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  1. So, these back on the table or not? Got a notice in my email that Fireball backed out. JJ
  2. Somewhat dissapointed to see 'china' on the blade. Are the scales real stag/antler? JJ
  3. What material is the transition between the scales and guard? JJ
  4. Pard, I'm interested in #'s 1,8,11 and 15. Would you take $60 shipped? JJ
  5. Dang it Slick, this keeps callin to me. Too nice to pass. I'll take it. PM coming with my particulars. JJ
  6. Hey pard, what size are those square toed boots? JJ
  7. Howdy Kuna, I'll take the lower set up. PM for shipping details. JJ
  8. Howdy Peso, I could make use of the iron butt plate for the 97 12G and, the SKS parts. JJ
  9. I accidentally put the same picture twice (the first 2)  I take it you meant the last one.  Trying to get this right.

  10. I figure with shipping $74

    Interested in going to $80 and I will add Scarve,  Small pouch, 

    and canvas bag

  11. Damnit Joe! Now I got's to clean coffee outa my keyboard.
  12. Ok pards, I've gone and 'misplaced' my NRA membership card and need the info for a gun club membership application. To compound matters, I also need the same info to log into NRA's membership area where I 'could' print a copy of my card. Sooooo, do any of you guys or gals know how to pull or decipher your membership ID from the NRA emails? Any and all help would be much appreciated. JJ Oh yea, have already emailed NRA twice with no response so far.
  13. Well, if PJ falls thru or changes his mind and you can do paypal, I'll take them all as well. JJ
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