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  1. If you ever find yourself out here in Sin City let us know. We have state champs who’d love to shoot with you and answer any questions you may have.
  2. While what you're saying may be technically true, it's the attitude I read it with that causes me to think this person is full of himself. I would hope a state champion would take the time to explain to a new shooter exactly why the perceived infraction wasn't a violation of the rules.
  3. I used to have that option. That was about 100 lbs ago.☹️
  4. Go to matches in the desert. Although that plan failed miserably at this year's Winter Range.
  5. Just saying it doesn't make anyone full of themselves. But in the example it was used as an excuse for breaking the rules. Yeah, that guy's full of himself.
  6. ^ What he said X 1,000. You politely and maybe discreetly bring the matter to the attention of the Posse Marshal. That person decides what they want to do. If you disagree with their decision and feel strongly about it you take it to the Match Director. If you disagree with the MD's decision you have two choices; either learn to live with it or don't shoot with that club anymore.
  7. Somebody has to say it. From where you are now to crazy isn’t a drive, it’s a ridiculously short putt.
  8. That right there says 357/38 all day everyday.
  9. Johnny Meadows. He’s done four of them for me over the years. All ran flawlessly until I caused them not to. He then got them back up and running in the blink of an eye. All that that being said, he might have just retired.
  10. You do realize you’re going to have to come to Vegas twice a year to keep my shotguns running, right? Hope you’ll be wonderfully happy in your new digs.
  11. I do NOT agree with Creeker! ( I really do but can't bring myself to admit it in public)
  12. Check that part first. I can't remember who but somebody here makes a really neat little fixture your bolt fits on to make removal and reinstallation of the extractor pin quick and easy.
  13. If the “finger” wasn’t there the bullet would have hit the target. That’s a hit. If the part that protrudes above the target wasn’t there the bullet would have missed the target. That’s a miss.
  14. Hope to get it back this week. Will keep you posted. Thanks again for the incredibly generous offer. If things go South I may take you up on it.
  15. Been using them for 30 years in all my handguns, cowboy and modern, modified and bone stock. Never a problem.
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