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  1. That's awesome! Thank you for supporting the kids and our wonderful sport. We need more stuff like this.
  2. I got a good deer horn screwknife from Choctaw Silver Wolf SASS 66636. you might reach out to him.
  3. Thank you all for the excellent advice and info. Since I've heard so many people using TiteGroup and it was only $30, I went ahead and bought 2 more pounds. I figured that even if I found another powder I like I could keep this as a backup. It's better to have some powder than none. I'll keep an eye out for some of the others mentioned but It looks like they will all be more expensive and or harder to find.
  4. I'm still kind of new and looking to get started reloading but having trouble finding supplies in my area. I finally got a box of federal SPP $90 and have about 800 38spl brass saved up from factory loads. I have some 105 and 125 gr Chey-Cast bullet samples on the way. I've also snagged a bottle of TiteGroup from my local Academy store for $30. My question today is about powder options. So far, TiteGroup is about the only one I've seen available in my area that I've found load data on for CAS. I have seen some of the other powders on this burn rate list but don't know if they would work. My understanding is that the lower the burn rate, the greater the possibility of it not all burning off before the bullet leaves the gun leaving (wasting) unburned powder or being dirty. Am I off on that theory? I found a burn rate chart and wondered if anyone used any of the faster burning powers for this sport. Iv'e seen sport pistol and TiteWad in the area but don't have any load data on those for 105-125 lead 38.
  5. I have a pair of Cimarron El Malo 2 that have the Army size grip in 357 but I don't know if it comes in 45. You might be able to find a Taylor Co. Gunfighter somewhere as well.
  6. Do you know if it's once fired or been reloaded several times already?
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