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  1. My brother came over with his Schofield. When the hammer is down you can turn the cylinder by hand with a little force in one direction. Not both. When cocked the cylinder won’t move.... it’s only when hammer down. I’m very familiar with other single actions, double actions and semi autos but have never worked on a Schofield before. It sounds to me like a bolt or bolt spring problem. I took both out to check. The spring seems ok. I checked the bolt to see if it was bent or worn. I think the problem is more the bolt then the spring... but just to check I gave the spring a slight
  2. For the case or box of 50? Dunno.... my local Walmart just had some boxes of 100 for $10 bucks per that I bought a few and left some for others. So no more than that for me. but I’m sure that’s not the price you’re looking for.
  3. LOL! Didn’t think so. I do this at our cowboy range. I don’t dig anywhere. But we do have a lot of metal targets.... I just pick up the flattened bullets laying on the ground under the metal gongs.
  4. I’ve bought lead from folks on EBay with good luck. Search for lead ingots.
  5. So you’re saying unless you subscribe to conspiracy theories you shouldn’t have an opinion? Perfect. I’m out....
  6. and that’s what makes this country great. You have your opinion and I have mine.
  7. I don’t think so. It’s a terms of agreement issue. Parlor was warned multiple times and shown examples of what their users were saying. I’ve seen some of the posts which were very violent. Calling out certain people by name talking about firing squads. Parlor wouldn’t do anything about it so Amazon did. Parlor is free to find another provider. what I saw wasn’t freedom of speech. It was threats against people which is against the law as far as I can tell.
  8. Parson, thanks for your great insight. Wait for the facts is the way to go. And thanks for the free advice counselor.
  9. Dan I stand corrected with the porn site thing. I thought I had read they didn’t allow it but in fact they do as long as it’s not child porn which would be obvious I would think. this is their TOS. https://aws.amazon.com/aup/ Raylan I think we can agree to disagree. Parlor was taken down because of a breach of their TOS. Nothing more. They aren’t a threat to Twitter or Facebook. What your quoting is what the CEO of Parlor is saying but has no proof of it. He’s just trying to get more people rilled up. But like I said above they can set up shop anywhere else
  10. Yeah.... I’m retired now but I was an IT director for a large law firm. We had all our servers local but decided to move them to a data center to make it more secure. We had to sign all sorts of things to make sure we didn’t do something they didn’t like. It was all up front... no surprise. Now being a law firm and these were data servers we weren’t running web services but we still had to stay within their rules. . All I’m saying is in these times when people’s feelings are all on edge, we don’t need more to upset folks. This type of thing should have been a no brainer and they s
  11. I’m going to give my two cents on part of what I’ve been seeing. I’m sure I’m in the minority though. I don’t see what Amazon did as a freedom of speech thing. They released a statement saying Parlor violated their rules by letting some of their users promote violence. If Parlor owned their own servers they could do whatever they wanted..... once you rent space on someone else’s servers you sign an agreement saying what you will and won’t do. It’s that way with any provider. Mainly because of liability issues. im not saying it’s the same... but if someone were to rent spac
  12. that’s what folks have been saying. Amazon bumped them off as of midnight last night. That was Amazons decision as it’s their servers. They will likely move to another provider. Amazon isn’t the only game in town.
  13. the fact of it being blocked in business and public wifi has nothing to do with anything other then their own private policy. That’s been like that.
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