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  1. One little bit of information I forgot to mention, my pistols have been short stroked by Lassiter. The don’t have transfer bars anymore. By binding up I mean I can’t cock the hammer. I can pull it back 1/4 of an inch or so and it stops cold. I’ll keep trying and eventually it’ll go to full cock.
  2. I’m a huge fan of Lanny, Brian Enos and Joseph Parent. Maybe I should take your advice and simplify things instead of thinking too much.
  3. When cocking one of my pistols it binds up occasionally. Definitely not a high primer since it does it unloaded too. I'll detail strip it and drop all parts in an ultrasonic cleaner. Problem goes away for a while but then comes right back. I'm not even sure what exactly to look for. My thoughts were the plunger on the hammer binding up but when it's out of the gun it works just fine. Gun functions perfectly other than the occasional binding. Any suggestions for things to check before sending it to someone who knows more about it than I do?
  4. Oh yeah, I'm with you 100% on that. That's kind of the reason for starting this thread. I'm looking for techniques to eliminate the negative thoughts and turn them to positive thoughts. I know whatever I try I'll need to practice, just looking for new/different things to try.
  5. How about Earthwalkers? I don't think Steffon does custom boots anymore but the "off the shelf" models look to be the same as his custom ones. Give him a call, he's a great guy to work with. Earthwalkers
  6. Depends on your definition of inexpensive. Over many decades I’ve found you can’t go wrong with these guys. B&H Photo Nikon Scopes
  7. Instead of relaxing and thinking about how well I’m going to shoot a stage my mind starts to overthink it. When that happens the negative thoughts start to creep in. Don’t miss the holster when reholstering pistols, don’t leave an empty hull in the shotgun, don’t fumble the reload on the shotgun, etc. When those thoughts take over it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. That’s when I invariably have a train wreck.
  8. I like that! Gonna give it a try. Thanks.
  9. That right there describes me to a T. I too used to do IPSC, IDPA, Steel Challenge, etc. so I understand where you’re coming from. And it’s the one tiny distraction I’m talking about. Even if it’s a shooter two or three spots in front of me having a train wreck. Whatever it happens to be I want to be able to block that out and focuse entirely on my own good performance.
  10. Very VERY wise decision. Applies equally to everybody. I said this immediately when they invented the SASS default.
  11. I’ll definitely be at Eldorado. Look forward to seeing you there. Bring some more of those SoCal folks. I enjoy poking fun at you.
  12. You're a true friend. Thank you so much.
  13. Unfortunately no. Winter Range isn't in the cards this year. And trust me, I understand about her. She's the only reason I go to a lot of places too. I sure don't go to see myself.
  14. We’re talking about ELIMINATING negative thoughts. If you put them into your head on purpose that’s on you.
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