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  1. We are south of Mt. Vernon, here is the link to the club website https://www.ohiovv.com/ Scioto shoot at the Cardinal center off 71 in Marengo their website is https://www.sciotodesperados.com/ Here is a list of the SASS clubs in Ohio. https://sassnet.com/sass-clubs/find-a-club-near-you/clubs-search Hope to see you at one of the shoots! Gray Hare
  2. Just for you Crossdraw you can wear what ever you want! I hope you come up and shoot with us! It's been awhile. Most will wear their hats to keep the brass of them, I am wearing tennis shoes cooler then boots
  3. Due to the high temperatures forecasted on Saturday OVV is dressing down. Wear what will keep you cool. Gray Hare
  4. I will take the baffle. Message me and I will get the money to you. Thanks, Gray Hare.
  5. I have a spoked wheel for $25 plus 10 for shipping.  I replaced my wheels last year for both the plastic versions but saved the one spoked wheel for just this occassion.    RT

  6. You bunch of WIMPS!!!! I was ready to go, going to pick up Rowdy Bishop on the way to!! Stay warm!!! Gray Hare
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