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  1. They sent me two! Shout out to all my fellow one-handed, ball-ramming and slide-gunning CAS and WBAS friends out there. Thanks, Misty!
  2. Good to see WST back in stock too. I was temped to get the primers and the powder, but I have enough to last for now, so I'll leave some for the rest of yous.
  3. I wouldn't ever go back to a dry tumbler (except maybe to wash lube off loaded BAMM ammo --BAMMO?). I'm not as frugal *cough* CHEAP as I used to be, so I've been buying the frankford arsenal brass warshin' packs. It's like the same thing you drop in your dishwasher or washing machine. Don't eat em'! Anywho, wet tumblin' with these packs is great, and you can warsh lotsa brass with one pack. I've been wet tumblin' for almost three years, and I've not yet gone through an entire bag of these packs. I just rinse the cases real good after a tumble (no pins), then lay them out to dry on a towel. The Arizona heat takes care of the rest.
  4. This seems to be a gross oversimplification (perhaps a bit obtuse?). Do you only value the time spent on the clock? To answer OP's question, I'd stay home. Great matches have a variety. Stages with a lot of movement and/or action could have simpler sequences and easier-to-hit targets. Stand and deliver stages could include more challenging sequences or targets. Any mix in between is OK, but there needs to be a balance and a variety. As a relatively new (2yrs) Wild Bunch MD, my goal is to challenge the shooters in a way that makes them feel accomplished. I want them to shoot clean, but I want them to earn it (it's never impossible), and I want them to feel good about what they did, even if that means learning from mistakes. I try to give them plenty of rope so they can choose how to shoot a stage. The best matches, IMO, are ones that give you more than one good choice (left-to-right, right-to-left, round count vs. specific order, gun order, etc. -- WB makes this easier because the rifle can be last). Shoutout to Zona and Barbwire -- the 2022 AZ State WBAS match provided excellent options and a true variety of difficulty, and it is the benchmark for me now when I write stages. Granted, CAS is not the same game as WBAS. I'd only travel out-of-state for a WBAS match, and if I'm already there, I'll shoot CAS too. So, you know.... grain of salt.
  5. BAMM is an official SASS WBAS side match. See the MD/RO handbook (BAMM is on page 21): https://www.sassnet.com/wildbunch/wbRules.php @Dead HandIf the recoil pad is a faithful reproduction, you're good to go. If it's not, then it's not technically permitted. However, for local Doughboy or BAMM events, you'll likely be allowed to shoot it, but do check with the MD first. There is plenty of discussion over on the WBAS Wire about permissible BAMM rifles, so feel free to come chat with us over there.
  6. The excellent guide from Capt Baylor has just what you need: http://www.curtrich.com/bpsubsdummies.html Be sure to read all 3 pages of the guide.
  7. My Slix Nips seem to work ok with Rem 10, CCI 11, or RWS 1075 (not plus). I had several 1075+ caps fail to set off the first time, and they would often jam up the cylinder. That is with factory 23lb springs in my ROAs. The RWS 1075 caps do require a bit of convincing to fully seat, but they work fine. Rem 10s have always worked the best, though. With 19lb springs, even Rem 10s would occasionally fail to fire on first hit if I didn't keep everything extra clean between stages. I couldn't abide the lack of reliability, so I ran with 23lb springs for a while. I just installed a 21lb set because I'm a gamer, but I've yet to test them. I figure right before EoT is the perfect time to make a major change.
  8. I've located the updated rules, but I'd like to confirm that flip-up sights will be permitted. In the past, I believe it was battle sights only, and flip-ups were prohibited. The new rules indicate any original sights are OK to use. I'm planning on practicing with my Cadet Trapdoor, which has a Buffington rear sight. Yea or nay? I kinda doubt fooling with the sight will help me, but I'm gonna try anyway, dangit. Rules: https://endoftrail.org/long-range-events/
  9. Yea, more shooting, more sport, more fun? Who wants that kind of pain? I'd rather flick my wrists and change guns faster in a 10, 10, 4 sequence.
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