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  1. I've got a brand new on, still in the box for $50+ shipping. I'm pretty sure all the little pieces (shot and powder bushings) are there , but can't be 100%. Mudflat
  2. It's called an "I love me" wall" and yer right, takes up a whole page 1st time I've ever agreed with Phantom
  3. SOLD SKB 150 12ga. Super nice single selective trigger SKB, fresh from the shop of J. Meadows who did his magic on it, including mechanical triggers along with his standard action job. A very few safe dents in the wood, no cracks anywhere. Blueing is about prefect, with nice engraving along most of the reciever. Near as I can tell, a 150 is the same as an SKB 100 only with the beavertail forend like a 200 PM me if you need more photos or info. $2,000.00 delivered
  4. I've got a coupla hundred .338 jacketed bullets for the 33 Win. PM me for specifics if you're interested
  5. Full size Uberti (I think) imported by Cimarron. 7 1/2" barrel, one piece grips, hammer mounted firing pin. 22 mag cylinder only $450.00 + $20 shipping to your FFL
  6. Found some, thanx Anybody got a set they don't need? I know there's some on fleabay, but I'm sorta mad at them right now
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