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  1. Scooters looked easy too, nearly mistake proof, until I challenged my 9 year old grandson to a race. Twelve stitches to my eyebrow later, I changed my mind.
  2. I'm both old and ugly. I just turned 74. I stopped at a yard sale a while back. A two year old girl went to hide behind her mother. She was pointing at me and saying something to the mother. The mother kept shushing her and told her to go into the house. The little girl got louder. She was saying, "Uggy man, uggy man."
  3. While working at Gander Mountain, more Taurus guns were returned than all others combined.
  4. An old Irish one, " No Irishman is too drunk as long as he can still hold on to one blade of grass to keep from falling off the face of the earth."
  5. Old age is creeping up on you if you remember when jeans came in only one length. All the kids had folded up cuffs. Your mother would yell at you if you let them drag on the ground. Did your mother make you put a dime in your "penny" loafers in case you had to make an emergency phone call?
  6. My favorite is one where Matt get taken advantage of because of his good nature. He goes out to a small ranch/farm to arrest the owner. The man says he will willingly go back but winter is coming and he needs to make sure that wife will be OK. He needs to weatherproof the house, split fire wood and enough other chores to fill the episode. And of course Matt is talked into helping him. The man knew he was innocent and had a good alibi but decided to play a little con game with Matt.
  7. Cheyenne Ranger and I had been shooting USPSA for about 10 years. He started talking about something new, cowboy shooting, he was trying and said that I might be interested. He kept after me for two years and said I should bring my wife out just to watch. When I got there people handed me guns, ammo and leather. It was FUN. I thought that there was no way my wife would go for four new guns and everything else I needed. But she was talking to the other wives about the big shoots and the fancy dresses. By the next month I had all the guns and leather. Thank you Cheyenne.
  8. What's on your mind?

  9. Hi,Tracker! Glad ya made it over to the SASS wire.

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