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  1. Either of these work for ya? $40.00 each, with the elevator + shipping
  2. You're giving away a shotgun to the top shooter who is clean?
  3. About 30 years ago when I started cowboy shooting, I was told "If your club has 15 members, 7 of them will be workers, if you have 200 members, 7 of them will be workers" True then, and true now
  4. SOLD pending funds Stock guns except have Slix nipples. Don't know the round count, but no wear spots nor marks nor dings. Come with original paperwork and nipple wrenches in unmarked ruger cardboard boxes $2,150.00 for the pair, delivered.
  5. Well, appearently the deal went south for some reason, seller returned my $$ without any real explination. It's his gun to do with as he wants
  6. Actually, I didn’t know that. Never been allowed to park there, had to walk the 1,000 yards each day, wife says it’s good fer me
  7. I thought you had “vip” vender parking, that should narrow the suspect list
  8. In 1873 you could buy a new Colt SAA for a nice new $20 gold piece. Ya still can if you've got a nice new $20 gold piece from 1873
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