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  1. All my shotgun shells, regardless of Black Powder or Smokeless get a wipe down with Silicone spray or Armorall on a rag. And they ALL go through a Shell Checker before they go into my belt loops.....
  2. Thank You...What cartridges are you folks using?
  3. Black Powder Cleaning???..How far do you disassemble your firearms for cleaning after shooting 6 stages and/or after shooting a weekend? What is your procedure? (Using Black or Substitute) Thanks
  4. Nice work Scarlett! We need a tour of your reloading room. Looks great!
  5. I'm quite amazed at the response from a couple posts on I made this morning on reloading shotgun shells with a roll crimp. My email and text blew up! So I wrote a quick article on my web page with way too many pictures and videos to post here. Hope it helps! https://rvbprecision.com/firearms/black-powder-shotgun-reloads-with-roll-crimp.html
  6. Emphasis added. Local rules may vary. THANK YOU! I stand corrected! Now I'm going to use gas checked bullets as all my "buffalo" rifles shoot much more accurately when using Gas Checks
  7. Depends on caliber. I started Cowboy with 38-40......Would clean after 30-40 matches and the insides always looked like it was just cleaned! Now I shoot 38 Special. After one match the insides are a mess.....But I can get through 3-5 matches before a thorough cleaning. Until then, I simply turn rifle upside down in a gun cleaning rest and spray the dick'ins with RemOil and let it drain out. A blast or two of air from my compressor and I'm good to go! A quick bore patch or two if the spirit moves me....
  8. To make 38-55 brass from 30-30, just shoot 30-30 cartridges in your 38-55 chamber. There will be zero accuracy but the cases will form to your chamber perfectly. We did this all the time for the 7mmTCU in Thompson Contenders for Silhouette shooting. Fired 223 ammo in a 7TCU barrel..... All vintage 38-55 need a bore slugged and a chamber cast. There are two lengths of 38-55 brass and the groove diameters are all over the map! Usually .379-.380 bullets will give good results in just about any 38-55. Starline offers both length brass Up until 1929, the 38-55 was the benchrest record holder.....Then the 222 Remington came out..... Although 375 Winchester brass will easily chamber in a 38-55, do not load it! Bad things will happen in vintage firearms. Never understood why they didn't make the 375 cartridge just a bit longer so it wouldn't chamber in a 38-55....Infact, 375 brass is actually a tad shorter than 38-55!
  9. Can use Gas Checks in Cowboy Long Range matches....... I stand corrected...Can Not be used in Match rifles/Revolvers.....That's where I got confused
  10. I use .381 in my Uberti 1885.......Shoots fantastic......9g Unique with 3/4 x 3/4" toilet paper wad stuffed down to hold powder against primer...under any 250g bullet. Recoil like a 22 Magnum and shoot lights out to 300 yds! I and others using my loads have won many competitions with this load in various 38-55 rifles. Pull trigger, eat a ham sandwich and wait for the "ding!"
  11. Thanks for putting on a great match. Was my first time and won't be my last. Shooting against some amazing shooters, I decided to go for a clean match as I didn't think I could compete in this arena. I got my CM and then my name was called for a category trophy. I was totally blown away! Easily one of the highlights of my SASS shooting career! Big and close is just so much fun! Wish more clubs would realize this......Thanks again!
  12. I've been winding down my collection for a few years now. 95% is sold on GB. I use my local gun dealer who photographs, posts, ships...all I do is drop them off. He gets 20%. Well worth it as I've yet to sell a firearm for less than 50% more than I paid for it. And many have sold for WAY more than I expected. Not as good of an investment than the stock market. But show me any other sport equipment that returns 2-3x(+) what you paid for it after using it for 20+ years.
  13. Heritage Arms in RI hasd a shelf full two weeks ago. They said they will be getting it regularly now. Last week I was at Cabelas in Hamburg PA and I couldn't believe the reloading supplies! Federal small and large pistol primers stacked up on the shelf for grabbing! Huge powder inventory.
  14. It just recently showed back up on shelves here in New England. A fantastic all around powder that can be used in just about everything from 38sp to 38-40 to 44-40 to 45ACP to 38-55 to 45-70.....a great Cowboy powder
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