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  1. I'm being totally serious. And I do see your point about when it's done but that doesn't change the fact that it's done.
  2. As you probably know, I came to SASS from a variety of other shooting sports. In quite a few of those you were required to empty you gun and show clear at the end of each stage. That process went like this: 1) Drop out the magazine 2) Rack the slide to eject the chambered round 3) Hold the slide back and show the RO the empty chamber and magazine well 4) Point the gun down range and pull the trigger to doubly ensure no live round is chambered. 5) Reholster your gun You May not agree with this, you may not like it, but it’s not unique to SASS.
  3. Ninety percent of SASS shooters is half mental
  4. Sounds like you're taking this game seriously. To that I say FANTASTIC! It also sounds like you're no stranger to competition, whether it be shooting or otherwise. If you've ever competed in anything I think it's safe to assume you've heard of visualization. It's practiced by elite athletes all over the world. It's also practiced by those of us who only dream of being elite. It's a sort of self-hypnosis. As Mr FJT said above, the time from the loading table to the unloading table is YOUR time, use it to your advantage. My routine is to do my posse chores at the beginning of the stage. When I get relieved I go to my gun cart, I take a few deep slow breathes to relax and clear my mind. Once I'm relaxed I run through each and every movement of the stage two times. After I've done that I gather up my guns and head to the loading table. I get everything loaded up and then repeat the above sequence, relax and run through each movement twice. By then I'm usually close to the front of the line. All that's left is to stay as relaxed as possible through the entire stage. I've already programmed my computer, just have to let it run. It's what's called "being in the zone". If you do it successfully you'll feel like you're moving in slow motion but your times will be great. The above mentioned books by Basham, Enos and Shapiro will all help you with the process.
  5. If I ever saw someone get turned away for something like that I'd be leaving right along with them.
  6. This is another area where personal opinion rules. When I switched from 45 Colt to 38 Special I started with a pair of Great Western IIs. They were far too light for me. I couldn't keep them on target to save my life. After a few other makes and models I've finally settled on Ruger SASS Vaqueros. They fit my hand perfectly and are heavier than most of the others which is what I prefer.
  7. That’s certainly a possibility but I’ve been using a similar sleeve for quite a while and never had that problem.
  8. Just based on that picture the legs look awfully wimpy. Is it more sturdy than it looks?
  9. Ford vs Chevy. Ginger or Mary Ann? 45ACP or 9mm? All you’ll get here are personal opinions. You really have to try both and see which one you like best. I’ve had both and had absolutely no problems with either. (Ford, both, 45ACP )
  10. You’re not allowed to fix it in place with screws or nails.
  11. It’s my understanding that you don’t really have much choice. If I heard correctly SASS rule says they’re not allowed to be attached.
  12. As a resident and concealed carrier I can tell you a couple of things. Casino signs that state “No firearms allowed” are NOT laws. They are simply company policy. If you don’t abide by that policy the worst they can do is ask you to leave. If you refuse to leave that’s when police will be called. Security is what would concern me. I wouldn’t want to leave a bunch of expensive firearms unsecured in a hotel room. I also wouldn’t want to leave them unsecured in my vehicle while I was out and about. Locked in a trunk or truck safe would be much better.
  13. I was on the posse with you, Nutin' Graceful, Shadai Vaquero and others I can't even remember. One of the most fun days of shooting in my life.
  14. I have them in my rifles. When I first got my rifle back it was far too light to set off the Winchester primers I use. Boogie said that would probably happen with Winchester’s so he included a stronger spring in the package. After swapping out springs all primers went bang with no problem. But to your original question, I can’t tell a difference between the new coil and the old flat spring. Rifle runs absolutely fantastic though. It did get out of time but that’s on me. Boogie is fixing right now.
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