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  1. emailed - if the deal is still active... interested in 4 lbs
  2. Yes... oem springs are back in... if light strikes persist it will go to ruger...if ok with oem - it will go foe a slick job
  3. but why then with new springs they feel much better than with stock ones - even with long hunter 17 lbs.... I am starting to think that one revolver has another issue - maybe timing or transfer bar out of spec... one of them is perfect with any spring - another is not...
  4. I know but with long hunter springs the hammer cock is so much lighter,,, not sure why even if the packege says its also 17 lbs I understand but in stock form these SASS vaqueros are not as smooth and light as my stock uberti el patrons and those are 100% reliable... I had 2 pair of vaqueros, one I sold and one I was going to keep for myself - both new and both are tight and rough out of the box compared to ubertis.... I really want to like them...
  5. oh well.... live and learn installed 15 lb main springs and lighter trigger springs - one gun worked perfectly - second one - 2-3 light strikes on every 5 rounds... I thought maybe 15 is too light - installed 17 lb springs from the same long hunter kits - same gun light strikes again. installed OEM springs back and will try this week - if the same gun still light strikes - i will send it to Ruger. if it works with OEM springs - I will send them to our local cowboy smith to get a proper job
  6. Looking to buy a side by side coach gun... hammerless, preferably with reputable action work done.... PS... I am a cheapskate:)
  7. already got both... installed 15 lb in there. just don't want to run into light strikes on next match if someone already made the same mistake I prefer to learn on other's mistakes this is what I got https://www.longhunt.com/storelh/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=235 not sure what do you mean about straw purchase.. I bought my vaqueros from an old friend of mine
  8. I just installed 15 lbs hammer springs on my SASS NMV and OMG - it is so light... used a longer one from long hunter kit with the regular strut, no internal lock. question - anyone had issues with this setup and cci 500 primers? there is also a 17lbs spring in the kit thanks
  9. SPF ------------------------------ Howdy all! I purchased this pair from someone here and then few days later was able to find another pair at a deal that I could not pass... so this pair is for sale: unfired, box, wrappers, casings, all papers... $2100 plus shipping is what I paid and I would love to get it back...
  10. not really worried, but was thinking to avoid the damage if possible...
  11. howdy! I load my 1897 with a strong hand with 2 shells at a time - so one is held in my hand when first shot fired. that shell rubs on my stock pistol grip area leaving ugly marks after only 3 matches and some practice... what can be done about it short of taping it up? I can't be the only one who has this problem thanks
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