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  1. Thanks, folks! I chatted with the fella at Crown Bullet, and he's got an order in for me. Got 'em for about .08 per ball shipped, which is the best price I've found. Thanks again.
  2. I'm fixing to stock up on balls, but I thought I'd check here first. If you've got a surplus you'd like to get rid of, please consider selling your balls to me.
  3. I've got a few more details for you. OPSA will be sponsoring a 6-stage CAS match on Feb 22nd on bays 4-6 at the Tombstone Livery. We'll also be shooting Wild Bunch that day at the same time. The 4th Saturday is normally OPSA's Wild Bunch match, but on Feb 22nd, we'll be shooting both! Bays 1-3 will be Wild Bunch, and Cowboy will on bays 4-6. For both matches, setup is at 8am, and shooting starts about 9am. We can support about 60 shooters for CAS and maybe a few less for WBAS. See you then! P.S. Don't forget to sign up for OPSA's annual Duel in the Desert (April 4-5, 2020)
  4. This may sound funny, but I found the best way to clean smokeless fouling on my stainless guns is to shoot a match with APP. I was amazed how easily all of the crud came off with the standard 20% ballistol/water solution. After a few matches with smokeless, I'll just shoot one match with APP, and they easily clean up like new.
  5. I reloaded my first .45-70 rounds using Lee dies just yesterday. I also stuck a case in my .30-06 sizing die several months ago, so I lubed the .45-70 cases generously with One Shot. Make sure you get lube inside the neck as well as on the outside. I lay them all out on a towel, spray them down, roll them half over, then spray again. I was surprised how easily they sized. The brass was once fired with reduced Plainsman loads, so YMMV. It was a piece of cake.
  6. Probably best to just ship it to me in AZ where neither of us will have to worry about it
  7. April 22-25, 2020 http://cowboy.okcgunclub.org/LR/Land Run 2020/index.html Edit: Damn -- I just discovered this conflicts with the Four Corners Regional. I guess I won't make it back to OK for this one.
  8. Soooo, I didn't read the entire thread, but isn't it always time for a 1911? OK, OK -- I know the intent was to offer alternatives for folks who can't comfortably run wheel guns, but I can't help but smile when I pick up any 1911. They just feel right. Similarly, it's always a good idea to shoot Wild Bunch, and it may make you a better cowboy shooter. In fact, 4 out of 5 doctors recommend all cowboy shooters at least try Wild Bunch (the other one is a liberal). You certainly don't need to worry about power factor at most monthly matches. So, load up some light loads, grab that SINGLE ACTION semi-auto 1911, and see if you don't smile a lot.
  9. Norm Purcella at Quality Cast Bullets has a few color choices (including green), but the lightest .358 bullet he has is 125gn. They are all hi-tek coated. https://quality-cast.com/pistol-bullets/ I use Norm's bullets for all my BAMM loads, and I really like them. I get my pistol bullets from another company with fewer color choices.
  10. Well, the trigger I received was blued, but it fits fine. It needs to be profiled a bit as it's quite a bit heavier break than the old trigger. Although I ordered two from cylinder-slide.com, they only had one. They did refer me back again to Jack First, so if you need one, that's the place to go. No love on any stainless parts, though.
  11. Edit: Thanks for the suggestions. I think I found a couple at an online retailer, but there wasn't a lot of information on them, so we'll see what arrives. I'll post an update once I receive them. ___________________________________ I managed to break the trigger in one of my ROAs, and I'm having trouble finding a replacement. Ruger referred me to Jack First, and they only have blued Old Model Single Six triggers that supposedly fit, but nothing in stainless. The trigger in my other ROA also looks like the tip is cracked, but that one is still functioning -- any advice on why this might be happening would be helpful too. Thanks in advance.
  12. Do you mean 9.2gn for shotshells and 1.8-1.9gn for pistols? I might take a look at this powder too. I'm about out of Titegroup, and this stuff is cheap.
  13. Howdy Timekeeper,


    Do you still have the WB holster and mag pouches? I'm trying to get a WB rig together and would love to have them if still available. Thanks!


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