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  1. SOLD Suddenly have too many sets of SASS vaquero's, so I'm gonna sell a set. Completely stock, 4 5/8" stainless 38/357 with factory red box. Missing one of the padlocks (still looking for it) No marks, scars nor dings on either gun $1600.00 for the set + shipping to your FFL
  2. Want to sell a new, in the box, never fired Rossi model 14 hammerless 410 double barrel with double triggers. 26" f/f choke. Rossi catalog # was RSS29501. The gun has only been assembled X1 to take the photos shown here. Still covered with grease. Auto safety. Great Christmas gift $450.00+ shipping (around $20) to your FFL
  3. Hard to take, but the correct decision. Next year fer sure!
  4. I do believe I have what you're looking for, which is wierd 'cause I've never owned a Frontier Scout. How's about I mail it to ya and if it fits, you send me $80+ shipping. If it doesn't fit, you send it back? PM en route
  5. It's happend to me X2 on the Ruger Fourm, and is going on right now on WaGuns. Pond Scum
  6. Can't find a 44 mag cyl, so----- I need a blue Blackhawk cylinder in 41 mag.
  7. Still lookin, trades added. got one from flea bay, turns out to be in 45colt, guy didin't know what he was selling
  8. I need and upper reciever, stripped or complete, for an Armalite AR10B in 308. These are different from the DPMS style. I know I can buy a new one, if/when they are back in stock, but want to check here 1st.
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