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  1. Video systems record your shots. That is not the data you need to make the shots. 7K is a big reach, I agree. I spent 3300 and am happy I did
  2. I went through several cheap ones. Like Roy I ended up with the Kowa TSN 883. A major $$ investment for me but absolutely one of the best there is. I shoot in F Class mid and long range events and it is perfect for that. It all depends on your needs. The Vortex Viper 20-60x80 is decent for the price(check B&H Photo for the best prices)
  3. I have a Pedersoli 1878 Sharps Carbine in 30-30. Lyman one of 140. 1400.00 shipped. if interested PM me for more info. not your requested caliber but mighty handy and accurate for off hand shooting
  4. My Phonaks are paired to my iPhone. Calls are so nice now. Just push a button on my right hearing aid and talk. leave phone in my pocket. Plus there is an app for the phone that allows you to adjust them for different situations like tv or restaurants, etc.
  5. They still brought forward the red flag, one handgun a month, etc. A shallow and temporary win unless we keep the pressure up
  6. I have a pristine Smith and Wesson Model 14-8(Classic) in nickel finish. 6" barrel though... Going to list it for sale here shortly.
  7. I went through a ENT ( ear nose throat) specialist as I trust medical facilities better than hearing aid sales people
  8. Look at Phonak brand Bluetooth rechargeable. I paid 3500.00 and LOVE them
  9. with a paragraph on the back of each one....
  10. he is great to deal with. I have 6 of them.
  11. but he is not a competitor..... not sure what his point is
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