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  1. How often does cabelas run sales on their Navies? I want to pick a couple up and have heard they drop to <$150 upon occasion but they are advertised at $250 right now for the steel frame. Kinda wish they made a G & G replica (love the history). The black powder provision in the legislature is also nice as I can get it right to my door.
  2. Has anyone ever tried deer hunting with their lever gun that they use for SASS? I was thinking about dual purposing mine and thought that the collective wisdom here might grant me some experience before I make a mistake while hunting. I realize I'm out to kill the creature and eat it but I still want to hunt ethically.
  3. Saturday I mean. I can't keep track of what day it is apparently.
  4. I intend to go down to Wilmington tomorrow to watch the match. Hope to see you there!
  5. I have not as of yet identified how to send PMs. Relatively new to the site. I live a few miles north east of the post.
  6. I have been wanting to get over to a match and looked near me (I recently moved to the east coast from the west) and located 2 clubs within an hour and 4-5 under 2. Hours was curious if anyone shot at those or knew of any other SASS/CAS events.
  7. I just got my copy of hornady's tenth edition reloading manual today and flipping through it I noticed that they don't supply any load data for the .38 or .357 for rifles. What gives? I saw 45 LC and 44-40 but not .38 or .357. They even make rounds specifically for lever guns to hunt with in those calibers... correct me if I'm wrong, but the longer barrel and different chamber (than a revolver) will affect the round's velocity and head spacing/chambering so it seems that they should have included the data tailored for rifles too...
  8. Has anyone ever seen a belt holster for a SAA that sits outside the waistband horizontally, grip up? Not for CAS use but for other carry. Was curious if there is such a creature around or if one needed to be specially ordered.
  9. I was watching Magnificent Seven over the Christmas break and began to wonder: who do the filmmakers bring in to teach the fast draw, gun slinging, and gun play stuff? Now that has to be a cool job.
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