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  1. My brother has this Tijuana Brass Album. I was a pre-teen at the time, but kept staring at the lady.
  2. Yes, Goodfellas is one of my favorite movies because of Ray Liotta. Although, he looked Italian and had an Italian surname, he was adopted. He later discovered that he had mostly a Scottish heritage.
  3. last time I used a pay phone was in the Highlands of Scotland. To call the States, I had to use a pre-paid debit card.
  4. I still have my beige cloth La-Z Boy recliner that I bought in 1985. It's clean, and if I'm not reading a book, I probably fell asleep. I like jazz, too, but do not have any Diana Krall music.
  5. Toupee spottin'. It ain't as easy as it looks. My wife and I indulge in amateur genealogy, which can include traipsing through old cemeteries looking for graves of relatives we never met. I also don one of my kilts and go to Highland Games to sell memberships to my clan association.
  6. I guess that means peeing on the carpet is okay.
  7. I think they would be confused to death because you didn't make a baseball diamond, but a baseball circle, and there are no bases either. Their little minds won't be able to process it all.
  8. nice film from 1915 to evidence how the old west was just a few years earlier. Thanks for posting it!
  9. This is my uncle, a Second Lieutenant in the US Army Air Corp, who died flying a P-38G in New Guinea in April 1943.
  10. What'll they think of next?
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