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  1. I just fit one of the Pachmayr F325 pads to an old Remington Model 14, and I really like how it came out. I don't think the open cell type rubber will be as good for recoil reduction as the softer foams are, but it was very easy to fit, and it required no polishing. If you want it to look nice, it seems the softer foams just look kinda, you know, foamish. I like the look of the F325 with the white stripe. I wouldn't want to attempt it without a benchtop belt sander, though. You could certainly do it with lesser tools, but more patience would be required. Good luck!
  2. Includes full-length resizer, bullet seat/crimp die, and a Lee #2 shellholder. $40 shipped. SPF
  3. I recently built a couple of new swinging target stands for shooting rifles at short range (20-30yds). I think these could be great for longer range because they move so much when hit, so they are easy to see. However, they don't work well for rapid follow-up shots because they can take a few seconds to settle down. My prototypes were not built for durability, and I don't think the EMT conduit and ropes will last long. But you could upgrade to black pipe and chain/cable to hang the targets. Larger gong targets will ring well, and with 3/8" plates, you should see plenty of mov
  4. It is, and always has been, against PayPal's terms of service to use PayPal for firearms. No need to bash a car for not being a truck. I didn't see the original post, but if the complaint wasn't related to the sale of a firearm, then I'll see myself out.
  5. Sorry, not true: https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2021/apr/21/blog-posting/paper-about-mask-wearing-was-not-stanford-and-make/ In a nutshell: "Stanford University has no connection with a Medical Hypotheses journal article, written by an exercise physiologist who isn’t affiliated with Stanford, that makes debunked claims about mask wearing and COVID-19." Edit: @Roger RapidGlad to hear the masks are helping with BLLs, too. I wore a mask for most of the shoots last year, and my BLLs decreased as well.
  6. Cowboy Doug also has a couple of rooms onsite at the Livery -- cozy little spots if they are available. Give Doug a call: http://tombstonelivery.com/
  7. Ah, dang, thanks GJ. I'll delete my post. I couldn't find any reputable references to "Powder Inc.", so I assumed something was fishy with it. I'll delete my post, but the lesson stands to know the difference between the URLs.
  8. Yep, OPSA shoots Wild Bunch on the 2nd Sunday. There is shooting every weekend at the Livery -- here is the full schedule: 1st Sun - OPSA CAS 2nd Sun - OPSA WBAS 3rd Sat - LV CAS 4th Sat - OPSA WBAS 4th Sun - PC CAS Club websites: OPSA: http://oldpuebloshootists.com/ LV: https://www.losvaqueros.org/ PC: https://www.pimacowboys.com/
  9. I think we should be careful perpetuating assumptions that could cause the hoarding to continue or get worse. Sure, we can see a lot of transfers were completed, and it's no surprise component prices are going up, but neither of these things mean the shortages will certainly get worse. If we avoid sensationalizing this news, we can reduce fear mongering, which may help the hoarders relax. I have a close personal friend who has been buying up any ammo he can find at normal prices "just in case" he ever gets a firearm chambered in that round. Yes, he is definitely part of the problem
  10. Looking for an unmolested 2 or 3 die set for .35 Remington with full-length resizing die.
  11. I found some on Midway USA at the end of December. When I first looked, they were out, but I set an in-stock notification. Surprisingly, only a few days later, they had some in stock, and I was able to order it. I hope you'll have similar luck. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1021447763?pid=839223 BTW, using this PPU brass, I was able to shoot sub 3" groups with low-velocity (1400FPS) cast loads last week at 100yds. These rifles are certainly capable of better, but I was pretty happy with that for a non-standard load.
  12. I'm pretty sure you can buy the Runnin' Iron hammers, which are low/wide, and drop them right in. I bought a pair, but something was wrong with one, so I sent them back and later ended up with a pair of New Vaqueros. I dropped them into my Taylor's (Uberti) Smokewagon Deluxes. I don't see Runnin' Iron parts listed on Taylor's website any more, but I'd call them to see. Either way, if you can find the new style Runnin' Iron hammers (with retractable firing pin), they should work. Edit: Found em -- https://taylorsfirearms.com/catalog/product/view/id/3392/s/uberti-1873-cat
  13. Well, if Sarival decides not to make the drive, put me in line next
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