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  1. Yes sir....I know it's 2 different powders. Just wanted to mess around and try something new. I usually load 4198 in my 45/70. Wanted to compare grouping with the 3 powders.
  2. Shooting a H&R Buffalo Classic in 45/70.....I was wanting to know your favorite loads using either Black MZ or Trail Boss. Will be shooting at 100 yards with a 405 gr bullet. Thank you.
  3. WTB a wood stock for a H&R single shot 12 gauge. The stock that is on the shotgun has been cut down for a child. Thank you......
  4. Dave,


    I've got some Black MZ for 10 a pound.


    You want any?

  5. Ted Cash makes a ratcheting wrench that is great. Don't waste your time or money on anything else.
  6. I got a Chiappa 1887 in stainless. Now I just gotta learn how to get it to work for me.
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