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  1. It also might be a follower from a solid frame gun in a takedown
  2. I'm not a double barrel shooter, tried it once and it wasn't a pretty sight! Today, while wondering around the local gunshow, I found a nice Browning BSS 12, but it was a "sporter" with a straight stock. Does this kind of stock make much difference to those of you who like 2 barrels? It was really expensive!
  3. I'm trying to match up to make a set, so only an originlal will work, but thanx!
  4. Mike, I need a couple sets of checkered  Bisley Gunfighter grips.  Do you have any? I have 3 sets of nice wood Ruger walnut plow handle and 1 set of Ruger imitation ivory in a Bisley.  All with medallions.  How about some horse trading...…..  Thanks  RT

    1. Mudflat Mike, SASS #20904

      Mudflat Mike, SASS #20904

      Ony thing I've got is a pair of factory fake Ivory's, I'll keep a look out

  5. I need a stainless "short" grip frame from a .32 single six. Don't need the grips, just the grip frame.
  6. OOPS, They're cowboy loads with lead 240gr. Most of 'em even have the SASS marshal on 'em!
  7. Overloaded on 44's after a local shooter and his wife retired for health reasons. The Rugers and Marlin are very, very lightly used. #1 SOLD Set (2) of Ruger 5.5" blue Vaquero's in 44 mag with Eagle checkered gunfighter grips, mild action job with boxes and paperwork. $1,100+ $15 shipping #2 SOLD Set (2) as above with Eagle buffalo horn grips $1,100+ shipping #3 SOLD 1894 Marlin Cowboy 24" in 44 mag, completely stock, like new and I'll throw in a 1 piece fireing pin. $995.00 + shipping #4 SOLD Uberti 1866 20" Oct. short rifle. in 44 special. Big bead front sight and Pioneer 1st gen short stroke kit. Very nice $995.00+ shipping SOLD 1,200 rounds of factory Winchester 44 Special 240gr lead cowboy ammo for $500, but I think the shipping will be pretty expensive. Maybe can deliver to EOT.
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