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  1. Whitehorse Riders will have their first event of 2020 on June 14th. Should be a good time for all. Unfortunately that is also the first 600 yard F Class match so I will miss the cowboy shoot this month. This is the only month they are scheduled on the same day.
  2. I just shipped 200 44-40 bullets by priority mail. The buyer got a bag of bullets and the box separately. I had taped the box 6 ways from Sunday. not sure what happened but it was not good
  3. not much of a stache but it is all i got
  4. It lets you know if you are reaching or exceeding the correct temperature on the brass. I only use it when I set up to anneal. Once set up I run them through. I use the 650 degree Tempilac. I use a Bench Source machine and can do hundreds in no time. I bought the machine for my precision rifle rounds but it does all kinds of brass.
  5. It is where I call home since retiring 3 years ago. I love it here. Yes we still jump off the bridge the bridge every October (we dose NOT Mean me) not a big fan of our 9 month winter but summer is awesome
  6. I have always been a car guy. here is one of my favs. 440, 4 speed 4.11 rear and 4mpg
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