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  1. SOLD Original model blue 4 5/8" 44/40 vaquero's. Non sequential serial #'s. Blue SBH hammers, free spin pawls, Belt Mountain base pins, spring kits. Holster wear on the muzzles, ejector rod end, sharp edges of the cylinders and of course the Ruger "drag" line. Sights filed for POA with 200 gr slugs. Nice, smooth guns. no boxes, but will come with a nice set of rugs $1,250.00 for the set + $20 shpping
  2. SOLD Blue/case Uberti (Cimarron) 1873 clones. 4 5/8" barrels in 38/357 with 1 pc grips, bullseye ejector rod and Black Powder frames. No boxs and not consec. numbered. No marks nor dings, no drag lines, smooth for factory guns $800.00 + $15 shipping to your dealer
  3. Sold to Renegade Ripley These revelvors sorta work, but are sold as parts. The gun on the bottom needs a bolt, the rest are dirty, rusty and function, not necessarly perfectly. One price of 'em all $150.00 delivered Top: Iver Johnson .32 4" #2 from top: Iver Johnson .32 3" #3 from top: US Revolver Co .38 3 1/4" Bottom Iver Johnson .38 3 1/4"
  4. I've got Colt SAA made in 1915. 44WCF "Frontier SiX Shooter" with a 4 3/4" barrel. Gun is mis matched, #'s on the frame, grip frame and trigger guard are different. Gun is tight and has a really good bore for the year. $1,500 1st model 1873 rifle in 44WCF. Made in 1886 it's a 24" rifle, maybe relined. Reblued, good wood with a tang sight Good shooter. $1,400.00
  5. Done by a local 'smith. Spring kits, everything polished and smoothed, muzzles re crowned.
  6. I need another single six 32 mag cylinder for a 38 spec conversion project. Got 1, need another
  7. What does that mean that the hammer block didn't work?


    1. Mudflat Mike, SASS #20904

      Mudflat Mike, SASS #20904

      There's a "hammer block" safety on these things that seldom owrk correctly and  are easily removed, this one didin't work and I removed it.  If you google it, you'll see.

  8. SOLD Being home all the time has caused me to search thru the darkest part of my gun safes. This one is a H&R top break 38S&W with a 4" barrel. Very tight action that works perfectly. There is some cold blueing on the frame, but no pitting anywhere. Non factory grips the look and fit well. Bore is great It's a 3rd model made between 1913 and 1915 so it's for smokeless rounds $225.00 delivered
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