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  1. Howdy Blaze, I can give you a box of these: https://www.cimarronbullets.com/product-page/45-acp-200-rn-fp-gm-case-qty-2200 I'll be at the Livery on Sat if you want to do the swap then.
  2. That's quite the assumption there, GJ. I have various piles of loaded (or "partially" loaded) cartridges sitting all over the place patiently waiting for the day I purchase a bullet puller. Some of them have no powder, backwards primers, split cases, or just an 'x' across the rim (my way of saying "don't use this on the clock"). I suppose you're right -- maybe it's time I grabbed a bullet puller and reclaimed those components. How much do you think I can get for a once-installed, never fired small pistol primer?
  3. Yep -- putting spent brass in the cylinder is the answer. I don't think I'll try shortening the firing pin.
  4. The Ruger manual says you can, but I experienced what seems to be a very common issue after dry firing one only about 50 times. Due to an apparently wide tolerance range, dry firing these could cause the firing pin to strike the face of the cylinder which creates a burr making it difficult or impossible to seat cartridges. I contacted Ruger after this affected one of my two Wranglers, and within 12 hours, they had responded stating they had shipped a new cylinder. So that's the good news. It also seems if you have been dry firing and have not encountered this issue, you are probab
  5. You can watch a preview here: https://www.outdoorchannel.com/show/shooting-gallery/1630
  6. Hey Nine, welcome to the party! I have a holster you can have for free. This was the holster I started with. I only replaced it because I won a new one as a door prize. It isn't perfect, but if you're looking to piece together a rig for cheap, it's tough to beat. I also recommend Slim's mag pouches here. I've been using these for a few years now. On the other hand, if you're looking for a nice matching rig, forget everything I just said
  7. Yep. I rinse everything with plain cold water first, then wipe, then hose it down with ballistol/water (1:3) and wipe again.
  8. The shooter is ultimately responsible for the correct execution of the stage. A procedural can only be assessed by the TO (with input from the spotters). So, did the TO tell the shooter to do the wrong thing and then award a 'P' for doing so? If so, I believe it was the correct call -- bummer. It seems a P, miss, and MSV are correct. Hey, if it was Wild Bunch, at least the shooter would avoid the MSV
  9. I asked the same question when I started WBAS, and the answer is: Yes, they are legal, but you must black out the dots. I use a Sharpie. I love my R1 -- welcome to the WBAS party!
  10. Any out there that needs a new home?
  11. I'm looking for a functioning pump rifle in .22lr. It doesn't need to look nice, but it needs to be fully functional. Winchester 1906, modern Henry pumps, or anything in between. What do you have?
  12. I was in the same boat as you only a few months ago, and I started with a Lee Load-All 2. It had everything I needed to get started, and I have APP 3f on hand, so that's what I load in 12ga, .38, and in my ROAs. Surprisingly, I've found the cheap Estate hulls reload very well on this machine with a gray claybuster wad. For APP 3f, I use the largest powder bushing the machine came with, and the 7/8 oz bushing for shot (#7.5). There are no other adjustments to make. I'd normally suggest you save up for a "lifetime" machine, but this one is cheap enough to dabble in loadin
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