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  1. Got my new neighbor and his son hooked on our game. Son's birthday is this month and Dad wants to get him a pair of SASS Vaqueros. So the deal needs to be made pretty quickly. Thanks, Bull
  2. Ooo! Ooo! Ooo! I want to meet him. Who is he???
  3. You're going to be waiting longer than 8 months if that's your criteria.
  4. Did somebody say unwrapped treats?!?!? Tell me again which category you're in.
  5. You forgot to mention the best part of all, they'll get to meet ME!!!
  6. I'll toss in another vote for Johnny Meadows
  7. NOTE TO SELF: This is a family site. No making jokes about "just the tip".
  8. I wonder how much shipping from Oz would be?
  9. Mystery solved. Tab on the bottom of the bolt was bent. Bolt is being replaced with the new style that has a replaceable tab made of spring steel. New tab will be less likely to bend in the first place and easy to replace if it ever does bend or break.
  10. Absolutely loved them when I had them. As a fellow Duelist I found them almost perfect for one handed shooting. I say almost perfect because I prefer the extra heft of the SASS Vaqueros. That's the ONLY reason I switched. Buy with confidence. You won't be sorry.
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