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  1. Greetings all I need you help I recently spoke with a customer rep from Ruger at a local gun shop about the need for a good old fashion AMERICAN made coach gun, the rep told me Ruger was actually looking for ideas about what to offer the public for new guns in the next few years, Im tired of whats available for coach guns now days and I think Ruger could make us a better one, The rep told me letters to the president would help, you can email him right at the Ruger web sight and it takes about 2 minuets, How about helping me convince Ruger to build us an American made SXS Thanks Oak Ridge Regulator
  2. Good afternoon Roger I have an old Uberti lightning that would never fire right out of the box, I figured it out and fixed it but I cant get to run as slick as I want it to, I would love a set of your instructions to compare with the information I have gathered over the years on different lightnings . thanks Brookfieldae@gmail.com
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