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  1. It IS best to collect BEFORE they shoot......
  2. If I call a miss, one other spotter thinks it was an edger, lets go take a look. If there is evidence that it touched the target, it's a hit. That is why there are three spotters. If two saw a hit and one didn't, it is no offence to the person who didn't see it. Everyone wants it to be a hit, some times it just isn't so....
  3. Way behind the target......
  4. If I don't see the target move, don't hear a ding, and see dirt fly up.....I call that a miss. If you are shooting at real dead targets, I could see your point. If you are not using all your senses, you aren't giving 100%. I have called hits because I heard the target ring.....bad spotting too?
  5. As a BP shooter my self, LISTENING also, is a good idea. I've had numerous "misses" called, that on replayed video, rang out loud and clear. They didn't / couldn't see if it was a hit OR a miss. Do I contest those? Of course not, that's just part of the BP game. Having the gallery gagging is good enough
  6. TINNITUS!!!!!! Had it all my life. Hope it goes away when I die. Knarley
  7. Was a darn good game..........................
  8. "New to you" bed from salvage yard??? Worked well on my Nissan.
  9. Was walking along a lake with the 1st wife one day, and a buxum brunette walked by wearing a tiny slingshot bathing suit. Of course the wife caught me with my tounge hanging out, and asked "How come you never look at ME like that?" I told her the truth..........."Cuz......... you never look look like that" I haven't seen her in 30 years, go figure.................................. Knarley
  10. Loading BP shot shells is easy. One night my wife came down to the loading room and announced she wanted to learn............SHE loads our shot shells now. Knarley
  11. Thanks for the link. I'm gonna be stayin' in the normal pistol loading bracket. I prefer pretty guns to blowed up ones............'sides, I like my fingers too. Knarley
  12. Most my loading manuals have a "Ruger/Thompson Center Only" section for pistol cartrages, are they usable if being used in a rifle? Knarley
  13. Parts for 10 whole years?? I can still get parts for my Harley, it was built in 1978. Too bad, I bet it will be tough to sell the rest of them now......................... I'd be leary about an Indian too. Knarley
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