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  1. I'm cross dominant also. I solved the problem by shooting with both eyes closed.
  2. Generally speaking I'll agree but, you should be equally adept at shooting either pistol first. The advantage Double Duelists have over any other category is the vast array of transition options available to us. But you cut that number of options in half by only using your dominant hand first. If you're going to shoot Double Duelist you should practice drawing and shooting with both your dominant and weak hand first. Let me give an example as to why. Stage calls for pistols to be shot at position 1 then move to position 2 to shoot shotgun. I shoot a SXS shotgun and load the shells with me left (weak) hand). On this stage I'll shoot my left pistol first. When I'm done with that I holster it then draw and fire my right pistol. As I'm firing my right pistol I'm pulling two shotgun shells with my left hand. When I'm done with my second pistol I holster it as I'm taking my first step toward position 2. As I'm moving to position 2 I have the shotgun shells up at eye level with my left hand and my right hand is reaching for my shotgun. (Reaching as you move helps you move faster. ) When I get to position 2 I grab and raise the shotgun to my shoulder as fast as possible where my shells are already waiting to be dropped into the chambers.
  3. What about Spirit of the Game? He intentionally skipped the reload to save time.
  4. I know this has been asked and answered but I’m having a senior moment so please indulge me. Stage instructions call for ten rifle. During the course of fire shooter jacks a live round out of the rifle thus only firing nine rounds. Shooter chooses to simply move to the next gun without reloading the 10th round. He’s obviously earned a miss. I’m thinking also a P for not following stage instructions. Someone else suggested also a Spirit of the Game. What’s the call?
  5. Up hill.................................BOTH WAYS.
  6. If it were me I wouldn't mess with a firearm's locking mechanism in the way you described. In this case I'd bend the top lever the max allowable under SASS rules to hopefully put it into a better position for him to operate.
  7. He's tolerable. She's an absolute DOLL. As I've said before, you're a lucky man Beaver. Fantastic family one and all. ( But don't tell any of them I said that. Don't want them to get swelled heads. )
  8. Considering my track record, can you blame me?
  9. You want to take a lubricants thread and make it sticky? What's wrong with you??? Never mind, the time it would take to answer that would qualify me for El Patron Duelist.
  10. I'm going to be the contrary voice and suggest you reconsider this. I've been running Slick's brass sights for a couple of years now and absolutely love them. They're great in good light and even better in low light conditions. That brass just jumps out at you. But when all is said and done you've got to like the look so I totally understand if you stick with your current plan.
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