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  1. Geico is great. They made me wish I had a basement so I could have a Ratt problem too! You dang woodchucks quit chucking my wood!
  2. If that is 50 AE it might be, "Clean up on 5, 6, 7, & employee parking!"
  3. A High Point hammer, maybe. A Desert Eagle hammer, never!
  4. Extra ammo. These days, a mask....
  5. I find myself saying it a lot. We own a tow company. One local competitor is named Liberty...
  6. The TV may be on but usually the wife and I are on the internet and really never see what's on. It's just background noise.
  7. If I didn't text we wouldn't ever hear from family.
  8. It's almost rare to get a phone call now. Our kids just text us.
  9. I didn't mention ticks, chiggers, nosy family & a ton of other stuff either.
  10. Isn't that the home of the Cadillac Ranch. Pretty sure I saw that when we went through there.
  11. I was just thinking (which isn't a good thing). Maybe you get someone else to shoot and you take the bragging rights. Like in Nascar when they put in a relief driver. Just show up with your gear.
  12. I read it backward the first time. I was considering giving up my dies for primers. These 9mm sets are selling high now. We may all be using sling shots this time next year.
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