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  1. SKB now offers a nice spring rebuild kit. Good value and good to have...Order direct from SKB..
  2. PA State Shoot......If you didn't go, you missed a great shoot!.....Barb and team knocked it out of the park! It's a little bit easier running one of these events under bluebird skies and proper schedule for the caterer and everything goes exactly as planned.....It's when everything goes against you , mother nature drops buckets of rain, the caterer has a memory lapse and you pull it out and make it a great event anyways.......FANTASTIC SAVE!.....Can't wait for next year! THANKS!
  3. UPDATE!....I just went down to the shop to see if I could figure out how to convert these four springs (Two sear and two Cocking lever) to coil. I'd successfully converted my Mirouku O/U trap/skeet gun to coil from leaf for similar function. First of all, small "coil spring pockets" would need to be machined into the bottom plate and it simply is too thin to do this.....Therefore I don't think it is possible. But more importantly, I realized that the Cocking Lever Springs had been removed! They are not there...... Been shooting this gun for years.....Guess they are not
  4. I've owned the gun for 6-7 years........20-25 matches a year. Not sure if the springs are original or not.
  5. When a tiny $6 part turns a 22-24 second stage into a 39 second stage......SKB 200E Sear Spring #606192....$6 each.......If you have an SKB I'd order a few from the SKB web site....Or get creative and convert to coil springs for much more reliability......Not sure if there are any gunsmiths doing this type of modification? BTW....While you are at it, you might want to order two Cocking Lever Springs #606900 for $4 each. Same flat spring that after a while will fail or get weak. This is why God invented coil springs! Oh, and hammer springs are #606500 @ $25 each......Might want a set befo
  6. took over two hours to download all of them into my photo album! but worth it!
  7. Drove 20 hours, through a gas crisis, from Massachusetts just to see what all the hoopla was all about. Well, it certainly didn't disappoint. Totally over the top shoot! There is no better host than Fast Eddie and company. The awards ceremony was the best! The MC was a riot! Our posse with Capt Bill and his family and others was superb! And winning a buckle when I thought I didn't have a great match was just the frosting on the cake! Well played folks!
  8. What a fantastic shoot! A MUST ATTEND along with Black Gold, Com'n At Cha, EOT and WR......Put it on the list! Here are all the Shoot-Off videos from the final day......Enjoy Thanks to Fast Eddy.......There is simply NO BETTER host! https://public.fotki.com/Rbertalotto/cowboy-stuff/ga-state-shoot-offs-2021/ GA State Shoot Off Videos Click here
  9. How does one compete in Team Side Match? or Couples Side Match? Team Side Match Couples Side Match
  10. On my way from Massachusetts tomorrow.....Been looking forward to this for over two years!........Like a kid the night before Christmas!
  11. I have a box of 10 ga shells 12 are green plastic, "Nitro Express" 12 have some have writing on the brass; 3-3/4 BP, 4 BP. shells are longer magnum, 5 are marked with a paper with ; 209 1- 1/4 oz #5 114 GR. FFG sp 10.

    My father in law was a black powder shooter, the box is dated 9/80.

    1. Rancho Roy

      Rancho Roy

      Thank you for the offer. But I found all I need for the moment. Be well!

  12. I loaded 60g FF Jim Schocky with 1oz #8......This is a square load using the largest dipper from the LEE dipper kit. The only real black I have currently is FFF and FFFF, which I felt might be too powerful. Will try them out when it stops raining.
  13. I have a 1954 "Sporter" Winchester 52.......Amazing story on how I bought it a few years ago for $550.......Have been offered thousands for it! Like new condition with a number of factory options..... https://images108.fotki.com/v156/photos/2/36012/9511925/DSC_5000-vi.jpg https://images41.fotki.com/v1635/photos/2/36012/9511925/DSC_2317-vi.jpg https://images20.fotki.com/v1666/photos/2/36012/9511925/DSC_2330-vi.jpg
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