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  1. As for more clarity. this is in reference to a non GF BW shooter placing a loaded gun on a prop that started in a holster. Also if before the second pistol is fired it can be corrected by finishing the first 5 shoots.
  2. To clarify the barrel would not be pointed down.
  3. Very small sample but slightly faster to holster. I would rather do what I have done countless times(reholster) then do something I've done limited amounts. I dont typically miss my holster but when I do I'll hold it there. No need to move concentration away from the task at hand. As for the second question I don't have the wording in front of me. If it's in hand then putting on table is probably ok. If it's not worded in hand then I would think you earn the P. If in hand and you lose count and hold it down I would think you earn the P. Now I need to find the wording. EMN
  4. I've seen some of your videos. if the rule changed so would the way you shoot Duelist just like it would for me. example. Stage calls for a double tap sweep rifle then Pistol. Rifle is finished goes down as you draw pistol. Start pistol sequence complete getting rid of rifle. Grasp second pistol and it arrives in time to be waiting to shoot. After last round is fired you start 2nd pistol and get rid of first. Now that hand is free but you saved x time on the draw. If you didnt adapt you would fall behind as would I and others. EMN
  5. If shooting GF you have to use both hands even with split pistols.
  6. As others have said brace exercise. I'll add even when I dont have pain I still use the strap. EMN
  7. Where can you buy these, they are nice.



    1. El Muerto Negro
    2. irish ike, SASS #43615

      irish ike, SASS #43615

      Thanks, Nice looking and easy to get on.

      The zipper police don't know what they are talking about.


    3. El Muerto Negro

      El Muerto Negro

      I was pretty sure it was ok. But now i have PWB ok. I took a screen shot just in case. 


      Yes they are nice looking, comfortable and easy to get on like you said.



  8. $89 a case free shipping is a win for me. I'll do that all day. EMN
  9. You could do this, BUT IMO best remind the GF he must use both hands. I can see where the GF sets up his gun to shoot Duelist and uses both with strong hand. Yes he should know the rules. BUT I've seen it happen and get called. EMM
  10. Can you provide a link please. Can't find them on the web. Thanks EMN
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