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  1. This is a shooter gun. My friend had a death in the family and he has no need for it. I want to sell it for him and get a fair price. I will have it with me at EOT if anyone wants to see it.
  2. I have a ton of pictures. Just wanted to be sure it was OK...... I just found that it has a crack in the carrier. You can see it in the pictures https://public.fotki.com/Rbertalotto/things-that-go-bang/1887-winchester/
  3. Is it allowed to ask "What's It Worth"......(1887 Winchester SG)
  4. But Steam Punk was actually a period for "Dandies" back in the day
  5. No, it doesn't....That is all necessary for the game....If it did you could join NCOWS, the other cowboy shooting organization....You want to talk about RULES...And no close targets! Oh, and during the 1800, LOTS of goods came from China by way of the west coast......
  6. Easy....Nothing that we can see that wasn't around before 1900......Internal stuff is OK....But carbon fiber etc is not...It simply kills the vibe...IMO
  7. I did not know that! I guess I haven't been very observant as I don't remember seeing any of this......Thank for the clarification.
  8. A few new changes were announced.....White slip on rifle front sight, wire ejector spring for 1897 SG, 9mm allowed in Ruger revolvers.....All good. But this one is an issue in my mind: "Gun Skins" DIY vinyl wraps approved as firearm and/or stock/grip coating. "Many of the Gun Skin themes are patriotic and support first responders and the military." ** NO "CAMO" or "SPORT TEAM/Advertising" LOGOS ALLOWED. No problem with "imitation wood" type wraps........But Tattoos on the stock with colors, words and images is a real mess.......Bad idea. Totally distracts from the "Cowboy " image....
  9. Just was given a "can" of Red Dot.......Got a load for me?
  10. Accurate enough for SASS....but you won't win any long range events with them. Great with Black Powder......I shoot lots of them in 38-40 and 44-40.....
  11. Web site is showing 2022 info.....Are 2023 applications available?
  12. coming from massachusetts.....third time....one of the best run matches around!
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