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  1. GONE I've got 58 20 ga brass shells that are Berdan primed. Also have 18 of same that have been drilled out to use 209 primers (used with Black powder) Trade me for something I can actually use.
  2. I need a blue blackhawk/Vaquero flueted Ruger 44 mag cylinder.
  3. You can trust Shootin Straight, his stuff is preeeeemo and he's a super guy.
  4. Bump with clarified wording Lower price is with regular hammers, highter price is with both original and bisley hammers
  5. I've got 3 sets. 2 are RCBS 3 die sets and 1 is C&H 3 die set $45 delivered I've also got a ton of other dies, PM me if you're looking for something
  6. I've got a set of original grips with screw. One has a small chip, the other has a repaired crack, see photos No idea of value, so you get to make me an offer.
  7. I've got a Dillon SL900 set up for 20 ga with case feeder. I'd like to tradw the 20 ga stuff for 12ga, or sell the whole machine for $1,000.00 shipping would be pretty spendy.
  8. Crap, I need a non checkered one. If #7 is still available, that's what I need
  9. These are a pair of 1875 Remingtons by Uberti in 38/357 with 7.5" barrels. They include ejector rod housings to turn them into 1890 Remingtons. Pretty low milage, no big marks nor dings on either gun. Comes with tattered original box and most paperwork $850.00 shipped to your FFL
  10. FOUND I need a non checkered walnut forend for a '94 round barrel Marlin. The kind that has a barrel band, not the metal cap. I know they have 'em on ebay and GPG, but I'd rather buy from someone on this fourm I can pay or have several of the cap style to trade, your choice
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