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  1. my experience is it is much ado about nothing. I have shot the daylights out of mine with no hint of any issues. I sure don't like the look of the lock but it really doesn't bother me otherwise.
  2. My 4 carry guns are all very nice guns. Springfield EMP, Sig 938, Glock 19 Gen 3, and S&W mid 60 38 spl. The new Sig 365 interests me as well.
  3. Thanks Bruce. See you Sunday. I look forward to what you have set up!
  4. excellent job rolling with the situation! I know many that would have just gave up and left the stage.
  5. Rye yes, they would be a bit long for you. The waist would probably adjust down. They are sold pending confirmation from Asa Breckinridge. Thanks for your interest. See you in a couple weeks at Tusco.
  6. Tusco is by far my favorite club. Who they are, what they do go way beyond the shooting.
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