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  1. this is a made in Poland distilled bread wine using very old Russian recipe. I actually personally knew the founder - he recently passed away. he researched it for many years. it's not cheap, but you will be amazed how different it is from vodka - it's like Tequila blanco made out of grain! https://polugar.com/
  2. Vodka drinkers don't have time or patience to age it... it never makes it also, modern vodka should not be distilled, but rather rectified that produces tasteless, chemically clean ethanol regardless of the type of grain/carbs used, that is mixed with filtered water to produce vodka. "Distilled" vodka was traditionally called "bread wine" and was never much filtered, it has a distinct aftertaste of rye or wheat or the sweatness of potatoe starch. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rectified_spirit you can infuse vodka with pepper or honey or garlic or fennel - that takes some time but usually months, not years
  3. Looking for a black or dark brown fur felt cowboy hat. size - 7-1/8. round head.
  4. I will take it if processed (cleaned and inspected). PM inbound
  5. I got a very good deal on the press from a retiring cowboy. Just trying to get back what I have in this and pay it forward - each conversion kit + toolhead is $150-200 alone
  6. For sale is an older and used Dillon Square Deal B reloading press. It shows signs of use but works perfectly. Set up for 38, also have conversion kits and toolheads for 45 Colt and 45 acp. DILLON LIFETIME warranty and Dillon quality speak for themselves. I reloaded thousands of rounds in a year I had it. Bought it from a retiring cowboy last year but upgrading to xl750. You get everything you see on pictures $450 OBO and actual shipping from 60089
  7. I've been wetshaving my head and face for few months now. Really enjoy the process of lathering and the feel of the brush. If anyone else here still uses this outdated process, here is a cowboy themed lineup I can really recommend! I love the smell - described as rum leather and gunpowder
  8. Oops. Just sold it locally! spf. If falls through - will update
  9. SPF"""""""""""""""""" For sale is a 12ga progressive press MEC 650N. It is an older model but in perfect working order. Installed is 7/8 Oz bar and bushings numbers 34,27,28,29. Also included a newer primer autoloader tray (less than 1 year old) Also for sale is a stand alone MEC SUPERSIZER 12GA. It's basically new - I got it less than a year ago since this press model doesn't have the sizing die Price is $175 for the press and $125 for the sizer or $275 if you take both - pickup in NE IL/SE WI area. If you want it shipped - you pay actual shipping
  10. Mec bushing 27 (14 gr ) of Clays, AA hulls, 7/8 oz #8, WAA12L wad or replacement Claybuster primer - nowadays - whatever you can find
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