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  1. Stainless, 7.5" completely stock, probably unfired, fixed sight Ruger old Army with box, paperwork and nipple wrench. $1,000.00 + $20 shipping
  2. I’ll pm ya my phone #. Currently in the extreme NE corner of Wa state at a match with good cell service
  3. Dillon #2 shellplate and #2 station 1 locater needed. I have cash or other Dillon parts to trade
  4. Wanna trade for a very, very nice Ruger original model stainless Vaquero in 44/40 with a 7.5" barrel? Single gun, don't have it's mate mudflat
  5. I've got a set of stainless nm 4 5/8" with sbh hammers etc. but no short stroke, I'll pm ya
  6. Anybody got a 650/750 38/357 conversion they want to trade for same in 45ACP or 45 Colt?
  7. Very, very nice, original model stainless Ruger Vaquero with a 7.5" barrel in 44/40. Completely stock. Carboard Ruger box with owners manual. $950.00 delivered I can sell it with a blue, 44 mag cylinder and/or bridshead grip frame with factory Ruger grips for extra $$$ extra $120 for the cylinder extra $200 for the birdshead grip frame and black grips
  8. Do the Colt gutta percha grips have the eagle and horse or just the horsie?
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