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  1. +1 Huh, I guess I do agree with Phantom on at least one thing OP: I, too, only intended to load .38s at first, so I picked up a new Dillon SDB. I loaded about 20k rounds on it -- it's a great machine. Then, I won a 650 at the Four Corners Regional, and it's incredible. I really wish I would have just started with the 650 (now 750). I'm now loading .38, .45ACP, .45 Colt, and .30-06 on the 650. If you can afford it, and you're confident you'll need lots of ammo, go with a new 750.
  2. They look great -- I'll drop a money order in the mail today. Thanks again!
  3. Hey Rum Crook, if the tan and blue shirts look as good as the red, I'll take em. Please PM me with payment instructions.
  4. Man, this is a great video. I was already excited for our monthly match coming up this weekend, but now I gotta figure out how to make it 3 more days without a mag change. Thank you for using the platform to spread the good word about WBAS. I really want to shoot gunfighter at a monthly WB match. With the rule changes this year, I think we can do it safely by staging both pistols on a table with a loaded mag inserted and the slide locked back. To keep things simple, no reloads. Just pick them up, drop both slides, fire them dry, then re-stage. The main problem is correcting malfunctions, but if one gun does malfunction, you can fire the other dry, set it down, then fix the malfunction. If they both malfunction, it'd be tough to avoid a stage DQ. Maybe I'll see if my local club will let me try it this weekend -- whaddaya say, @LostVaquero?
  5. All of the stages are written for two pistols, a rifle, and a shotgun, but we'd love to have you come shoot with us in Tombstone. We shoot CAS the first Sunday (OPSA) and the third Saturday (Los Vaqueros) each month. You can still get the Old West feeling, the camaraderie, and most of the shooting, but we'd just score you a little different. We occasionally have a fella who shoots one revolver and reloads it on the clock -- I think he calls it the "Hired Gun" category. He does still shoot a shotgun, but we're usually open to folks trying new things (as long as they are safe). At our Wild Bunch matches (4th Saturday - OPSA), we've had a shooter show up with a Luger and a Thompson, and it was fun for all of us! Sometimes these rule breakers don't get counted in the overall standings, but we all have fun, and we'd be glad to have you. Please do read the SHB -- safety is always first. Aside from having the correct number of guns, all other rules still apply (ammunition, holster wear, range ops, etc.).
  6. Do you mean 9.2gn for shotshells and 1.8-1.9gn for pistols? I might take a look at this powder too. I'm about out of Titegroup, and this stuff is cheap.
  7. A primed S&B case always looks funny to me -- good to see some validation. I haven't had any malfunctions (yet), but maybe I'll start setting aside the S&B and CBC brass. What don't you like about the CBC brass? @Boomstick BruceSorry for the off-topic question, but I haven't found any AMERC brass. I also haven't read any posts about it on the Wire in my short tenure as a member, so thanks for asking the question (again?)
  8. Thanks for starting this thread, @Shooting Bull. Like you, I can't abide "over handling" when it comes to repetitive tasks. I've been resistant to wet tumbling simply because I didn't want to de-prime my brass first. However, I just learned today that de-priming isn't strictly necessary if I don't mind allowing more time for the brass to dry (I don't). Thanks to this thread, I now have a good wash recipe, I don't have to separate media, I don't have to de-prime, and I'll be reducing my lead exposure. As soon as I use up the last bit of my crushed corn cob media, I'll be going from the vibrator to the rotator.
  9. I'll be there this Thursday evening to be ready for the WB warm-up on Friday. About 2k rounds of ammo (over 60lb of lead alone) packed for 9 days of shooting -- I hope it's enough. Woohoo!
  10. Edit: Found one, thanks! Howdy Pards, I'm looking for a solid shooter in .45-70 (other Plainsman-legal calibers may be acceptable) with an ejector. I may consider an extractor model, but I'd prefer .45-70 with ejector. I'd also consider trading my unique Winchester '92 in .357 (with cash adjustment for handi-rifle) -- you can read about it here: Thanks for looking! Cheers, CND
  11. Updates for our "new" Plainsman match-- This year's Plainsman side match is sponsored by SliX-Prings and SliX-Shot Nipples. The Plainsman categories include Modern Men, Modern Senior Men, Traditional Men, Traditional Senior Men, and Ladies (any age/rifle). The "modern" category allows any SASS-legal Plainsman rifle, but the "traditional" category prohibits the use of an ejector in the rifle -- detailed category rules. Don't forget to check the Bordertown website regularly for future updates. Even though the main CAS match is full, you can still sign up for any of the side events (including the warm-up).
  12. Howdy Wilbur, I sent ya a PM. Hope to hear from you. -CND
  13. Well, we usually don't publish that information. It keeps things... interesting.
  14. Howdy Pards, We have updated the Bordertown website with the latest shooter lists, and we have sent out all of the confirmation e-mails. If you did not receive a confirmation, or if we did not respond to your request for a change to your registration, please let me know.
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