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  1. Use a big enough gun and there won’t be any debris
  2. all those powders work well with 45 colt, I ran trail boss at 5.8 grains with a 200g bullet for years but trail boss wont be available again for years if ever, find a load you like and buy all the powder you can
  3. colt does the same thing, right now they are not making any SAA and wont be until next summer if then, instead they make things like the python that people are going nuts over, Ruger also makes a lot semi auto pistols as well as sp100 and the 101, im sure they will be making more in the not to distant future
  4. All my guns now self identify as hole punchers so the snowflake crowd can rest assured they won’t commit any violent crimes
  5. I think I need to clarify my original post, Ultimate pistol is a powder type made by shooters world, has anyone used it ? just looking for info on this particular powder
  6. with Trail Boss looking like it very well may be in the grave I am looking for a new 45 colt powder for reduced load with a 200g bullet, shooters world advertises it has tested its Ultimate pistol powder all the way down to sqib velocities and still retains reliable ignition, that would be impressive in a case with the 45 colt volume and would speak well for reliability with reduced power loads, they claim 5g under a 200g bullet for 552 fps, that should allow a 6 to 7 grain load that would be mild enough for most people to compete with and not risk bottom of the chart loads, its also a ball powder which they claim an average of +/- .05 thru most powder measures, again this is not a bad thing, HERE is the big question is anybody using this powder and are they happy with what they have found or is this really an advertisement thats stretched a bit thin.
  7. They seemed surprised a 1911 was there at the end, why ? The dam thing has been in god only knows how many conflicts in every country and environmental condition since Browning invented it, why ? Because it just keeps working, it may not be the best, it may not hold 16 rounds, it may not shoot tiny groups at a 100 yards but even if it doesn’t shoot you can still pistol whip the hell out of someone skull with it because it’s made of real steel, worked on many of them in the army back in the early 80s and plenty of them were ww2 and Korea vintage, change a spring or an extractor or barrel link here or there and sent them back to the firing line and watch ‘em work, that’s hard to beat for a gun your going to use at 35 to 40 feet or less on average
  8. last time I had trouble with a hornady product I got a whole new press with all the goodies thrown in and extra bullets as well, I was pretty impressed with their service, I would send them a pic with the box lot number and see what happens
  9. That’s nothin, I can start a rumor on twitter that eating tide pods gets you high and have all kinds of teenagers eating laundry detergent in a couple of days, I think the AI may be smarter
  10. First off make sure the dies you choose are carbide, not only do they require less effort to use but they never scratch and they seem to collect less dirt during use, RCBS makes a good set but Lee offers a die thats undersized .002 ( see Cholla link above ) I use them on my 38 and 9mm reloads, they also make for a stiff neck tension on the bullet to keep them in place in case you’re using one of those pistols you load on Sunday and shoot all week, grab a few extra decaping pins as well because Murphy WILL slip in a military case with a crimped primer every now and then just to test your patience !
  11. I can’t remember what size gas check was on the shell in the picture but I can see it’s quite a bit smaller than 45 cal
  12. That’s why I said take with a grain of salt, winchester does list 2 different lead compounds in their Msds sheets, I have in fact physically checked the red/white boxes of primers and they did have the red color on the primers for what that’s worth and they are old primers, can’t find a msds on the old primers to see what the difference was
  13. A few months back there was a topic about primers with a red coating over the anvil area, there were plenty of remarks about what it was but no clear answer, completely by accident today I was trying to find LP primers and came across some boxes of Winchester primers that were in a red and white box instead of the familiar blue, further digging revealed that these primers are OLD Winchester primers that were discontinued by Winchester because they contain ( GASP OMG ) LEAD in their makeup, Winchester changed their chemical primer composition and changed to the now familiar blue box and clear coating on the primers, please take this with a grain of salt because I dug this info out of the god we call the internet so there is a chance its not 100% factual
  14. hey Nutmeg, what are you using for a powder measure and how even are your throws ? like you im running out of TB and looking for something else and I always found my powder measure would never throw TB well despite wrapping it with dryer sheets and running a constant vibration on the powder hopper, I was wondering if you had the same issue loading TB and if the tite group or clays measured out any more uniform, I would love to do better than +or- .2g but thats the best TB would ever throw
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