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  1. Howdy, I'll take the imitation ivory, NV grips off yer hands. Paypal ok? JJ
  2. Howdy pard, I'll have a go at the bond derby hat. Not keen on the shirt but, I'll take the shirt and pants too. Does paypal work for ya? PM your particulars. JJ
  3. Well Stoney, I'd like to pick up #'s 2&3. Will send a PM with my particulars. JJ
  4. Well pard, I haven't confirmed with mr. Vator but, I was gonna pick up the 13 for $100 at the match this week. Heading there tomorrow. JJ
  5. Do you mean chorro valley? Near Morrow Bay. I could be your huckleberry. JJ
  6. Dakota, I'd like #'s 1 & 5 Sending a PM JJ
  7. Howdy, I'll take the heritage grips. Let me know payment. Can do paypal. JJ
  8. I've been considering it too. But, would like to know when it was made. Good chance it could be shipped to your door. JJ
  9. Dang it Maddog, I'm likin that white rig but, I shoot 12ga and gots a 38 inch waist. Wouldya go 175 shipped on it? JJ
  10. So, Peso, I guess your post under 'stuff for free' don't mean didley squat! JJ
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