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  1. I'd kick her out of bed for putting her grubby hands all over my beautiful car.
  2. I fear that will be me someday. Prayers up for your friend.
  3. There's a few different methods that work. You could use a fine stoned brake hone or wrap a dowel with ultra fine emery cloth. The thing to remember is that you're polishing, not removing metal. You just want the chambers to be as slick as possible without changing the inside diameter
  4. Big pat on the back to those two fine gentlemen and prayers up for you and your family.
  5. Have you removed and cleaned under the extractor. Gunk gets under there and prevents full engagement of the case rim. Especially in 45 Colt.
  6. Okay folks, let’s please not get hung up on the term “mouse farts”. I used that term for the sole purpose of being funny. 105s on top of 3.5 grains are mouse farts when compared to 125s on top of 4.0 grains. That’s all I was saying.
  7. As has already been said, all targets should be the same for all shooters.
  8. Talking about ammo here, not flatulent rodents. I shoot 38 Special in both rifle and pistols. A while back I switched from 125 grain to 105 grain bullets. Both sit atop 3.5 grains of Trail Boss. When I do my part these little babies ring steel just fine but they wouldn’t even knock down a drunken sailor. For that reason I carry some 158 grain rounds to matches in case there are knockdown targets. Today I got to wondering if I really do gain anything by shooting the mouse fart loads. I’m contemplating switching back to 125s and bumping the powder up to around 3.8 - 4.0 grains. What are your thoughts one way or the other? P.S. This question is primarily geared toward pistols. You can tell me you can feel the difference in the rifle but I won’t believe you.
  9. If you have one of those for me you can give it to Creeker.
  10. Don't listen to that Lumpy guy up there. He recommends the Dillon 550 because only 55% of his brain works. Go with the 750. Ford vs Chevy Ginger vs Mary Ann Less Filling vs Taste Great They're all opinions. I HIGHLY recommend you take the advice to make the drive to Dillon and have one of their experts show you the pros and cons of all their presses. (Then get the 750. )
  11. Seeing those words in print I almost feel like I've seen Bigfoot riding a unicorn
  12. Forget everything you've read so far. The only thing you need to know is that Duelist is coolest.
  13. The young gentleman in this video is named Pecos Nick. He's one of the best shooters on the planet. He shoots 45s in both pistols and rifle. Shoot whatcha like. Pecos Nick
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