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  1. The young lady has a wonderful voice. I prefer it over James Caan’s recitation any day. I meant Alan Bourdillion Traherne.
  2. I did not take my name from any western movie, TV show, or novel. It’s a derivation of my own name. My middle name is Edward, but I like the nick of “Ned” from it. The first three initials of my last name are “McI”, so I wrote “McHigh” so that the announcer would pronounce it they way I want. I’m left-handed but don’t like “Lefty” as a nick, so I came up with “South-Eye” instead of “Southpaw” because I was called the latter when I played ball and didn’t like it. IOW, I spent too much time picking my alias, so that I wouldn’t regret any of it later. My outfit is not cowboy, but more like a Texas Ranger based on photos.
  3. I spent 10 years of my life in Corpus. The humidity makes the heat worse, but it’s not as bad as Baton Rouge.
  4. West of the Mississippi we can’t can’t get Yuengling; so, when I go to NY on business I make sure I get some.
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