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  1. Thanks folks. All great help.
  2. I recently bought a used Browning BSS. It was gunsmithed for SASS. Nice gun, but way off face, one hammer spring is cracked and one firing pin is defective. Any recommendation where I can get hammer springs and firing pins and a shotgun gunsmith that might be able to repair the "off Face" issue? Thanks
  3. What is amazing is we are paying for TV and we still have to sit through commercials......
  4. I just checked....Still available but the price went up: https://www.ebay.com/itm/LS1696-ITHACA-SKB-MODEL-200E-SXS-BARREL-12GA-26/392445773155?hash=item5b5f974563:g:LEIAAOSwXqpdi7wX
  5. A few months ago, on Ebay, someone was selling SKB, 12g, In the white, unchambered barrels for $125. I bought one. It will need to be faced to fit the receiver and chambered if I ever want to return my SKB to a full length hunting shotgun.
  6. I'm a buyer......Can't resist. Please email me to set up arrangements. rvb100@comcast.net Thanks
  7. I think you have an email issue. Never received your second sent email
  8. Lil Rob...never got an email from you....rvb100@comcast.net Rancho Roy
  9. Thanks CC....I might just have a go of it myself. I shoot 1860 Kirst conversions but the cylinder stop notches keep wearing out after about 10,000 rounds. The notch is simply too shallow on the stop edge. I did all the work on these pistols and they are quite competitive. Just looking for something more durable.
  10. I've got a set of Uberti opentop revolvers in 38spl that I want slicked up. Who is the "Go To Smith" for these firearms?
  11. I have a Uberti, Bisley in 38-40.......Excellent condition. If interested contact me via email to discuss rvb100@comcast.net
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