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  1. I wonder if we really NEED to be able to shoot on the move in our sport, the fast guys are already scary quick as it is, I’m not that crazy about the chance of people tripping or slipping with a cocked gun in their hands ( lots of clubs have less than optimum shooting platforms ) I think the current rules help shooters keep a little control and keep them planning their stage instead of just going for broke
  2. I have always wanted a Spencer and have seen a couple in 45 colt which is the caliber I shoot the most, not really knowing enough about the feed system on the Spencer I was wondering if anyone out there had tried running the shorter 45 cowboy brass, it looks like you might be able to get 10 rounds instead of 7 that way
  3. Deadwood and hope Mr Wu doesn’t feed me to the pigs when I’m gone
  4. Many years ago (1980s) just outside of Ft Benning Ga I saw a sign in a watermelon field beside the road that said ONE OF THESE WATERMELLONS IS POISONED, I KNOW WHICH ONE DO YOU ? always though that was an interesting way to keep the casual snatch and grab people on their toes
  5. Now that I have a few years shooting under my belt I have made up my mind what kind of hat im going to settle down with (kinda like gettin married ) and I am looking at spending some good cash for a great hat and was wondering if anyone had ever bought a hat from Watsons and if so were they happy with it, secondly I am open to opinions on other hat makers good and bad, seems hats get as expensive as leather and guns but hell we cant take it with us and hat makers gotta eat to !
  6. I have 2 pairs of reading glasses in every room, in the barn, in the steel conex, in the wood shop in the truck and a fold up pair in my pocket and I still have to search every time I want a pair, I am pretty sure I have seen tiny nome foot prints around the house but I can’t FIND my glasses to tell for sure !
  7. Add a +1 for the Mason 1851 conversions, I have a pair in .38 and even though they are not my main match guns they are my favorites, they just seem to point so well and when your shooting gunfighter there’s a feel about them that seems like they belong in your hands side by side spitting lead, I also added the magnatusk grips from Arizona grips and did a nickel electro plate over the brass grip frame, kind of wish I did silver now but I can do that in the future if need be
  8. The blade actually rides against the top edge of the sheath when drawn because of the grip and the fact it’s riding high on the waist behind me, the problem is putting it back because it’s the reverse and then it does want to cut towards the stitching, I added a thick spacer between front and back to help with that, hopefully I never have to draw it for real it’s mostly because I think a gun belt should have a knife !
  9. The biggest problem I find wearing a knife is when I want / need to remove it from my belt so this winter I came up with a quick removal sheath that snaps over my belt and has leather shelves built into the sheath that keep the knife at app 45 degree draw across the middle of my back, works slick, is very secure, goes on and off in 10 seconds and looks ok considering it’s the first knife sheath I ever made
  10. First off im NOT trying to pick a fight here but I have been thinking lately that perhaps the ammo makers have been shoveling a bit of BS at those of us who shoot and perhaps I'm wrong but here's why I dont think we should be patting them on the back for their efforts to get ammo out to the main stream. We are shooters, if you pull the trigger on a gun in competition your a shooter whether its SASS, CAS, 3 gun or one of the dozen plus pistol, shotgun, rifle disciplines your a shooter AND you reload, probably a lot, Now think about ALL the people you know who have guns that are NOT shooters, they just plink now and then or "just have a gun for protection or hunting once a year" that includes ALL the new first time buyers over the past 2 years, I did this , I know a LOT of people with guns who are not shooters, guess what ? I probably shoot more rounds in one year than they all shoot combined in 10 years or more, bet most of you are in the same boat. Did they buy massive amounts of ammo in the past 2 years ? NOPE they did not, did they shoot a lot ? NOPE they never did before and that dident change, did the newbie shooters of the past 2 years buy massive amounts of ammo ? I doubt it in fact from what I see most of them will buy 200 or 300 rounds, learn they cant hit the target then put the gun away with a loaded mag "just in case " a very SMALL percentage will earn the shooting bug and join us but most will not. So where did all the massive amounts of ammo that Vista and other companies produce go to ? the only place I can figure is it was bought by hoarders because it not being fired on the range from what I have seen and heard from range operators, What I do know for POSITIVE is that shooters are getting screwed on prices everywhere you look and the industry keeps saying they are SORRY because they have to take care of the factory ammo supplies first and us LAST, I keep thinking back to who actually spends the big bucks on ammo, my thousands and thousands of rounds of components EVERY year or the 100 rounds the factory shooter may or may not use, I know lots of shooters dont shoot thousands of rounds a year but lots do and I know a lot of non shooters who have mold growing on the last box of ammo they bought. The ammo that hoarders bought are one time sales because it wont get shot, the newbie panic gun buyers will never buy much ammo in their lives and we shooters that would be launching bullets in large numbers with great glee and spending cash in large amounts are sitting here with cash in hand drooling on our pc keyboard waiting for a email from some company saying they have 5K primers in stock and we each can have 100 if we want to pay $20 plus $26 for hazmat plus $15 for shipping, I really feel those of us who shoot are the ones keeping the industry floating and we are paying for it in a BAD way. In these times I feel those of us who shoot need to support all the shooting disciplines (including the ammo makers)from 3 gun to flintlocks, we are all shooters and a lot of people dont like us and I wish the ammo manufactures would pay more attention to those of us who actively spend time and money using their products because once we stop so does their pay checks. If they want money I have it to spend just get your products to us and stop the price gouging thats going on, keep shooting a sport Americans can afford to enjoy because at this point there is NO WAY I can get others interested in shooting sports its just way to expensive, I just dont buy into the whole supply issue, I know there are issues but there seems to be plenty of factory at HIGH prices available but just reloading scraps at UNREASONABLE prices for us. For what its worth Im sending out emails to the ammo makers with my gripe, I dont know what else to do but im gonna voice my thoughts for what they are worth ORR
  11. Haven’t seen a thread here dealing with country music so figured I would see what people liked, my first choice would be “This cowboys hat” by the late Chris LeDoux, that song always gets to me
  12. Still have one, of course it now stores wines and the hard stuff but a friend was selling it for $300 and it was in such nice shape I couldn’t refuse, much nicer than the one my grand parents used
  13. I have a set of Long Hunter 09 holsters that will fit up to 5.5 bbls mounted on a Bianchi gun belt, the center hole is 39” so they might work for you, asking $200
  14. The primers without red are organic and have had the red dye #40 left out for health reasons
  15. They do make a battery powered black light, I made them for a company to check for oil residue in beach sand after the horizon disaster ( you don’t want to know what’s in the beach sand between you toes believe me ) pretty dangerous and costly to use, let’s just hire the Boy Scouts instead they do a great job at finding brass, and we can thwart the government guys at the same time ! Seriously as a former Boy Scout I think it’s great anytime we can instill a interest in our sport into a group of young adults and maybe even throw their organization some cash to help them meet expenses. To be fair I have no problem with Girl Scouts picking brass either ( or selling cookies on the side lines )
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