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  1. Not to mention the amount of extra work putting out and in double the targets. Not all clubs will have enough targets so you may have faster stages because of less targets. There will be P's on both sides because of the extra targets. More time to paint and clarify what targets to shoot and score keeping. Then after all that most people will still place in the same spots anyway. EMN
  2. Congratulations Turkey legs a job well earned. EMN
  3. Congratulations goes out to Hairtrigger Hayes 2x National Duelist Champion. EMN
  4. Congratulations on another champion a great Duelist for sure. Your Friend EMN
  5. Inquiring minds would like to know. EMN
  6. Where can you buy these, they are nice.



    1. El Muerto Negro
    2. irish ike, SASS #43615

      irish ike, SASS #43615

      Thanks, Nice looking and easy to get on.

      The zipper police don't know what they are talking about.


    3. El Muerto Negro

      El Muerto Negro

      I was pretty sure it was ok. But now i have PWB ok. I took a screen shot just in case. 


      Yes they are nice looking, comfortable and easy to get on like you said.



  7. $89 a case free shipping is a win for me. I'll do that all day. EMN
  8. You could do this, BUT IMO best remind the GF he must use both hands. I can see where the GF sets up his gun to shoot Duelist and uses both with strong hand. Yes he should know the rules. BUT I've seen it happen and get called. EMM
  9. Can you provide a link please. Can't find them on the web. Thanks EMN
  10. Ordered wolf springs we will see. Thanks for the advice. EMN
  11. What does an annual have to do with the fee? Have you ever been part of putting one on and know the cost? What would you like Sass to do for you and your range problem, negotiate with them? I have been apart of it and let me say it's not easy and it's costly. Our club did not make money in fact members put up there own money. EMM
  12. No first time it broke this high up. They been at the base after the taper.
  13. I do not want to say the Smiths name. As he is highly respected in CAS. I'm just at a loss of what to do. I could try a different spring from someone else and see if it breaks. If not then something going on with the Smiths springs. If it breaks something in the gun is putting tremendous stress on the spring. EMN
  14. http://i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb429/ebrahl/sass/20170118_212011.jpg
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