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  1. Howdy Wilbur, I sent ya a PM. Hope to hear from you. -CND
  2. Well, we usually don't publish that information. It keeps things... interesting.
  3. Howdy Pards, We have updated the Bordertown website with the latest shooter lists, and we have sent out all of the confirmation e-mails. If you did not receive a confirmation, or if we did not respond to your request for a change to your registration, please let me know.
  4. I've been using the Ed Brown mags for a few months now -- they are working great so far, and the exchange program is tough to beat.
  5. This was a terrific match -- fun and relaxed with great competition! The Dixie Desperados really took good care of the shooters. The stages were clean, fun, and exciting. J.T. Wild was an excellent MC, and the banquet was tasty, short, and rich with prizes and awards. I made a lot of new friends and shared new memories with old friends. I thought the schedule flowed nicely -- plenty of shooting without being overwhelming. I took advantage of the short warm-up day to explore the Zion area. I'm still thinking about all the cool stuff that happened last week. Phew! Keep doing what you're doing, DD! I'll be back next year, and I'll bring some more AZ pards with!
  6. I just refined a favorite 03 (.30-06) load, and I really like it. Using bullets by Norm Purcella (I'll PM his e-mail and phone) -- 170gn hi-tek coated gas-checked bullet sized at .310, Winchester large rifle primer, and 13.0gn of Unique, I can get 1" groups at 100yds at about 1500fps. It shoots great in my 1943-built 03A3. The OAL is 3.19". You could certainly load them hotter -- I started with 16.0gn of Unique (~1675fps), but they limited us to 1600fps at Legends, so I reduced the load, and I like the 13gn load better.
  7. I started shooting gunfighter in November, and I've yet to get away from double-cocking. I don't think it's better to double-cock, and I certainly don't think it's necessarily faster. I want to be as smooth and fast as Missouri Lefty (thanks J-Bar), but that would take more practice than I'm willing to endure (for now). Double-cocking is working for me, and I've not yet been accused of shooting them too close together. The good news is I've started to change leads with some success, so that may be a stepping stone to doing it the "right" way not double-cocking.
  8. I blindly purchased a pair of the smokewagon deluxes before I shot my first match. What a great pair of pistols to start with! About a year later, I was actually a tiny bit disappointed with my "fancy" new Rugers when I first picked them up, but I prefer them now. I will still hang on to my Smokewagons though. Mine were manufactured just before they changed to the retractable firing pin, so I got lucky. Have fun with them!
  9. Thanks for resurrecting this thread -- more great info. Since I initially started this topic, I've made a few changes to my habits: - wear disposable gloves to clean guns, sort brass, reload, and do any sort of handling with the dry tumbler or media. - wear P100 respirator while handling tumbler or media. - avoid going out into the garage while tumbler is running (I do maybe 3 batches a month for 3 hours at a time). Tumbler does have a cover. - sweep up garage after every tumble or reloading session. - supplement diet with spirulina, but not every day. I might do 2-3tsp a week. - wipe down my truck interior (wheel, shifter, door handles, etc.) with lead-off wipes after a shoot, and I wipe anything I might touch while handling guns/ammo/reloading stuff (garage door handles, bench, phone, etc.). These are the main changes I've made. I felt my other habits were already pretty good (washing hands/clothes). I expect to get my lead level re-checked next month, so I'll report back with the results. Thanks again to all the pards contributing to this thread.
  10. Hey Tex, I finally got around to testing this, and I gotta say, I think this is pretty great stuff. A few clubs around here have been struggling with electronic scoring being simple, complete, reliable, and easy to use. I'm going to try it at a match this weekend. Thank you again for making it available to us. Your installation instructions were excellent. I have only one tiny critique: it wasn't immediately clear where the backup database was, but it was easy enough for me to find. Some folks might not find it as easily. I found it in "..\CASS_Installation_Files\program files\Missing Piece Software\Cowboy Action Simplified Scoring\Third Party\". Finally, I have a couple of "wish list" items (in case you are still developing), but I'll hold off on those until I get to use it in a real match. Again, I don't expect anything more, but as a fellow geek, I like getting useful feedback on my projects I'm curious how the wifi will work on our range. I built a tiny portable wifi access point on a Raspberry Pi, and it works really well, but I haven't tested its range. At close range, the web interface is snappy -- it feels like a local application.
  11. Oh boy oh boy oh boy... put me on the list. Let's make it the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Sunday
  12. We also just found out that OPSA is hosting the AZ State Black Powder Championship the weekend after Bordertown, so plan to stick around! "Tombstone Thunder" is the name of the match, and it takes place Nov 2-3, 2019 at the Tombstone Livery. Applications and more information will be available on the OPSA website soon.
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