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  1. I just started loading my 12ga cowboy loads and I am happy with them - the shoot fine and shuck out Win AA HS hulls whatever primer (now 50 years old federal) 14 gr of Clays (#26 on Mec 650N) 7/8 oz 7.5 shot Gray claybusters/WAA12L
  2. 1.50+ oal in 38spl will feed it through 357 marked rifle
  3. Goulash = beef, paprika, gnocchi. Everything else is up to you
  4. I did not grow up on westerns, only cowboys I saw in my childhood were in a form of satire showing the bad and the scary President Reagan wearing cowboy garb and a top hat in Soviet newspapers I had no idea CAS existed until February this year when bougth an Interarms Virginian Dragoon in a deal too good to pass . Soon I got too bored punching holes in the paper and started looking what I could do that was fun with it. As soon I saw first SASS youtube video I was hooked... So maybe a generation does not need to grow up on westerns to partake in CAS if it would find something they like there? And a discipline that attracts younger, more able bodied people, and (GASP) relaxed costuming requirements might be that? I know, Spirit of the Game is important, and it is designed to be what it is on purpose, and I do my best and enjoy dressing up but when I talk to my friends who shoot - they might be more inclined to participate if there was more challenge, more physical rigor, less "old school".... W3G looks like just what they might like!
  5. Which brings a question of is there a future for CAS in its current form when "geezers" hang it up? I am 51 and just started this year. I look around the loading table and wonder who will I shoot with in 10 years? In 3-4 clubs around me there are maybe 4-5 people total under 50.. maybe 10-15 under 60.... What can be done to bring the younger aged shooters? Maybe introducing a more challenging discipline? Even if it doesn't "sell" with current demographics it could attract future shooters?
  6. I just bought a uberti 1873 competition rifle in 45lc... it came short stroked from the factory - just a tad longer that the PGW super short stroke kit i have on my 38spl 73.... Still needs a bit of action work - going to Huckleberry tonight
  7. and I thought I was the only Jewish cowboy out here!
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