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  1. I used Roger Rapid's guide to help reduce my lead levels last year. I suspect I get my largest continuous exposures if I'm camped at a shoot for a few days and don't shower every day. There is often a lot of dust blowing around too, and camping near the range might increase my inhalation. In addition to the things already mentioned, I also wash my cowboy clothes with D-Lead laundry soap (they go straight in the washer when I get home from a shoot). I also got some D-Lead body wash for the initial scrub in the shower.
  2. I really like my Remington R1 for Traditional. I wanted to try something new for a backup, but I liked it so much, I just bought another one. You can get them home for less than $600 shipped, brand new.
  3. Edit: whoops, you were just asking about revolvers. Well, that's the easy part See steps 3-5... I'm lazy, so quick cleaning was a must for me when I started with C&B. I shoot APP, so I'm not as concerned with corrosion. I'll try to keep this brief, but here's my process: 1. Remove shotgun barrels from receiver and remove the extractor. Plug both breeches with a tight-fitting paper towel, and fill barrels with water. 2. Rifle: squirt a healthy amount of 25% ballistol water solution into the open action and down the breech. Pull a few wet (25% ballistol/water) patches through the barrel until they come clean. Wipe action down with a rag and maybe a few q-tips. Sometimes I use a brass scraper in the corners to remove the fouling. Pull a bore snake down the bore, wipe the whole thing down, and lay it down with action open to finish drying. Fill shotgun barrels with water again. 3. Remove grips and cylinders from revolvers. Under a running tap, rinse out cylinders and scrub nipples with a stiff fingernail brush. Under running water, scrub frames with fingernail brush. Set cylinders and frames aside to dry a bit -- sometimes I use compressed air to blow them off. Fill shotgun barrels with water again. 4. Spray 25% ballistol/water solution all over frames and cylinders and down the barrel. Using a patch on a rod, give each chamber a quick wipe and pull patches through the barrel until clean. Wipe the frames and cylinders down with a cleanish rag. Fill shotgun barrels with water again. 5. Blow off revolver parts and run a snake down the barrels. Set aside to dry. 6. Using a squib rod, grab your shotgun barrels and push the paper towels down from breech to muzzle. This should pull all the fouling and plastic out the first time. Squirt 25% ballistol/water over/in the barrels. Wipe down and pull a bore snake down the barrels. Any remaining plastic after the paper towels should get pulled out with the bore snake. Wipe off and re-install extractor, then set everything aside to dry. 7. After everything dries overnight, return to safe. This whole process takes me about 30 mins.
  4. Bordertown main match is full! We are furiously processing applications, so please give us some time to get these in. We hope to publish a who's coming list in the next week or so.
  5. The application has been posted. If you are still seeing the "fake" application, please refresh your browser. http://www.bordertowncas.com/2020/BT2020_app.pdf
  6. Thanks, @Garrison Joe, SASS #60708! @LostVaquero I'm going to try to squeeze a pocket pistol / Derringer event in with the speed events, but I have to make sure we have a BAMM again this year too. Stay tuned as we work out the logistics. *cough, cough* some dedicated volunteers could make it all happen (and more!). Anyone wishing to volunteer to help with anything can contact me directly or anyone on the board. You can also fill out the volunteer section on the application, and we'll get in touch with you. Thanks again, Pards.
  7. It's that time of year again, folks! The Bordertown application will be posted between 8am-12pm MST/PDT on March 15th over at www.bordertowncas.com. Updates for this year: 1. Bordertown would not happen without the gracious help of volunteers. Please consider adding your name (or your friend's name!) under the volunteer section on the application. A hearty THANK YOU in advance! 2. We are offering a Frontiersman Gunfighter category this year! All Frontiersman rules apply except that you must use the Gunfighter shooting style. The regular Frontiersman category will still be offered. 3. Wild Bunch will be a six-stage, one-day match this year. It will be limited to 60 shooters, so get signed up early. 4. We have implemented a cancellation fee of $25/shooter and a cancellation deadline of September 30th this year (no refunds after Sep 30th). The category change deadline will still be September 30th. See y'all soon in the Town Too Tough to Die...
  8. Well said. I'm more smarter and less coordinated, so I double-cock. I envy the alternating shooters, though. When it's done well, it's impressive how they can use either gun any time they want -- and seemingly effortlessly. @Crusty Knees They both seem to work well -- see what works for you. I've been gunfighting/double-cocking for about 18 months now, and I don't really have to think about switching leads any more. I follow the Myles Houston and Shamrock Sadie school of thought by thinking in pairs -- I say to myself, "buh-dat, buh-dat, buh-dat, buh-dat, BUH-DAT." This might make more sense to you as you continue your journey down the double-cocking road Interestingly, I have also noticed recently that my double-cocking occasionally slides into more of an alternating pattern in the middle of a string, depending on the pattern. I don't think about it when it happens, though. Maybe my coordination is improving? /shrug
  9. April 22-25, 2020 http://cowboy.okcgunclub.org/LR/Land Run 2020/index.html Edit: Damn -- I just discovered this conflicts with the Four Corners Regional. I guess I won't make it back to OK for this one.
  10. Howdy Timekeeper,


    Do you still have the WB holster and mag pouches? I'm trying to get a WB rig together and would love to have them if still available. Thanks!


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