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  1. I had CBs back in the 70s. Someone asked if you could remember you’re license # mine was KQV9485. Which is amazing I still remember it! I know several folks that still use them. Walk into any big truck stop and they sell them. But in the early 90s I went to HAM radio. Lots more fun but more expensive. I went up to my advanced license which I’ve been KK5FE for years. I was active for years but slowed down. I have two meter and HF rigs. I’ve talked to folks in just about every country in the world and even places that aren’t inhabited but people go and setup a mobile HF setup just to make contacts. Now that I’m talking about it I need to get back on the air.
  2. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.... but my understanding is all adults. I didn’t see anything about a tax return. I thought it was a flat $1000 no matter what. If it went by tax returns then what about retirees? I don’t know..... there’s so much stuff floating around it’s hard to keep up.
  3. I have an STI Sentry I bought new in 2012. Its a full size 1911 in 9mm. They have since discontinued that model but have others. STI makes an awesome gun. Its one of my favorites to shoot and very accurate. I have a couple other 1911s in .45 but I wanted a 9mm for the same reason you stated..... smaller round, easy and cheap to load for. and I just wanted it. LOL!
  4. Thanks pard, I'm waiting for Allie Mo to ban me for not going with the public sentiment.

    Somebody does what's been suggested and thing could go very wrong, very quickly.

    Some of the yahoo's think they're Wyatt Earp and are going to clean up the town....HA!!


    Happy Trails

    Dutch aka Nick


    been a while since I said that!!

    1. Johnny Dollar

      Johnny Dollar

      You and me both my friend!  I'm actually very surprised she is keeping it alive and agreeing with it.  Look, I'm not a lawyer, but I have been working in the legal field going on over 30 years.

      SASS is putting them selves in a very slippery slope with this.  By her (a SASS MOD) giving her approval to this and someone gets hurt.. OR if someone posts someones name just because they googled it and that not be anyone that has anything to do with this, can sue SASS.  I guarantee that could happen.

      I'ts amazing that people are saying they went to someones house and got the money back.  I cant say one way or the other... but it seems unlikely to me.  But its giving some other guy the stones to go bang on someones door and demand the money.  It probably wouldn't turn out well.


      I had thought about posting a link to the theme music of the movie Hang Em High... but that would be looked at as sarcasm....  but I think it would be funny.  Anyway, hope your having a good evening!


      Take care,

      Johnny Dollar  (Keith)

    2. Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217

      Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217

      Hello Gentlemen,


      I doubt you knew this was a public post not a private message.


      What is it about? If you see anything amiss on the Wire, I wish you would report it. Can you give me a link to the thread.



  5. Since you're asking I'll be totally honest. I'll just say first that when I first saw your post, the first thought that came to mind is no one does something like that without wanting something in return. Maybe by accepting a "donation" or getting additional pay for work down the road...... I do leather work as well, so I know what it could take. You would still need to purchase items to fix things. You would do all that for free? Sure folks do things for friends for family but to put out for the hundreds of people to potentially start sending you things is a bit hard to take in. Don't get me wrong.... I think what you are doing is commendable and amazing. I'm a network IT admin and a lawfirm..... so because of that I've become the neighborhood computer guy.... I also do computer work for the cowboy club I'm in and for many friends. But I'd never send out a message to start fixing anyones PC. So while I do think its a great thing you are trying to undertake.... I can also see where SASS may need to step in. Sounds to good to be true. Maybe not the answer your looking for and I do apologize if I sounded rude. Really didn't mean it to be.
  6. Rooster, you will love them! To me they feel great and point naturally. Mine are .45 Colt. I did smooth them up a bit and I stripped the finish that Uberti put on from the grips and put some hand rubbed oil on. I like it.
  7. Diamond Lilly visited Parson today. At the hospital with Parson and his big brother George. He looks like a punk rocker with half his head shaved so he may need a new alias. Doctors are pleased with how he is doing so far, have started doing a little pt and will increase that slowly. They were able to get more of the tumor than anticipated, and will be doing chemo down the road. He is on some heavy meds right now but speech and muscle control are really good. All in all a very good result so far.
  8. I just had the overwhelming urge to pee when I woke up.... that's happening a lot the older I get.
  9. Quick update from Diamond Lilly: Parson was moved to a private room, is talking some and Ghost Raider said the docs are happy with his response to surgery.
  10. Unfortunately its getting to be the norm for online merchants to do that. Either their web page cant keep up and show something is out or they outright keep it showing as in stock just to keep your business and hope you keep it on back order. That has happened to me twice with Wild West Mercantile. Two separate times I've placed online orders and as soon as I press the buy button, I get an email saying its back ordered but thanks for your order.... really? Immediately I get an email saying its back ordered but the web page says its in stock? The worse was a pair of boots.... I emailed them to ask why it says its in stock but put on back order right away. The response was "they are made in Canada and can take up to 3 to 4 weeks. I wrote back and told them they need to put that little tid bit of info on the web page. No answer directly to that but one that basically said they were sorry. I know why they don't put that on the web page.... because some folks may move on. So that one really ticked me off...... And back to the boots.... I kept it on back order and they took almost 6 weeks to come in. I still do business with them but I email them now and ask is something is in stock first.
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