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  1. few months ago my wife finally downsized to about 45-50 pairs of shoes.... we have a rule, I don't count her shoes, she doesn't count my guns
  2. Crap! I just realized that since I sold my Uberti Scofields I have no .45 Colt revlover... need to fix it... bonus is coming in a month!
  3. I am in denial and will never admit to owning more than 10!!! And I just got that beautiful 1968 Super Blackhawk today, so still not used to it... it looks unfired or close to it, 3 screws, no trasfer bar... spotless!
  4. about 6-7 years ago I sold a beautiful Ruger Redhawk 6" in 44 mag - blued with rosewood grips.... I regret that decision... my next revolver purchase will be either that if I can find one in great shape or the Smith 29-2 to match my 27-2.... that's unless I break down and get a snake gun...
  5. 2 years ago before I got into SASS, I had 1 (one) revolver that almost never left the safe.... then I got a couple for SASS, then I had to get a backup pair, then.... I don't know what happened...somehow I own 10?!
  6. thanks, looks like I didnt overpay but it was not a steal either :)... I guess one day 40-50 years from today my son will sell some of my revolver collection and buy himself an Electic Vehicle or a hover car or something
  7. I just purchased a very clean 1968 Ruger Super Blackhawk 3-screw in 44 mag. no transfer bar, high gloss blue, no box or papers. I was wondering what would be a good deal value for this gun, a bit concenrned that I overpaid (I know, too late) can someone put a number on it?
  8. basically this - every year as long as I remember myself and no matter what country we lived https://www.chefspencil.com/christmas-new-year-foods-in-russia/#:~:text=Olivier (Russian Salad)&text=Usually%2C the Olivier salad is,throughout the entire holiday season. tomorrow night - #1, #4, #6, #9, #10 will be appetizers
  9. looking to send my 1873 rifle foreend to be checkered. I remember someone here did laser checkering work. who was it? Thanks
  10. its not on Paramount plus, it's on paramount network and commercials are long. you can get it for extra $ on prime with no breaks
  11. oh! Thanks God! I saw it 10 minutes ago before Dakota's and barely kept myself from posting "I will take it" then decided to give it 10 minutes and if still no takers, I would.... Thank you Dakota for keeping $1200 in my pocket !
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