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  1. If that’s true that she actually had live ammo on the set and actually loaded it into the gun then it’s beyond incompetent it’s murder at that point, she is a “trained” professional and that’s not a mistake, the problem is I find it interesting that a trained armorer can’t tell the difference between a live and dummy round “ speaking as a US Army small arms repairman who had handled thousands “ they don’t feel the same and usually look different. I guess I just smell a rat, things don’t add up somehow
  2. Again you miss the point completely, someone mixed one or more real bullets into the group that went in to that gun, why in the he*l would either of the two people on trial risk everything they have to do that. They wouldn’t, Yes they are both guilty of being stupid and careless but I’m sure neither one mixed in a live round …… but some one did. …. And walked away while everyone else is pointing fingers at the two easiest people to blame, any detective worth a sh*t is thanking his lucky stars he dident get stuck with this case
  3. Actors are like sports stars, I never even once in my life NEEDED either of them, there just there for entertainment
  4. So my question is this, who is really the bad guy here, I’m pretty dam sure Baldwin dident knowingly put a live round in that gun, yea he is responsible he dident check his weapon, I am equally sure Gutierrez Reed dident put a live round in that mix because she sure as hell knows what would of happened if a live round ever went off but she dident check the gun either. But she knows she would never work on a set again ever. So someone managed to get a live round into that mix somehow and has walked away and NO ONE is even looking for them. Think about it people the two folks with the most to loose are not going to do something as dumb as ruining their whole lives on purpose. There is a very guilty person out there either smiling for some sick reason or cleaning the sh*t out of their pants because no one is smart enough to be looking for them
  5. Last time I took them to bulduc metals in Montpelier
  6. Scrap yards here in VT pay good money for brass cases but nothing for spent primers and they never say a thing about depriming them
  7. I handled one at a gun show recently, it was out of the box and stiff but that’s no surprise. It pointed and shouldered well, it was completely Matt finish so no glare to wood or metal, opened pretty wide and triggers were ok for a SASS shotgun, probably with a little work it would make a decent SASS gun but only time and shooting will tell if it will hold up and not shoot loose
  8. If you take a look at a revolver that has been shot a lot ( esp a high power revolver) you often notice the top strap right above the mouth of the barrel will actually look like it’s been partially cut. Well it has and that caused by VERY hot high velocity gas escaping between the mouth of the barrel and the cylinder face. You DO NOT want your hand blocking that gas, ( it cuts steel imagine what it will do to your hand )most revolvers are capable of causing severe burns or gas cutting of soft flesh even at cowboy velocity. Anyone interested enough to put a silencer on a gun with a gap between the chamber and the barrel probably needs to learn that lesson because there going to have a serious sound leak
  9. I hope they hold their hand tight around the cylinder gap so they get a good seal when they pull the trigger
  10. I don’t mind self check out as long as they realize the quality of my work depends on how much they are paying me per hour !
  11. I live in Vt so it gets cold, my heat pump works down into the low teens with no problem. At 15 degrees it’s still around 60% more efficient than an electric base board heater. At 35 degrees I get around 17000 btu’s from 1000 watts of electric power, a base board heater gets 3412 btu’s from 1000 watts of power if it runs perfect and believe me it does not. Most heat pumps also give you air conditioning as well and some like the one I have also act as a dehumidifier. Since you’re in CT I know your temps are warmer than mine so I would take a very serious look at heat pumps. Be aware there a LOT of different makers and make sure you get one big enough to do the job, mine is one size to small and it runs more than it should have to, next time I’m going up a size. By the way I actually have my heat pumps on special meters so I can tell exactly what they are using just because I was interested to see how good they really were and so far I have been impressed with them
  12. My primers were due Wednesday but it started to snow so UPS changed it to Monday, why so many days later who knows. The solar eclipse is coming thru on Monday here in VT and the state has already warned everyone that the world will end when it happens so stay off the roads. My bet is I won’t see my primers before mid week or later. UPS will use any excuse not to deliver to my house
  13. I have a really good friend in a Deep South city who has well over 30 years in the police force, he tried to retire but the PD can’t find a replacement training officer. he told me he really doesn’t want to still be working at this point but he just can’t live with the fact that young green kids are being thrown out on the streets with little to no training and most of the time without even a seasoned officer with them so he stays and does what he can. You have to be nuts to be a police officer in todays world and I can’t even imagine what it must be like to wear the blue in todays screwed up world, I hope I never end up in a situation where I have to shoot someone and if I do I sure hope in the heat of that moment I make the right choice
  14. If you’re a cowboy and you know which end of the barrel the bullet comes out does the rest really matter ?
  15. The Czech are probably not liberals and may realize they can make good money keeping us shooting, it may not be a bad thing only time will tell
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