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  1. Been using 6.5 gr of 231 with a 200 great bullet. What is y'all's go to load using 231 fo 45 colts?
  2. I shot the Montana State match a couple of years ago and met Charlie. I remember he won a rifle and gave it back so someone else would have a chance to win it. He also helped me work out a light shotgun load when I had shoulder surgery. Rest in peace Charlie from a friend in Tennessee.
  3. 6 new cylinders that have never been used. Comes with original nipples. $200 shipped to lower 48. Fits 1858 peitta. 44 caliber black powder cap guns.
  4. Dave,


    I've got some Black MZ for 10 a pound.


    You want any?

  5. Ted Cash makes a ratcheting wrench that is great. Don't waste your time or money on anything else.
  6. I got a Chiappa 1887 in stainless. Now I just gotta learn how to get it to work for me.
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