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  1. The original post was can you simultaneously have 2 hands on a revolver. I'll answer the question with a question. When the revolver is holstered and you have 2 hands touching are you transferring? So being that answer is no. The table is considered to behave like a holster so the table question is no. As far as the reload as creeker said if it's written you are good. If you have bad ammo and reload well that is fixing a malfunction and allowed. EMN
  2. Not sure what the issue is. It says you can't receive messages and I don't have an email from you.
  3. For Sale a pair of used Original Eagle Gunfighter grips for New Vaquero. They have a small scratch as you can see in the photos. $190 shipped too the continental US. Rahl1969@gmail.com Thanks for looking EMN
  4. In addition to the above I would add. Whats your personality are you and your son competitive ppl? What catagory do you want to shoot? 1 handed, supported, black powder etc. Some categories have leather, gun restrictions. Ask those questions also they will help determine what to purchase. EMN
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