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  1. I grabbed one and made a few caps out of PBR cans. It is easy to use, and the caps fit on my ROA SLIX nipples nicely. The biggest issue to me is that they won't feed out of a capper, so they would probably be tedious at the loading table. Definitely good to have a backup, but I don't plan to use them ever.
  2. Can we please get a dark theme added? It's pretty easy to do for an admin. I've attached the theme I created over on the WBAS wire. It doesn't look like you can simply upload it and have all the colors be correct, though. I think I had to create a new theme and use the editor to invert all the colors. Then, I tailored it to be a bit more visually appealing for me. To see an example, go over to the WBAS wire and choose the dark theme at the very bottom of the page. Dark .xml
  3. The OPSA will be hosting a 6-stage WBAS match this Saturday and every 2nd Saturday thereafter. Check out the attached stages -- this should be a fun one! We hope you'll grab that slide gun and come out to join us. location: Tombstone Livery 919 AZ-82, Tombstone, AZ 85638 OPSA_WB_Jan2023.pdf
  4. Why was this moved to the saloon? Is it not directly related to SASS shooting? There is some good discussion about the WBAS game on this forum, and it usually gets pushed off to the cesspool that is the Saloon. Could it happen on the WBAS wire? Sure. But why not let the discussion happen here if that's where it's started? @PaleWolf Brunelle, #2495L
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