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  1. Would one need to use pure lead bullets? Or would Cast WW. be ok.
  2. Yes, all are steel frames. Just got off the "Taylo's" site, and yes they should work with either gun. Yippie Skippy! And to those thinking of a brass frame revolver...DON'T.... Don't even own one, to avoid disappointment and future regret, wait till you can get a steel frame revolver. Trust me on that one!!
  3. If'n on those hammers, if you can cock BOTH easily at the same time......that would be a good thing.
  4. I should have mentioned they are both "Colt" reps, and both Pietta. The ones I am finding (Cylinders) have only 5 chambers..... If not interchangeable not a problem, just regrettable. I am in error, sorry, it's an 1851 Navy and an 1860 Army, both of the same Cal. .44 and Colt.
  5. Am thinking on a set of conversion cylinders. I have a pair each of Pietta 1858 & 1860 pistols. 44 cal. Would the proper cylinder fit both pistols? If you have experience with them ya or nay, please, chime in. Are they even legal? Thanks, Knarley
  6. My guess, is that most cases started out as rim fire. And would blow our. But when center fire took over the rim was solid, and not likely to do that. .22 Rimfire is still a rim fire, and needs a little "containment" ?
  7. Gotta wonder, how many times these have been returned.
  8. I had one do that. When I got home, found the little sucker in my boot. Bet I couldn't do that again on a good day.
  9. Most likely the same parent Co. owns all three.
  10. "The doors on some of them don't work." To me, that 'bout sums it up.
  11. It's not a Garand, but I like it...
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