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  1. I'll get the replacement now I like to have spare parts. I did get ss 5 lbs will cut back. How long do you run?
  2. Now ill need to check. Didn't know there was different ones. Bought from midway usa.
  3. Hello all, Will start to wet tumble. Have lots of info but looking specifically for those that have Thumlers model b. 1 How much brass 38 special per load? 2 How much dawn? 3 how much lemi shine? 4 time tumbling? Any do and don't I have a dehydrator Thank you all in advance EMN
  4. So I typically shoot Winchester low noise when available. When not I run 7/8 grey wad loaded with Clays or clay dot. Can't find that so looking into clean shot. Whats your experience and is there a good load using 7/8? Can't remember if loading data can be shared so PM me or email at rahl1969@gmail.com Thank you EMN
  5. Hello, yes it’s early but I prefer to know my options . I have flown before but out of A smaller airport from Long Island. Driving into Queens to fly with guns can create difficulties. thank you
  6. I understand mailing back to myself is not needed. But I thought being I would not be receiving i needed to ship to a ffl?
  7. Hello, I see Land Run was 10 stages. Will Nationals be 10 or 12 stages? I may find it easier to ship my pistols to an FFL. Is any recommendation on who to use? Thanks EMN
  8. How Are the Kirinite grips from Eagle? Do they grip better then wood? I have a set of wood. Thank you EMN
  9. Where can you buy these, they are nice.



    1. El Muerto Negro
    2. irish ike, SASS #43615

      irish ike, SASS #43615

      Thanks, Nice looking and easy to get on.

      The zipper police don't know what they are talking about.


    3. El Muerto Negro

      El Muerto Negro

      I was pretty sure it was ok. But now i have PWB ok. I took a screen shot just in case. 


      Yes they are nice looking, comfortable and easy to get on like you said.



  10. $89 a case free shipping is a win for me. I'll do that all day. EMN
  11. You could do this, BUT IMO best remind the GF he must use both hands. I can see where the GF sets up his gun to shoot Duelist and uses both with strong hand. Yes he should know the rules. BUT I've seen it happen and get called. EMM
  12. Can you provide a link please. Can't find them on the web. Thanks EMN
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