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  1. I've got a nice, smooth pre safety Marlin 1894 carbine in 38/357 (it likes 357 better) for $1,000.00 shipped
  2. FOUND I need a plain, blue 2 3/4" 12ga 870 barrel. I know there's a ton of 'em online, but I'd rather spend my money here, with people I trust. Whatca got?
  3. I use 2 identical straight up and down holsters,, have for 20+ years, no worries about the angle.
  4. If the stock is $30 shipped, I'll take it, PM sent If it's $330.0, I won't take it
  5. I have an extra Dillon 550 Quick change (one only) old style linkage, with your choice of 1 caliber conversion and 1 Dillon die set. Photos shows it set up for 9mm for $400.00 I also could set it up for 44 Mag (Old style Dillon dies) for $300.00 or 45ACP for $300.00 or 45Colt for $300.00 or 38/357 for $300.00 I'll sell the exta dies and caliber conversions after the Quick change with 1 set up is sold
  6. I spent several hours today trying to find a Mossberg or Remington 12ga pump shotgun, anything I can cut down, recrown and re bead. Came home empty handed, so I'll go to my old standby, the SASS classified. Who's willing to sell one
  7. SOLD ASM short barrel .36cal. Appears unfired, but I can't say for sure. No box, just what ya see in the photo, completely stock $225.00 delivered SOLD
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