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  1. So tell me, have you ever shot a CAS match?
  2. Found one Thanx! I'm looking for a 2 3/4" only 12ga, 1100 barrel, don't care if it's got a rib or not, that I can cut off to around 21" or so. I'd like to spend around $60
  3. $120.00 for the grip frame. Add $50 for Ruger factory fake ivory grips and $30 for factory wood. I've got a bunch of after market grips also, depends on what ya want. + shipping.
  4. I've got one in hight polish stainless. Do ya need grips also?
  5. I've got 250 rounds left of Fiocchi 455 MKII LRN 262gr factory ammo packed in 50 round boxes $30 per box of 50 + shipping. Yes, I do have the revolver that goes with it but haven't decided to sell it yet
  6. Would you be intersted in a 90% inletted, unfinished carbine stock?
  7. I've got a new Deluxe quick change, a new caliber conversion and a set of new Dillon 45 Colt dies $100.00 for the Quick change $35.00 for the caliber conversion $55.00 for the die set All plus shipping
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