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  1. If the .45 Auto is large primer only, I'll take 2k raw.
  2. I've never met a beer that wasn't sudsy and delicious, but it doesn't last long around me. I do usually seek out the freshest beer at the grocery store, especially if it's on sale. I think your Dos X will be ok, but make sure it's really cold. Lime will help. Does beer help one's kidneys? Is it just to make you pee, or is there something more to it?
  3. There is no evidence you've observed that he's doing anything illegal or against his constitutional right.... so leave him be. Edit: I forgot to list my credentials. I quit the military as a senior enlisted official after 11 years.
  4. You'll find a lot of great information over on the WB wire that PWB linked, but 4.0gn of WST works great for a lot of us. I've also had success with 3.4gn of Extra-lite -- both with 230gn hi-tek coated bullets.
  5. If the .45 Winchester brass is large primer, I will take all of it.
  6. I have the same issue with the classifieds. It has never worked reliably for me. Sometimes I'll get them, sometimes they'll come in hours/days later, and sometimes they never come at all.
  7. The Old Pueblo Shootists Association is excited to announce a 2nd monthly WBAS match at the Tombstone Livery just north of Tombstone, AZ. This match will occur on the 2nd Sunday each month, starting on October 11th. This will start as a fun 6-stage match similar to OPSA's 4th Saturday match, but we're looking at throwing in the occasional pop gun, doughboy, battlefield pickup, etc. type stage in the future. Come check it out, and let us know what you'd like to try. The Tombstone Livery (home to Bordertown) will soon have a CAS/WBAS match every weekend: 1st Sunday - OPSA CAS 2nd Sunday - OPSA WBAS (starting October 11th) 3rd Saturday - Los Vaqueros CAS 4th Saturday - OPSA WBAS Come join us!
  8. Hey Hellbender, It sounds like you are already on your way to a C&I carrier. I just wanted to give another nod to them. I put one in my new '73 WBAS rifle about a year ago, and it is only getting smoother with no gouging or "dings". I have no experience with PGW, but my C&I carrier seems to be doing well. I hope you have the same good experience.
  9. I've followed Capt. Baylor's advice and used a Lee Pro Auto Disk with my Dillon 650 for filler and powder. It works really well once you get your powder and filler drops set. You end up loading just like you would for smokeless, and it's (probably) safe. http://www.curtrich.com/bpsubsdummies.3.html I'm using APP 3f and cream of wheat in .38s. Edit: After seeing the video showing someone trying to ignite BP subs with electric arcs unsuccessfully, I decided I'm ok with it on my 650 with no further modifications.
  10. Hi Mike, I'll take em. Edit: your mailbox is full. Please PM me with the details.
  11. My wife is high-risk and works as a nurse in a COVID-19 unit. Last week, she lost 3 patients to the virus while she was on shift. Her unit is completely full -- they are shipping COVID-19 patients to other hospitals or cities. 146K people have died in the United States. There is a non-zero chance she will bring the virus home to me. If I can prevent even one of my pards from getting sick by wearing a mask, I will wear one all the time. Surgeons have been wearing masks for a hundred years to protect their patients from infection. Even President Trump says you should wear a mask. Anyone who refuses to wear a mask in public on principle -- or because it's inconvenient -- is incredibly selfish. That said, I don't shoot at any clubs that require masks, and I won't condemn friends who don't wear masks -- I'll just keep my distance from them. If I feel I can keep a safe distance from people, in an outdoor space, with a mask on, I'll probably still go shoot.
  12. Dear Bordertown Shooters, The current world health situation has led us to make a hard decision. That decision is to cancel Bordertown for this year - 2020. After considering all the restrictions and requirements needed to ensure your safety and with no end in sight for this year the Board has determined we cannot provide the caliber of event you anticipate and that we enjoy providing. We understand many plans have been made for Bordertown 2020, but hope you can carry them over into 2021. We are already planning for next year and hope you will plan to join us then. Please be advised that all cheques we have received will be shredded unless you notify us otherwise. Money orders will be returned to those of you whom have submitted them. Sincerely, Quicksand President - Bordertown Inc.
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