymore is for taxes and state match application fees.
  9. I'm not aware of anyone interested in paying a premium for SxS SKB shotguns outside of the Cowboy Action community. Before Cowboys discovered the SKB, they were just another $400-$500 imported shotgun. The value is in the new condition of the shotgun, not in the box and paperwork. The only people who will pay current prices ($1,200+) for this gun will probably hack off the barrel, slick up the action and bang it up in a gun cart.
  10. I ran into a few of these sovereign citizens. Most of them are just spouting U.S. Maritime Laws and Coast Guard regulations that have nothing to do with driving a car. The ones claiming to belong to the Morish nation are usually black and have suspended licenses and probably no insurance. These people are idiots. They are often involved in credit card fraud and other scams. The white sovereign citizens are much more dangerous. They may be involved in militia white supremist type organizations. They have been known to be heavily armed and willing to shoot it out with police officers, often ambushing them before other officers can arrive to assist.
  11. I just bought a nice one at a pawn shop for $800. They are out there. They just don't last long.
  12. If you want current production, I'm guessing the CZ Sharptail is a good choice. However, I'd still keep an eye out for SKB 100's in 12 gauge at local pawn shops for less than $1,000.
  13. The best speculation I heard is that the White House and DNC powerbrokers have known that Biden has mentally declined to a point that he can't do the job. Biden has refused to accept this and step aside. Waiting for a September debate would have been catastrophic. So, Biden's staff agreed to the terms of the debate; June debate, no audience, no notes, no consulting with advisors during commercials, 90 minutes, live television etc. They sent Biden to the slaughter, in hopes of driving a nail in his candidacy. The very next day, all the Democrats are calling for Biden to step aside. I don't know who they have in the wings but they wanted time, June-November, to get a campaign going.
  14. Is this the case involving the school shooting where the fat incompetent school police officer hid and did nothing during a school shooting? If so, I hold the School Board and/or school police chief responsible for hiring this incompetent coward and giving him that responsibility. I don't think poor judgement, failure to act and cowardice are criminal offences. I think they are moral responsibilities and better handled in civil court.
  15. The kids are here this week on vacation at my house. Leave it to a bunch of Millennials to turn the Presidential Debate into a drinking game. I have to admit, it did make it more entertaining.
  16. 6 shot would be too large for our club too. We require 7 1/2 shot or smaller. But that's a local club rule which is more restrictive that what SASS requires.
  17. Thanks, I just ordered another 5,000 Federal 200 pistol primers for my collection. Decent price and free Hazmat. Good time to stock up.
  18. If you have an outstanding mortgage on the house, you could be charged with "endangering security interest". You normally wouldn't be charged with Insurance Fraud until you filed a claim with the insurance company. I have intentionally held back investigating a faked auto theft case until the insurance claim has been filed. False report of a crime is a misdemeanor but Insurance Fraud is a felony and more worthy of my time.
  19. Florida has a number of issues related to real estate. Property insurance has become very expensive and difficult to get due to hurricanes and state laws. Buying a condo n a building over 3 stories now comes with a hidden time bomb. Due to the recent condo collapse which killed a bunch of people, all condos over a certain height and age have to be inspected and certified by an engineer. Many of these older condos have not been keeping up with maintenance and there is going to be huge assessments in the near future. It's not cheap living in paradise.
  20. Thank you Capt Bill Burt for putting this together. It's a great idea that certainly got some shooters to try shooting at new places around the South East. I know I was one of them. Sorry I couldn't be at the Tennessee match for the awards. Congratulations to Preacherman for whooping me in the Gunfighter category. Pretty good shooting for somebody that sleeps in a tent.
  21. Something about Out F**** Standing!!!
  22. Widder, I'm sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and your family. 96 years!!! We should all be so lucky.
  23. You probably have some stray shot floating around in the action causing mischief.
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