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  1. our club has a few made of the large concrete blocks. No issues other htan our IDPA guy hates them - idpa stages tend to be angled and you wan't want to use the concrete as a backstop - it will get chewed up and you have the risk of richochets. And you need heavy equipment for installation and a foundation that won't sink.
  2. why not put in the real names and emails? Our parent club requires a sign in, which this will likely be acceptable, but they need real names, not alias'. And I want the contact info for marketing purposes (our newsletter). We've never printed scores - PDF emailed to our web admin. Have to play a bit as I can't get that emailed off my tablet quite yet..no attachments go. If I have to put it into practiscore's website I can do that. Our IDPA is considering moving to practiscore..Issue is we don't run 'squads' as some other IDPA do, so we'd need a lot of synching and a tablet per stage (unless we change). For cowboy we've always had a tablet per posse. BUT we all start at 10 am...IDPA you can show up anytime and shoot stages in any order, alone or with a group..hence the need for synching , adding shooters, during a match.
  3. and winning a state title is on mine...may be a few years yet, or longer..hope they are faster!
  4. Dave - submitted a ticket. I'll see if I can get that out of ACES...bad home button on the ipad makes it real difficult to do anything. next is to figure out why no attachments are coming thru from the mail app on the fire tablet... if it's not one thing it's another! thanks for you help
  5. Sure..where and how do I do that?
  6. I'll have to figure that out. Just installed it 2 or 3 days ago when I got the tablet.
  7. Clean Report - doesn't show up even when I KNOW i have clean shooters - no miss, no penalty. I'll triple check it, but I did TWO matches with 3 stages and 3 shooters each to make sure I"m trying all the parameters (does it remember shooters, categories, etc - yes, does it order the categories with multiple shooters, yes) I have the latest version on fire tablet. Perhaps there is a difference or a glitch?
  8. got 90-95% of it figured out...can't find a clean match report, and when I email results (to myself) as a test of a match I get nothing...
  9. If they're supposed to be links..they're not.
  10. i found there are 'subtypes' to matches..that has helped alot. Playing around...how do you get "clean" shooter list? We give (and all clubs here do) a ribbon/award to clean shooters. And it looks like if I put in every shooter's email it will email them results individually after a match??? I like that if it's true.
  11. We've been using ACES for a couple of years, but they no longer exist (at least for amazon fire tablets). Since my iPad died and I went to a Fire I need new software for scoring. PractiScore is what I was told eveyrone is using now. OK, so I got that...and for IPSC or IDPA I see it's good to go...for SASS??? I need help with setting it up - categories for registration and stages - timing, targets, etc. I can possibly muddle thru something but am guessing it's been figured out already, so why re-invent the wheel? I'd prefer a chat on the phone to other alternatives as that is likely to be a 10 minute and it's done deal rather than 1100 posts. If there is a video out there that's great too - searching I've turned up nothing that is any help. Thanks Chris, Duncan Disorderly 724-234-2893 - if you don't get me leave a message and I'll call you back.
  12. odorless mineral spirits works pretty well and no smell. you can reuse the 'used' spirits until you decide they're too dirty. cheap too. rec by a pistol smith. he soaks the guns in it. brake cleaner is nasty stuff, but works. carb cleaner i've always been told leaves a residue (on purpose). at the bus garage they use starting fluid. yep, ether or whatever it is. works to clean the goo of new brake rotors. part cleaner in garages, etc is mineral spirits.
  13. I use the shell holder that is for the press and cartridge..so lee shell holder on a lee press, dillon on a dillon...never had one break or wear out so can't say any one brand of shellholder is any different than any other. i use lee dies in a dillon 650 because i had the dies from my loadmaster..i make accurate ammo and have no issues.
  14. started our club this year.. AR400 3/8 is fine. A lot cheaper than 500. I"m told mild steel is fine too. If you're shooting light 38s you'll be fine with mild steel - if you're shooting hot 44/45 loads or BP i'd say go with AR400. Distance matters too - if you're gonna shoot 44-40 from a rifle at 1200fps at 5 yards you'll gonna wear the targets a lot faster than if you place it at 25 yards. Wear as in bend or dimple. Size..whatever you like. I find round/square/rectangle as boring. A shape 'wastes' steel but is lighter..an issue if you have to setup yoru targets. We have some 20x24 3/8 ar400 and i'd not want anything bigger/heavier. Most have 'sweet spots' (inside of arms/legs/etc) of 16x18. Early in the year people whined and missed..last two matches same folks hit the targets and didn't whine. IMO practice at farther and smaller targets and when you get to a match it's gonna look like a cake walk. welding..you can weld AR steel, a bit tougher but possible. Stands..we're using 5/8 rebar (donation..don't look a gift horse in the mouth). Easy to work with and functional. Could angle iron stands be better? Sure. how many...get 8 - you can set up 4 pistol/4 rifle or 5 and 3 - gives you all the sweeps options out there.
  15. 'Round here every match has food, most at the end some in the middle. Do you have food at your matches and how do you handle it? As in - who's in charge of it, how do you handle knowing how much to have, to charge, dealing with leftovers or shortages? Our first couple of matches had a lot of folks show, then it sorta leveled out..the last match had very low turnout - the weather went cold and it may have well gone great ..so we had lots of leftover food..and a loss for the match overall. So looking for ideas and ways to make this work in the future.
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