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  1. 1,000 years ago I was still somewhat new to SASS but already on the board of a club. Due to circumstances I was the only board member available to set up and run one of our monthlies. We had 20ish shooters show up so your method was suggested to me. Not knowing any better and being told it was relatively common I ran with it. Halfway through the first stage the 1/2 of the posse that was working started looking for a rope to string me up.
  2. Thankfully I haven't seen one in a while but Eldorado Cowboys used to give these out for matches with no misses but one P. It's called a Dangit.
  3. Perfect? 1 - Shooter (Me) 1- TO 0 - Spotters 1 - Brass Picker 3 On to the next stage
  4. Anyone that's ever dealt with Ace of Hearts (Richard Metz) knows he had very strong opinions. He defended his opinions vigorously. In doing so he ruffled a few feathers, mine included. In tribute to him I'd like to look back at my dealings with him and learn from them. 1: Quite often people deal with someone that has strong opinions and think that person is just a jerk. While Ace's delivery sometimes left a lot to be desired his opinions and defense of them stemmed from his love of SASS and the people in it. His heart was always in the right place. LESSON: Before judging a pe
  5. I have no experience installing aftermarket short stroke kits. My experience with most any kind of firearms maintenance tells me to trust that kind of work to a professional. For that reason both of my SASS Vaquero sets went to Lassiter. I couldn't be happier. Understand though, Lassiter doesn't use a kit. He works his magic on your factory parts with a welding machine, files and stones. So if you want to be able to convert back to factory that may not be the way to go.
  6. They're all worthless. Send them to me and I'll make sure they get disposed of properly. And to show what a great guy I am I'll pay for the shipping. I don't make this offer to everyone so you should jump on it while I'm feeling generous.
  7. President of the Eldorado Cowboys. Kept the club together and didn't miss a beat during all the crap of last year. Even hosted the Nevada State Championship under utterly stupid Covid restrictions. He will be greatly missed
  8. He's tolerable. She's an absolute DOLL. As I've said before, you're a lucky man Beaver. Fantastic family one and all. ( But don't tell any of them I said that. Don't want them to get swelled heads. )
  9. What ^he said. Packing? It's your gun. Pack it how you'd want someone else to pack it. Sturdy box with LOTS of padding. Method? Depends on the carrier you end up choosing. Most will only ship firearms a certain way. Ground, Next Day, etc.
  10. D Bar J Hats Call and ask Dave. He's a great guy. Even if he says no he'll do it in a very nice way.
  11. Now THAT I can do. Just not the other way around. Ah, now I see the problem. That dreaded "P" word.
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