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  1. I know guys that work for the railroad And sometimes when something happens to a train They'll send a taxi a couple 100 miles to get them
  2. Nevada titles used to be pink Now they're mostly blue but the middle is still pink Used to mean if you had a signed off pink slip you owned the car but not anymore
  3. I don't know what happened to all the Jack rabbits But we sure don't See them Like we used to Even the coyotes have been down the last couple years
  4. I've always wondered weather it was to protect the deer and elk or the cars
  5. They got some of those in North East Nevada The fences kind Of guide them toward it
  6. The TV show the Virginia This is in season 5 episode 9
  7. I'm getting 1500 pound balls For 120
  8. I think they lose their value Because the parts still stay real high
  9. If you mess around in the horse market at all everything is cash And good horses are going for 10K or better So you need to carry plenty A lot of people won't take checks If I sell a horse I won't take a check
  10. Miruco I know that aint spelled right And uberti is used To make them Iver johnson's planning on making one or having it out soon
  11. In the South I'm Pretty sure they would get their 1st cutting of hay before In June
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