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  1. BTW...Power is important.....When I bought my KOWA I bought two eye pieces...A 20-60 variable and a 20X Long Eye Relief. ....I've never used the 20-60...Never! The lack of eye fatigue with the long eye relief during hunting where you are behind the scope for hours is fantastic. And at the range just quickly looking over the eyepiece is great. Usually anything over 30X will introduce so much mirage where we do most of our shooting as to be worthless. In the KOWA scopes the various eye pieces can be where the money is.......Not inexpensive, but well worth the $$
  2. What ever you do....NEVER look through a really good spotting scope....It will ruin you when you see how fantastic real good optics can be. I had been using $200 spotting scopes for years...Then I looked through a Kowa with extended eye relief......Bad Move! Nearly $1000 later all other spotting scopes appear to be like looking through a jar of Vasiline! There is NOTHING like good optics when you arte trying to see bullet holes out at 500+ yards..... Spend the money and be happy for life!
  3. Gunrunner Gun shop in Middleboro Massachusetts has a 30" Uberti in 44-40 for $950..........Saw it the other day...Just an FYI
  4. Only posting because I know these are hard to find....Local gun shop in Massachusetts https://www.northeastshooters.com/xen/threads/used-ruger-old-army-45-black-powder-single-action-revolver-650-00-plus-tax.381573/
  5. Drones with cameras are known to hover over bathroom skylights.....Just saying!
  6. Anyone know where I can find the CAC 2020 schedule?
  7. I guess my Uberties are a few generations old.......I was informed by other that all newer Uberties have this spring installed from the factory.
  8. On Saturday, on the last stage of a Cowboy Action Shoot, on the last round fired from my Uberti SAA revolver, the handspring broke! I fixed it with a modification I've done to all my Pietta Cap and Ball revolvers. Here is a write up with lots of pictures on what I did to fix it.....Now it is just like a RUGER! http://rvbprecision.com/firearms/uberti-single-action-army-hand-spring-fix.html
  9. Seems when I go to some kind of shoot, or hunting event, with door prizes, I always win binoculars! I must have half a dozen sets of excellent binoculars. Easily, dollar for performance, you can't beat Nikon Monarchs......Compare optically to binoculars costing three times as much. Bird Watchers are the experts in thius field and the Nikons are highly recommended.
  10. Trust me....Buying an RV like buying a boat is NEVER a sound financial decision....NEVER! But that's not the point. I stayed in motels my first year or two. Missed way too much. Actually didn't enjoy going to three day shoots. Now I consider the camping at events easily 55% of the fun of a weekend shoot. No question. The campfire, the ApplePie Moonshine, The Blueberry Cobbler, the Pot Luck Dinners, the absolute frivolity can't be missed!
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