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  1. I think the important part of the article was that it was in New Jersey. That explains a lot.
  2. There are 3 keys on a trumpet and with 6 combinations of the keys you can play over 2 octaves of notes. It's all in the lips.
  3. It sounds like Earl has made the ultimate contribution to the food chain and joined the Circle of Life. See, that sounds a lot better than "something ate him".
  4. American technology successfully tested in Japan.
  5. That's a whole lot of work to keep from doing a little work. Just saying...
  6. This is something I knocked out in about 5 minutes from a piece of scrap maple. Is this sort of what your looking for?
  7. The swag device only removes the crimp from military primer pockets. It's doesn't have anything to do with the depth of the primer pocket. If the brass has LC on the headstamp, it means Lake City brass and had a crimped primer pocket originally. You only have to swag the primer pocket once to remove the crimp.
  8. I'm just waiting on my Cratex rod from Brownell's. Then I'm gonna make the whole world shinny. Did you know that some people have jeweled brass carriers in the 73? Hmmm.
  9. A wood lathe is a pretty simple device. The heavier the lathe the more stable it is and the bigger piece you can turn. How much lathe you need is always the issue. You can turn little stuff on a big lathe but you can't turn big stuff on a little lathe. Lathe tools can also get quite expensive and some take quite a learning curve. Wood turning is an addiction and a money pit. If you've got a specific design or plan, maybe I can help you out.
  10. Great. I love the one stop, shop. It eliminates me getting lost trying to find some Goose Pond or Gunter's Lake State park lodge. Park the camper and go find Barkeep with no worries.
  11. I ordered the 3/16" cratex. Should be here by Monday.
  12. I almost got squashed a couple of times trying to cross the street in London on foot. It really messes with your time and distance. I think the Taxis actually aim for you.
  13. Well, look who showed up full of advise. My old friend Cass. Note to self: Never take advise from your competition.
  14. I'd be afraid of catching Monkey Pox wearing that outfit.
  15. I read about the pencil eraser method. I must have cheap pencils because mine didn't last long enough to get more than a few inches. Probably Chinese pencils. I also want to make the jeweling smaller than a pencil eraser.
  16. Camping on the range is the best way. I don't know about that uglyass Tennesee orange but to each, his own.
  17. Ok, I just ordered a 3/16" Cratex rod and a set of engine turning brushes from Brownell's. I'll pick up some abrasive valve lapping compound at the local auto parts store for the brushes. I'm hoping the Cratex rod will work because it looks like it will be the easiest and most precise method, but we'll see. I think I solved the holding issue. I built a wooden jig that holds the small part with one screw and a wing nut. Won't damage the part and seems to hold the part pretty firmly. There's not much torque on the part so it should hold. I just want to be able to hold it stationary for consistency. I guess I could practice on some of the wife's stainless steel pots.
  18. I figure once I get this perfected, he'll be standing at my shop door with a whole box full of parts.
  19. I've got a drill press, 4" vice and an x y axis table for the drill press. I even made a wooden jig to hold the hammer securely while doing the procedure. I just need to figure out what to chuck up in the drill press. I was just going to do the sides of the hammer and trigger so I'm only dealing with flat surfaces. Nothing complicated like trying to go around a rifle bolt. P.S. Sorry Rev. Chase but shiny guns shoot better.
  20. I seem to have a lot of Ruger single action pistols that don't have any jeweling on the hammers and triggers. I'd like to learn how to do this. What do you use in the drill press? I've seen Youtube videos using Cratex sticks and valve grinding compound on wooden dowel rods. Most of the Youtube videos are about jeweling rifle bolts. I don't mind spending the money on the right tool. I just don't know what the right tool is for making the swirls.
  21. I've got an old Western Auto .22 bolt action rifle that I have been holding on to for years. I'm waiting for a buy back to unload it. It actually fires but the sites are gone and its been a single shot since the tube feeding parts were scrapped about 30 years ago. I'm just patiently waiting to do my part for a safer society.
  22. Harbor Freight has one that is 1.5L that I think will work for me. I just haven't gone and gotten it yet. I'm kinda waiting on one of those 25% off coupons.
  23. I think the Ruger New Vaquero is a great gun and I have 4 of them. However, I don't think I'll be buying many more at $1,000 a piece.
  24. I have been contemplating getting one of those Ultrasonic cleaners lately. They work very well for completely disassembled gun parts. I'll still use my Frankford Arsenal wet tumbler for cleaning brass.
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