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  1. Bisleys sold to Will B Powder, 2&3 sold to JB. The old army is like all of 'em, .45
  2. #1 Ruger stainless 5.5" Old Army, no box. Stock but front sight filed for POA $1,500.00 SOLD #2 Pair of Ruger blued, original model Vaquero's with 4 3/4" barrels, in 45Colt. One has a jewled hammer, otherwise stock guns boxes. $1,500.00 SOLD #3 Pair of Ruger blued, original model Vaquero's with 5.5" barrels in 45Colt. Stock guns with boxes $1,500.00 #4 Ruger stainless original model Vaquero 7.5" barrel in 45Colt. Stock gun with cardboard Ruger box. $800.00 All guns + $20 shipping to your FFL
  3. The cabeles in Smokey Point Wa has a set for sale. Check the gun library there.
  4. I've got a set and a 550 conversion, sending a PM
  5. He does it the old fashion way, small chisel and hammer, it's amazing to watch! I can't draw a straight line using a ruler and this guy can do this freehand!
  6. Yep, he uses that on almost all of his work, makes the artwork POP and it's surprisingly durable. I've had another set for years and I've never seen any rust, even in our mostly wet weather.
  7. Dennis Reigle, my engraver from Orcas Islnad Wa. just dropped off the latest commission I gave him. The ejector rod housing is still being done, but here's what he's done so far. It's an 1896 made 44/40. Looked like 5 miles of bad road before he started, but look at the old girl now!
  8. RCBS 38/40 3 die set $55.00 Unmarked 3 die 30 Carbine set, probably Herters $45.00 RCBS 3 die 38/55 set with shell holder $65.00 RCBS carbide 38/357/357 Max $65.00 Lyman 40-65 3 die set $65 All plus shipping.
  9. Extra stuff needs to go 550 caliber conversions I've got: 32mag, 30 carbine, 308/30//06 and 44 mag for $50 38/357 $60 Dies and 550 caliber conversions I've got: SOLD 38/357 $160.00 SOLD 45Colt $150.00 9mm $260.00 SOLD 45ACP $160,00 Square Deal B 38 Super Comp caliber conversion $100.00 650 .223 Caliber conversion $125.00 650 45Colt/454 caliber conversion $100.00 I'll ship on your dime or deliver to the Wa state match or EOT
  10. I tired to send ya a PM, but was told your sight can't recieve one
  11. Sorry, I let my inbox fill up, it's cleared now, sending ya a PM
  12. No shell holder, its a 3 die set. 1 die is the sizer, 1 is the decapper/expander and the 3rd is the seater/crimp
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