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  1. Duece I have one , marked XRN- RED is this what your looking for ? Turkey Bob
  2. The Speer # 9 reloading Book from 1974 has a section of self defense loads for the 38 S&W. I would caution anyone to only use these loads in the solid frame guns after being checked by a trusted gun smith. In my top break S&W I have used like many others the hollow base wad cutter or the 145 semi wad cutter I use to cast using a Lyman Ideal mold 360 271 S for a factory duplicate load. Never loaded anywear close to max. Turkey Bob PS if anyone is interested I’m going to sell this mold along with some others as I’m moving and will no longer have a place to cast anymore.
  3. Driftwood

      I wonder if you could help me establish a value on an Lyman mold # 450229. 182 . It cast a hollow base .452 at 155 gr. With the original handles. 

    We are relocating and will be able to cast at the new place. 

    Thank You 

    Turkey Bob

  4. This is a perfect rig for Classic Cowboy! Turkey Bob
  5. I want to thank you for the positive statement on the canvas shotgun belt. Toranado is selling all my oversized Cowboy stuff for me also thanks for all the great videos they are a great help and source of information.

    Turkey Bob

  6. I’ll take the glock 19 holster tell me where to send the money. 

    Turkey Bob 

    1. Duke Ross 73372

      Duke Ross 73372

      Shes got your brand on her Pard.



    2. Turkey Bob

      Turkey Bob

      My address is Bob Cahill

      6600 Glenview Dr.

      Tinley Park Il.


      I will put a check in the mail this morning.

      Thank You 

      Turkey Bob

  7. Evil Dogooder 

     I just want to thank you and Happy Jack for running a great posse in spite of the cool Minnesota heat !

     Was a fun shoot with really nice people, hope to do it again next year. 

     Stay safe 

    Turkey Bob 

    1. evil dogooder

      evil dogooder

      Your definitely welcome.  Thank you for making the long trip to attend gunsmoke. 

  8. I’m looking for that Kilpatrck belt would you consider $250 for ever thing as I would have to sell the shotgun belt and holsters. 

    Turkey Bob. 

    1. WOODFOX , sass#34179

      WOODFOX , sass#34179

      I'd like to get my asking price since shipping is included I think you can still buy the belt new from Kirkpatrick .

       Thanks Woodfox

    2. Turkey Bob

      Turkey Bob

      They still make the belts but not in chestnut the color we both have. 

      The will not make one in that color anymore I have talked to them but no luck. 

      Turkey Bob

  9. BART 

    May all your Christmas wishes come true and Merry Christmas!,

    Turkey Bob

    1. Bart Solo

      Bart Solo

      Merry Christmas Turkey Bob.  

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